Water Awareness

To the Topica Psychic Children List

August 2002

Subject: Feedback Letter to Twilight Explorers

Dear Psychic Children List;

I am forever grateful to SantaFeSpirit for creating this list and for introducing Twilight Prill Water to me. There is no better place for spreading the "Network powered by Love" than this list of forward thinkers. I am presently a Lurker, meaning I read your posts only once or twice a month online. I adore all of you who are posting messages and who are keeping us all up to date with lots of great info, thus maintaining the Love Quotient high on this list. Presently, I do first look for messages from people sharing their Twilight experiences.

In this post I too would like to contribute with some feedback thoughts regarding Twilight. I started drinking Prill Water and using Magic Oil in mid April. It works indeed very well for me. It is true that the person makes it what it is. Being 55 years of age I would say that in these first four months I reversed about three to four years of physical aging. Besides I feel heightened mental clarity and a deepened connection to my Inner Being. At times I feel like I am glowing from Yinergy. Ah, life is great in the frequency range of the 5th dimension!

I see it as part of my role as a Lightworker for America to help spreading the "Network powered by Love" as set into motion by Jim Carter's Twilight Company. I wish for everybody to get a chance to explore this new technology, for it is about the return of the feminine energy on Earth. Jim Carter can't do this alone. He needs us the Lightworkers, for this is a metaphysical undertaking of highest proportion. We have come to serve as the facilitators in the birthing of the New World, we will be the first to harness Yinergy within our physical vessels, thus grounding it on Earth. Without a doubt, Twilight's "Network powered by Love" is meant as a cornerstone for building the foundation for the Golden Age.

Back in April there were only three websites with Twilight info on the Internet. By now, in August, there are at least 50. In four months, by the end of the year, there will be a few hundred. When I placed my second Twilight order, I wrote them a note asking that they change my name into my Internet name "KarinLLightworker", because their first 50 million members will be mostly from among the Lightworkers and that I want to be known as the sponsor to my down line by my Internet name.

I have been putting quite some time and effort into this. As my deliberate contribution to help move this spiritual undertaking forward I added on my website a section "Twilight Prill Water" with my "Letter to the Wizard", "Proposal to Eve Cromie", "Proposal to Mattie Stepanek" and this Feedback Letter. Furthermore, I also plan to put a Twilight Chapter in my upcoming book, "Who Wants To Be A Lightworker".

Until today I gave away 24 Precious Prills to family and friends as well as to Lightworker celebrities. Altogether I informed about 75 people about Twilight Prill Water. If it is true what Mr. Russ Michael, the Multi-Level-Marketing specialist of Global-Light-Network.com wrote, that we as the first ground level distributors could end up being millionaires in a year or two — "just as the early Amway distributors did and still do earn millions each month" — then I should become one of those as a Twilight distributor.(smile)

However, as many of you also may have found out, most people are not ready yet to encounter the Fountain of Youth. This surely must be in accordance with Divine Plan. If suddenly everybody would focus on restructuring their physical vessel with Prill Water and Magic Oil, the entire Healthcare System would collapse, as well as the entire Pharmaceutical Industry. The change will come little by little, first through the Massage Therapists, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, etc. They will install bathtubs in their offices for their patients to soak up the magnesium, and sooner or later they will be able to prescribe "two baths and a nap" in a "Home Star Chamber".

Comparison between Fortuna Alliance and Twilight Company
Jim Carter's initiation of the "Network powered by Love" reminds me in some regards of Fortuna Alliance. The Fortuna Alliance profit-sharing organization was an attempt, back in 1996, to establish a new system of money on Earth, a new paradigm of abundance according to the New World formula of "Self-Empowerment and Empowering Others". The founder, Augie Delgado, had developed over 11 years this profit-sharing organization as the manifestation of his economic vision of making the world a better place.
Within 6 months about 45,000 people from 62 countries recognized Fortuna Alliance as a magnificent spiritual undertaking, as a cornerstone for building the foundation for the New World. Quite likely some of you on this list could have been participants in the Fortuna Alliance experiment. However, after half a year the government raided their headquarters, started a smear campaign to discriminate the founders as criminals and sued them for Internet fraud.
(For those of you interested to know more about the Fortuna Alliance story, please read my "Open Letter to Bill Gates" on my website, www.KarinLLightworker.com.)

Fortuna's purpose was to enroll members who were committed to shifting the current business paradigm of scarcity, lack, and greed into one of abundance and sharing. They applied as their strategy and success formula the "Fibonacci Sequence" in order to unfold a revolutionary new profit-sharing structure. The members commissioned Fortuna Alliance with a one-time fee of $250, which — according to their policy — would have generated after one year a monthly income of over $5000.

I compared Fortuna Alliance with Twilight's "Network powered by Love" for the reason to point out some of the many advantages that will guarantee the succeeding of Twilight Company, who launched in November of 2001.

Mr. Carter wrote that he put 30 years of research work into his project, which means the energy of this enterprise is firmly anchored as one person's quest for the Fountain of Youth. Or, from an energy viewpoint, a large vortex is already existing that we can energize and add onto and grow with our focused intent. Other than Fortuna who was about creating financial freedom only, Twilight is a threefold venture: creating the ideal body; generating wealth; cleaning the planet.

