Water Awareness

Introducing Twilight's Holy Water and Sacred Oil

April 2002

While I was still learning on the Internet about Prill Water and the Dollop of Love and Jim Carter's Star Chamber Factory I already started getting inspiration for an introductory article for my website. The more I learned the more I got excited that this might be the ultimate, that this is "IT"!

Half an hour before my first order of Twilight products arrived, I looked out of my window - here in the middle of nowhere - and saw a bundle of 5 or 6 air balloons floating by above the road.
I understood in an instant that this was a display arranged by the fairies of the Universe, letting me know that the time for celebration has come. For three years now I have been running our drinking water through the LightWave Living Water pitcher, which creates the most delicious, silky water I have tasted so far, however, it does not reverse the aging process. - Ah yes, Universe, I welcome the experience of Liquid Love into my life!

Along with my first order of Precious Prills, Magic Oil, the Dollop of Love, and the book, came six pages of information written by Jim Carter, the Wizard, which I transcribe here in its entirety:

"Twilight Is That Magical Time Before The Dawn"
"A Time When Anything Is Possible"

Dear Friends,
I'm Jim Carter and I would like to invite you to join me in a quest to discover and share the power and potential of the most potent force in the universe, the "Physical Force of Love".

For some thirty years now, with the aid of some really remarkable and wonderful gifts, I have been exploring a power that I am today, certain, is simply a concentration of the force that we all know as Love. Love is as real and tangible as lightening or sunlight. Love is the most powerful motivator known to man. It is a feeling and as such, it is real. Fire is a feeling and wouldn't everyone agree that it is real?

It was Love that started all life. It is Love that supports life. The more Love you have in your life, the fuller and happier your life will be. The quality of your life, your state of wellness, and your ability to function "with a smile on your face " is totally related to the amount of Love that you receive and accept. Science calls Love "the mystery of life".
A deficiency of Love is known to medicine as "stress" and stress is said to be the cause of all disease. The most important discovery of my life is that "the mystery of life is resolved by the understanding that Love is far more than an emotion. It is a very real force".

When Love is added to food by a grandmother, or a good cook, what was common food becomes a delicacy. This is Love enrichment. When Love is added to water, as many people do with their Precious Prills, that water becomes a sweet, thin, healing moisturizer. This, too, is Love enrichment. When Love is added to the essential minerals of seawater, they become a magical liquid that my granddaughter, at eight years of age, named "Magic Oil". Children understand Love enrichment and it's magic.

Magic Oil is the world's first, successful, topical magnesium supplement and the DOL (Dollop of Love) is an even more effective form. Even my earlier versions of Magic Oil have been clinically proven to restore cellular magnesium and raise both DHEA and DHEAS levels at the same time, and the Twilight DOL is the future of this technology. Simply stated, "if your DHEA level comes up instead of going down, you are becoming younger, rather than growing older".

I build tools that concentrate Love. The most magnificent of these, we call "The Star Chamber Factory". Didn't we all come from the stars? Twilight products are the key ingredients of life. They have had their normal energies replaced by the "Force of Love". Isn't a Love supplement really what we all need? When you bring the Twilight products into your home, they connect you with the concentrated Love of "The Star Chamber Factory".

"Twilight Products" by Jim Carter
My "Star Chamber Factory" can be pictured as a configuration of the Force of Love, with an outer ring containing more than 120,000 pounds of the Crystal form of Love and an inner ring where the force is stored. (Another subject that we will discuss later, for right now, just believe me or ask anyone who sleeps on the Crystal Sleeper or uses the Crystal Cupcake.)
Whatever is placed in the center of the "Star Chamber Factory" simply becomes full of Love. Anything placed in this space, simply becomes magical. After all, isn't Love the most magical of forces?

For the last few years, I have only offered the products from the halo effect, products that were stored in the building where this Star Chamber resides. The Twilight Products are the first offering of the products from the center and they are only for the most special of people. The Twilight Products should not be compared with anything in the world, even anything that I have offered before.

The Dollop of Love
The DOL is as full of Love as we can make it. It is wonderful, but it needs your personal loving touch to make it magnificent. The DOL can be made with any water, but it is better when made with Precious Prill Water and best when made with Magic Water. Add the DOL to one cup of warm Magic Water or warm Precious Prill Water and mix with your hands for at least five minutes, until the DOL webs between your fingers. Apply to the entire body and rinse off in the shower or bath. Use at least once daily until completely gone. The DOL may be applied on yourself or your loved ones as often and wherever desired. It is fun to make and use, so let your imagination be your guide.

Precious Prills
Precious Prills produce a satellite that draws the Love Force from the "Star Chamber Factory". They produce wonderful thin water, a dew that is a great moisturizer. Precious Prills are so that you can have a quality water supply without the expense of bottled water. This is technology being shared without "designed- in obsolescence". Add them to a one-gallon glass container and allow them to set overnight. Tomorrow and for every tomorrow to follow, you will be able to remove three quarts of Precious Prill Water an hour. Simply pour off 3 quarts and refill the container. You can use Precious Prill Water everywhere that you would use common water.

