My Biography (German short style)

  • I, Karin Ingrid Hantzsch, was born on January 1st of 1947 in the small town of Nerchau in East Germany. (The German Democratic Republic was founded two years later.) I was the second of five children. My father, Werner Hantzsch, was a factory worker, my mother, Elfriede Hantzsch, a housewife.

  • In 1953, I started school at age six at the ten-class Polytechnic School in Nerchau.

  • In 1963 I graduated from School.

  • From 1963 - 1965 I went to a Secretary Training School. After completion I worked for one year as a Secretary in the same factory where my father worked.

  • In 1966 - 1968 I got the chance to work in the capital Berlin as a secretary in the headquarters of the socialist youth organization, Free German Youth.

  • In 1968 I found employment as a Dramaturgy Secretary at the art publishing house "Henschel Verlag Berlin."

  • November 1969: Marriage to the composer and pianist Peter Dorn.

  • 1971 - 1974: Personal Secretary of the Administration Director of the United Museums of Berlin (East).

  • June 1973: Divorce from my husband.

  • June 1974: I escaped together with my ex-husband - in the trunk of a car - from the German Democratic Republic to West Germany, to the city of Hamburg.

  • 1974 - 1975: Personal Secretary of the Administration Director of the Opera House Hamburg.

  • 1976: Several temporary jobs in social facilities.

  • 1976 - 1979: Three year course study of social work at the Social College in Hamburg.

  • 1978: I received my driver's license.

  • August 1979: Marriage to Matthias Stave, restaurateur of antique furniture.

  • 1979: After graduation from college I moved together with my husband to the village of Hedwigenkoog on the North Sea coast with the goal of starting an alternative private children's home.

  • 1979 - 1981: Remodeling of an old village school into a children's home.

  • 1981: Opening of a private children's home and running it as the owner for nearly two years.

  • November 1982: Quitting of my children's home because of bankruptcy.

  • February 1983: Separation from my husband; moving back to Hamburg. Unemployment for one year.

  • 1984: Divorce from my husband.

  • 1984 - 1985: Employment as an Educator with mentally ill patients in a self-contained institution for 1 ? years.

  • 1986 - 1988: Employment as a social worker/educator in a homeless shelter.

  • 1989: Unemployed for one year. Starting my crystal and mineral collection and pursuing a career as a Crystal Healer.

  • 1989: Starting to learn English at age 42.

  • 1989: Three-month visit and study of the spiritual Findhorn Community in Scotland.

  • February 1990: Visiting America for a one-year stay with a San Diego host family as the nanny and housekeeper.

  • April 1990: Meeting my future husband, James Patrick Lacy.

  • February 1991: Going back to Hamburg, Germany, with the intent to sell my household belongings and to return to America.

  • April 1991: Return to San Diego, California; renting a house with my fiance.

  • August 1991: Marriage to James Patrick Lacy, a Kung Fu Grandmaster.

  • September 1991: Career as an Entrepreneur: starting together with my husband a martial arts home study business in San Diego.

  • September 1994: Moving to Jacumba, San Diego county, near the Mexican border; buying a trailer home on 2.5 acres; running our mail order business from our home.

  • 1995: Enrolling in Abraham's (channeled through Esther Hicks) weekly audio home study program as a Student of the Science of Deliberate Creation.

  • Spring 1997: Receiving from my inner guidance the granting of permission to start my life's mission and to call myself a "Lightworker for America."

  • November 1998: Going on-line and joining and exploring the international Lightworker arena.

  • January 2000: Launching of my own domain name website, under my internet name KarinLLightworker.com.

  • August 2004: Completion of my 7-year book project "Who Wants To Be A Lightworker - A Handbook for a New Career as a "Lightworker for America."

  • February 2005: Receiving a Doctor's permit for using Medical Marijuana as treatment for bipolar disorder and other Ascension Symptoms.

  • December 2005: Leaving my husband.

  • December 2005: Starting to live authentic as a Lightworker, at age 59, with no money, no car, no job, no friends.

  • December 2005: I ended up at the Ashram in Sonoma, California. I stayed there for five months of healing time.

  • May 2006: Moving to Garberville/Humboldt County for the writing of my next book, called "Potty Training for Indigo Children" - Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment, and Abundant Resources for the 21st Century.

  • June 2006: Completion of my book "Potty Training for Indigo Children." Taking on different gardening jobs for making a living.

  • May 2007: I became a U.S. citizen in San Francisco on May 6th, 2007.

  • June 2007: Moving to Chico, California. Renting an apartment.

  • December 2007: Divorce from my husband.

  • December 2007: Applying for food stamps and SSI.

  • January 2008: Receiving of early retirement money from Germany.

  • January 2008: Receiving of early retirement money from the U.S.

  • February 2008: Approval for SSI income.

  • April 2009: Moving into a rental cottage in a better Chico neighborhood.

  • September 2009: Termination of my monthly SSI check due to government budget cuts.

  • Fall 2009: Continued work on my third book, called "Washing My Potatoes" which is about documenting my life experience as a self-proclaimed Lightworker for America.

  • 2010: Focusing on my next spiritual assignment, my vision project "Dome Village Katrina," an apprenticeship program for becoming a New Community Builder. For over two years I have been looking for my four co-creators to build our cluster of five earth-bag domes plus community dome. This model of a self-sustaining small community is meant to snowball in rural areas.

  • May 2010: Re-building my website.

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