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Petition to Jim Carter

December 2002

To Mr. Jim Carter
To the PreciousPrillCircle Yahoo List

Re: Petition to Jim Carter

Dear Mr. Carter;
Back in April, shortly after trying out the Twilight products, I introduced myself to you with my "Letter to the Wizard." You responded with "Great letter, thanks, Jim."
I was glad that we had connected. I felt uplifted and rejuvenated from drinking Prill Water and using Magic Oil and I experienced a greater connection to my Inner Being. I deeply resonated with your project of a "Network powered by Love" and I knew without a doubt that Twilight's "Network powered by Love" has the potential to become a major cornerstone for the building of the Golden Age. In my role as a Lightworker for America I decided to give my support to this marvelous enterprise.

I have been holding the energy for you ever since. I spent hours and hours tapping into this incredible potential of spreading these Love-infused products through Multilevel Marketing. What an excellent method of elevating the standard of living for the global Lightworker community and bringing us to the forefront! Since the majority of us Twilight Explorers are probably from among the seasoned baby boomers, nobody has a greater desire for the Fountain of Youth than we.

We all are sensing that the time has come to live life as it was intended to be. I liked it that the international distributors of Global-Light-Network inspired many of us with their pep talk business letters, letting us know that this is an opportunity for creating financial abundance with the greatest of fun. Admittedly, many of us have learned that the multilevel marketing enterprises which we sponsored oftentimes didn't quite turn out as promised. Yet, this time with Twilight it felt completely right. In May I told several people that I will have $100,000 by the end of the year, and I envisioned that in less than two years I will have enough referral fees accumulated to have a Star Chamber built for the Isle Of Light Jacumba Heaven-on-Earth Community. Again and again I received the image of the "Network powered by Love" sweeping like a Spiritual Tsunami throughout the global Lightworker family. What a potential to amass Unity Consciousness on Earth!

I intentionally sent the Precious Prills to about 15 celebrities such as Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, Gary Zukav, Jerry and Esther Hicks, etc. who are in a position to reach hundreds of thousands of people through email lists in no-time. Altogether I informed 130 people about Twilight's "Network powered by Love" and I added a Twilight section on my website. When I read in the announcements of the Prophet's Conference the name "Dr. (...)" twice as a presenter, I assumed that he went there in order to spread and promote Twilight's age-reversal products through the "Network powered by Love."

Months went by and I began wondering why I didn't get a check from referral fees. In late August I felt compelled to give Twilight another boost of support with my "Feedback Letter to Twilight Explorers" in which I summarized my five months experience with the products and the company. But I also wanted to express that the launching of the "Network powered by Love" is not complete without the referral fee part in place. I had invested about $1,200 in Twilight products and I know that others had bought your products for thousands of dollars. I sent you, Mr. Carter, and GLN a copy of this letter. Russ Michael put the letter up on his website and underlined my sentence "I think it would be wise to pay referral fees to members at least twice a month." Since you, Mr. Carter, do not provide a communication forum for Twilight Members on your website, I was glad that I was led by kjlightsurfer to the PreciousPrillCircle email list. I learned that many of my questions had been asked by others, too.

Starting in September it appeared to many of us as if Jim Carter and his Twilight Company had gone berserk. Almost everything I had praised about Twilight Company turned into its opposite. Has Jim Carter stopped drinking Prillwater? Has he turned into a ruthless business man? Does he think he is the boss and we are his employees? When Twilight Australia and Twilight Canada were set up without the MLM part we knew that the "Network powered by Love" got swept under the rug by Jim Carter.

Suddenly, all hell broke loose here on the PreciousPrillCircle email list! It seemed we 150 people were detoxing, physically and emotionally, from your Prillwater. Of course the subject is not the "Money", rather it is about the experience of "Betrayal" and your refusal to communicate with us. By now some people are convinced that you are a con artist and that you stole our money and they want to "call in the troopers" to bring you down. Some of us warned that resorting to a lawsuit means remaining stuck with one leg in 3D and playing by the old rules of fear again. I worried it would provide a welcomed opportunity for the 'powers to be' to ridicule the entire Lightworker community by letting you explain in a courtroom how you get the 'Love' into your products. And besides, if Twilight Company gets shut down, the products won't be available anymore.

