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August 2008

My name is Karin Lacy. I just relocated from Humboldt County to Chico, California.
One of my goals as a Lightworker is to contribute to the spreading of EFT Tapping — Emotional Freedom Techniques ( www.emofree.com).
In Humboldt County I offered to several friends to teach them EFT, bot nobody was ready. It has become popular there that people — in their quest for healing — go all the way to Brazil to see the famous healer John of God. They stay for two weeks and their healing journey costs them nearly $4000. I heard from different people that some patients are being cured, others find some relief, and some remain ill.

Well, it is still the old way of giving your power away by seeking help from the outside, going through much struggle and paying a lot of money for healing from somebody else.
But I won't blame anybody who is not ready for EFT. For five years I had been wanting to learn this self-healing method of tapping selected meridian spots on the body.
At the beginning of this year I was finally ready to learn and apply EFT, and had immediate success. I tried it on everything.
I want to share one of my successes with you. One of my issues was that I indulged in too much dark chocolate. Admittedly, I am one of those who have come to planet Earth for the chocolate, but I had gotten into the human habit of overdoing things and craved daily chocolate. So I put "chocolate cravings" on my Tapping List and tapped on it for a one-minute round and checked it off.
Two days later it occurred to me that I hadn't had any dark-chocolate since employing EFT Tapping. I will never forget this moment of surprise! I still eat chocolate, but as a treat, the compulsion is gone. I tapped it away. And should I stray towards chocolate addiction again I know what to do. (smile)

I think everybody who practices EFT has a similar story of instant success that helped to convince them what Tapping can do.

On my first day in Chico I hurt my back from lifting too much heavy stuff and was in great pain for a week. I tapped constantly, yet the condition of my back reached a state where my energies seemed jammed. EFT wasn't doing anything. I had shifted into "overwhelm"and reached a situation where outside assistance from an EFT practitioner would have been the solution.

On the seventh day the back pain got even worse. I tried to walk to the nearby church for Sunday service to connect with those nice seniors I had met there, but I didn't think I would be able to sit on a chair for long and decided to turn around to go back home and lay down.
A senior with a bible in his hand was watching me and asked if I need help. He offered to take me to the hospital emergency room in nearby Paradise. When I responded that I have no health insurance he said it is a Christian non-profit hospital and that they will treat me for free, so I gratefully agreed.

They x-rayed my back and gave me two painkiller injections. The entire emergency room process took two hours. The nice senior with the bible waited and took me back home to Chico. I felt such relief knowing that I didn't have a serious back injury. I realized I was simply overwhelmed from the task of moving and resettling in a city where I had never been before and where I didn't know anyone. I knew with persistent EFT Tapping I would re-align my back completely.

I feel confident that were I further along in my study and practice of EFT I would have experienced a smoother moving transition to Chico, without a "back-breaking" experience. I would have cleared out many of the issues that were surfacing and overwhelming me. As of today my back is fully realigned and I can't wait to explore Chico by bicycle.

In retrospect I view my emergency room experience as an excursion into the health care system of the Old World of 3D. I live outside of society, without insurances or car and do not participate in the Old World game anymore. Although I am not a Christian, Jesus is my favorite role model and for many years I have been following his teaching of "Physician Heal Yourself!".

My emergency room experience was a shocking and eye-opening. Once I already laid on the emergency table, an intern with a clipboard came who told me that "they will help me to pay for all that." With a pain intensity of '9' on a scale from 0 to 10, I was prompted to sign and initial all his papers, although I was incapable of reading or comprehending them.

Meanwhile, four weeks later, I received a doctor and hospital bill over $3730. Had the intern told me that the treatment will cost me that much, I would have walked out of the emergency room, despite of the excruciating pain.

I think it is inhumane and abusive to take advantage of people's situations of need for help by milking them in return for outrageous amounts of money and sucking them into their system. Nothing could be further from Jesus' teaching of "Physician Heal Yourself!" I think the hospital is run as a business by self-serving executives using the banner of a Christian non-profit hospital to make people believe that they are acting and living in the spirit of Jesus.

I am thinking of all those people who were affected by the recent wildfires and had to be brought to the emergency rooms and hospitals with severe problems. Many of them, especially those entire families who experienced the trauma of losing their homes, are probably still under great stress and distress. Will all those without health insurance have to pay off hospital bills for years or even decades to come?

I am telling this story because my $3730 emergency room bill makes me feel even more compelled to contribute to the spreading of EFT Tapping. To me, EFT is THE self-healing method of the future. It is so simple that Kindergarten children love learning it, yet so sophisticated that it is now evolving into one of the major quantum healing arts for the times ahead.

EFT is a tool for self-empowerment and empowering others. It will be of greatest benefit in transitioning through the difficult years of the Shift. As we experience dramatic Earth changes and the collapse of our social structures people may suddenly have to exist without anything they need. What will people do in response? How will they react?

Imagine if some people in the recent fire shelters would have known about EFT. Instead of spending their nights and days in fear, stress, worry, and physical pain, people could have utilized their time and tapped on all those physical and emotional issues and released many of them, on themselves and on others. They could have applied substitute tapping to calm down the children and animals. And by addressing and clearing these emotions each person would be shifting their reality into a much better place, where they not only feel better immediately, but also change the outcome of their future for the better.

By now EFT has already become a global movement of 250,000 people who practice and spread it as a "way of life". My continuing mission is to help spread EFT as a tool for making the coming years a "joyous survival" for as many people as possible.

You can learn EFT on your own by downloading the free manual at www.emofree.com.
Or you can choose a teacher, especially if you have a health issue to address.

(I teach EFT one-on-one. For credentials please visit my website www.KarinLLightworker.com.
For more info please email me at karinlacy@gmail.com)

(I had written this article for the local new age magazine, however, they were not interested in printing it.)

Update March 2010:
I would like to add how the hospital bill story continued. I had written a letter to the hospital and to the doctor that I am not willing nor able to pay these horrendous bills. I explained that I was made believe that the treatment was free. The hospital and the doctor's billing agency did not respond, instead kept sending me threatening letters. I went to get legal advice and learned that the hospital should not have billed me since I have no income. So the hospital finally confirmed that I don't have to pay the bill.
However, the doctor's agency, who billed me separately, still sends me threatening letters and caused that I now have bad financial records. They did not respond to my letters. The doctor had seen me for about 5 to 6 minutes and his bill was $340. I paid $50 and wrote that I am not going to pay more.
I know that many people who participate in the healthcare system have similar stories to tell about huge healthcare bills.

Update - April 2010:
Meanwhile the founder of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and leader of the EFT movement, Gary Craig, announced that he is going to retire. This implies big chances in the world of EFT. The supporting free newsletter that all EFT practitioners love won't be available anymore and the certification program will change.
Some people are now giving the healing method a new name and promote it as their own invention.


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