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Proposal Letter to Eve Cromie, Findhorn Community Scotland

May 2002

Dear Eve;

A few years ago I sent you for Christmas a CD player and CD because you had written that you are bound to the bed for most of the day at your age of nearly 80 years. Your response was that you embraced and greatly enjoyed the brand-new experience of listening in bed with a small gadget and headphones. You admitted that you never would have bought a CD player on your own and that sometimes people have to be prompted into having a new and different experience. Really, you have been the most appreciative among the people whom I sent gifts from America. That's why I gave you this last Christmas the delicious Tingler Head Massager, for I knew you would turn it into an "enormous success" in the pension hotel.

Dear Eve, hold on to your hat! Today I am offering you something that cannot be compared with anything in the world, for it is completely new on the planet. It is something that should not be dumped on somebody according to "Don't throw pearl to swine", instead it must be requested because it responds to a person's attitude. Yet I keep getting inspiration to send you the Twilight Prill Beads together with an outrageous proposal, which I am trying to put in English here.

I learned from your last two letters that your friend Phyllida is a priestess of celtic spirituality who accompanies people in making their transition, that she organized a team to film your dying, and that they periodically document your remaining time on Earth towards your moment of transition.

First I found the idea amusing, seeing in my mind's eye somebody with a camera following you like a shadow in hope to catch your last breath.

On the other hand, we know the documentation of the death experience is not a novelty anymore, a number of pioneers — like Timothy Leary — already did the work. I completely understand that you as a teacher personally want to make a contribution by shining Light upon and taking out the fear of the death experience for others.

I personally am not overly interested in the subject of Death at this time. Because of my late bloomer nature I feel like newly hatched, at age 55 I haven't even started yet what I intend to contribute to the manifestation of the New Planet Earth. First I want to complete my handbook for the spreading of a new career as a Lightworker for America, and secondly I intend to found an empire, which may take a decade or so. A woman once told me that I am one who is born old and gets younger towards my accumulated years on Earth. Well, now that I am using the Twilight products for the renewal of my physical temple this statement has become literal meaning for me.

However, as awakened humans you and I know that the death experience is nothing to be feared. We are physical extensions of our God Selves, focused in this physical perspective or personality for the exploration of human experience on Earth. There is no such thing as "The End" called Death, life goes on forever, we are eternal beings. Our consciousness can never rest, it can only expand to ever new experiences for the forward motion of All That Is. There is only the withdrawal of focus from the physical experience and the reemergence into the state of pure, positive energy. I greatly appreciate that Transition Team Lightworkers like Phyllida, who serve as living bridges between the physical and non-physical realms of existence, now come forward and share the sacredness of their work.

In coming around to my proposal, I got an idea that is even more outrageous than your film crew story. Eve, please consider this: It is now possible on Earth to choose differently, to change direction, to reverse the process of declining. We now have been given a wondrous tool for renewal and rejuvenation that utilizes the frequency of Unconditional Love. We now can recreate the body of our prime time experience and maintain its homeostasis. To die of old age becomes — at least among Lightworkers - a matter of choice, now that we possess the Fountain of Youth!

Proposal for Age Reversal Documentation
To Eve Cromie and Phyllida with Film Crew
I see it as part of my role as a Lightworker for America to help spreading this "network powered by Love" as set into motion by Jim Carter's Twilight Company.
I invite you both/all to explore this new technology, for it is the return of the feminine energy that has been missing from Earth for so long. Please help spreading the magic tool that is now available on Earth, so that many may begin restructuring their physical bodies for the manifestation of Heaven on Earth.

Eve, you wrote that you suffer from a disease called Post Polio Syndrome, which subsequently may lead to your death experience. However, you could choose again and change direction into a different outcome, you could begin to renew your physical vessel back into the state of its prime time.

The technology consists of several elements: just to mention here the Prill Beads producing "thin" water for the perfect flow of life within the body, and "thick" water in the form of Magic Oil — and other products — which address the magnesium deficiency and induce the reproduction of growth hormone. These products you would have to order for yourself. However, with the Precious Prills you own a major piece of Jim Carter's technology and the ability to make your own thin water for the rest of your life.

Directions for Use
Rinse off the net with Precious Prills under running water. Then place it in a 1- gallon glass container, filled with water. Let set for 24 hours. Then pour off three quarts of the Prill Water, from now on every hour if you wish. Each time refill the gallon container. If you use tap water that contains Chlorine and/or Fluorite, leave the container open for these gases to escape.