Magic Oil
The Magic Oil of Twilight is always perfectly balanced, it comes from the heart of the "Star Chamber Factory". All of the previous products were produced in the halo effect of the building that contains the "Star Chamber". The solid form of this oil is the key aspect of the DOL. Add some to your daily bath or rub it on the area of concern. A spray in the mouth once a day will answer far more than your daily need for magnesium, and it will strengthen your teeth and gums. Spray it on food as a salt substitute and flavor enhancer. A little mixed in fruit juice takes away the sour or bitter taste and it's a great way to give it to kids. Add a few sprays to the DOL to make her even better.

Magic Water
Precious Prill Water is a moisturizer, while Magic Water is the basic liquid found in the origin of life. Magic Water should be compared to the essential liquid, the vital liquid of embryonic fluid. This is the stuff of miracles. Spray Magic Water as often as possible. Use it to wash away age and to make the DOL.

Golden Seal Drops
This is Golden Seal extracted with Magic Oil. Golden Seal is the only herb that I know of, that will stop a sore throat and sore throats are caused by staph. Staph is also known as "flesh-eating bacteria". A half dropper full taken under the tongue, morning and night, has restored the integrity of teeth, gums, and the entire digestive tract. Also, it is wonderful when used topically. One ounce is approximately 40 droppers full.

St. John's Drops
This is St. John's Wort extracted with Magic Oil. All the good things that you have ever read about this herb, only magnified by the power of Love. A dropper full at night has worked wonders.

Sea Snow
This magnificent pure white powder is an aspect of seawater. Sea Snow is offered because of its great affinity for agents that contaminate water and because people are mostly water that needs to be purified. Place a small amount in the palm of your hand and add enough Precious Prill Water to make a paste and apply to the skin. When it is dry, rinse off the powder. This powder will pull impurities from deep within tissue in a matter of minutes. This is a beautiful cleansing treatment for the face or any other area of congestion. Until the last fifty years, all diseases were considered to be issues of congestion. Add a capful to your bath to make it a better moisturizer, a Prill Water source, and to sequester contaminants coming from the skin, so that they won't be reabsorbed.

Snow Crystals
The Love of our Mother Earth flows on the surface of the ground. This is the force that comes to you when you rest, it is the Force of Life. Snow Crystals occur in areas where the force of life, the Force of Love, is very strong. We gather them and put them in little bottles. Place a small amount of Snow Crystals in the palm of your hand and make a paste with Magic Water. Apply to the skin and when it is dry, buff off the excess with a soft cloth. The crystals that stick in the pores of your skin will continue to enhance the Force of Love in the area where they are applied, as long as they are there. Snow Crystals are an excellent second treatment for the face or any irritated area. This powder puts a smile on every little cell in its area of contact and smiling cells are healthy cells. Add a capful to your bath to make it a Magic Water source.

Bath Crystals
Originally Magic Oil was a liquid that had just enough Love in it to make it acceptable to the cells. When Magic Oil is left in the Force of Love for an extended period of time, it absorbs so much of this force that it changes form. It turns into crystals. When these crystals are left even longer, they change form again to produce the Twilight Magic Oil. Add a quarter cup to your bath and relax for 20 minutes or longer. Bath Crystals are excellent magnesium sources and even in a bathtub of water, this magnesium will find you and enter your cellular structure, through your entire submerged skin. A quarter cup contains as much magnesium as the previous products contained in a 12-ounce bottle.

"Holy Water, Sacred Oil — The Fountain of Youth"
by ..., M.D., Ph.D.
This book tells much of the story of my life's quest and some of the clinical work done by Dr. ... Before I realized that the Force of Life was simply Love, Dr. ... and I coined the word "Yinergy", which is defined as "Female Force of Creation", and if this isn't Love, we wouldn't know what it is.

9 Product Package
There will be many of our members who want one of every product and I want you to have every tool that you need. This package includes one of everything, except the Crystal Cupcake and the book, and an additional Precious Prill as a gift.

Crystal Cupcake

The Crystal Cupcake is a version of the stone from which this technology was developed. It produces a field effect for several feet in all directions. Call it an enhancer for the human biological battery. It is approximately the fifth, of the size and shape of a normal cupcake, but solid like a stone. Use it to make Crystal Water, which can be used everywhere you would use water, or carry it on your person, use in the bath or spa, sleep with it close to your bed, and most important of all, use it anywhere you desire.

