Letter to the City Council of Mount Shasta

Karin Lacy – http://www.KarinLLightworker.com

Open Letter to the 7 City Officials of Mount Shasta

December 2011

Dear Elected Officials of Mt. Shasta;

My name is Karin Lacy. I am a German immigrant who was guided to come to this country to serve as a Lightworker for America.

Last December I moved from Chico to Weed/Mt. Shasta with the purpose to fulfill my spiritual assignment of manifesting Dome Village Katrina, a small self-sufficient model community of five domes, plus community dome. These small self-sustaining dome communities are easy, fast, and inexpensive to build and are meant to snowball in rural areas in the years of transition ahead.

I am now ready to gather my four co-creators and establish our support network group.

People usually ask what brought me to Mount Shasta, and I truthfully say that the mountain has been calling me. They smile and nod and understand.

In my first few months in Mount Shasta I already got to know many of the “Have-nots” in town. People are interested and open-minded when I talk about my dome village project. I already have one volunteer, Pasquale, who offered to help build the village. He once had been inside of a “Moon Cocoon Dome” and also met the inventor architect Nader Khalili in Southern California.

I am now looking for support from among the local “Haves.”

Even though “I am in this world but not of this world”, in service to my mission I may have “to rub elbows” with the local power players. Part of my Lightwork is to serve as a bridge person in bridging the gap between the Haves and Have-nots. Me living as a Have-not outside of society means that I lack all the outer material requirements to bring my project to fruition. However, Dome Village Katrina already exists in the ethers and is awaiting its physical manifestation. It will be considered a fifth dimensional eco-village and I will explain it later.

What can we help you with?”

I visited the Mount Shasta website and learned about the city administration and that the mayor is being elected every year through rotating from among the 5-member city council.

I read on your index page, “What can we help you with? Please contact us with any questions, suggestions or concerns.”

Well, your inviting words inspired me to write to you and ask for support of my Lightworker mission project.

Being a newcomer I love to ask people whether they believe in the existence of Telos, the legendary Lemurian city beneath Mount Shasta. People tell me that more than half of the population of 3,600 residents are seekers on a spiritual path, and in fact have settled close to Mount Shasta because of the special energies of the mountain.

I’m also being told that the majority of the tourists are spiritual pilgrims and that many come annually for retreat and renewal or to celebrate events within the radiation of Mount Shasta.

In this letter I would also like to share with you my Lightworker experience in Mount Shasta. If the elected city officials truly represent the interests of the population – I calculated that 3 or 4 out of the 7 members should be spiritual seekers themselves who choose to represent the spiritual community. Thus I can openly talk in a new language of energy awareness or Lightworker language.

I’ve been writing open letters for twenty years which I self-publish in my books. I feel obligated to put in writing and share with my brothers and sisters what I have come to know as the truth. It might rattle your cage to the max – meaning your belief system – and in your denial you may reject it as rubbish. However, I know that more than half of the population of Mt. Shasta would appreciate my message as eye-opening and mind-expanding.

The upcoming Shift of December 2012

Humanity is at the crossroad of its existence.

We are rapidly approaching the mysterious year 2012, which marks the end of the Mayan calendar. All eyes of the cosmos are on planet Earth to witness an anniversary of creation, a shift of unfathomable magnitude.

By now everybody has an opinion about 2012. To some it is the “Extinction Level Event” to end life on Earth, to others it is the rapture to meet God here in the physical.

The number 2012 is considered a code that activates our cellular memory to help us remember who we are during this time of spiritual awakening on planet Earth. The Shift will empower each of us to release and let go of obsolete behavior patterns and belief systems that no longer serve our highest good.

To me the Shift ahead is a joyous event, a rebirthing process, a new beginning. It marks the completion of the Dark Age and the beginning of a new Golden Age. Yet birth also is a clearing and cleansing, of leaving the old behind. For our Earth Mother Gaia to accomplish her Shift into the 5th dimension – together with all inhabitants, including humans – obviously requires some serious purging and cleansing. We as her children – from where we stand now – have quite fouled our own nest. Have we not?

