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Open Letter to Futurist Jacque Fresco

August 2007

Re: Apprentices wanted for building Dome Village Katrina

Dear Jacque Fresco;
My name is Karin Lacy. I am a self-proclaimed Lightworker for America.

Part of my work has been the writing of Open Letters. Awhile ago I came across your fascinating website and I posted a "wanted ad" on the discussion forum.

Wow! What an enormous list of accomplishments; rightfully they call you "a modern-day Da Vinci and a living legend"! I love your future by design model! Now in your nineties, you truly have been living an extraordinary and fulfilling life as a human creator on Earth. You are such an inspiration to the rest of us!

My life has just now started, at age 60. I once have been called "a woman of the last hour". My entire life has been preparation for what is to come. I will be living in my physical body for a long time to come. I was guided to come to America. The last ten years I lived a secluded lifestyle in Southern California, while I received my inner training as a Lightworker. During that time I wrote my first book "Who Wants To Be A Lightworker" — A Handbook for a New Career as a Lightworker for America.

About one and a half years ago I left my husband and walked out of my life in order to step into my Lightworker mission. I ended up in the Sonoma Ashram and from there I was guided to come to Northern California for the writing of my next book "Potty Training for Indigo Children" — Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment, and Abundant Resources for the 21st Century. It is written as a self-help book for the Indigo Children generation and as my contribution to the ending of the war on drugs.

The Avatars and Prophets of the Promethean Spirit
My next assignment as a Lightworker requires me to step forward as a community builder and to gather some members of my original spiritual tribe, the Avatars and Prophets of the Promethean Spirit. I am part of the continuation of this particular group of consciousness. Buckminster Fuller came forth as an Avatar and Prophet of the Promethean Spirit in order to anchor this energy by planting early seeds with his monumental work. At this particular time people like me are on a mission to bring these seeds to fruition. Although there are many walking the Earth, especially young people, who carry within their hearts the spark of the Promethean Fire, they still have to awaken to a broader recognition of who they truly are and what gifts they have to offer.

You too, Jacque Fresco, are of the Promethean Spirit, and so was Leonardo Da Vinci. Those of us imbued with the spark of Prometheus can be best recognized and described as "Passionate Humanitarians". You are the living, breathing example of a benefactor to humanity who is driven by his immeasurable love for the human family.

In my inner training I am being taught by my spiritual mother, Madame Blavatsky, who was a Promethean messenger. Among her greatest admirers were Einstein and Gandhi. She is considered the Mother of the New Age. Madame Blavatsky is part of my guidance system. I am blessed with different non-physical guides of the Promethean energy who are stabilizing my energy and helping me to hold my course. I was "covered" or partially "shut down" at two years old, so that I could attain a "victim mindset" and a deeper identification with the dense 3D world of contrast. At this time I am still awaiting my full activation. I still do my main work in the dream state. I am aware of my multi-dimensional nature and my participation in the weavings of the Earth's light grid.

Madame Blavatsky stated in "The Secret Doctrine", "The conditions of evolution are within and not without, and by fortune are independent of circumstances and conditions of earthly life. That is why all shall awaken at some point, climbing and conquering peak after peak, and cooperating with Nature by accomplishing the true purpose of life."

We are now living in this time where "all shall awaken". Madame Blavatsky was seen as the single Light Bringer of the 19th century. At present we are many Bringers of the Light, this time we call ourselves Lightworkers. We chose to be the first to integrate and emanate the new Light so that we will be able to usher our brothers and sisters through the coming changes. We are getting help from the other side, the non-physical side of existence. The Ascended Masters, Archangels, ETs, Ancestors, etc. are now collaborating with many, enlightening us about their overview perspective of what is up on planet Earth.

What is Ahead for Humanity?
Dear Jacque Fresco, I would like to share with you as the Futurist and Philosopher some of my viewpoints about the Shift. As a Lightworker I believe in the event of the Shift of the Ages, as marked at the end of 2012. We as the human family are transitioning through a process of divine alchemy; we are being "upgraded" or "rewired" to hold higher Light frequencies. Those of the next generation — which Lightworkers call the Indigo Children — are born equipped with the "software" to handle this new energy, so to speak.
Dear Mr. Fresco, I don't know what your thoughts are on this subject of The Shift. For most scientifically trained minds such predictions are considered "woo-woo". But the topic will not go away. Countless speculations are already circulating about what may or may not happen in five years from now. Many see the Shift as a reoccurring event for planet Earth that is due at intervals of about 26,000 years.

