Lemurian Pilot Council, Declaration of Sovereignty

Part 2

Lemurian Pilot Council, Mount Shasta, California

Declaration of Sovereignty

The intention of this document is to create clear and sacred space for the birth of a new freedom for all on our home planet Earth.

We the human family have reached the completion of the cycle of the Dark Age within third dimensional density. We are now awakening and ascending into the fifth dimension.

Since we first came to this Earth, our cosmic rulers have put us under the domination and limitation of unseen bargaining agreements, contracts, and other forms of suppression. These range from the birth certificate itself, which is actually a financial instrument that limits free will, to the system of currency dictated by the ruling elite and its government law.

To us awakened humans these agreements and contracts are actually entirely optional and can be nullified by a simple statement such as “ I am sovereign (free) and without my will this system of reality does not exist. I did NOT agree to this and DO NOT agree any longer.”

We no longer wish to abide by the agreements we were required to make when we incarnated on this planet which limit our ability to make sovereign choices.

It is our intent as members of the human family to completely free ourselves of any agreements, influences, or pressures that restrict us in following our highest excitement of living as divine beings on Earth.

We declare ourselves free of the limitations of the past, that is, any pre-incarnational agreements or contracts, structures of governance, and patterns of past conditioning are now null and void.

It is our free will choice to be known only as Universal Citizens of the Multiverse (and as such be integrated and recognized under the citizenship and laws of our host countries and planet, in harmony with the Law of Love and Service to the All.)

We are completely free to travel to and from any and all parts of the Multiverse throughout all of its times and forms at will according to our mutual highest excitement as individuals and creators. We are divine multidimensional beings, our essence is Love. We are bound only by the governing principles of the Singular Universal Creator.

It is our highest excitement to visit Telos and Lemuria.

To do so we first have to become legal citizens of Lemuria. The law of Lemuria requires that the individual has to have his/her Light-Love Quotient resonate at minimum 51% in harmony with Source Energy. Through forming “pods” for mutual support and networking we are working on letting go of our limitations and gradually raising our Light-Love Quotient.

This Declaration of Sovereignty provides us diplomatic asylum to cross international borders, since Lemuria is seen as a sovereign country inside the United States.

This Declaration also provides us with the protection from the “Unified Whole”, the cosmic organization of the White Brotherhood whose influence overrides and supersedes all lesser structures of existence.

Mount Shasta, California, December 2011