I'm sure I am not the only Twilight member who is looking forward to seeing put up on Twilight's website the Associates Computer Program which Mr. Carter mentioned in one of his fliers, where I can access my Twilight account and see the names of my down line and how much referral fees are being generated. Six years ago, when I read Fortuna's plan to check the daily profit accumulation and withdrawal option of dollars on an online account, it sounded like distant future, because six years ago I had no computer, no Internet access, nor did I have my own website.

As of August 2002, I haven't gotten yet any referral fees from Twilight Company. Although since April I informed about 75 people about Twilight Prill Water, I don't know whether anybody chose me as their sponsor. It now depends on Mr. Carter to speed up the "Saving Planet Earth" Game. I think it would be wise to pay referral fees to members at least twice a month.

To my mind comes the goosebumpy idea that Jim Carter could team up with Augie Delgado and invite him to take on as the GEO the 'wealth-manifestation part' of Twilight's threefold business. Undoubtedly, Jim Carter will become the richest man in the New World, if he desires so. Imagine Bill Gates has become the richest man out of only 2% of the population, the ones who are computer-literate. Here we are talking about Water, the basic substance of life! 98% of the world population live without high technology, but they all need water. What a potential for abundance for all!

More About Carter's Twilight Company
For those readers who are new to Twilight and may wonder whether this is just another company who claims to have found the Fountain of Youth, please let me share some of my experiences and observations. Twilight Company of course reflects Jim Carter's business ethics. I hold in high regards that he doesn't play by the Old World rules of doing business. The disclaimer is not the usual rundown in small print written by a lawyer — out of fear of law suits. Everything is simple, straightforward, clear. In fact, it's the opposite from the common way of doing business, where companies find ever new tricks of getting more dollars out of the customer. To the contrary, Twilight Company puts in each order a bonus of Precious Prills. Each time I received my order within 7 days. They don't mistrust me, the customer, like traditional companies whose first business concern is the ten-day check cashing period, before filling the order. Twilight Company now has a website, twilightamerica.com. Hopefully there will be an ezine or email list where we can get information about the evolving of the "Network powered by Love" directly from "the horse's — uh — the wizard's mouth", as well as a message board for member communication.

About the Laundry Appliance: I am pleased with how good it cleans and how fresh-smelling the laundry comes out, and that it is Prill Water that goes in the ground. I keep the Laundry Prill Bag in a 1-gallon jar with water, and when I do laundry I pour the Prill Bag with the water in the washing machine. I now have three different jars with Prill Beads in our household, to increase the Yinergy in our environment. I resonate much with the idea that the Precious Prills activate a satellite that draws Yinergy from the Star Chamber Factory in Nevada.

In my personal opinion the price of $200 for the Laundry Appliance is much too high, no matter whether we will never again have to buy detergents. Jim Carter obviously isn't aware that the majority of Lightworkers, more commonly known as the Cultural Creative, are living along the poverty line. In my opinion the Laundry Prill Bag should be kept $50 at all times.

Twilight Products are high priced as is always the case with Network Marketing companies who introduce innovative products. I certainly understand that the price is set high to indicate the high value of the product. However, I personally would cut the price of each item on the Order Form in half, since the value of the products will have to be embodied and conveyed by us, the Lightworkers.

I noticed that more and more Lightworkers are posting on the Internet those famous power phrases which spread the message that focusing on new models makes the existing model obsolete. We serve as the mapmakers and wayshowers by outputting new information into mass consciousness thinking. With Twilight Products we now have a tool for personal and global evolution that could make everything in our world shift to new levels.

Dear Fellow Twilight Explorers, besides purchasing Twilight Products there are many ways we each can energize the "Network powered by Love" with the power of our focused intent. The Psychic Children urged us to play the Pretending Game, to envision Heaven on Earth. I can lie in my bed at night and imagine an empowered human race, I can envision people beginning to awaken and to reclaim their power.
The other day I watched a TV documentation about the situation in third world countries, where families force their young daughters out of the home to sell their bodies as prostitutes. They see as a girl's only chance of surviving to satisfy the males' sexual needs, although according to the parent's belief a prostitute ranks among the lowest in the human pecking order.

In utilizing the contrast, I began contemplating how to replace this story with a higher vision. With the spreading of the Precious Prills it all could shift very soon into an elevated condition for the entire human family, once Twilight Company starts franchising the production of the Prill Beads all over the world. I read that they are made from seawater, and seawater is available in many places on Earth.
In my vision I see parents empowering their daughters with Precious Prill Bags, as a dowry, so that they can sell Prill Water for a living instead. The human need for water comes before the sexual need and it is free of moral value judgment of Females. The quality of the water greatly determines the quality of life for any given population. I imagine the Females privileged with the tool for harvesting Prill Water; I visualize the Females being in charge of spreading Yinergy or Vital Fluid or Liquid Love. I see a marketplace scene in a far away land with a graceful teenage girl proudly handling her booth with water containers. Here in the west I may call her an Entrepreneur in the Yinergy Business, but in her remote village she could rather be known and respected as the Water Bearer Girl.

Thanks for listening. I now have a much higher perspective on the subject.

Twilight Greetings!

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