Several local Lightworkers told me that they expect a stream of Lightworkers/Lightservers to arrive for the remaining countdown to December 2012 and beyond. Many will choose sacred Mount Shasta as the place to experience the Shift, to charge themselves with the increasing 5th dimensional energies and carry those energies back into their spheres of influence into their states or countries.

Saint Germain Domain

Mount Shasta is Saint Germain domain. It is said Saint Germain has an etheric retreat above Mount Shasta.

For those of you local authorities who are not aware of the reasons for the worldwide attraction of Mount Shasta, I lifted the following text from the website http://www.SaintGermainFoundation.org:

Mount Shasta is the birthplace of the I AM Movement which started eighty years ago.

“Who is Saint Germain? – The Ascended Master Saint Germain is one of the Great Beings from the Spiritual Hierarchy who govern this system of worlds. He is the Cosmic Authority under the Seventh Ray, the Violet Ray, the purifying, cleansing Power that is raising the Earth into its permanent Golden Age. There are thousands of Ascended Masters from the Earth and other spheres who have joined in Saint Germain’s Work. They are living, tangible Beings who raised their bodies into the Ascension, as did Jesus the Christ, who left an etheric record of the Ascension over the Hill of Bethany. They are wholly divine and beyond the realm of human mistakes. These Great Beings of Light and Love are the elder brothers and sisters of mankind. They give assistance without limit to all who will call to Them and make individual effort to serve the constructive way of Life.”

From the same website http://www.SaintGermainFoundation.org are these words by Saint Germain:

“The hour strikes in the evolution of every planet and its humanity when they must express the full peace, harmony, Perfection and the Divine Plan of the system to which they belong. When that hour strikes, humanity either moves forward and fulfills that plan, or whatever portion will not come into alignment with the new Activity removes itself to another school room of the Universe, until those personalities learn obedience to life…”

“Over the humanly created chaos of the past, there are being poured out by the Ascended Masters and Great Cosmic Messengers, great streams of Love and harmony upon which peace depends. Mankind, having so long pulled against the Great Cosmic Current of Love which ever seeks to bless, is now being compelled to turn around and seek the Light in order to survive in the midst of its own destructive emanations of the past.” (End of quotation.)

I think beside Saint Germain, Lord Adama is seen as the second most popular Ascended Master of Mount Shasta to attract the Lightworkers and Lightservers. Here is what Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, the Lemurian city beneath Mount Shasta, says about the upcoming Shift of the Ages in his book “Telos”, channeled by Dianne Robbins, quote:

“There is nothing to prepare for, since you will be aided fully, before this time of entry arrives. Know that you are on Earth at this time to assist all of humanity with its entry into the Photon Belt. All souls incarnating at this time have done so with full understanding of what is to happen. That’s why there are so many people on Earth today, more than there ever was, because all souls want to be involved in these “End Times”. All souls who ever incarnated on Earth have returned. You are one such soul. These End Times can be met with harmony and joy, or fear and chaos. The choice is yours.” (End of Quotation.)

The Truth is Coming to Light

Dear Elected Officials of Mount Shasta, I don’t know what your personal viewpoints are in regards to 2012 and how much you are aware of the falsehoods of our paradigm of existence.

This is the time of awakening and ascension. A higher truth is being revealed to all of us as we now shift our consciousness from 3D to 5D. Almost everything we have learned in the third dimension won’t serve us any longer in the higher vibration of the fifth dimension.

What was once considered the Truth turns in the higher dimensions into falsehood and fallacy. Just like we had to leave the fairy tales behind when we went from kindergarten to elementary school.

I would like to talk about some of these issues that most would like to sweep under the rug.

There are many non-physical teachers who assist us the human family in unseen ways in getting through these most difficult end times. They tell us that life on Earth was supposed to be a joyous experience for all. They say it was never intended for humanity to struggle through life, feeling unworthy and lost, unable to remember Source and who we truly are.

