Co-creators Wanted for manifesting Ubuntu Community

Karin Lacy,,


The Elders urge us: Gather Yourselves Now!

Co-Creators Wanted – Looking for my Tribe!

For manifesting an Ubuntu Community,

called Dome Village Katrina,

in the vicinity of Mount Shasta, Northern California.

I’m looking for four co-creators who are self-sufficient,

and who have decided to start living as Sovereign Humans on Earth.

If you are new to the Ubuntu Contributionism paradigm,

as laid out by Michael Tellinger in his book Ubuntu,

here is the link to learn more:


I reviewed and summed up Ubuntu Contributionism in my

Open Letter to the Bioregional Ecology Center in Mt. Shasta,


CindyKay Currier, owner of the facebook page UbuntuUSA,

offered to serve as our facilitator in the unfolding

of our Ubuntu Community.

I am ready! Are you?

Karin Lacy, Lightworker