Water Awareness

Proposal Letter to Mattie Stepanek
11-year old Poet

August 2002

Dear Mattie Stepanek;

My name is Karin Lacy; I am a Lightworker for America.

Back in April I watched you and your mom on the Larry King Show. I admired your passion for writing poems and your eagerness to make a difference in the world as a peacemaker and mediator. I also visited your web page and read some of your poems as well as your essay about your three wishes from summer camp coming true. For five years you had wished for the same three things: to get your poems published, to meet your hero Jimmy Carter, and to go on the Oprah Show.
All have been granted and more! What a powerful creator you are! I perceived you as one of the Gentle Giants who are being born to foster the manifestation of Heaven on Earth.

You and I have much in common. Like you I like to dream large-sized dreams. Like you I want to serve as a catalyst for change, as a facilitator for bridging the Old and the New World. Like you I believe that this is the time for the "might of the pen". I see the Information Age as a heyday for teachers like you and me. You are a Good Will Ambassador, I call myself an Abraham Ambassador, for I am practicing Abraham's teachings of deliberate creation.

Let me share with you what I perceived in taking on my Overview Perspective, for I am living in both, the Old and the New World, simultaneously. In the Old World reality I was watching on TV the clip with you visiting with Jimmy Carter the former President. At the same time — in the overlapping New World reality — I was learning online about "Jim Carter the Wizard" and his Star Chamber Factory. He just recently initiated a "Network powered by Love" which is driven by his three wishes. They are, quote:

"I Wish You To Be Young Again",
"I Wish You To Have Lots Of Love In Your Life",
"I Wish You To Have The Wealth To Enjoy Life".

It was back then when I received inspiration to suggest to you, Mattie, to make a wish for complete wellness and to invite you to join the "Network powered by Love". If you want to become a successful peacemaker you have to enlarge your viewpoint of reality and see the bigger picture of what is really going on. It is no wonder you have such a strong desire for peace, with so much war going on within your physical vessel. First you have to embody what you want to teach, for you are balancing the energy of the planet as you balance your own energy.

Maybe you want to meet the other Jim Carter too, and talk with him about the procedure for your healing. I guess you have never asked God or your Inner Being for perfect health. You are probably convinced that this is the subject that is taboo on your wish list. You think that you are excluded from wellness and that there is a higher reason why you have this disease.
Mattie, please reflect with me on this: What about if your intent was to challenge yourself with an obstacle like a rare incurable disease — in order to overcome it. Not to be stuck with it for evermore, but to triumph over it. Maybe you would like to come to the point that you say to yourself that you have learned everything there was to learn about this disease, you lived it to its fullest, but now you are "sick and tired of it". I think it would be easy for you to reverse your belief in illness into a new belief in wellness. A belief is just a thought that we keep thinking. We can easily adapt a new belief that serves us better. It means you can start thinking new thoughts, until they become your belief and manifest as your reality. However, in order to deliberately exercise your powers you first must become aware that you are the creator of your own reality, and that you have free will to choose differently, at any moment you wish.

Remember, "Life's a Stage", all people on Earth are Divine Beings playing games in human disguise. Each human is the writer, director and actor of his or her own movie, so to speak. Most are still entrenched in the Old World theme, called "Giving my power away to an outside authority", but a growing number of people are already playing the new game, called "Self-empowerment and empowering others", or — in Lightworker terms — "Manifesting Heaven on Earth".

When I recently saw on a TV talk show the sports hero, called Magic Johnson, I remembered him announcing on National Television ten years ago that he has AIDS. And yet, as everybody could observe, he is thriving in extraordinary ways. He obviously didn't want to become a medical case of a death candidate. Apparently he doesn't care what others assigned to him, he chose to live "outside the box", and he decided to make his incurable disease a non-issue. Instead he chose to live his life to its fullest and happiest and keep spreading his gigantic contagious smile.

You, Mattie, can choose wellness for yourself, too. It's all mind over matter. We live from the inside out, which means personal power is internally tapped and released.

Do a Belief System Inventory
Mattie, I would like to offer you some guidelines for living in the New World reality or 5th dimension:
Look at the world from an energy viewpoint by taking on your Overview Perspective. Become aware that everything is vibrating in the Universe, including your physical body. From your expanded vantage point you will notice that a global shift is taking place. An old cycle is closing, known as the Piscean Age, and a new cycle, known as the Aquarian Age, is emerging at the same time. Imagine in your mind's eye the crossroads symbol and decide for yourself which way you want to go.
The time is now to choose the New World Road! Put on top of your things-to-do list to bring yourself into full alignment with your Source Energy, so that dis-ease cannot prevail in your physical vessel.