For a very long time humankind has not been told the truth of who we are and where we come from. The question is, can the world handle the truth about what really has been going on in our 3-D game on playground Earth?

By now many awakened humans already know the higher truth that we as the human civilization are an experiment. We are genetically engineered, our DNA blueprint has been altered by our creator gods. An increasing number of people have been receiving information that the Annunaki are our creator gods who changed and downgraded humanity. These cosmic beings – the Annunaki – are at the root of our mental and physical enslavement.

We – the human race on Earth – have been partially disconnected from Source, we function with only ten percent of our capacity, we run on one double strand of DNA, with the rest laid dormant, the so-called junk DNA. They partially deactivated our third eye, the pineal gland. As their heritage we got the Reptilian portion in our brains. It is the Reptilian portion of our brain that makes us only think in terms of the struggle of survival of the fittest. The struggle-for-survival part overrides the creative human portion of the brain that conceives beyond daily life and guides us to our capabilities of feeling, creative expression, compassion, cooperation with others, all those traits that connect us with Source.

We were designed to forget how to nurture ourselves through our connection with Source or Father/Mother/God. As a result our matrix system has brought forth a parasitic civilization. A dog-eats-dog world. We learned to prey and feed of each other’s energy in myriads of ways.

The world we live in is based on authoritarian control through power and fear. We are governed by a selected global elite – some call them the Illuminati – through their instruments of governments and the “Military Industrial Complex” that has tens of millions of executives enforcing a system of predatory control over billions, the billions of human prey.

The global elite is being controlled as well, by the creator gods. These “upper management guys” decide where wars be waged, what diseases are being spread, what inventions are being allowed, which governments and ideologies dominate the world, which currencies are used, and where the money goes.

Some of the creator gods or parent races are at war with each other, even here on Earth, but hidden from us.

The matrix system in which we exist has been created to be self-maintaining, just like the inmates are being trained to maintain their imprisonment. Our paradigm is founded on a small set of self-perpetuating thought-forms, within the framework of birth and death, that kept us humans locked in the density of the third dimension, lifetime after lifetime.

The most powerful of our Leaders & Controllers of government, religion, corporations, media, etc. act as mis-leaders. The misdirection, dis-information, distortions are spread through implanted and reinforced memes, starting when we enter this world. Their tools are domination through manipulation, fear programming, deception, lying, violence, etc., while making the people believe that their leaders are the noblest of all human beings in their service to all.

Our Leaders & Controllers need many millions of henchmen who do the dirty work for them. However, this growing class of enforcers first needs to be brainwashed and programmed into zombi-like humans until they are willing to do for a living whatever they are asked to do. Their conditioning happens through lifestyle- manipulation, eating lifeless processed food, drinking medicated water, being mentally programmed and fear-conditioned while watching television.

And yet, it was our plan! We are vast multidimensional beings. We come from many Galaxies and Multiverses. Only a portion of each of us is being projected down in this 3D density to play the human game of Hide & Seek. From our Higher Self’s or I AM Presence’s perspective we all agreed to participate in the experiment of a civilization wearing the Veil of Amnesia. We wanted to experience separation and limitation in a world of duality. In truth we are all ONE. On purpose we have forgotten that we are extensions of All-That-Is, that we are divine creators on Earth.

We are now experiencing the time of awakening in seven billion individual ways. As we each are reaching the completion of a cycle it behooves us to review our life for anything unfinished, such as forgiving the people close in our life, especially making peace with our mother and father. We each are evolving into a conscious divine creator. Despite all that has occurred under the “Dark Shirts”, as this world now undergoes monumental changes, it will be giving birth to what become new creator beings, the I AM Race.

The subject of Money

Our parasitic matrix system is maintained to a large degree through money. Through scarcity and interest-charge the business model of profiting at the expense of others has long ago been established globally as the norm.

The parasitic system of money created the separation of humans into the class of the Haves and the class of the Have-nots. The Haves are favored by the powers-that-be, for they as the winners will strive to keep the status quo. Those who strive to gain wealth, buy land and resources, and accumulate material possessions are seen as the most valued members of society.

