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November 2005

Co-Creators Wanted for Building Dome Village Intentional Community

Hi; my name is Karin Lacy; I am a Lightworker and Spiritual Elder.
A time of great shifting has begun on Earth - Spaceship Earth - where people yearn to find and reunite with their original spiritual families and tribes. This phenomenon has been foretold as the Great Grassroots Movement, and it is unfolding now.

I read somewhere that the owner of the "Pizza Hut" food chain is building an entire city in Florida from the fortune he made, with university and everything - but only for Catholics. The author of the article pointed it out as a sign of separation, but I understood it as the owner's desire and initiative to gather "his tribe" of like-minded souls. He obviously is manifesting his vision of creating a large community of same-wavelength people - and he created the means to pay for it all by himself. My hat off to this extraordinary human creator! He will become a role model for many awakening billionaires who will be looking for ways to funnel their personal wealth "back into the system."

As the gap between the "Haves and Have-Nots" widens and intensifies, the creators from both sides —those who developed a vision and those who accumulated tremendous financial resources Mdash; will come together for the creation of new communities for living in new and higher ways, based on Unconditional Love. This grassroots movement is spreading outside the government's control, but with the utilization of the magnificent tool of the Internet. In the years ahead there will be not much time for the governments, state and federal, to play politics, because they will be occupied with providing and maintaining the basics in the congested cities in the midst of more global Nature events and other changes. They also will have to deal with the masses of the unemployed and homeless from the collapse of the big mergers of multi-national corporations. The entire world population will come to focus on de-centralization and self-sufficiency.

As we make a new beginning on Earth, people of like mind will gather and create self-sustaining communities, each one with its own flavor, to celebrate our diversity within our Unity.

However, in standing at a crossroads, I would like to gather some members of MY original spiritual tribe, that is, the Avatars and Prophets of the Promethean Spirit, for the forming of an intentional community.
It is my knowing that Buckminster Fuller came forth as a Prophet of the Promethean Spirit in order to anchor this energy by planting early seeds with his monumental work. However, fifty years back words like Futurist, Philosopher, and Inventor were better suited expressions to describe him.

At this particular time, Lightworkers like me are on a mission to bring these seeds to fruition. You may believe it or not, the energy that was once connected to the person Buckminster Fuller is giving me assistance whenever I focus on the topic of the Dome House. It was the presence of this "jolly energy stream" that inspired me back in 2002, over a four months' time, to the writing of my "Letter to Donald Trump about the spreading of the Dome as the new Dwelling Form for the Future." Whenever I had setbacks and thought that I must be totally nuts for writing something so outrageous, the "jolly Bucky energy" elevated and stabilized me on this high vibrational level, known as the 5th dimension, where what I wrote was the most appropriate and wonderful thing to do.

At present there are many walking the Earth, especially young people, who are carrying within their hearts the spark of the Promethean Fire, yet they still have to awaken to a broader recognition of who they truly are. Therefore, I also want to gather a particular group of four young people, minimum age 21, who are passionate humanitarians, and who want to join me in starting an "Apprenticeship as a New Community Builder" for the spreading of self-sustaining dome villages in elevated, rural areas. After the one year apprenticeship, they will have established a new entrepreneur-occupation as a certified "New Community Builder" and be empowered to start on their own a new dome village community, nearby, in another state, or country.

To me Hurricane Katrina induced the final stage for the disintegrating Old World and the emergence of the New World on Earth. For that reason I would like to call the first dome cluster "Dome Village Katrina" in remembrance of the Hurricane Katrina event. This way Dome Village Katrina would also get political attention, with the prospect of financial funding as a model community for the future.

Being a great fan of the indestructible Monolithic Dome as one of the superior dwellings for the future, I envision the village being built solely of domes, dome clusters, eco shells, etc.
That is why I am looking for at least one co-founder with experience in dome building. I was sure that the Monolithic Dome Company's message board would be a place which attracts those who too are in resonance with the spirit of Buckminster Fuller. Alas, my announcement about looking for co-creators for starting a Dome Village community got kicked out there. But here the spirit of Buckminster Fuller is alive!
Thank you, Jochen Hartmann, for allowing me to post this announcement. (smile)

On your index page it says: Buckminster Fuller challenged us with a bold vision: "To make the world work for 100 % of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone."
Well, I am so bold as to say that my message contains the solution to this vision.

Dear reader, if this announcement resonates with you, please visit my website www.KarinLLightworker.com to check whether my energy feels comfortable to you.

Light &Love, Karin Lacy


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