Network powered by Love
If I share the profits of this with you, because you tell your friends and help them access and participate in this adventure, we are "networking". Twilight is the network powered by Love.
Twilight is a network that starts off with an experience that I believe will dynamically improve your life. A Dollop of Love, the DOL as she has become known, makes 8 ounces of the most wonderful, voluptuous, healing and stress relieving substance in the world. She contains as much magnesium as you would expect to get from your multiple vitamins in five years. You will absorb this magnesium in days, right into the cells that are starving for it. Living cells recognize Love and accept anything that comes with it.
"Twilight" is a newly forming association of people who want to know and share "a new truth". Twilight wants everyone to know this truth by their own personal experience. (Anyone who is willing to pay for the tests, clinical proof is available. Contact us for the details. We love skeptics.) Twilight is bringing the Force of Love to bear on the issues facing mankind and our world.

When you place an order, you qualify as a member. Members have the right to purchase Twilight products at network prices. Then, when you sponsor two or more new members and place a monthly personal product order of any amount, you will receive a 5 percent monthly "cash bonus" and a 5 percent monthly "product credit", based on the wholesale sales volume of your network, including the sixth level of activity. Product credits are for the acquisition of: Crystal Sleepers, Crystal Pillows, Shower Converters, Laundry Appliances, Whole Home Water Treatment Systems and even your own personal Star Chamber, not towards the purchase of Twilight network products.
All bonus payments begin the following month after qualification of the two members that you have sponsored.

We only work by mail. We don't accept credit cards, give guarantees, refunds or exchanges. Fax comments and questions to: (...). I will only respond to questions and comments from those who have experienced the DOL or other products from Twilight.

Help me if you will. Help others if you can. Above all, make these products available to your own family, and have the power to love, each and every one of them.

Fill out the accompanying form to sponsor a new member and to order the Twilight products.

Twilight's Three Wishes

I Wish You To Be Young Again
If you are still known as a "Youth", you simply have yet to experience the onset of "magnesium deficiency". By the time most of us reach 20 years of age, we will be considered "Adults", and we will be developing the symptoms of a progressive shortage of magnesium. Unless we are killed in an accident, we will die when the levels of our cellular magnesium have fallen too low. To become young again or to prevent destructive aging, keep your cellular magnesium high. The only disease in our world is "destructive aging". It comes with endless symptoms and suffering, and it has been universally fatal until now. Do whatever else you will, but don't let your cellular magnesium fade away.

I Wish You To Have Lots Of Love In Your Life
Love is more than the emotion that brings people together. Love is the force that provides the vitality that you spend in your daily activities. Love is a physical force, just as real as lightening or sunlight. When you rest you absorb Love, and when you are active, Love is the force that you expand. Your gift of life and the quality of your life is totally connected to your ability to absorb, store and share Love. Every young cell in your body is a receiver that stores Love. Why do you think babies need their rest?

I Wish You To Have The Wealth To Enjoy Life
The richest people in the world know that the secret of wealth is "organizing your influence around a quality message that generates a cash flow". When a great message is passed to twenty people, these people will each tell twenty more, who will each tell twenty more. Soon this message will be known to lots of people. If you share in this cash flow, you have organized your influence, and if the organization you are working with is fair and honest, you will experience wealth.

You Can Become Young Again.
You Can Have A Life Full Of Love.
You Can Have The Security That Is The American Dream.
(End of transcription of Jim Carter's information sheets.)

I read on one of the websites that Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, once said that if we could ever find a way to get Magnesium into the human cells, it would cure all ailments. I also read that the non-physical celebrity entity, known as Ramtha, predicted that Magnesium is going to be brought into prominence by somebody known as The Wizard.
To me there is no doubt that this is a gift by Grand Design whose time has come! Now the experience of Liquid Love is possible for all on Earth. It is just a matter of spreading it, one person at a time.

If you purchase the Prill beads, you have a piece of Jim Carter's technology and the ability to produce your own thin water for the rest of your life. The Prill Water is pure and pristine as glacier water and super-hydrates the body. Prill Water cannot be contaminated, for it cleans up contamination. They say if Twilight had no other product, the Prill beads alone would be worth having, using and promoting. As we use this technology, we begin to clean up the water of the world, one person, one sewer system, one lake and river at a time.

Dear Reader, for further information about the true Fountain of Youth and hundreds of testimonials, please visit the following websites:
www... — Jim Carter's website since June 2002.
www... — who is my sponsor.
... " the author of "Holy Water, Sacred Oil" (On 6-24-03 the author of the book emailed me the following text: Please remove my name from your web site. I have NO relationship with Jim Carter or Twilight.)
www... — GLN sells products from Twilight Company. They provide Multi Level Marketing information for building your home business.
Jim Carter's Twilight Products Company started the networking of the products only a few months ago, in November of 2001. They take orders by mail only.

By ordering anything, you automatically become a Twilight member. If you have learned about the Twilight products through me first, please print out the following order form with my name and phone number as your sponsor on it.

I invite you to join this "Network powered by Love", and experience for yourself your own rejuvenation and renewal.
We all are God's Divine Masters in Human Disguise, now awakening on Earth!
At last God bestowed upon us the Fountain of Youth! God wants us to start celebrating Life!
God wants us to start drinking Holy Water and bathing in Sacred Oil!
So be it! — Cheers!


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