Karin's Aura Photos and Article

February 2001

In my role as a "Lightworker for America" I would like to introduce my recent Aura-Chakra-Photo which I intended as an additional page to my "Credentials Page."

I also would like to share some of the exhilarating new things that I learned about Aura Photo Technology.

This aura picture had been taken six years ago at the Whole Life Expo in San Diego, in March 1994. I remember that I had just come out of an incredible eye-opening lecture and I was full of excitement and energy and I felt extremely alert and vibrant. The colors of red and yellow certainly are a confirmation of that.

Click for larger image.
(Click photo for larger image)

The second photo demonstrates quite a development in the Aura Photo Technology, but in my personal evolution as well! I now found a new toy for my large bag of tricks! It is a visual tool for communicating with my Inner Being. What an incredible tool for practicing energy awareness.

My husband and I went to San Diego for an appointment for our aura picture taking. 

We learned from the Aura Reader/Healer that her "Aura-Video-Station" is not based on Kirlian Photography, but rather is a development of the Biofeedback System Technology.

The colors and shades of the oval Aura Image can be seen as the outward appearance of one's state of Being.

Although the method merely gives us a glimpse of our magnificence as Divine Beings on Earth, I think a trained Aura Reader is able to read the character traits of a person, as well as the nature of their passing thoughts and feelings, by simply studying the shifting colors of the aura.
But ultimately, who didn't want to be able to read one's own Aura-Chakra-Photo oneself?!

The Aura-Chakra-Image is a wonderful demonstration that we are more than physical bodies, and  that we do not end with our physical skin. We are energy beings, vibrational beings!

The healers and teachers now can show their clients or students that they are energy-based beings and that they are vibrating at a certain frequency, made visible through the medium of color.

The aura photo teaches us to look inward and to explore our inside realm, for it is a reflection of who I am. To me the image shows that we live "from the inside out".


The right side of the aura image stands for the female or anatomical left side of the person, and the energy on the left side is the male or right side of the body.

This polarity also demonstrates the receiving and giving in the person's life, the incoming and outgoing energy. Or it can be seen as the individual's intake of universal energy versus what he/she does with this Life Force Energy, how the person utilizes, filters, and transforms this energy through their very own perspective or life experience.

And the male side demonstrates the individual's output or contribution to the whole or All That Is.

The middle section with the chakras shows what the person does with the energy that is coming in, one's processing of the Life Force Energy, so to speak.

If the chakras show a diagonal position like in my aura print it indicates that the chakras are in spinning motion as supposed to.

The level of the feet off the ground indicates that the person has raised their vibratory rate to a higher level.

When I later at home placed my Aura-Chakra-Photo for a meditation in front of me and started communion with my Inner Being, I experienced an immediate and intense outburst of tears, followed by a state of blissfulness and joy (this is how my Inner Being hugs me).

I suddenly realized on many levels that I have met a powerful, divinely inspired tool for awakening. I experienced the beauty of the Aura image itself and the seeing of my own aura colors, chakras, and thought forms as a showering of grace and gratitude.

From my own guidance I received that the large halo above my head stands for my connection with Spirit &mdash which I perceive as the "Promethean Spirit". It symbolizes my contract which I made before I incarnated: to be of service to our human family at the time of transition.

The large, oval, blue formation on the output side symbolizes the state of being of the "Isle Of Light Jacumba", my project of a future model community of Lightworkers.

For over three years I have been laying out the structure grids for this metaphysical undertaking. I learned that such a pure ideal of bringing Heaven to Earth first requires vibrational grounding, anchoring, and nurturing, before it can begin to manifest in 3D on Earth.

Three years ago I opened a vortex and invoked a relationship with the Overlighting Deva of the "Isle Of Light Jacumba", in order to initiate the Isle as a "Science of Co-Creation with Nature"— project, as taught by Machaelle Wright of Perelandra.

I perceived that the Deva is the co-creator and non-physical nurturer of the oval blue vortex-formation, which looks almost   like an entity attached to my aura. It will be interesting to watch how it changes and separates once other Lightworkers join in.

The lavender color of the Heart Chakra as an indication for a visionary confirms to me that I see my mission as a wayshower and mapmaker for the New Beginning on Earth. "The Isle Of Light Jacumba" Project will be a playground for visionaries, a model community for living and practicing a new way of being human, based on Unconditional Love.

I also perceived that the large golden light covering the upper part of my body especially identifies me as a Lightworker.

I got that the auras that appear translucent or transparent, which are penetrated with white light, or pure positive energy, are the auras of Lightworkers. They show that the individual has cleared out enough emotional baggage or resistance from their system and replaced and anchored Light within them. They consciously shifted their vibration higher into the frequency band of Unconditional Love.

It is my estimate that there are by now about 50 Million Lightworkers globally. Imagine this number being true. Imagine the Lightworkers changing the world by living the change! We are truly glowing in the dark, heralding the Golden Age on Earth!

I think it really gets exciting when you have a chance to look at many different auras for exploration and study. The wonderful thing about Aura exploration is that it guides us beyond judgement. The old world paradigms of right and wrong, or good and evil, are not a match anymore to this divinely inspired tool for awakening.

The aura photo simply is a reflection of the observer. I call it a marvelous tool for "Self-Empowerment and Empowering Others".

I would love to have my own Aura-Video-Station for the monitoring of the blending with my Inner Being.

More about the Aura-Video-Station

Although I saw and learned about the Aura-Video-Station for the first time, I knew in an instant that it is something that I have been waiting for.

Ever since I got flooded with ideas about the possibilities that are opening up.

Aura photography will become very popular in the very near future. As people remember in ever greater numbers who they truly are, it will become a fad to have one's own aura picture taken. The people are more and more willing and ready to bring their inner truth and beauty to the forefront.

In the years to come disease and illnesses will become rather rare in comparison to today. The majority of the people will have developed a strong sense for the balance of their body-mind-spirit system. To maintain a state of homeostasis where disease cannot exist will become the norm amongst awakened humans.

Aura Photography will evolve as one of the main tools for self- discovery. I can imagine that one's aura photo could become a requirement in the dating game.

Like Astrology and Feng Shui, the Aura Photo Analysis will evolve as a popular method of gaining energy awareness.

And I'm sure it will be cool to wear ones own aura print on a T-shirt.

Companies will ask potential employees for their Aura Image, to see who is the human being behind the resume.

The children will be excited to get to know their Aura Image!

In many cases the confrontation with their own aura photo will jolt them into remembrance of who they truly are. Their Aura Images will speak for themselves!

I can imagine every classroom in America having an Aura-Video-Station, and every child wanting to learn Aura Image Analysis as one of the great new tools for "self-empowerment and empowering others" in the new world.


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