Dome Village Katrina

Letter to Edward Dilley

March 2007

Edward B. Dilley, Sr. CEO of www.biohome.net
Tilted Planet Productions

Re: Creating Dome Village Katrina
Proposal About Applying your Closed System Housing Model

Dear Edward B. Dilley;

My name is Karin Lacy; I am a self-proclaimed Lightworker for America.
I want to thank you for developing your Closed-System Housing Model! Reading your extraordinary website about "Closed System Housing" inspired me to the following proposal.

Back in November of 2005, after the Hurricane Katrina disaster, I wrote an Open Letter to the Buckminster Fuller Institute Online Forum. I called upon a small group of people to join me in starting together an "Apprenticeship as a New Community Builder for Self-Sustaining Dome Villages." A few interested young people contacted me but nothing led to any co-creative endeavors towards intentional community building.

But I also received an email from Allegra Fuller Snyder, the daughter of Buckminster Fuller, who had read my letter and resonated with the idea. She felt inspired to connect me with a Buckminster Fuller student and friend of hers who also has a vision of intentional community. I was thrilled and felt honored for receiving such a beautiful message and sent the man a letter together with a CD of my eBook "Who Wants To Be A Lightworker". However, I never got any response.

I mention this because my plan is to ask Allegra Fuller Snyder to become the patroness of my apprenticeship project for dome village builders. Simply having her name on our non-profit organization advisory board would bring the magic of the name Buckminster Fuller into our endeavors.

Buckminster Fuller was an Avatar and Prophet of the Promethean Spirit. He was driven by his immeasurable love for humanity when he challenged us with his bold vision: "To make the world work for 100 % of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone."

At this crucial time of the Shift we are many walking the Earth who carry within our hearts the spark of the Promethean Fire. This is the time to bring seeds to fruition. My intent is to gather four people of my tribe with whom I want to act upon this vision of making the world work for all, right here and now.

About Me: I am presently located in Garberville in Northern California, where I am finishing up my next book, "Potty Training for Indigo Children" —Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment and abundant Resources for the 21st Century. It will be done in a few weeks. The book is written to serve as a resource for the Indigo Children Generation.

In my role as a self-proclaimed Lightworker for America my intent is to use my own energy in the world in the most effective way, that is, I want to be of the greatest possible service to my brothers and sisters.

However, when I was looking for an apartment to rent in the Garberville area, everybody told me that there is no such thing as a vacancy in town. So I was considering to go back to Sonoma, where there was plenty of rental space available, and to settle there.

On the other hand, if housing is what is needed most here in this area, I could view it as the fertile ground for combining the message of my book with my long- term vision of starting a dome village intentional community.

I spoke with some of the homeless Indigo Children living in the streets of this area. They are hoping for a chance of making a living and staying here, just like me. What if I bring into fruition that motto of making the world work for 100 % of humanity in the shortest possible time right here in the Garberville area?

My plan is to gather a group of four Indigo Children, minimum age 21, especially the ones who are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or similar disorders, who are Medical Marijuana users with a doctor's recommendation (Proposition 215). In my book I address especially this large group of Indigo Children with ADHD. Being put as teenagers on prescription drugs like Ritalin or Prozac it seems their fate is to be locked into the healthcare system forever. As an alternative I suggest becoming a Medical Marijuana user and to learn to grow ones own medicine.

I want to do more prep work before selecting the four co-creators with whom I want to start a one-year apprenticeship of becoming a "New Community Builder for Self-Sustaining Dome Villages".

We will build a cluster of six domes, a dome house for each of us five apprentices, plus a sixth dome as the community dome. Let's assume it takes one year, from start to finish, until all six domes are completed, the compound fenced in, and ready for us to move in.

After our one year apprenticeship we will have established a new entrepreneur- occupation as a certified "New Community Builder." Each one of us will be qualified and empowered to start snowballing on our own a new small Dome Village community, nearby, in another state, or country.
However, some of us five may choose to stay and settle in our brand-new dome homes and experience what living in a self-sufficient dome community is like. Having been a great fan of the indestructible Monolithic Dome as one of the superior dwellings for the future, I envisioned the village being built solely of domes, dome clusters, eco shells, concrete fences, etc. For years I have been an admirer of their website and followed the evolvement of the Monolithic Domes and Eco Shells as they are beginning to spread in many places around the globe.

