Crowdfunding Newsletter #12 – special edition, 11-25-14

Karin Lacy –

Crowdfunding Newsletter #12 – special edition …continued

November 25, 2014

Dear fellow travelers;

I announced a week ago that I would share my crowdfunding experience in a series of newsletters until its finishing date January 3rd 2015.

I told my hired crowdfunding coach that on the day my campaign went online I sent out a “special edition” newsletter, educating my readers about crowdfunding and asking them to participate by making a donation.

She said as the next step I must now contact each of the sixty people personally, either in writing or by phone, and remind them of my newsletter and ask them to donate to my campaign. Consistency is the key, she said. Otherwise people quickly forget, in their rushing from one thing to the next. Well, do I really want to bother people with polite begging for money until they are willing to donate a few dollars, just to get rid of me? That feels aweful!

So instead I decided to use my reminder-emails to share more information about what I am doing and what is going on in the world. For ten years I’ve sent out an annual 4-page newsletter between Christmas and New Year, in which I summed up my year. So this year I’m going to write a sum-up 2-page newsletter every week, until January 3rd, the closing date of my crowdfunding campaign. In six weeks from know you’ll have gained much knowledge about the new Internet activity of crowdfunding.

I want to start by urging those of you who did not appreciate my Newsletter #11 from last week to reply and write “unsubscribe” in the subject line – and I’ll take you off immediately.

These upcoming five newsletters may be upsetting to some of you, because I’d like to talk about some uncomfortable issues.

If the people I met five years ago or longer did not evolve at the same pace I did, they cannot relate to me any longer. The more time speeds up the faster I evolve in my process of awakening.

So if you consider yourself still the same as at the time our paths crossed, you will think “she’s getting ever weirder”. On the other hand, this series of newsletters gives us an opportunity to re-connect on a new level.

In this newsletter I’d like to address our present situation on Earth. I will be using strong words that may sound “brutally honest.” So please don’t take anything personally. (smile)

Please ask yourself these questions:

Do you still live the same way of life as five or ten years ago?

Do you notice that the world is crumbling around you?

Are you somebody still watching television and believing what they tell you?

Are you still thinking about what presidential candidate you are going to give your voice the next time?

Does money still serve to you as the measure for success in life?

Do you still believe Chemtrails and Geoengineering are a conspiracy theory?

Do you notice the decay of moral and ethical values in our society, and all around you?

Do you feel physically exhausted and stressed out to the max?

If your answers are Yes then you exist still in a state of amnesia. You are still caught and hypnotized inside the electromagnetic holographic matrix. You live inside the proverbial box. In your state of partaking in mass consciousness you are not able to comprehend the outer reality that actually creates yours.

Yet this is the time of awakening on planet Earth! Open your mind and ask new questions! At this time of the end game on planet Earth it is dangerous to live with your head in the sand. In this state labeled “willful ignorance” you cannot hear the whisperers nor the whistleblowers! You might as well end up getting a harsh wakeup call, meaning a jolt from the sleep state into the wake state, maybe through a hit with the proverbial 2×4 beam, something very painful that reaches you at your deepest level. Your Soul or Higher Self is trying to reach you!

For years people have been predicting that the liberation of planet Earth from our rulers and controllers is near, others say it may take a few more years of further breakdown of the entire system of domination and control.

So if you are still living life like most Americans, you can expect things to get much worse. What you watch for your entertainment on television will further suck you into the system and exhaust you. Your fear level will increase without you noticing anything. Television is the #1 tool of conditioning and steering the masses!

What is ahead of you is no easy road. You will have to face the truth in many areas of life, and it will shock you to the core of your being. What took forerunner people like me many years of recognizing and integrating, you will be confronted with the truth in sledge-hammer fashion. But once the truth is in your face, it will make the lies fall like scales from your eyes and you will begin to see a greater reality. It is an alchemical process that everybody has to pass through, including you and me. If you embrace it it can be an experience of tremendous Love and deep connection with Source.

For decades people like me have been paving the way, energetically. At this crucial time of the Shift of the Ages we call ourselves Lightworkers, for there is work to do. Our job is to usher the human family through the transition phase. We could also be called “midwives” in the awakening of our brothers and sisters. I am here on assignment, by contract, to serve as a Lightworker for America during the time of the Shift. I am a starseed, Earth is not my home.

In my next-week newsletter I’d like to talk about the unpleasant truth of energy harvesting on Earth, meaning the siphoning of energy from us seven billion humans.

For now let me go back to Crowdfunding.

My first crowdfunding supporter, a neighbor friend, posted $10. She opened the vortex for my crowdfunding project. That was six days ago.

If I don’t raise $500 at the 14-day mark, my campaign will be dismissed.

So if each of you sixty people would donate $10 the campaign at least would be considered a success and continue.

Please go to my campaign page: …….

Feel free to share this newsletter with your network and invite them to participate.

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving Day!

Much Light&Love, your fellow traveler Karin Lacy

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