Prill Water cannot be compared with any water available to buy; it is Vital Liquid or Liquid Love. When you put your Precious Prills in the water, you activate the magical creation of a satellite that links with the Star Chamber Factory in Nevada. Of course you can harvest much more Prill Water than you need for your personal supply. The Prill Water will super hydrate your body; so if you presently have the appearance of an 80-year old lady, your body may start expanding like a sponge and regaining its rosy color. Please consider that this is all brand-new.
Each individual will have his/her unique experience of renewal. Whether you regain the state of your prime time is up to you, your attitude towards life in general, and how much effort you want to put into it. However, if you hold yourself in the "mode of joyous anticipation" regarding your rejuvenation, you can soon become a living miracle to those around you. Instead of documenting your process of declining towards physical death, your crew instead could capture your process of renewal.

You could document your experience of age reversal not only for Phyllida and her film crew, but also for me, for I would provide on my new website section "Twilight Prill Water" a special link for you, perhaps called "Eve Cromie's Experience".

If all this appeals to you, you and your team could contact Jim Carter himself and ask whether he wants to be kept informed about your unique story for his own studies. Maybe he even would want to supervise your progress and contribute with specific suggestions of how to proceed. He even might invite you for a series of "two naps and a bath" in his Star Chamber in Nevada, near Las Vegas. (See enclosed article "The Star Chamber").

To astound your fellow seniors and caretakers at the pension hotel may not be enough, Phyllida may want to start a syndicated column about your story for the Findhorn Magazine and others throughout the country; and soon even the Queen of England might want to follow your example of age reversal. (smile)

Additionally, although this is a different chapter, you cannot avoid becoming rich along the way, since the financial rewards come as a byproduct from earning referral fees. In a few years you could buy out the entire Findhorn Foundation! At the moment there are probably no more than a handful people in Great Britain who are using the Twilight Products. You would be among the trailblazers!

If enough Lightworkers participate, the ripple effect of this "network powered by Love" could turn into a Spiritual Tsunami for mankind and our Earth Mother. To sum it up, the benefits of this tool for personal and planetary healing are threefold:

The renewal of the physical body and its optimum functioning;
The cleaning up of the planet;
The byproduct of a cash cow or personal gold mine;

Dear Eve, please contemplate my proposal and decide whether you want to share it with Phyllida and the crew. Of course, I applaud whatever decision you make. I am merely retrieving ideas from the "pool of inspiration" to satisfy my desire for taking thought beyond. Maybe my proposal sounds to you like silly chatter. Maybe you and your Higher Self are already pre-paving your future endeavors according to your blueprints and broader intentions. Maybe you find it more intriguing to come back as a child of crystal vibration. Maybe the pull from Home is already dominating and you are rather yearning for the "ultimate choice", the reemergence into pure positive energy. I often hear Abraham (my favorite non-physical teacher) talking about "the indescribable deliciousness of leaving behind in one swoop all resistance, all pain, all discomfort, all limitations, and re-entering the state of bliss." Well, in this case please try to give me messages from the other side.(smile)

If you choose to continue your path towards your transition, I am convinced that the Love-imbued Prill Water will still be beneficial and soothe any physical pain and discomfort and enhance the quality of your remaining time as an elderly.

Dear Eve, if you think this is all "off the wall", please forgive my "going wild", it happens out of sheer exuberance. I know I am becoming more and more a misfit for the Old World.

Holding up to you my glass with Holy Water!
Cheers! ---
Your friend of eons, KarinLLightworker

Excerpt from Eve's response letter:

"...For about two years now I've been moving gently out of this dimension; Phyllida has sort of connected me to where I'm going and I've had a trial run. ...Yes like you suggested I'm looking forward to the next experiences and the next and beyond... I don't really want to delay the process. — I write during the worship. I am a pilgrim, part of the Earth's journey and the journey of the cosmos, all going home, by the scenic route. And it is so.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me this opportunity. I am not skeptical. I guess it is Love that is calling me home. You have great work to do and maybe when I come back, you will have many people rejuvenated. I'll cheer you all the way. Bless you and Love, Eve"

July 2002: In her last letter from June 2002 Eve reported that she has passed on the Precious Prills to two friends who were interested to try them out. So we will see...

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