We will name our first dome cluster "Dome Village Katrina" in honor of Hurricane Katrina. All domes will be on the outside painted or coated white. From an aerial view the six domes will look like a circle of large snowballs, symbolizing the "snowball principle". Our intent will be to spread self-sufficient dome villages in accordance with the generation-growth of the "Fibonacci Sequence."

My Role in the Project
The "Dome Village Katrina" project is a spin-off project of my book "Potty Training for Indigo Children". The proceeds from my book will be funneled into this apprenticeship project.

I will take on the role of the visionary and embody the hub of this metaphysical undertaking. I will be the project coordinator. In forming a non-profit organization my status will be that of the President.

I will create a documentary about our step-by-step experience of building the six domes from start to finish. The documentary is intended as a manual. I also will create and maintain an Internet Blog/Forum for us five apprentices and the supporters and club members of our non-profit organization.

Applying Your Closed System Dome
To make a long story short: In 2006 I came across your website www.BioHome.net. Again, I can't thank you enough for inventing the Closed System House! In developing my vision of an intentional community of dome houses I was often thinking how many different experts I would have to consult and bring together into this community project in order to develop a self-sufficient off-grid model dome house.

I see that you made it already available as a kit! Well, thanks for being so far ahead of the game! Your Closed System House seems to be a magnificent contribution to living in the New World. Although I haven't yet watched your DVD, I think you have a tremendous gift to offer to the entire human family.

There could be dramatic Nature events and other changes just ahead of all of us. On a global level we may have to move through some years of difficulties. After all, we the human family are birthing the New World on Earth! It seems your Closed-System Housing Model provides a marvelous solution to "making the world work for 100 % of humanity in the shortest possible time." From studying your website it seems the Closed System Dome Home is anything but "hillbilly style". As you summed it up, in the 21st Century we will be working smarter, not harder. That is my vision as well! Our future world will be sophisticated, yet simple and in harmony with our Earth Mother Gaia.

Instead of my earlier vision of Monolithic Domes/Eco Shells I may want the cluster of six domes to be built according to your Closed System Home design with the geodesic dome steel frames. First I need to learn more about your model, especially about the Green Room. Can it be specialized for growing Medicinal Marijuana? We five apprentices/dome-builders will be Medical Marijuana users and we want to apply in our lives the principles for living in a new way as laid out in my book.

Besides the growing of our medicine gardens we want to participate in the "Hemp Renaissance" by utilizing at least one acre of our land for growing Hemp for fiber and hempseed oil.

Instead of your foam to fill the walls of the dome skeleton we will use "hempcrete" made out of Hemp, since our intent is to support the Hemp culture.
We will hire Steve Allin who wrote the book "Building with Cannabis" to show and teach us in a weekend workshop how to make the walls from Cannabis fiber. Or we hire Andre du Plessis who promotes the "Cannabrick Solution" in his campaign of building hemp houses in Africa. We want to know how much money we will save by pooling free hemp fiber resources for the Hempcrete for six domes instead of purchasing your recommended foam.

In a few weeks I am going to introduce my book "Potty Training for Indigo Children" to the local community and also my spin-off intentional community project. Since many local residents live on large pieces of land, I will ask if a local landowner is interested to donate a piece of land, minimum five acres, for the building of the cluster of five dome dwellings, each one a Closed System Home, plus the community dome.

As soon as I have gathered the four apprentices we will form a non-profit organization. The donated piece of land will be owned by the members of the non-profit organization.

Financial Aspects of the Apprenticeship Project
I read on your website that building one Closed-System Dome costs between $35,000 and $45,000.
We five apprentices will take off the entire year for the building of our first dome cluster. Our goal is to have all six domes completed at the same time. We each will have to establish a support group to help us secure our livelihood so that we can fully focus on our apprenticeship project of building Dome Village Katrina.

