Karin's Newsletter # 4 — December 2007

Dear fellow travelers;

This newsletter is for those people I met along my journey who are interested in my unfolding path as a self-proclaimed Lightworker for America.

It is now two years since I left my old life and started living as a Lightworker. My first assignment was my book "Potty Training for Indigo Children" — Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment, and Abundant Resources for the 21st Century. I finished the book in June and promoted it for four weeks over the Internet. I sent my eBook to about 300 cannabis/marijuana/hemp-related websites — yet there was almost no response. It turned out that nobody locally is interested either. So far I sold two copies.

Since I wrote this book from my perspective as an Abraham Ambassador I had sent a copy to Abraham-Hicks Publications. They responded with the following:

                        Dear Karin,
Jerry and Esther asked me to express their appreciation for your cd. Thinking it was an audio cd, it was most interesting to see the content of the pdf file. And I must admit that the title did not reveal the content. Initially thinking it has something to do with toddlers, it is a very clever title! It is a very thoughtful, knowledgeable, comprehensive work in answer to Abraham's assignment.
As you are aware, Jerry and Esther are joyously romping about the planet helping more to understand that All Is Well and that life is supposed to be Fun and feel GOOD! They wish to acknowledge YOU and your part in Benefiting ALL THAT IS!
They asked me to tell you, "Thanks so much! We Love You!"
Cordially, Sue Cruzen

Well, I received the title "Potty Training for Teenagers" from Abraham, but I changed it later into "Potty Training for Indigo Children". The fact that Jerry and Esther and Abraham read and acknowledged my book is more than I could have ever asked for. I'll put this great letter on the back cover. I plan to self-publish my book with one of the Internet companies who get any book for about $800 on amazon.com within 30 days.

My book dovetails with the movie "The Secret" which has entered mainstream consciousness and has been sweeping the nation for over a year. All of these new age icon movie makers are students of the non-physical teacher Abraham, as channeled by Esther Hicks. They declared to create "A New Era for Humankind" by spreading "The Secret" and follow up movies and helping people to live in awareness of the Law of Attraction. Oprah now joined them openly.

Sooner or later somebody better suited than me will promote my book. I'm not interested in fame; I see myself as a spiritual elder and background player, I like to sit in the back of the bus, so to speak. Writing is my favorite way of connecting with my Inner Being or Source. There is nothing more exhilarating to me than being a "word-smith" out here on the leading edge of thought, reaching for new thoughts outside the field of gravity. But I wish for my books to help pay my livelihood and thus provide time and energy for doing my life's work which includes chronicling my experience as a Lightworker. I am now working on my third book, called "Washing My Potatoes".

All in all, I had a tough year. I worked hard and planted many seeds; not just in the garden. I experienced the struggle of living in the 3D world and the feeling of powerlessness as a "Have not" in society. At one point I got so disconnected from who I am that I panicked out of fear of ending out on the street. Getting out of alignment in such a big way means that the body immediately reacts with pain. For several weeks I was sick and depressed.

Throughout the summer months I had difficulties finding temporary work to make ends meet; I made only $250 a month and literally had to tighten my belt. In hind side the experience increased my capacity for compassion with the "Have nots". In the past I was used to a middle class lifestyle with mortgage payment in following the American dream.

I have simplified my life to the basics. What I possess fits in a small room. I have no insurance and no car. I have only four bills a month to pay. My website and the Internet are essential for my work as a Lightworker. I feel free of the bondages of the Old World. Now at the end of the year I can say that I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish. I also was able to raise my standards of living. I bought my dream bed with tempur-pedic mattress, and ordered fine European bedding and linens. I also upgraded my wardrobe and retired my threadbare green velvet skirt, ruined by the many cats and dogs I met along my journey. I had bought it two years ago in Sonoma for $1.

In March I had applied for US citizenship which costs $400. In July I had to go to Santa Rosa for fingerprinting. The interview is the next step, but I've asked for exemption since I fulfill the requirement of being a Californian resident for fifteen years. It's my guessing that the Naturalization Oath Celebration will probably be on the 4th of July in San Francisco.

One of the year's highlights was the visit of seer/astrologer Mark Krueger. As a professional he offers on his website www.in2light.com to invite him to communities and cities for presentations and private sessions. So I offered to facilitate his visit in Garberville in exchange for a free reading; and he agreed.
The astrology consultation with Mark has been of great value to me in reflecting upon my life. Amazing, how he is able to take his subject of astrology to the bigger picture level. He gave me many reminders of how potent I am; that I have much potential waiting to be unleashed and utilized. In his unique way of speaking he concluded that I have huge karma with the Divine Mother and that I am a messenger for the angels. After receiving the karma clearing session I realized that I already have been practicing karma clearing for many years, only that I use different vocabulary in my affirmations. I usually avoid religious words like karma. I believe in the universal Law of Attraction as the manager of this Universe. The Law of Attraction is responding to both, the non-physical, older, broader part of me, called Inner Being or Source, and to the physical part of me, Karin. I see the key to happiness in practicing seeing my world through the eyes of Source. The tool for doing so is my guidance system, namely my emotions that tell me at every moment whether I am connected to Source or whether I am disconnected from Source. However, I am still assimilating on all levels the benefits from my session. I think Mark Krueger had a successful visit in Garberville on his California tour.