Take an inventory of your present life situation and put to rest all beliefs of limitation that will not serve you anymore in the higher vibration. Take time out to identify who you are. Create your own manual for living in Heaven on Earth. Practice going to a virtual reality and play with new vibrations. Guide your thoughts and pay attention to the way you feel.
As you learn to think only thoughts of Wellbeing, Wellbeing will become your dominant vibration and you will get in alignment with who you really are. It is only that you don't allow the Wellbeing that you deserve so much to come to you.

When you look larger you will notice as one of the main differences of the two overlapping worlds the quality of life that the humans are living. In the Old World the emphasis is on quantity. The masses are living in the mode of struggle, wanting to be alive no matter what the conditions are, with the majority of the population having to sell their manpower in exchange for living a life of hardship. They have been convinced that life is not supposed to be fun. Many even settle into a life with an illness, unaware that they could choose otherwise. They believe it is assigned to them.

Mattie, at this crucial time in human evolution you could play an important role as a mediator who bridges the worlds. But first you have to expand your philosophy. Revamp your life's motto of "After the storm don't forget to play again". The storms stand for the struggle with your disease. You feel like you live in a fragile nutshell rocked by a raging ocean of life. As a peacemaker you may come to envision your life's image rather as a calm and crystal-clear mountain lake. Please consider this analogy: In our world of polarity every subject is like a long stick with two ends.
Regarding the stick called "wellness" there is wellness on one end and the absence of it called "illness" on the other end. Realize that you can deliberately choose on which end of the stick you want to focus your attention.

You, Mattie, are in a very good position to begin your transformation. Your young age is your greatest ally, because 11 years of conditioning are not too hard for you to soften and to overcome.
As the trailblazer you realign yourself first, and then your mom will follow; for the simple reason that for you it is much easier, since you carry about twenty years less of human conditioning on your back, so to speak.

In one major area of your life you have already stepped outside the "capture and control"— methodology of the Old World. The fact that you are being home schooled serves you very well. Other than your peers, who are locked in the system of education and who are being trained and prepared to fit into the mainstream, you are free and in charge of your life. You can set the tone at home, having your mom as a friend who fosters your uniqueness.

Also the fact that you have been writing poetry for years will be of tremendous benefit in your self-renewal, because it shows that you are already good at focusing your mind towards an object of attention. You may have noticed that whenever you are in the middle of writing and inspiration is flowing forth, you are strongly connected to your Source. When you write you undoubtedly feel at your best. This feeling of exhilaration is your summoning and allowing of the Stream of Wellbeing to flow through your physical vessel. At those times you withdraw your attention from your illness, you are in your state of greatest allowance for the energy that creates worlds to flow through you. It is time for you to script a new life according to your highest aspirations and then to step into it and act it out.

I suggest that you manage your transformation on your own. It is comparable to the transmutation process from chrysalis to butterfly, meaning at times you will feel vulnerable. Go into retreat mode and live for 6 months in solitude to solidify and stabilize yourself for living in the frequency range of the 5th dimension. Make it a matter between you and God, for you said that you trust God more than all the people. Also, you could open a communication channel with your deceased siblings and ask them to assist you from the other side in your quest for wellness.
I don't recommend that you tell your doctors about your goal of complete and perfect health. You know that their belief says that you will live with this incurable disease until the pharmacists develop a pill for its cure. But being put on a life-long waiting list leaves you in a position of powerlessness. Is this what they mean by "Hope"? If all that your doctors can do for you is to help keep you alive in an existence of struggle and hardship, why not on your own opening up to new ideas... You have nothing to loose, but you could size the opportunity to regain your full connection with your Inner Being or God Self.

Regarding the 9-1-1 Wakeup Call
I learned from reading some of your poems und articles that you communicate mostly with grown ups, for you have already adapted many adult beliefs as your framework of reality. You said that you cried and felt great pain when you watched the terrorist attacks happening. Well, you simply got temporarily swept away by the river of mass consciousness thinking like almost everybody else. It does take effort to live as a conscious creator and pull yourself apart from the dominant vibration of the main stream. Once you learn to feel the rivers of thought you will notice that it is easy to go with the dominant stream and that it is harder to pull yourself in the direction where you are wanting to go.

When I turned on the TV on September 11 of last year and watched the second tower coming down, I was confused for just a split second. Immediately I breathed consciously and commanded myself to align my energies and to maintain a state of balance. I was at home, surrounded by Wellbeing as my primary reality. What I watched on Television was secondary reality, no reason for me to overreact.
I mentally re-positioned myself and offered to Mother Gaia to utilize my being as a stabilizing force in serving as a Lightworker for America. I reaffirmed the mantra "Wellbeing Abounds" and I kept focusing on Wellbeing. Wellbeing was my experience.

