Karin's Newsletter # 2 — June 2006

For the Building of my Network

To all my new friends;
When I came to the Ashram in Sonoma I met Katherine Zsolt as my room neighbor. The second day I told her that she is an Indigo Child, and she told me that I should go to Garberville as an auspicious place for the writing of my book "Potty Training for Teenagers".
Five months later, I am now in Garberville. (smile)

While writing this message I have in my view a panorama of Nature beyond description. Baba found for me the ideal place for writing my book. His old friend Jay Moller, a lawyer in Garberville, agreed to host me for six months for the completion of my book.
Jay asked me to work for him 15 hours a week in exchange for room and food. He owns a beautiful house on a hill in the midst of the forest, ten miles outside of Garberville. He lives off-the-grid. However, I learned that self-sufficiency includes considering and organizing how many appliances can be run at the same time if the sky has been cloudy all day. Also, I will have to adjust my communications with all my friends in Sonoma and elsewhere according to Jay's office hours, since he works from his home and depends on the Internet and the phone.
Jay is a practitioner of the Hindu religion. Earlier in his life he had an experience of self-realization or quantum awakening while meeting his guru, Swami Muktananda, in India. What we all dream of and yearn for, namely to live a life in harmony with Nature and the Earth, I see that Jay has been living it already for twenty years.

So much to my new location and my living situation.
I will write a brief newsletter regularly to keep everybody who is interested in my Lightworker path informed about how my book is coming along.

About my book
Writing my book "Potty Training for Teenagers" is part of my role as a self- proclaimed Lightworker for America. I am aware that the subject is controversial, however, I am pursuing clarity not popularity. Young people in great numbers are now recognizing who they are and that they embody the attributes of the Indigo Children. By now there are several Indigo movies out there. Last Christmas I watched the Indigo Children phenomenon being covered by the news media. On the Internet there is great excitement among those many Indigo Children email lists in which people share their stories of learning that they are of the Indigo Vibration and how it feels to finally get a glimpse of knowing who they truly are.

In Lightworker terms I am considered a scout or forerunner for the Indigos. My book is intended to serve as a resource for the Indigo Children Generation. I may change the title into "Potty Training for Indigos", I don't know yet. The subtitle will say something like: Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment and Abundant Resources for the 21st Century.

Being a student of Abraham, everything I write reflects the teachings of Abraham, known as the Science of Deliberate Creation, also called the Art of Allowing. Abraham always says that we help our brothers and sisters the most by sharing our own experience of awakening.

As I said in my first newsletter I would like to form a circle of friends who are interested in supporting me as a Lightworker for America, in particular over the six months period of writing my book. I am looking for help financially. Also, I am looking for a few people interested in the topic of Marijuana, who would like to read the chapters of my book and give me some feedback.

To all those who are willing to assist me during the process of writing my book I will offer free distributorship. That means you can sell my eBook "Potty Training for Indigos" on PDF file or on CD for $ 10 and keep all the money.
My question is: Do you want to be a participant of my circle of friends or network in cyberspace located at the online community called Tribe.net?

Tribe.net is a network of by now about 200,000 people from all over the planet who are making the world a better place by living in a new way on Earth. It is my favorite online place with my favorite people, indeed a wonderful space to explore the leading edge of thought and to communicate with some of the most loving and unique people on the planet. My three tribe names are:

"Lightworker for America"

"Abraham Ambassadors"

"Promethean Spirit"

My last posting there is my article "Hi Sonomans!" I will post my book chapters for feedback and discussion. Participation at Tribe.net is free, but in order to post you must first enroll and create your own profile. It is easy to do.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude and Love towards all you wonderful people who I was blessed to meet since arriving at the Sonoma Ashram five months ago.

My mission is to serve as a participant in bringing Heaven down to Earth at this particular time on Earth. It is my desire to make some friends for life for mutual support along the journey.

Light & Love, Karin Lacy

My mailing address for the next six months is:
Karin Lacy c/o Jay Moller, Garberville
(My email address may change soon.)

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