In other words, it is acceptable and ‘politically correct’ to live the good life through exploiting one’s brothers and sisters. Such is life in duality on schoolhouse Earth. In this country it is called pursuing the American Way of Life. In practical terms it is gained through using one’s elbow power to make one’s path through life, it is the “bully way of life.” In this game the neediness for each other’s money got us where we are today.

Especially within the medical system can we see the parasitic and predatory system at work through mining the human body for profit. For example, by now there are more people making a living related to cancer than actually die of cancer. It’s all big business, blood banks, organ sale, too big to fail. The pharmaceutical industry not only dictates the profit aspect of the healthcare system, but also what medicine the doctors prescribe to their patients. There are also the emotional attachments invested with people who are the prey, the unspoken aspect of feeding of each others’ emotions.

The collapse of the monetary system is fully underway. Unfortunately, most people have no clue about what is going on. It’s just like with the famous Titanic where the band was ordered to keep playing while the ship was sinking.

In the past I thought I’m just not smart enough to understand how the world of money works. I believed the experts in charge of money are humanitarians who will do everything to avoid a global economic collapse.

Awakened experts are now stepping forward who take on the role of the child that tells the crowd that “the emperor wears no clothes”. With brutal honesty they lay open how our Leaders & Controllers have been using the media and especially television as a tool of social control to distort and limit the public’s perception of reality. Meanwhile, the upper class bankers have been looting the people’s money en mass, in front of all eyes.

The awakened experts demand an end to governments borrowing thin-air money called “credit” from private banks and the people paying interest on this “money” that has never, does not and will never exist. In other words, they demand an end of creating money on computer screens and charging interest on it.

The awakened experts demand change of this predatory system of money. They unravel how we all got manipulated to participate in the conversion of life into money and how broken we have become as a society to the enslavement of money.

The financial crisis is now seen as a global crime scene that has brought us to the brink of global financial disaster. The awakened experts tell us that it is a deliberately planned scheme of economic destruction designed to allow the global banking elite to confiscate enormous resources from targeted nations. There are already increasing calls for the criminal banksters to be executed for engaging in these crimes and stealing trillions of dollars from the people of our world.

The time has come that our governmental, corporate, and religious institutions are now being exposed for what they are. They are the establishments of power that control our very lives. They enslave us in a modern world setting. Government has never been for the interest of the people but for its own and the interests of their financial providers, the mega corporations. The laws the politicians create serve the Leaders & Controllers as tools in controlling and corralling the people.

Money and politics go hand in hand. Politics is all game, the people are the prey. The name of the game is to give your voice away, by convincing you to vote for whom you believe represents your interests. Time and again the masses fall for the trick. With the emotions running high elections can also be seen as energy feeding frenzies of our creator gods.

Resources and Power

All of the major energy resources such as oil, coal, and gas which we use to run our highly technical societies are controlled by the global power elite through corporations and governments. Throughout history the powers-that-be have engaged in wars to get the resources from other countries, creating endless human suffering and tragedy along the way and severely harming our home planet Earth.

Dr. Steven Greer states in “The Disclosure Project” that our present global energy situation started with a fight between the industrial titan J.P. Morgan and inventor Nicola Tesla around the end of the 19th century after electricity was discovered. Nicola Tesla’s vision and goal was to provide free electrical energy to the world. The plan of businessman J.P. Morgan was to increase his financial empire. He calculated that the new electricity could be fed through copper wires and metered so that people would have to pay for it. He owned the copper mines that made the wires. To this day we all get our electricity through wires with meters at the end. And in addition the meters are now being replaced with “smart meters” for “Big Brother” to overwatch every hour of our lives.

The high technology of a civilization reflects its spiritual evolvement. In our predatory system the meters symbolize the means to feed off our energy as human beings. In hindsight we can see why Nicola Tesla had no chance against the Dark Shirts.

However, the people are waking up! “Occupy Wall Street” is turning into a global awakening movement. The keyword is “the 1% dominate the 99 %”. There is no turning back, once people are waking up from their slumber! They are now ready to open their psychic eyes and see!