When we have accomplished our apprenticeship program each one of us five dome builders will own a spacious, family-size, one-level closed-system dome house, with probably half an acre land around it. For the sake of this proposal let's assume that each dome is $35,000.

Living in the new way of self-sustainability in our own dome houses means there is no monthly electricity bill, no propane gas bill, no cost for heating or cooling the house, no water bill, no trash disposal bill, no medicine bill, no gasoline costs for running the vehicle. House insurance may be required by law but it will be at its minimum rate since our domes will be considered indestructible by fire, termites, and Nature events. There will be no single telecommunication bills, because one satellite dish will be serving all five dome residences. I don't know how much money we will save from harvesting produce from the Green Room of our Closed-System Homes; I don't know yet how it all works. However, it is likely that we each could live off only about $300 to $500 a month.

Paying off the Mortgage of "Dome Village Katrina"
We five dome builder apprentices will ask the local bank for a home loan of $210,000 for the building of six domes which we want to pay off within two years.

Patients' Co-op — Growing Our Own Medicine
Once the five residential domes and the community dome are built I intent to open and operate a patients' co-op together with some others. We will utilize the community dome temporarily as the meeting and office room for the members of our small co-op.
We will run the patients' co-op by creating five part time jobs. We will create and maintain the medicine gardens, maintain contact to our members, and work in the community dome during the once-a-week opening hours. From our salaries we each will pay off our two-year mortgage.

The members of our patients' co-op can buy Marijuana from us or commission us as caregivers to grow their medicine garden for them. We will offer our over-production of Marijuana to different Californian dispensaries or other co-ops. Besides we will tithe ten percent of our crop to terminally ill patients in the city. We may also want to bake Marijuana-infused food products and sell them to the dispensaries.
Additionally, we will grow at least one acre Hemp for fiber and seed oil.
Aside from our part time job we may want to perfect our dome homes inside and out and create landscape gardens, etc.

In summary, after manifesting Dome Village Katrina we five certified Dome Village Builders can choose between two options: A) To settle in the brand-new dome home and take on one of the five part-time jobs for the establishing and operating of the patients' co-op. B) The certified Dome Village Builder may right away want to gather a new group of people and start immediately building a new village of Closed System Domes, nearby, or somewhere else. In this scenario the Dome Builder can sell his/her dome home to a new Medical Marijuana user who wants to take on one of the five part-time jobs and buy the dome home. Of course changes of persons and dome ownership have to be in agreement with the other four dome owners/job holders. However, this way the Dome Builder will have the funds for his/her own dome home when starting to build the second generation Dome Village according to the snow ball system. This person may also appreciate the aid of our created manual for the "Apprenticeship Program for Creating a Closed-System Dome Village".

I myself would like to stay for one year in my Closed-System Dome and establish the patients' co-op and the gardens. A year later I may be ready to gather a new group — of let's say ten homeless Indigo Children — for the building of my second-generation self-sustaining dome village.

I'm excited to see how the local community responds. My job as a Lightworker is to live as an example and to create pathways of Light for others. I committed myself to a life of service in helping others to making the next few years a joyous survival.

In the upcoming years disasters may happen comparable to Hurricane Katrina and millions might loose their homes. Building shelters for ourselves could become the order of the day for everybody. The message of my "Apprenticeship Program as a Dome Village Builder" is to inspire people to start living off the grid and build their own self-sustaining dome house. On a personal note, building a dome home has been my dream for fifteen years and now I am going to bring it to fruition.

Since I want to contribute to the legalization of Cannabis, Marijuana, and Hemp, I will introduce my book and my work to the local politicians and authorities and invite them to support our apprenticeship project for Medical Marijuana users by becoming our sponsors and patrons.

Dear Edward Dilley; in summary, I would like to know if we could count on some ongoing advisory guidance from one of your team members throughout our one-year apprenticeship.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!
Your fellow traveler,
Karin Lacy, Lightworker

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