When I think back I feel triumphant that I am not manipulable anymore by the forces of the Old World. My affirmation of twenty years, "I will always be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing" has carried me well through my life. I am the creator of my life experience. I am an awakened human, meaning I am in the world, but not of this world anymore.
I like the Lightworker expression "bubble of biology" for my humanness, for I am aware that I am much more than my physical body. I do not participate in any health care system or other societal organizations. To me personally a hospital is a place that really "sucks". Over the last 30 years I went three times into a hospital in order to visit somebody. Each time I fainted...
Regarding my physical vessel I do follow Jesus' advice of "Physician Heal Yourself".
My mantra for wellness is: "I choose perfect health". And besides, I gained water awareness as the most important aspect for nourishing my body. Well, now that I have Prill Water, a whole new world has been opening up...

Mattie, please ponder for just a minute upon the following statement: In the same way a few hijacker individuals declared as their life's purpose to create an event of greatest possible destruction, in the same way each person has the capability to also affect global change. Everybody has the potential to create an enormous impact towards the opposite end of male terrorism, towards directing the female energies for the manifestation of Heaven on Earth.
You, the 11-year old child, could choose as your peace mission to become an "Ambassador of Wellness" by initiating on Earth a "Conspiracy of Wellbeing". (smile)

Twilight's "Network Powered by Love"
I see it as part of my role as a Lightworker for America to help spreading the "Network powered by Love" as set into motion by Jim Carter's Twilight Company.
Dear Mattie, I would like to invite you and your mom to participate and explore Twilight's magic tool for personal and global healing.
Enclosed I am sending you as a gift the Precious Prills. Their benefits are threefold: you renew your body towards its optimum functioning, you generate a personal goldmine from referral fees, and you clean the planet. Now you can make your own Prill Water, for the rest of your life. Since it is the most delicious water ever, you may easily convince your mom to also give it a try. In fact, you both may never want to buy bottled water again, because what you harvest at home is Vital Fluid or Liquid Love. With the Precious Prills you now own a major piece of Jim Carter's technology of restructuring the physical body towards its state of ideal operating, known as Youth.

I don't want to be redundant here, since I described Prill Water and other Twilight Products in my articles posted on my website section, "Twilight Prill Water". Only so much: Twilight Products cannot be compared with anything in the world. This new technology has now been released to humanity in order to meet the needs of awakening humans. It is a tool for manifesting the New World on Earth, utilizing the frequency of Unconditional Love. It is about the return of the feminine energy that has been missing from planet Earth for so long. Please help spreading this tool, so that many may begin restructuring their physical bodies for living in the higher dimension. Put it to the test for yourself and drink Prill Water for a couple weeks — with an attitude of "joyous anticipation" — and you will begin manifesting miracles regarding your physical vessel.

You, Mattie, could be one of the first children who step forward and teach the human family that the problems of our world cannot be solved with the same thinking that created the problems to begin with. Everything we are pushing against we are feeding and perpetuating with our attention. A disease is nothing to fight against, it just indicates that the human "bubble of biology" is out of balance and calls for realignment with the Stream of Wellbeing.

Could there be a better advocate for wellness than an 11-year old who chooses to overcome his incurable disease? Now that your life story has been chronicled in the media, you could turn your past years of struggle into your credentials. Probably 50 million Americans have watched you, the child poet struggling with this incurable disease, and who have seen the clip with you doing martial arts with this long umbilical cord in the way. And a year or so later, you go on these TV shows again as a transformed healthy youngster. You are powerful beyond measure. If you can imagine it, you can create it. With the Precious Prills you now have a major tool for stepping into your self-empowerment.

One last thing: Learn to build your own website as your personal power station from where you interact with the world. If you choose to participate in the "Network powered by Love" you may want to create a Twilight Section with order form to generate your personal goldmine from referral fees. I can imagine that many would want to choose you as their sponsor.

Dear Mattie, I intended my provocative proposal as an Open Letter because its message is valid for everybody with a disease in their body; everybody could make the decision to choose perfect wellness and begin to renew their physical vessel by using Twilight tools and joining the "Network powered by Love". In the frequency band of Unconditional Love the purpose of life is not survival anymore, it is celebration.
Life as it was meant to be!

I greet you in Lightworker language -
Espavo! = "Thank you for taking your power"!

Love, Light & Healing Laughter,

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