Open Letter to the Bioregional Ecology Center Mount Shasta

April 10, 2014

Open Letter to the Bioregional Ecology Center Mount Shasta

Michelle Berditschevsky, Founder

Re: Introducing my project Dome Village Katrina, a future Ubuntu Community

Dear Michelle Berditschevsky;

My name is Karin Lacy.

In my role as a Lightworker I was guided by spirit to come to Mount Shasta.

This is my forth year, beforehand I lived in Chico.

My long-term goal has been to manifest my vision of Dome Village Katrina, a small self-sustaining eco-village. I had hoped it would come to fruition in the Mount Shasta area; yet nothing has happened so far.

In the fall of 2011 I wrote an Open Letter to the Mount Shasta City Council and asked whether they would be willing to support and enable my community project through patronage and provide us with a piece of land.

You may read the letter on my blog:

I did not get any response from the city council. However, I planted another seed towards the fulfillment of my vision. And I documented my life experience as a Lightworker for America.

Mount Shasta is considered a town of spiritual pilgrimage and more than half of the population settled here to be in the vicinity of the sacred mountain. But it appears that this half of the community is not represented amongst the local elected officials.

For some time I wanted to contact the Bioregional Ecology Center, but each time I walked by it was closed. I want to make another attempt in my desire to meet like-minded people and co-create a project of living in the New Earth of fifth dimension. Now is the time that we must start creating and living a new paradigm of existence.

There is much written on your website that deeply resonates with me, like “Our vision can be summed up in a few words – holding sacred place.” That is what I do, too, in fact, part of my inner work as a Lightworker is serving as a holder of space for others.

Your website continues, “Through our protection projects – Save Mount Shasta, Save Medicine Lake Highlands, Watershed Watch, Wildlife Recovery, Native American Coalition Support, and Other Issues – we aspire to be the voice of those who value nature, spirit and culture. – We bring our common visions of a culture in harmony with nature to creative solutions, concrete actions, and into the legal, political and administrative forums where outcomes are being decided. Our efforts give citizens a voice, focussing the issues, organizing participation in the process, and showing up when it counts. – We also research and generate dependable information, build coalitions with Native Americans, environmental groups and civic organizations.” (End of quotation)

So I am wondering whether you, Michelle, would be interested in ‘giving me a voice’, or ‘build a coalition’ with me, support my vision with ‘concrete actions’, and help me find local co-creators. In other words, would you consider adding Dome Village Katrina to the Ecology Center’s projects?(smile)

About me:

I live outside of society, as much as that is possible. I don’t go to the committees. In my spiritual journey I have reached a level of sensitivity that makes it ever harder to function in the dense world of the third dimension. The forth-and-back shifting in dimensions is hard on the body, it makes you bi-polar, and causes all kinds of so-called “ascension symptoms”, with Depression as the most common. I am as vulnerable as a small child to the harshness of the world, especially to the people’s artificial noise level. I have no more protective mechanisms, that is, I can only be authentic.

At this time it serves me best to live a solitary lifestyle, following my inner guidance only. I’m so grateful that I can afford a humble rental home as my nucleus, as a safe haven to anchor the energies, and from where to do my inner and outer work.

I’ve been keeping my vision of my project Dome Village Katrina alive, even though the timing is still not ready to support the manifestation of a fifth-dimensional self-sustainable eco village. The dome village is intended as a model for living in a new way on Earth, in small self-sufficient communities.

To tune into the vision of the dome village project please go to my website section:

Michelle, I wanted to ask you as a local resident whether you know of any local young people who have what it takes to become co-creators of this pioneering project? It requires someone special who truly is committed to making a difference in the world, who wants to become a New Community Builder. Someone who is aware that he/she is of the Indigo Children Generation and who recognizes this opportunity to unite with a small group of same-wavelength people who want to serve as mapmakers and wayshowers for our brothers and sisters.

Creating a new paradigm of existence

Dear Michelle, I don’t know whether and to which degree you are aware that we are living in the midst of monumental change. We, the human race, are presently transitioning into a higher level of existence, known as the fifth dimension, Heaven on Earth, Paradise, Golden Age, prophesied as the thousand years of peace.

Many people are completely oblivious to what is going on in the world. Others are perceiving the present world as a living nightmare. Globally we could see even more upheaval, disaster, and chaos to break down the old structures. This shifting process requires us to let go of the old that does not serve us any longer and instead embrace a higher perception of reality. I know from my own experience that this is easier said than done.

