Event Support Group Mount Shasta

Event Support Group Mount Shasta, California.

September 4, 2013
Hi, my name is Karin Lacy. I’m a Lightworker in Mount Shasta, Northern California.
I think the need for shelter will become one of the most important issues after the Event.
I want to initiate this Event Support Group especially for people who are interested in building a small, self-sufficient eco community as a model for living in the New Earth.
In preparing for change I’ve been developing the vision for “Dome Village Katrina” as a model community for many years, www.KarinLLightworker.com/katrina.html
These earthbag domes are easy, inexpensive, and fast to build.
I believe  everybody who desires should be given the opportunity to build their own dwelling.
Therefore, this particular preparedness group has its emphasis on building a small eco community so that as soon as the financial reset happens and the funds become available, we can buy the land and start building the domes.
Update, September 10, 2014
Looking for my Tribe
After learning about “Ubuntu-Contributionism” by Michael Tellinger I envision Dome Village Katrina as an Ubuntu Community.
If you are new to the Ubuntu Contributionism paradigm, here is the link: www.MichaelTellinger.com
I’m looking for four co-creators who are self-sufficient and who have decided to start living as Sovereign Humans on Earth.
Cindy Kay Currier, administrator of www.UbuntuUSA.com, offered to serve as our facilitator in the unfolding of our Ubuntu Community.
I am ready! Are you?
Victory to the Light!