The world’s religions

The religions serve as implanted memes, mind viruses, enforced by the church fathers and their institutions. Karl Marx hit the nail on the head with his statement “religion is opium for the people”.

From a higher perspective the religions provide the playing field for the game of the White Shirts and the Dark Shirts or the good and the bad guys.

The patriarchs created the image of God as the Father who punishes his disobedient children. They brainwashed the masses to believe that God only spoke through them as the chosen ones. The enforcers of the religions played the shepherds who changed and programmed people into “sheeple”. They made the masses believe that they are born sinners who must prove their worthiness through obedience and hard work. The rewards come later in heaven. The suppression of the divine feminine was total.

Since the beginning the worldly and religious Leaders & Controllers have been living lives in luxury and abundance by preying on the masses. The masses were owned as serfs or slaves in the past, and are leased or hired as wage slaves in the present. Yet to this day the sheeple in their deep slumber have no idea that they are preyed on, controlled and exploited to the max.

Yet things are complex. For every outer version of a religion there is an inner view or understanding or interpretation. The masses are kept out of the mystical or inner workings of their faith through mis-education, conditioning, propaganda, ignorance, avoidance, etc. by the religious elite who is part of the global control matrix.

As people awaken and ascend they learn that everything needs to be viewed from a broader perspective and with higher understanding. For example, punishment will be seen for what it is: evildoing in the name of goodness.

Just look how it is now coming to light how the predatory system allowed the church fathers to prey as pedophiles on the innocent children, under the disguise of being the shepherds for the people.

I think the worst distortion done by the religions to blessed human beings is to intentionally ignore and discard our inner guidance system. We each are born with a guidance system, namely our emotions which tell us at every moment whether we are connected to Source or not. We are equipped to feel our way through life by the rule of thumb that says, “what feels good is good, and what feels bad is bad for me.” Yet the rule of the control matrix says the opposite, that anything that feels good must be bad for us.

For those of you readers who are ready to look at the religion of Christianity from a broader perspective, I suggest to read “The Love Song of the Universe” by Mary Sparrowdancer. (www.marysparrowdancer.com) She is one of those who received information from outside the field of the matrix system, quote:

“In learning the true identity of Jesus we learn the truth about ourselves. We learn, at last, who we are. Jesus was not the son of Jehova. He was the opponent of Jehova. Jesus had been sent by a different God.” – – – “Since the beginning, the word has been “gods” (not “god”) and the gods seem to have been at war with each other over the treatment of humanity.”

“ —-The last 2000 years – a ministry of errors. Jesus was appearing and disappearing. The rabbies decided that he was fully human. They decided he was a simple carpenter from the next village. — Yet he is a scientist and trans-dimensional traveler. Jesus did not come to establish a religion, but to liberate people from a religion. – “Jesus gave the people a new, simple commandment to replace the Ten Commandments of Jehova. Jesus stated that the new commandment was to love one another as he loved them.” (End of quotation)

The subject of Death

As we experience the breakdown of this 3-dimensional reality the subject of Death will become THE major lesson for all. The truth is that there is no Death. We are eternal beings. Death is another word for Transformation.

The period of purging and clearing that we are now undergoing, may cause great pain and suffering for many. Some predictions say that over 80 % of humanity will not make the Shift into the higher fifth dimensional frequency, known as the vibration of Unconditional Love. Even though we know that the waters will rise, eighty percent of humanity are still living along the coast lines, where most of the cataclysmic events are likely to occur.

If it does come to pass that people depart in horrendous numbers, we must accept that everything happens according to divine plan. We must come to acknowledge that nobody ever dies, we simply instantly transition from physical existence to non-physical existence.

How do we usually die to depart from the planet? We slowly decline and age with the life force diminishing little by little until the final moment of transition into the non-physical. We have not learned yet to leave our physical vessel through conscious intent. Whenever people depart in droves it happens through cataclysmic events, war, epidemic diseases, disasters, etc.

