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Karin's Newsletter # 6 — December 2009

This newsletter is for those people I met along my journey who are interested in my unfolding path as a self-proclaimed Lightworker for America. If you don't wish to receive this newsletter any further, please press Reply and write 'unsubscribe' in the subject line.

Dear fellow travelers;
I've been living in Chico now for one and a half years. From a three-dimensional point of view I'm getting more and more weird, meaning I go through many inner and outer changes.

Since September I have a housemate, Tiger. He is the 18-year old cat of my neighbors. They got a dog and the dog bullied the cat out of the house and out of the yard. So the cat had been looking for a new home for quite some time. Ever since I moved in my little cottage the cat has been meowing either in front of my front door or in front of my backdoor. I told everybody who came to my house not to let the cat slip in. However, after a few months I offered to the neighbors that the cat can live in my backyard and I bought him as a shelter a nice dome cathouse with a soft pillow. The cat was overjoyed, but kept coming to my door meowing, because he also was hungry. So I opened my heart and let the cat in. Now we are both happy!
Being a tenant I resisted taking a cat since I need to be independent. And besides it costs money. My plan was to get a cat once Dome Village Katrina is manifested and I move in my dome house. However, it's one of those stories where the pet chooses the owner and to accept can be very rewarding. I learned much from the cat as we got to know each other. He has been living here all of his life and knows the area. He is such a fearless little miniature tiger, following his guidance from within, a master of living in the here and now. Tiger now loves to be an indoor kitty in my cozy house, with a litter box. I have to beg him to go outside and get some fresh air.
From one day to the next he learned to adapt to my habits and rhythms. I am amazed that he is as much of an Empath as I am, meaning we can feel each others feelings. I'm not surprised that one of his favorite places is inside my medicine-garden tent in my bedroom. I know that cats work behind the scenes and transmute energy, so I expect that he helps maintain balance in my indoor garden. (smile)

In my last newsletter I reported that I had been approved for SSI in February of this year 2009. Meanwhile my SSI check of $471 got terminated. Due to new budget cuts my early retirement income of $399 and $488 (from Germany) which adds up to $887, is too high. Income limit is now $850, that is, I receive $37 too much. Instead of deducting the $37 from my SSI check, they take away my check of $471 altogether. And if this were not unfair enough, they claim that I have to pay $1,900 back. What a brutal and inhumane social system!

But I will make it; I got used to living a frugal life. I have only five monthly bills: rent, PG&E, internet access, website hosting, and emergency cellphone.
A few months ago I eliminated my monthly telephone bill of $36 by switching to MagicJack.
I bought the MagicJack modem for $40. After one year they charge $20 annual license fee. I'm glad I switched and I can highly recommend it to others.
Reducing and eventually eliminating my PG&E bill is what I envision next. (smile)

I enjoy my present lifestyle of finally being retired, of living "in the vortex", with no obligations to the outer world. I am more and more shifting towards settling in the frequency range of the 5th dimension or density. The strange electric body sensations are getting ever more weird. Year after year my peripheral view is widening and it always feels as if I see something moving in the corner of my eyes. Memory lapses are happening more frequently. Some nights I cannot find sleep and some mornings I wake up with stiffness pain throughout my body. Somedays fatigue washes over me and I constantly do EFT Tapping to get through the day. Somedays — out of the blue — I'm overcome by deep sadness and EFT doesn't even help. I just have to move through it.
After the integrating, releasing, purging, etc. always come times of epiphanies, elation, and deeper connection to Source.
Many of those Ascension Symptoms fall under the medical label of bipolar disorder. As I said in my last newsletter, more and more people will become bipolar as we go through these tremendous changes, spiritually, mentally, and physically. The Shift of the Ages is fully underway. Our bodies are being adjusted to be able to hold the higher frequencies of the 5th dimension. Some Lightworkers call the process the "rewiring of humanity".

Being a Lightworker I have been going through this steady process of transformation for many years. In being the first to align ourselves with and anchor the incoming higher energies in our bodies we prepave the way for those who follow next. Many Lightworkers are now ready to create the new blueprints for a new way of living on Earth, based on Unconditional Love.
Once our bodies vibrate on an even higher octave we will cease to eat foodstuff. We will learn new ways of nourishing the physical body by creating with our mind a "liquid light broth of a golden hue". (smile) Who knows, this may be possible in let's say ten or twenty years. And of course we all will become telepathic once our so-called junk DNA is activated. We cannot even fathom yet what that means in real life. But this is when the good times begin, when we create H.O.M.E. = Heaven on Mother Earth (smile)

In this newsletter I would like to share some fresh new information on important issues. I am not interested in political news but in acquiring the bigger-picture viewpoint of what is happening on Earth, individually and globally.
I already had forwarded to some of you Dr. Steven Greer's Letter to President Obama. You can read the letter on disclosureproject..
According to Steven Greer there is a secret group, called Majestic group, who is in charge of this topic of alien contacts. The Majestic Group does not allow the President access to its secret alien information and contacts, yet on the other hand, the government has to provide this group with $100 billion a year without knowing who they are and what they do with the money. Steven Greer says that this secret group is capable to simulate a hoax alien invasion with the purpose to fear-manipulate us all in the global New World Order system.