Consider that those calendars and prophecies of the ancient and indigenous people cannot be overlooked; they all point towards the end of 2012. By now many inquiring minds are pondering the question why the Mayans ended their calendar by that date of December 21st of 2012. Why did they see no need to extend their calendar beyond that date? Will our perception of time change? Is it possible that the measuring of time will become obsolete? Are we adjusting to the unfamiliar NOW?

Like a birthing process, the Shift can be perceived as a painful or joyous event. We will not ascend towards a higher place; instead we will be anchoring the higher frequencies of the fifth dimension here on Earth. I see the Shift as the completion of the Old World cycle and the simultaneous birthing of the New World cycle. Both worlds will co-exist for awhile.

Governments are Transforming
I agree with you, Jacque Fresco, the era of government with politicians as our leaders and controllers will be over soon. Yes, computers can do the work of national and global networking. Here is how one of the brilliant Indigo Children, il divino, summed it up on one of the discussion boards:

-The government is a reflector of those it governs.
-Those who can govern themselves have no need for government.
-Those who deny their self-sovereignty have a government of tyranny.
-Those who do not want to hear the truth have a government that lies.
-Those who imprison their own wills have a government that reflects the denial of their freedom.
-Those who don't want to think for themselves have a government that does the thinking for them.
-Those who have no inner unity have a government enforcing separation.
Get it? - il divino

The great grassroots movement is largely underway. Many people are in the process of changing from governed people to self-guided individuals who take full responsibility for their lives. I think no matter what kind of government, it will all come down to the interaction between the "Haves and Have-nots" in families, neighborhoods, communities, cities, nations.
The events of transformation ahead of us will affect everybody. From a broadened perspective disasters are seen as catalysts that will jolt us into a new awareness and evoke from us to interact in new and more loving ways with each other. The "Decade of the Heart" will cause our hearts to open widely and level the gap between the Haves and Have-nots. By increasing the Love frequency on Earth we will create a more just and fair world for all.

Apprentices for Dome Village Katrina
My work is to step into the role of a community builder and help manifest new ways of living to make the next few years on Earth a "joyous survival" for as many people as possible.

I had placed the following ad on Craigslist and other places:

Wanted: Awakened Indigo Children with a passion for bringing Heaven down to Earth. Why: For the manifestation of Dome Village Katrina. I am looking for four young people, minimum age 21, who want to join me for a one-year apprenticeship program for the creation of a new entrepreneur career as a certified New Community Builder. We will build five closed-system dome homes plus a community dome. Email me for more info. Please also visit my website and read my Blog at www.KarinLLightworker.com.

So far no passionate humanitarians replied.

Well, Mr. Fresco, after reading your captivating website, I was wondering whether all the passionate humanitarians are instead flocking to you, the futurist and living legend, to bask in your presence and absorb your teachings through osmosis. (smile)

So I felt inspired to ask you whether you know of some capable young people who would be a match for Dome Village Katrina. Maybe a candidate from within your circle comes to your mind, a passionate humanitarian at heart who would benefit from doing some hands-on work as a Dome Village Builder. It will serve the Indigo Children greatly to get their hands in the dirt and ground their energy on Earth. The career of a certified Dome Village Builder could be chosen by many college graduates in the years ahead. After all, building small dome village communities is about self-empowerment!

Mr. Fresco, I agree with you that building new and different is the method of the future, not the re-building and restoration of the old ways. Our future world will be sophisticated yet simple and in harmony with our Earth Mother Gaia.

Back when I lived in Southern California I had developed my vision of a heaven-on-earth community as laid out in my first book. However, nothing happened for me there. Later I learned that a model of such Light is not meant to be manifested before the Shift; instead it will be erected in the years after the Shift as one of the jewels of the Golden Age.

The timing may not be right either for building the magnificent cities of the future according to your designs. During the transition time and with Earth changes happening globally we may have to focus on interims solutions. We need to create the simplest, easiest way to build dwellings with the emphasis on self-sustainability. My Dome Village Community model is designed as small resource-based islands for rural areas. For large cities your prefabricated modules stacked to high-rise structures to house many could become the alternative to those Fema-trailer parks that we all saw on television.

Yes, I agree with you, resource-based economy is the way of the future. The era of economic slavery on Earth is coming to an end. Millions of awakened people already left the rat race lifestyle behind and improved their living conditions by manifesting resource-based economy.
The time is now for us people of Promethean foresight to initiate actions. Big things can happen from small groups of people. For more info about me please visit my website at www.KarinLLightworker.com. Also, I have a tribe setup with more info about the Promethean Spirit at http://tribes.tribe.net/PrometheanSpirit.
I am presently not in a position to purchase any of your books and videos; however, I do have two eBooks to swap.

Dear Jacque Fresco, will you help me?
In Service, Karin Lacy

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