We must learn not to question or grieve the soul choices of each human who dies to the 3D world, for we do not know their soul’s intent. Remember, we each are vast multidimensional beings and our physical body is only a small extension ray of our Higher Self or I Am Presence. We must free ourselves completely from limited 3D beliefs in order to re-claim our divine connection to Source.

Letting go of the Old Paradigm

Every ending is also a new beginning, yet from where we stand we cannot see the bigger picture.

There is a larger transformation process underway, no matter whether we humans consciously participate in it or not. Our Higher Selves are all connected and communicating within the realm of Oneness.

It is indeed wise to look at one’s own human self in terms of completion and address now whatever “unfinished business” there is. As we draw closer to the end of 2012 we all will be presented with ongoing opportunities to let go of the old and embrace the higher vibrations.

The Shift will empower each of us to release and let go of obsolete behavior patterns and belief systems that do not serve our highest good anymore.

From my own process of awakening I can say that once these old 3D beliefs were no longer true for me, I did not feel like a participant in society anymore. As a matter of fact these old beliefs are now becoming untrue for more and more people, as the world built upon them falls apart.

Awakening means that we each must awaken to the realization of who we are, where we came from, and what our purpose is. Once we gain the overview perspective we each will recognize that we are players of a game and now is the time to end the old and start a new game, a new world age. After the Dark Age we will create a new Golden Age!

Very likely a large number of people will choose to leave the matrix system. They are too frightened and fear- programmed in their 3D existence. It is possible that cataclysmic events will be orchestrated from the higher realms to facilitate their departure from Earth. It seems that human beings must be affected in ways that hurt, like being hit with the proverbial “2 by 4”, before change can occur for them.

The Hopi Prophecies say, “Many will appear to have lost their souls in these final days. So intense will the nature of the changes be that those who are weak in spiritual awareness will go insane, for we are nothing without spirit. They will disappear, for they are just hollow vessels for any thing to use. Life will be so bad in the cities that many will choose to leave this plane. Some in whole groups.“ (End of quotation)

Everything is being orchestrated from the perspective of our Higher Selves. We are now being prepared for the cosmic triggering of events that will upshift all life. We as the human family will rise from the ashes of what no longer serves us, we will create the world anew. This is not for the faint-hearted. We need courage and a sense of adventure for what is ahead.

My Experience of living as a Lightworker

Ever since I left my old life and stepped into my Lightworker mission I’ve lived in different places throughout California, before ending up in Mount Shasta.

Lightworker is a title that many have claimed at this particular time of the Shift. As Lightworkers we have been consciously taking on these new incoming galactic energies and anchored them through our physical bodies and into our Earth Mother Gaia. It is essential for Lightworkers to exercise ways to be in this world but not of it, and not allow ourselves to be magnetized by all the drama and chaos going on.

We know that all malevolent acts have been a necessary part of the game. Now is the time for the game to finish. We live as the mapmakers and wayshowers for our brothers and sisters by living the changes we want to see in the world. To me it is most important to be in my purpose at all times and create my reality deliberately. Otherwise I would just spiral down in vibration each time in reacting to the 3D world.

When I moved to Mount Shasta in February of 2011 I was amazed how fast things manifest here, but also how fast things flip-flop. My first co-creator for my dome village project arrived ten days after he had contacted me. However, three weeks later he left to do his own thing. So I concluded that the timing for attracting the four co-creators and start manifesting the dome village would be next year, due to the short building season.

In the meantime I decided to look around and see what the spiritual community of Mount Shasta offers. I studied the I AM Activities, worked intensely with the Violet Consuming Flame, participated in many activities, and connected with many Lightworkers/Lightservers and local folks.

I love the fact that there is little stress in this town. Stress simply is the absence of Love. The people smile and nobody seems to be in a hurry. It truly is a town of higher consciousness.

Immediately after I began working with the violet flame I went through an intense period of purging and clearing in the form of physical pain and surfacing of old issues of victimhood, money-related disasters, fear of survival, etc. When I talked with a local Buddhist friend about the ups-and-downs experiences I went through since being in Mount Shasta, he said the locals call this phase of the journey “the mountain is cooking you”.