Well, maybe I can help you, Mr. Carter. Not for one minute did I believe that you are a trickster. I think what happened is that you simply got quite overwhelmed and subsequently more and more disconnected from your inner guidance. Bless your heart, I think you are demonstrating to us all a bad case of the Messiah Complex. Since it can happen to each one of us Lightworkers, I would like to describe it here briefly. For detailed information please go to the search engines.

The Messiah Complex
The term "Messiah Complex" has been coined by Keith Atkinson. Following are some tidbits and snippets taken from his article in the Psychic Journal, called "Beware the Messiah Complex", quote:

"The Messiah Complex can take root when there is a clear awareness of our divine power and a breakthrough to the Unconscious which we often experience as a powerful flow of energy combined with great creativity and insight. The Messiah Complex blossoms when our new-found power is not balanced with Soul. The breakthrough to divine power is a more masculine, dynamic and outer- directed energy. The Soul awareness is a more feminine, intuitive, inner-directed energy and expresses as love, kindness, compassion. When we lose touch with this part of ourselves, our fiery aspect wants to convert others, stir things up, change the world, and it just can't help feeling superior."

"Simply stated, the Messiah Complex boils down to, "Look what I can do!" then letting what you can do go to your head. Once that is locked into your mind, you begin to think you can do no wrong. Be prepared for surprises and reality shocks if you do get into this frame of mind. This complex comes when you start working with psychic energy and other people, and you begin to get positive responses coming back to you."

"At its worse, you begin to believe you can change people's lives. If you do get caught in the trap of thinking you can, you then begin to believe you have become infallible. If you do that, you usually begin to take yourself too seriously. After all, you have "the power" to change things, "the power" of seeing and knowing things, "the power" to foretell the future, "the power" to influence the lives of others, "the power" to heal and any other thing you want to add to the list. If you get into this frame of mind that is when reality will hit you the hardest. If you do not deal with the Messiah Complex, it will shut you down and you may find yourself being ignored and ostracized by friends, family and co-workers, perhaps even ending up with a nervous breakdown. You do this because you also have "the power" to screw up your life so bad that it could take months or even years to get back to where you should be."

"If you have it, you don't realize you do, as one of the symptoms is denial. It is only after the fact, once it has been resolved or comes to a breaking point that you realize what happened."

"The Messiah Complex can be just a harmless, ego-inflating occupational hazard. It can also become and cause a major problem. Listen to any warnings you may get that can give you hints that it is happening. This may be the hardest thing to do: You must be honest with yourself. This is the only way to prevent and avoid the pitfalls of the Complex." (End of quotation.)

I think that is what happened. You got carried away with too much fire energy and not enough heart and soul. When you first stepped forward and laid out your wonderfully balanced project of the "Network powered by Love", it got immediately recognized by several thousand Lightworkers as a vortex worthwhile to be nurtured. Unfortunately, very soon things started flip-flopping in Boulder City and you announced more and more statements of the kind like "Twilight members are the world's only proactive environmentalists." Now we got enlightened that "only one can be the leader" and that you will clean up the planet in two years. Suddenly the "Network powered by Love" got replaced by your latest belief, "Love and money don't mix." - It appears to me that there is nobody among your family and associates who is willing to assist you in the balancing of your being. You are probably unaware that a daily centering exercise would serve you enormously well in moving with greater ease through these tumultuous times. There is no right or wrong in this, but if you don't make any deliberate efforts to balance your energies your journey ahead may become a rocky ride.

In your most recent email letter to the Twilight Members (December 6, 2002) regarding the opening of your Star Chamber, there is no more mentioning of the "Network powered by Love" and no announcement when the Twilight Members will get their bonus checks paid. Obviously there is more going on here than spreading age-reversal products. We are having a group experience in cyberspace. We are moving realities. It appears to me that you want to pull us back into the Old World game of separation, in which you decide "how much they need to know." You want to play the boss, according to your statement "The power source will always be mine, in case they don't play nice."

