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Twilight Update


Dear Reader;

Jim Carter didn't respond to my "Petition to Jim Carter", instead he announced through his email list the elimination of the Multilevel-Marketing part of Twilight. Well, since I experienced Jim Carter as somebody who didn't play fair, I don't feel like promoting him and his company any further. Throughout my Twilight exploration since April of last year I always found that Jim Carter was the only one who stood in the way of the "Network powered by Love."
However, I have been wondering why "Steve Rother and The Group" in their monthly "Beacon of Light Meditation" always finish their transmissions with the phrase, "It is with honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together." I thought this is a given among Lightworkers.

I learned so much through my involvement with Twilight company. Jim Carter undoubtedly has introduced an important piece of the puzzle. I appreciate the knowledge I gained regarding age-reversal, about the importance of Magnesium, and that it is all about ORMUS. Hopefully other inventors will soon come forward with their versions of Prill Water, Magic Oil, and laminar products, and also bring the prices down. It is of utmost importance at this time that we find methods to maintain and nourish our bodies at a higher vibratory rate. As a species we are moving towards holding more Light in our bodies, specifically termed "Yinergy."

My work as a Lightworker for America involves that I document and share my process of awakening in virtual reality through the World Wide Web.
Also, I had sent the Precious Prills last October to my 82-year old mother in Germany, and she was willing to try them out.
Since she reported that the water does her good, I had sent the Precious Prills as Christmas gifts to about ten family members in Germany. It seems they all are interested in trying out the Prill Water. Now they all are gaining "water awareness".
How wonderful is that!
Karin Lacy

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