All kinds of synchronicities happened; here is one:
I had read on the Mark Krueger flyer a testimonial line by Constance Demby. So I googled ConstanceDemby.com and learned that she is considered to be one of the greatest musicians of our time in her genre of neo-classical music. I read and scrolled down the long list of her works available on CD. When I came to read the title "Skies above Skies" I suddenly was overcome by shivers and in an instant I remembered a story from twenty-five years back. A psychic friend had predicted that one day I would spiritually awaken from listening to a particular music with the title "opening to the sky" or similar to that. When I read the title "Skies above Skies" it was like a trigger going off. I was so excited that I immediately bought the CD, plus a second one called "Attunement".
About in the middle of "Skies above Skies" suddenly strange roaring archetypical sounds began that I had never heard before. I could literally feel the movements going on in the right-side of my brain. It felt like new pathways being opened. When I afterwards listened to the twenty-year later composed CD "Attunement" with mostly Space Bass sounds, I felt these resonances reverberating through me even stronger and barely could contain myself within the body. So I just let go and floated with them. What a treat!

When I told Mark Krueger the story he replied that Constance Demby is a friend of his and that he is going to stay next at her house on his California tour. He suggested that I should invite Constance Demby for a live concert to Garberville. Well, what a great idea to experience Constance Demby playing the Space Bass in a live concert. Maybe spring will be best to initiate such an event.

A few weeks ago I had a chance to visit the San Ramon ashram, near Berkeley, and receive Darshan from Ammachi. Since I don't enjoy big crowds and city life I took Ram's ride share offer of coming back the same day. Later he decided to take a motel in Berkeley, so I had to go with the flow. We arrived late and had to watch Ammachi on the big screen in the dining hall. We got Darshan tickets for around 3 a.m. There were about 3000 people. After a while of watching Ammachi and the panel on stage on the big screen I felt a sudden shift in my vibration and from there on I was unable to comprehend what the translator spoke. Ram who was sitting on the chair next to me asked me to turn off my alarm clock. Strange enough, I did not hear my alarm clock ringing inside my backpack which I was holding on my lap, until Ram told me about it.

It was wonderful to watch Ammachi giving Darshan on stage. She was so present in the moment, so radiant, so joyful, and so connected to everything. She showed a different response to every person, according to what suits each one best. But I found it stressful to spend the night moving forth and back between the overheated and overcrowded hall with the procession going on and the bitter cold outside. I felt nauseous and had a headache from the day-long ride in a scary old truck.
When it was my turn and I got close to Ammachi, the assistant asked me what my language is. I said "German, but I do speak English". She replied that Ammachi wants to say something in German to me and the very next moment I found myself kneeling in front of her. Ammachi held me close and spoke into my ear "Mei-ne Lie-be", which means "My Love or My Dear". It happened all in a few seconds. I didn't have a chance to say thank you and was immediately raised by two assistants and guided back. I noticed immediately that my headache was gone and that I felt aligned and elevated.
Ram, who has sat fifteen times in Ammachi's lap, received this time a blessed apple from her. At 4 a.m. Ram's truck needed to be pulled out of the muddy parking field by service people. As soon as I arrived back home I got sick with the flu. Obviously, my body needs some cleansing and clearing.
I love my wonderful mantra of endearment from Ammachi. I'm so glad I met her without having to go all the way to India. I brought home a magazine about Ammachi's work throughout the world. What a role model she is in making the world a better place!

All in all I am satisfied with how far I have come this year in creating my base as a Lightworker, my hub from where to launch my next projects. I am enjoying my home, my sanctuary, where I can allow myself to rest and enjoy the winter by taking things easy and pamper myself. After all, this is hibernation time. I am such a loner; I love to bask in the being-state; just me and my Inner Being.
By the way, I fulfilled myself a long-term wish. After three years of interruption I re- enrolled as an Abraham student in the weekly audio program in order to deepen my Abraham connection. I am so thrilled about that.

While getting ready for the year 2008 my intent is to give as little as possible attention to the collapse of the Old World, while giving my full focus towards the manifestation of the New World on Earth.
I will gather my strength for my next assignment, the building of Dome Village Katrina, which I developed as a spin-off project from my book. It is an apprenticeship program for a new career as a New Community Builder. I will gather four young people as co-creators for the building of five closed-system dome homes, plus community dome. The goal is to snowball small self-sustaining dome villages that are easy, fast, and cheap to build, in preparedness for the upcoming years of the Shift.
Self-sustainability of small communities will be the key for the years to come in making life a "joyous survival". So far, I haven't been able to attract those special co-creators.
I am looking forward to a wonderful year.

Wishing you all happy holidays and all the best for the year 2008!

Light & Love, Karin

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