Karin's Newsletter # 3 — December 2006

Dear Friends;

This newsletter is for those people I met along my journey who are interested to follow closely how my path as a self-proclaimed Lightworker for America is going to unfold.

A year ago I left my husband and walked out of my old life. I finally had to follow my inner calling to step into my life's mission of service as a Lightworker.
I ended up in Sonoma, Northern California, where I was given shelter at the Sonoma Ashram. Babaji, the founder, allowed me all the healing time I needed to realign my energy and to gather my strength. In the energy of this divine and welcoming Ashram I connected with many wonderful people who passed through the Ashram during my five-month stay.

One woman advised me to keep my Lightworker information to myself and do like she does by praying silently for more Light & Love on the planet, for it will spare me much rejection and suffering. Well, obviously she had no idea yet about the activities within the global Lightworker arena and our impact upon humanity. When people ask me what a Lightworker is, I often feel inspired to say that a Lightworker is a person who is fully aware that he or she wanted to be present on Earth, to be positioned and serve as a facilitator during the time of the "Shift of the Ages".

However, I appreciated the woman's well-meant suggestion because it helped me to recap my intent and remind myself that my time has come to openly live and breathe as a full-time Lightworker. That means I am always "on duty", I consciously let my Light shine wherever I am or go. I love to connect with people on a one-to-one basis and let them know that I am a Lightworker. Simply hearing the vibration of the word "Lightworker" triggers greater awakening on some level of their being.

The coming six years have been proclaimed as the "Countdown to Ascension". From a broader viewpoint the entire human family is now rapidly moving towards the Shift, an event of quantum awakening, a glorious moment of reconnection with Source for every person on the planet. This long prophesied and awaited event will mark the new beginning on Earth, the Age of Peace and Community Building.

Our job as Lightworkers is to awaken the Indigo Children. They are those among the Next Generation who will step forward as the mapmakers and wayshowers in creating a new and better world on Earth.

The message about the Indigo Children has already entered mass consciousness thinking. There are now movies out there triggering the awakening of the Indigos in great numbers.

However, when my attempts to settle in Sonoma failed, I told Babaji that what I really would want to do is to write my next book that I had been carrying in the back of my mind for three years. I felt that I should go to Garberville as an auspicious place to write my book called "Potty Training for Indigo Children" — Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment, and Abundant Resources for the 21st Century.

So Babaji helped me to manifest the next stepping stone for me by connecting me with his old friend Jay Moller in Garberville. Jay Moller agreed that I can stay at his house for five months for the writing of my book and work for him in exchange for board and food. I want to say Thanks to Babaji in this newsletter not only for finding for me a place in Garberville to write my book, but for believing in my vision and for seeing where I am going, not where I stood.

I came to Garberville by the end of May and worked intensely on my book project throughout spring, summer, and fall. By early November it was about 75 to 80 % done.

I want to thank Jay Moller for providing me with a "writer's abode" in the majestic setting of his land. Jay started a major extension project on his house which gave me opportunity for painting and cleaning jobs. I liked it when he said that I am "of such inspiration" to him, because he ended up doing many projects around the house he never had the time or mood to do. I realized that this truly is what I am about; my gift is to inspire people, to initiate and set the energy for others.

I also want to thank my friend Chantal for connecting me with her neighbor Pam. Back in September Pam offered me to move into her rental studio in Garberville, after some remodeling. Chantal asked me in the meantime to house- and cat-sit at her cottage while going to Brazil for two months. At the time of Chantal's return in mid January the Garberville studio hopefully will be ready for me.

Meanwhile, with the support of my husband Jim, I was able to get my personal belongings per U-haul truck from Jacumba to Garberville.

Here in Garberville is where I will establish my base for doing my work as a Lightworker, while taking on a part time job for paying the bills.

I like the people here in Humboldt County; they are quite different from the people down in the San Diego back country, the last corner of the Wild West. There is rich culture here, determined by the many local artists and musicians. Especially many followers of the Hindu religion settled here in the area, which allow and integrate feminine energy in their lives, expressed in Indian traditions of yoga and art, Indian vegetarian cuisine, belly dancing, and not to forget Ganja smoking. It seems many practitioners of Buddhist traditions are spread throughout the area as well.

In some ways there will be similarities in my path and that of Babaji. He too started out in Garberville. He opened a travel agency and offered yoga classes to the many followers of the Hindu religion in this area. Later he stepped into the role of a Guru, continuing and teaching the particular tradition of his own Guru. Babaji created two community projects as his power spot of influence, the Sonoma Ashram and his orphanage in India. I too will become a community builder in the time ahead.

Also there are synchronicities in regards to our books. Babaji's book "Oasis of Stillness" was edited and sponsored by his friend Jay Moller. Jay Moller had written a book at the beginning of his lawyer career called "Marijuana — Your Legal Rights". That was twenty-five years ago. In my book chapter about the Fourth and Fifth Amendment I am going to review Jay's book. Jay is doing the pre-editing of my book.

On the other hand, stepping into the role of a self-proclaimed Lightworker for America means I literally have to invent myself. I have no way to predict where my path will take me. But I have learned to reacquaint myself with my Inner Guidance System. I simply count on my Beautiful Guidance to lead me in my desire to be of the greatest possible benefit to my brothers and sisters.

On January 1st is my 60th birthday. My entire life has been preparation for what I am now going to do in service to others. I can't wait to roll up my sleeves. I can feel a build up in my energy field. Over the last week I felt those episodes of vertigo which to me always indicate a major shift in my awakening.
My book will be finished in two months, including the cover page, the transferring into Adobe acrobat format, and the work necessary to get the eBook paypal button on my website.

As soon as my book is ready I will introduce myself and my work to the local community. The last couple of months at Jay's house I developed late at night a spin-off project of my book, a community model of great beauty and simplicity.
Also, I am going to contact the local newspapers whether I can write in a column about my work as a self-proclaimed Lightworker for America.

Wishing you all a wonderful year 2007!
Light & Love, Karin

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