Karin’s Newsletter #10

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Karin’s Newsletter #10

January 1st, 2014

I write this annual email newsletter for those people I met along my journey who are interested in my path as a Lightworker for America.

Presently it goes out to about 70 people.

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Dear fellow travelers;

This is my ninth year of living openly as a Lightworker.

At one time we met in person, or you bought one of my ebooks, or you were interested in my long-term project “Dome Village Katrina”. Most people whom I send this annual newsletter do not respond, yet on the other hand only 1 person asked to be unsubscribed.

If in the past you and I met in person and you consider yourself the same person with the same mindset and belief system you probably cannot relate to me any longer. You may think I’m a hopeless nut case. If you do not evolve and awaken as fast as I do, then the gap between us will grow ever greater.

I am a work in progress. My awakening as a human being is an ongoing process.

For me personally the main event of 2013 was my participation in a seminar with Robert Potter and the Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis, here in Mount Shasta.

Ever since I feel like I am peeling off new layers of perception of an expanded reality. I don’t even have words yet to express these uncharted waters…

I will keep this a 1-page newsletter. Everything I would want to say I already summed up in my latest writing project, my “Open Letter to Whistleblower Bradley Manning”, dated December 1st 2013.

The letter is written to all of my brothers and sisters, not only to Bradley Manning.

I invite you to read the letter here on my blog:


I am still in Mount Shasta. Last June I had to move again. The apartment building changed its owner and they planned to renovate the place and raise the rent. So I moved before that happened.

Waves upon waves of cosmic energies are flooding our planet. From an energy point of view the year 2013 was an intense build up. The energies will be increasing further until critical mass is reached for humanity to awaken.

Dear reader, how may you have been? How are you dealing with these heightened energies? How is your journey unfolding? I would love to receive a message from you.

Wishing you all the best for 2014!

Sending you Blessings and Love,

Karin Lacy

PS: Today, January 1st of 2014, is my 67th birthday. If you benefit from the information that I’ve been sharing over the years, please consider making a donation, even a couple of dollars would help. It would allow me to buy better food and to keep my place warmer. My paypal account is: karinlacy@gmail.com