Water Awareness

July 2003

Dear Reader;

My work as a Lightworker for America implies that I share my process of awakening. My section "Water Awareness" documents my involvement with Twilight Company from April 2002 until March 2003.
It was a powerful leading edge experience. At times I was glowing from summoning unto me immense amounts of Yinergy. I didn't have any health problems before my involvement with Twilight, nor do I have any now. I believe in "mind over matter" —that I govern my body with my mind.

I felt great resonance with Mr. Carter's introduction of a "Network powered by Love" and the following letters were my way of supporting his project. Therefore, please read them in chronological order.

At present I still appreciate drinking Prill Water, however, I am not interested in further involvement with the Twilight products.

Update April 2010
I heard that Jim Carter died a few years ago. I am still drinking Prill Water, however, I am looking forward to exploring what new developments about the water are out there. Below I am including the link to Dr. Emoto's websites. They are a must read.

Introducing Twilight's Holy Water and Sacred Oil

Letter to the Wizard

The Star Chamber

Proposal Letter to Eve Cromie, Findhorn Community Scotland

To the Topica Psychic Children List

Letter to Mattie Stepanek

Petition to Jim Carter

Twilight Update

Dr. Masaro Emoto's websites with the "Message from Water":

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