Dome Village Katrina

Open Letter to Andy Caffrey — the Virtual Candidate for Congress

April 2007
Hi Andy;
My name is Karin Lacy; I am a Lightworker for America.
A few weeks ago I got a chance to listen to your radio show as a voice for the homeless population, called "The Least Among Us". It made my heart sing to learn that the homeless people in this area have an advocate in you.

Two years ago I came to Garberville for the writing of my book "Potty Training for Indigo Children" — Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment, and Abundant Resources for the 21st Century.

It saddened me when I saw so many young homeless in the streets. Like me, they were hoping for a way to settle here. When I was considering to look for a place to live, people told me that there is no such thing as a vacancy in town. So I was thinking if lack of housing is considered a major problem here, then I should focus on creating affordable housing for more people Mdash; including myself.

Manifesting Dome Village Katrina
Andy, I would like to introduce to you as a local activist and as the "Virtual Candidate for Congress" my next Lightworker assignment, the manifestation of Dome Village Katrina. I have been envisioning my dome village project ever since I watched on television the unfolding of Hurricane Katrina.

I am writing to ask whether you would be willing to help me attract some local co- creators. I had posted the following ad on Craigslist and a few other forums; it resulted in about fifty responses, but none were serious.

Wanted: Awakened Indigo Children with a Passion for Bringing Heaven down to Earth.
Why: For the manifestation of Dome Village Katrina in Northern California.
I am looking for four young people, minimum age 21, who want to join me for a one-year apprenticeship program for the establishing of a new entrepreneur career as a certified New Community Builder. We five apprentices will build a cluster of five closed-system dome homes, plus a community dome. Our goal is to snowball small intentional dome villages in rural areas which are easy, fast, and cheap to build.
The motto for Dome Village Katrina is the Buckminster Fuller vision statement: "To make the world work for 100 % of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone." For more info: karinlacy@gmail.com
Blog: http://tribes.tribe.net/LightworkerForAmerica

Once the domes are built, I will start a small medical marijuana patient's co-op. In other words, the "theme" of Dome Village Katrina will be that of a patient's co-op. We will create five part-time jobs for the growing of member medicine gardens, maintaining contact with our members, and the work in our community dome during the once-a-week opening hours.

The four certified New Community Builders can choose whether they want to settle in their brand-new dome homes and take on one of the five part-time jobs for the patient's co-op. Or — the New Community Builder can choose to start building his/her own second-generation Dome Village with a different theme, be it a school, a farm, an orphanage, an animal shelter, etc. In this scenario this person's dome home will be bought out and he/she will be given the jump-start funds for building his own Dome Village. He/she will have the priceless benefit of a "Manual" and will be provided with our dome building equipment.

Once the patient's co-op is running and able to fund the spreading of further Dome Villages, I may be ready to start my second-generation Dome Village &mdash: together with let's say ten homeless Indigo Children.

The Shift Ahead
It all depends on how our present transition continues. We the human family are right now living through the most extraordinary and challenging event in our history — called the Shift of the Ages. The dilemma is that most people have no idea what is going on.
Imagine a woman starting to give birth and not knowing what is happening. That is exactly the state of humanity. People feel overwhelmed, overworked, exhausted; many feel physical discomfort while struggling through everyday life. What we are going through is nothing less than a birthing process. A divine alchemy is happening on many levels. It is the completion of an old cycle and the simultaneous emergence of a new beginning cycle.

Big-time disasters could happen any time, causing mass migrations simultaneously in many places. Some predictions say the sea level will globally rise to nine feet. I don't speak as a fear monger. To me this is the time for preparedness. I am a Lightworker, that is, I consciously learned to hold and anchor the new energies that have been flooding planet Earth for many years. Some Lightworkers call our present time of transition the "re-wire of humanity" which will enable each human to hold more Light in their body while moving to the next vibrational level in our evolution. It is now graduation time for humanity. However, most people have no idea what I am talking about; they are still living in a state of slumber. They forgot that we each are divine beings who agreed to wear the "veil of amnesia", while playing human games on Earth.

The old three-dimensional world is now rapidly disintegrating. This is the time of awakening for all. The situations of breakdown will force people to let go of old beliefs that no longer serve them and open them up to new ways of viewing and living life. No matter what government is in power, the great separation will globally come down to two groups, the "Haves and the Have-nots". There will be opportunities ahead for opening our hearts like never before.

Looking for four co-apprentices
So far, I have only one interested co-creator for Dome Village Katrina, a young woman in Florida, who wants to join me. A few weeks ago I met a hitch-hiking couple. They were from among those young people who are so fed up with society that they prefer to live outside our culture, as transients or homeless. When I told them about my project Dome Village Katrina they got very excited and said they have been wishing for an opportunity like that and would love to get involved in an intentional community project. So I emailed them my four articles about Dome Village Katrina, so that they could learn more and tune into the project to see whether this is meant for them or not. However, I did not hear from them again, meaning they did not find resonance with the spiritual framework. What I had offered them was more than they could ever wish for, the opportunity to build a closed-system dome home for themselves in a small community setting. Yet trigger words like Indigo Children and Lightworker turned them off and away.
However, their reaction reminded me of the importance of same-wavelength resonance between the five apprentices in order to manifest Dome Village Katrina.
The four apprentices have to see themselves as "passionate humanitarians" who are willing and capable of stepping in the role of mapmakers and wayshowers. This project is for people who want to learn to create deliberately and in accordance with the Law of Attraction. Our common goal as passionate humanitarians will be to help making the next years a "joyous survival" for as many people as possible.

Dear Andy, I would appreciate if you would be willing to familiarize yourself with my project Dome Village Katrina by reading my four articles about it. This way you would know what I mean by "passionate humanitarians" in looking for co-apprentices. Please also consider whether you would want to support my foresight project Dome Village Katrina in one way or another, perhaps by being on our advisory board.

I am aware that your activist approach to life is very different from the way I do my work of service. I don't go to the committees. I have to live a certain way of detaching and decoupling from the old 3D-world while giving my focus to the emerging new world. I do much of my work on my pillow at home in my sanctuary. In other words, I shifted my doing-state and cultivated my being-state.

But I want you to know how much I appreciate your contributions of service for the community.

I would appreciate if we could join forces in helping uplift others.
Light & Love,
Karin Lacy, Lightworker

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