Karin's Newsletter # 1

This was the first message I wrote after I had walked out of my old life in Jacumba, California. I'll put it here as Newsletter # 1.

April 2006 — Posted on Craigslist

Hi Sonomans!
My name is Karin Lacy. I am new to Sonoma. When people ask me how I got here I always say, "An angel by the name of Angela brought me here." (smile) That means Sonoma must be an auspicious place for me. (smile)
In my role as a self-proclaimed Lightworker for America my every-day intent is to make a difference wherever I am or go by spreading Light & Love. I sense the overall energy of the Valley of the Moon as of a strong 'welcoming' nature and perceived that it was the many winery farmers who first established this beautiful energy that is now prevailing everywhere.

It's been twelve weeks since I've been given shelter here in the Sonoma Ashram. It is my perception that Babaji, the founder who arrived in this area fifteen years ago , has been moulding this welcoming energy into a sacred nucleus or power spot. The ashram attracts the most wonderful and extraordinary people. I told Babaji and my fellow residents that over the last twelve weeks I met in person at least two hundred of those wonderful people who passed through the ashram, so to speak. I only remember experiencing such a high quotient of Unconditional Love from the spiritual Findhorn Community in Scotland.

When I studied the Sonoma newspapers and researched information online about Sonoma I gladly realized that they have 'Culture' here — other than the American gun culture. Repeatedly I read the name of Epicure, even "epicurious". (smile)
Undoubtedly this Epicurean energy is spreading its benevolent essence over the Valley of Hospitality. It appears to me that the majority of the people are living the good life. I see that many are living the American Dream and some apparently are taking their dream to tremendous heights. The many flower shops in town always indicate a lifestyle of higher expectations.

I moved here from Southern California. For eleven years I had been living in the high-desert wilderness near the Mexican border. Many of the locals see the area as the last foothold corner of the Wild West. Everything is male-dominated. Within 50 miles diameter there are six prisons. The population is largely made up of prison guards, border patrol agents, and retired Navy soldiers.
Since 9/11 the border patrol has taken over everywhere. To me the night-and-day noise pollution from off-road vehicles and circling helicopters and the horrendous dust pollution had become unbearable. I had moved to the desert for its quiet and serenity and to benefit from the healing and nurturing qualities of Nature. I did not want to let the changed environment lower my quality of life any further.

So I walked out of my old life to relocate somewhere else in California for a fresh new beginning on my own. To my astonishment I am finding myself being nurtured and healed by the welcoming energy of the Sonoma Ashram.

I mention the difference between down there and up here in order to remind the Sonomans of how fortunate they are for living in such a fine town of hospitality, plus in the best weather possible. It is the female energies of nurturing and caring that are predominant here in the Valley of the Moon.

In standing at a crossroads, I would like to settle here in Sonoma and start an entrepreneur business together with others. Over a year ago I had laid out a business plan for the promotion and marketing of the newly invented "Segway Personal Transporter" as the ideal alternative to the car in small towns.

When I studied the Sonoma newspapers I noticed that in almost every issue residents were expressing their concern about the congested traffic situation and how the enormous car traffic has brought down the quality of life. Therefore, I was thrilled to learn that there already exists a "Segway" Store downtown, specialized in giving tours to the tourists. I went there to introduce myself to the young couple owners and to express my admiration for being such pioneering spirits and helping to distribute this fantastic new means of personal transportation. Hunt, the owner, let me stand on a Segway and move around.

In providing to the less fortunate the chance of riding these new Personal Transporters I would like to open a store in an area with predominantly Mexican people, teenagers, and seniors who cannot afford the original, expensive Segway. I would like to promote and sell the much cheaper imitator version, called Chariot Electric Scooter, plus other innovative "People movers" for purchase and for rent.

I can imagine how in Sonoma a commitment towards this new mode of personal transportation would relax and improve people's lives. Sooner or later many families would want to reduce the number of cars in their household and provide each family member with an Electro Scooter as a Personal Transporter. Instead of having to take the school bus the teenagers could be riding to school by Personal Transporter, which not oly would give them greater independence and freedom, but their so-called "soccer moms" as well. Sonoma could be turned into a town of great fun where people are "zigging and zagging" on Scooters all over the place, and in the best weather possible. To Sonoma's festivities we could even add another local festival, a Scooter Marathon.
However, since I arrived in Sonoma in immigrant-like manner, with two bags and my computer, I am looking for two local co-founders as well as a patron/investor. Please contact me through my website at www.KarinLLightworker.com.

Light & Love, Karin Lacy

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