My Comment on Cobra Blog, 12-19-12

My comment on Cobra blog, 12-19-12

Dear fellow Lightworkers;

The other day, while I was ridding myself of even more 3D ballast in the form of boxes with paper work, I came across an old email that I wrote in March 2002 to the Topica Psychic Children Discussion List. I would like to share it with you as an example of how far we have come:


Dear Amy and All:

Emy wrote:

I never thought I’d call myself a Lightworker… part of me thinks it sounds… well hokey…, New Age, presumptuous… – there I said it. I want to be authentic. Well, I guess I really haven’t given myself credit. I AM a Lightworker!”

Amy, I know exactly what you mean; I went through this myself a thousand times. You create a tug of war for yourself when you mix two opposing perspectives relating to a subject like ‘Lightworker’. In other words, when tapping into the river of mainstream thinking the word ‘Lightworker’ feels to you like… hokey, New Age, presumptuous…”


But at other times, when you listen inward, with a desire to be authentic, when you connect with your inner authority you realize that you are a Lightworker.


The word ‘Lightworker’ irritates most people because they don’t know what that “airy-fairy New Age stuff” is all about. Can those “Lightworkers” be taken seriously or are they practicing witchcraft?


I vividly remember the day when I called myself for the first time ‘Lightworker’. It was in 1983, in Hamburg, Germany. Back then there was no Internet. We New Agers met in living rooms where we studied and discussed the Seth books and others. For the first time we heard that we ourselves create our own reality! This was incredible, yet heretic news! We needed to communicate our thoughts about this with others of like mind.


Then larger gatherings took place. In 1983 I went to a lecture presented by a couple from the U.S. They looked like Hollywood stars and channeled on stage the Ashtar Command, Athena, Merlin, and others that I don’t remember. I worried whether this was all mass hypnosis and brainwashing.

But at the same time the coming together of 400 or 500 like-minded souls was an extraordinary event of celebration. After the lecture, as I signed in on the (snail)mailing list, I wrote behind my name as my occupation: Lightworker. (glow)


Although this was an event unnoticed by others, to me it was an initiation. I’m sure my entire non-physical entourage was there with me, adoring me and cheering me on. (glow)

A few days before I had read Rhea Powers’ “Call to the Lightworkers” and I strongly felt the call reverberating throughout my being. I remembered that I AM a Lightworker.


In 1990, shortly after I came to America I received inner messages of encouragement to start calling myself ‘Lightworker for America’. So I began writing letters as a means of spreading the Light, knowing that the word ‘Lightworker’ in itself serves as a trigger for awakening. In 1992 I wrote my first Open Letter, addressed to President-Elect Bill Clinton, in which I ‘informed and enlightened’ (smile) the President about the role of the global Lightworker community and that soon we will be reaching critical mass. (End of email excerpt.)


The time has come. I’ve been waiting for decades for this last month of the year 2012, as a matter of fact I waited my whole life for this monumental event, called The Shift of the Ages.

I’m buzzing, I’m grinning, I’m exuberant, I’m walking on cotton, I’m oozing Love!

Seid umschlungen, Millionen! Diesen Kuss der ganzen Welt!”

Be embraced, Millions! This kiss for all the world!”


We made it!

Victory of the Light!