In trying to read the group energy here it feels to me that it is your "cult leader attitude" that sticks out like a sore thumb and feels repelling to many Twilight members. "What comes next?" seems to be the common question in people's mind. Many think you take our kindness for weakness. You probably think we are the "special" people in that we are willing to serve as your guinea pigs. You still seem to be unaware of who the Twilight Members are. Spoken in Abraham tongues we are a rowdy bunch! 'Lightworker' is the title that we carry in these times of transition. We have come forth to serve as the catalysts for change. We are the ones who are keeping planet Earth from overreacting to the rapid changes Earth is experiencing. You are one of us, Jim Carter. Without our collaboration you cannot succeed. As you know, the main stream people are not ready yet for Prillwater and Magic Oil, they cannot hear you. From the beginning on I understood the "Network powered by Love" as a group opening, as a vehicle for you, Mr. Carter, and us the Twilight Members, to become a unified whole or a beacon of Light for our brothers and sisters.

We Are All In This Together
In observing the unfolding of your project I am learning from your experience. I too have agreed to become an influencer on larger levels, yet my time has not come yet. I'm still in the vulnerable chrysalis stage, diligently practicing living in the moment. But I am finding great joy in watering my ethereal gardens, recently with Magic Water. (grin)

I think Twilight Members are highly specialized individuals and that we can learn and benefit from each other's experiences. The fact that you have been spending the last 30 years in your alchemist kitchen focusing on your goal to find the Fountain of Youth made you a genius in your field of expertise. But at the same time it made you an eccentric, an outsider to the mainstream. In stepping forward as a leader it may serve you well to seek some assistance in monitoring your alignment. There are many Master Healers within the Lightworker arena who could help you in this endeavor.

I want to mention Fortuna Alliance once again as an example of an extraordinary venture intended to create a paradigm shift through launching a new system of money on Earth. The founders managed to enroll 45,000 people within 6 months in their money generating program (until the government raided the Fortuna Alliance headquarters). I still believe that Twilight Company's "Network powered by Love" has the potential for much greater and lasting impact, now that we have the Internet.

My request to you, Mr. Carter, is this: Please go back to your original plan of the "Network powered by Love." Restore your credibility through withdrawing your attention from the money issue altogether. Allow a second coming of the "Network powered by Love" by delegating the referral-fee part of Twilight to a special person, to a Humanitarian who is passionate about the issue of Abundance, somebody who dares to believe that "Love and Money are an excellent mix."

My request to Global-Light-Network is this: Please let's give the "Network powered by Love" another chance, but this time with greater clarity, stronger focus, and clear agreements. Please solve your differences with Jim Carter with the help of a mediator, but not a lawyer. Look at the world en large! The problems out there are always a reflection of what is happening at home, in the family, in the business, the city, the nation. Remember, we change the world by our lives! - It is always true that what we teach is what we ourselves need to learn the most. This applies to each one of us. We get to choose whether we want to evoke the best or the worst from each other. Let's keep in mind that the subject matter is Love. In learning to hold more Love we are learning to claim our mastership. I see the Abundance/Money issue as an integral part of the "Network powered by Love", thus serving as a "hot button" to many of us. The conflict at hand is from a broader perspective actually a service to each other, giving us participants a chance for emotional clearings, to release old stuff that doesn't serve us anymore in the higher vibration.

My personal request to you, Mr. Carter, is this: Can you please double-check my referral fee account? So far I have not gotten a genealogy report of my down-line as others have on the PreciousPrillCircle List. Altogether I informed 130 people about Twilight, passed on the Precious Prills with a personal letter to 30 selected people, plus my website stats show that 298 visitors (as of December 15, 2002) printed out my Twilight section order form. - I know that as the creator of my own reality I am always getting what I am vibrating. The manifestations always show me how I am vibrating. I may have caused some energy glitch by asking to have me listed under my Internet signature KarinLLightworker, so maybe I am set up under two accounts? I am aware that the topic of our group experience "Giving and receiving - always in balance" is also one of my own lessons that I wish to master.
Everything I have said is my personal perception, I do not claim to speak for the entire Twilight Membership; however, my role as a Lightworker for America implies that I share my process of awakening.
I like to practice reading group energy and to find clarity about my own involvement in it. My Twilight experience has been the steppingstone event of this year. I think I owe my website visitors this update about my ongoing Twilight exploration.

My request to the Twilight Members is this: Please also communicate your thoughts and wishes to Mr. Carter.

We are all One!
Karin Lacy, Lightworker for America

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