You may also want to check out www.divinecosmos.com, the website of David Wilcock who claims to be the re-incarnated Edgar Cayce. I have been visiting his website for several years and I see him as a person of great integrity. He is definitely holding a piece of the puzzle in regards to bringing forth information of the Shift of 2012. He interacts with politicians on government levels and offers himself as a middleman in a public encounter with aliens.

An incredibly eye-opening piece of information is this youtube video.

The makers of this video reveal the current state of the presidency of Barack Obama and the state of the world economy, as well as other major issues. It is about the global power elite who intentionally create the global economic collapse. The makers of this video name and show the puppet masters who select the presidents, who decide where wars be waged, who are responsible for the places of famine and the spreading of new diseases. They direct all political events and they rule over the mass media, playing the masses like an instrument in spoon-feeding them with fear-generating information. For a very long time the global power elite has been working on changing people into sheeple and keeping humanity in the state of economic slavery.
This video also tells the truth about the Federal Reserve, a private corporation pretending to be part of the government and pretending to have the interest of the people in mind. The individuals in charge — some call them the Wall Street Gang — are the ones who are intentionally creating the global economic collapse.
Those of you who believe that Al Gore is a democrat who fights for the people will learn that he is behind the global warming scam. Al Gore is one of the politicians who want to establish the New World Order with the purpose of total control over humanity.

The swine flu is another creation engineered and orchestrated by those behind the curtain with the intent to weaken people's immune system and to reduce the population. It is all about keeping people in a state of very low vibration for easy manipulation.
The fluoride in the drinking water is a method of mass medication that the Nazis began during WW II. The fluoridation makes people docile and zombie-like, but at the same time brings out violent behavior which in return allows the powers to be to apply ever greater restrictions of personal freedom through more laws.
The profit-oriented medical system with its blood business, organ sale, and the mining of human bodies for financial gain must collapse as well.

Here is a great website — cancertutor.com — with alternative healing methods, not just for cancer. Scroll down to see the list of other illnesses. I think this website can be of tremendous help for those working as healthcare professionals to educate themselves and their patients.

Here is another very enlightening video, "The Story of Stuff" by Annie Leonard.
A true eye-opener, only 20 minutes long. If you want to visit only one of all my listed links, choose this one!

The religions are another subject of disclosure that needs to be dealt with in the next couple years. For religious people this may be the toughest to cope with because their belief system will be shattered to the core, once the lies and manipulations are brought to the surface. The oncoming wave of truth will bring to light all the suppressed information and there will be no more secrets. Those in control of the religions have intentionally kept us at the low vibrational level of existence, making us believe that we are born as unworthy beings, here to improve our fate by working hard and showing obedience to our religious and worldly leaders and controllers. The believers will come to learn that the image of God as an angry father figure has been the creation of the Church Fathers in order to justify their methods of punishment. In truth punishment is evildoing in the name of goodness.

Now is the time of awakening. Many will be under shock when learning about the lies and falsehoods, but at the same time they will recognize who they really are. We each are divine and blessed beings. God or Source is pure Love. We each are extensions of God, embodied in our physical vessels. You may have heard the saying from the Hopi prophecies, "We are the ones we have been waiting for." Now is the time to realize who we truly are, that we are multidimensional beings who exist in many dimensions simultaneously.

I was hesitating to share some of the shocking information, yet on the other hand I feel a responsibility to share what I have come to know. I've known these things for many years. Nothing in this Obama Presidency video is new to me. Living outside of society gives me the chance to see the bigger picture of what is going on. I do not mean to scare anybody. But if you watch all around you the situations of breakdown, remember that they are in truth breakthroughs. We all who are living on the planet at this time are the generation that will make everything new. Out of the breakdowns we will build a new and better world.
Imagine this: All eyes in the cosmos are watching how humanity on Gameboard Earth creates the Shift of the Ages.

Lots of wonderful things are happening, of course outside the media reports. People quit their participation in the Old World game and make a new beginning on their own, in small communities of like-minded people. Self-sufficiency is the keyword.

If you want to check out my favorite website, go to www.childrenofthesun.tv, which is a global Lightworker gathering place. I am part of it. It all may sound like science fiction to you, but all these amazing things are happening already.

A great source of leading edge information for inquiring minds is www.realitysandwich.com. Owner Daniel Pinchbeck and his crew added a network site, named www.Evolver.net. Meanwhile regional Evolver Spores emerged in about thirty cities to come together in communities of choice.
I just started the Evolver Spore Chico. If this sounds of interest to you, please go to www.Evolver.net and check under "Regionals" to find Chico.

My contribution to the New Planet Earth is the manifestation of Dome Village Katrina and the spreading of this model community in rural areas. Over the last five years I have done much inner preparation work in laying out its blueprints.
In a new attempt at gathering my co-apprentices I wrote a 1-page flyer which I am going to add at the end of this newsletter. If you know somebody who might be a match as a co-apprentice, please pass it on.

Wishing you all the best for the coming year!
Simplify your life. Get plenty of sleep. Live one day at a time. Don't take things personal. It's going to be a wildly exciting ride! Let's make it a joyous survival!

Light & Love, Karin

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