I love talking to the local old-timers who have been merging with the mountain energy for decades. I adore how each person utilizes and assimilates this energy in their own unique way into their lives. In some I can feel the Lemurian energy emanating from their eyes and their physical bodies.

The summer in Mount Shasta was gorgeous! What a reward after the long harsh winter! I was thrilled to discover the abundance of blackberries everywhere in town. I just could not pass these shiny, tasty black berries that seemed to beam at me from everywhere, “Pick us! Pick us!” The more blackberries the busier I got. Every day I saw new bushes and I indulged in the feeling of abundance while the sun was shining on me.

As the summer went by I met more and more people harvesting blackberries, and I made new friends. While I stood in my silk blouse and skirt filling my two yoghurt containers, people came with buckets and wore gear for protection from the thorns.

Over the three months of blackberry season I collected at least 150 pounds of blackberries while practicing “gift economy” – by surprising and delighting my friends in town with my “treats from Mother Nature”.

In September I started the practice of sungazing. I mention it here because one of the falsehoods our Leaders & Controllers have been systematically spreading is that looking at the sun will blind you and bathing in the sun will cause skin cancer. What a distortion, as if the sun that enables all life were our enemy! Sungazing is feasting on the sun. It restores the balance of body-mind-spirit. It is safe in the first hour of sunrise and the last hour before sunset. If done correctly with bare feet on the dirt it is a wonderful way of grounding and calibrating the body’s energy to that of the planet. No guru or money is needed. Just the sun and me. I feel a growing sense of well-being and happiness and I love this new delicious feeling of warmth flowing through my being that makes me smile.

On November 11 was the most remarkable event of the year! Awakened humans all over the globe celebrated the ascension gateway of the 11-11-11. I participated in an indoor celebration and in the afternoon on the mountain with a group of eighty people. Many had come from other states and other countries to celebrate this mile stone event in the energy of sacred Mount Shasta. I was basking in the feeling of homecoming and felt so uplifted and proud to be a citizen of the mountain!

Initiation of New Beginnings: Dome Village Katrina – a 5th dimensional Eco Village

Several years ago I received inner knowing that for the times ahead two things will be most important: to consciously align our physical vessel with Source – and to build shelters and establish a support network. The purpose of forming new soul families or communities of like mind is to join in raising the resonance and vibration of the New Earth.

So I developed my vision of a model of a small self-sustainable dome village, or 5th dimensional eco-community. It is meant to snowball in rural areas. The small dome dwellings, designed by architect Nader Khalili, are called “Moon Cocoon” and are easy, fast, and inexpensive to build.

Dear Elected Officials, as I said at the beginning, I am looking for help from the local Haves and power players. We – my four co-creators and I – are looking for a patron from among the City Council to make us their pet project. Our framework will be that of a non-profit organization. We need a support network of influential people who want to contribute in creating the future by enabling the dreams of others. We are Lightworkers and Indigo Children. We want to live as examples for our brothers and sisters.

Can you assist us in acquiring a piece of land for the building of the 5-member model dome village within the vicinity of Mount Shasta?

I laid out my ideas of living as mapmakers and wayshowers in a 5th dimensional eco-village community in a separate article, called “What we can learn from the Wild Geese”.

When we meet in person I will bring it with me, for it may help you obtain a new perspective. For the old world we are living in, will not last for much longer.

Dear City Officials, I have not spoken yet of the Heart. And yet, the ascension path goes straight through the Heart, there is no other way. Through opening our Hearts towards our brothers and sisters will we create the world anew, for the 5th dimension is the frequency range of Unconditional Love. Everything ahead will present us with an opportunity to start looking at our world with our Hearts.

I have been called a “woman of the last hour”. I am here to offer you the opportunity to help enable a model of a fifth dimensional self-sustainable eco village.

From my Heart to Yours!

Blessings to you!

Karin Lacy, Lightworker