Dome Village Katrina

Open Letter to Julia Butterfly

March 2007

Re: Building Dome Village Katrina

Dear Julia Butterfly;
My name is Karin Lacy; I am a self-proclaimed Lightworker for America.
Back then when you lived in the Redwood tree "Luna" I wrote you a letter of encouragement — and you were as kind as to write me back. (smile)

Strange enough, I am now living in the Sohum redwood region.
I was guided to come here as an auspicious place for the writing of my book "Potty Training for Indigo Children" — Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment, and Abundant Resources for the 21st Century. I am happy that I accomplished this spiritual assignment and I am satisfied the way my eBook turned out.

I had introduced myself to many of the town's people and I told everybody that I am writing a self-help book for the Indigo Children. I learned that a lot of people, mostly the younger ones, applaud the idea of something new and different and that they would like to know more about the Indigo Children. On the other hand, almost all of those of the parent generation reminded me that as a newcomer I should practice patience and humbleness and that back then when they arrived here — it took years to reach their goals.

Like you, Julia Butterfly, I am a pioneering spirit and trailblazer. I am not in need to proof my worthiness to the world anymore. I am "in this world, but not of this world", that is, I do not follow outside guidance anymore. The only authority I listen to is my Inner Guidance. However, when interacting out there in the 3D world I still get easily disconnected from Source. Moving forth and back between the Old and the New World requires living in a certain way with daily realignment.

My intent as a Lightworker is to use my own energy in the world in the most effective way, that is, I want to be of the greatest possible service to my brothers and sisters.

My next Lightworker assignment — as a spin-off project of my book — is the manifestation of an intentional community, called Dome Village Katrina. Being a scout or forerunner for the Indigo Children I want to gather four young people, minimum age 21, who want to join me for a one-year apprenticeship program for the creation of a new entrepreneur career as a certified "New Community Builder". We five apprentices will build a cluster of five closed-system dome homes plus a community dome.

Once the domes are built we five certified New Community Builders have two choices.
A) To settle in our new dome homes and take on one of the five part time jobs for establishing and running a small patient's co-op with medicine gardens. We will temporarily use the community dome as the once-a-week meeting space for our co-op members. Being Medical Marijuana users we will utilize the principle of resource-based economy by growing Hemp and Marijuana. Living in a closed-system dome home means that we each may be able to live off only $300 to $500 a month.

B) Or some of us five may choose to start right away building their "second generation" dome village, gifted with experience, a manual, and money from Dome Village Katrina.

The idea for Dome Village Katrina was born when I watched Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. That was almost two years ago. We here on the West coast will also get our share of Nature events as we are moving further towards the event of the Shift in 2012.

We cannot count on the government or our local authorities to take care of the population and provide us with Fema trailers and meet our needs. The years ahead will teach us to let go of the old paradigm of being governed by a government and instead start living as self-guided human beings. My job as a Lightworker is to create new pathways of Light by living as an example. I committed myself to a life of service by helping others to make the next few years a "joyous survival".

Dome Village Katrina is intended as a model for living in a new way as self-empowered individuals who take full responsibility for their lives. Creating resource-based economy is one of the keys for the future.

In the years ahead millions of people all at once might loose their homes. This is not scaremongering but foresight. Building shelters and homes could become the order of the day for everybody in a given area. The message of my "Apprenticeship Program as a Dome Village Builder" is to inspire people to start living off the grid and build their own self-sustaining dome homes. Our closed-system dome homes will be cheap and easy to build and considered "indestructible" by storm, fire, water, earthquakes, termites, etc. In a few years from now some college graduates might recognize this incredible new career opportunity of becoming a Dome Village Builder. Small closed-system Dome Villages could be snowballing rapidly.

Being a newcomer and a "nobody" I need some help in finding four special young people. They have to be "passionate humanitarians" who recognize this apprenticeship program as an opportunity for making the world a better place.

Julia Butterfly, could you as a person of great name power give me a jumpstart by passing on this message and connecting me with some "awakened Indigo Children"?

Will you help me?
Your fellow traveler, Karin Lacy

PS: For more info I can send you the 6-page vision statement of Dome Village Katrina.


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