The dark forces, cabal, illuminati or whatever label we give to our global rulers, control all of humanity’s endeavors. They are the ones who have engineered and decided the direction of our civilization. They created the programming of our perception. Presently the dark forces are desperately trying to implement their New World Order of total global tyranny.

However, the forces of the light have carefully planned as well of how to liberate a humanity in amnesia from their bondage.

For decades an underground resistance movement has been working secretly in preparation of what is ahead. They are a minority of awakened people who have been behind the scenes preparing humanity for The Event. Their messenger and spokesperson is a man by the code name of Cobra; his blog is:

According to Cobra, the Event will completely turn around the misdirection which the human race has been forced into. Including freeing us from the yoke of money! As soon as the global financial collapse begins its domino effect in full force, a financial reset will be installed to eliminate the inequality on Earth. All the money that has been stolen from the people for thousands of years will be returned.

So if the predicted Event of monumental proportion happens this year, then we can assume that by the end of this year 2014 nobody will be living the same way of life that they are living now. Every person on the planet will experience an upshifting of their energy, a lifting out of the amnesia, which will cause improvements of their quality of life in all ways. (smile)

I summed up the Resistance Movement and the Event in my “Open Letter to Whistleblower Bradley Manning”:

The Time of Awakening

We are a civilization that has been kept in amnesia. It is only now that we have reached the historic moment of our awakening! It requires complete letting go of the old ways of living life and embracing a higher paradigm of existence. In order to make that shift many people will need to be shaken to their core with a wake-up call, meaning a jolt from the sleep state into the waking state.

In the months ahead one of the main issues to be faced is the inequality of the Haves and Have-nots that has been social-engineered by our global rulers since the beginning of our civilization. The establishment of the pattern of rich and poor ensured to keep in place a society of winners and losers. The global elite declared money as the measure of success in our world. Acquiring wealth, buying up land, and building an estate has been promoted as the desired lifestyle of any citizen in any country and as the model of stability and service to the country.

The wealthy see themselves as the noble citizens and tell the poor that every shoeshine boy can become a millionaire – if he is willing to work as hard as they did. Money is a smart tool of letting the people enslave each other which implies controlling each other. Just like the prisoners are trained to maintain their own imprisonment.

Of course those citizens who aspire to become rich need the backs of the masses of people to enable them a pleasant life of abundance and wellbeing. In other words, the path to wealth is accomplished at the expense of ones fellow man. We are encouraged to become rich by exploiting others. Once a person made their way up the ranks of the pyramid, they cannot stop. To keep their lifestyle they have to continue to let others work for them as wage slaves.

It is all part of our predatory system of money. The people are being controlled parasitically by the elite through their institutions of power and money.

Throughout my journey I learned a lot about the emotions attached to money. Just like in my home country Germany, Americans do not like to talk about money, neither when they have enough money nor when they lack money. It is politically correct NOT to talk about money, not even in a job interview. Money is almost like a taboo. Yet for most, money is the motivation for living. To make it in life and to be socially accepted, one has to chase money. The rich and the poor don’t mingle, because the gap is too big, it makes both sides feel uncomfortable, even though for opposing reasons. Yet it keeps the separation in place.

New Age people often teach that money is just energy, that it is neutral, simply a means of exchange. In the past I bought into this belief, too. It is disinformation and deception. The truth is that we have been cleverly enslaved to money. Once you consciously broaden your perspective, it becomes apparent that we live in a matrix system, in a holographic illusion. You then look at the world differently. You realize that money is about energy harvesting and debt is a tool being used to attach us to money for evermore.

Ubuntu – Contributionism” – by Michael Tellinger

Dear Michelle, have you heard of the researcher and author Michael Tellinger? In his book “Ubuntu – Contributionism – A Blueprint For Human Prosperity” he describes how money was introduced to the human race by the creator gods as a means of enslavement and harvesting of human energy.

Michael Tellinger is one of the major whistleblowers dedicated to spreading the truth of our parasitic and predatory system of money. He sheds light unto the banking system and exposes the truth about the global financial cartel. A native to South Africa, he went into the courts himself. His litigation was intended to document and expose how the justice system works.

Michael also started an Ubuntu Party that will enter the elections in South Africa in May of 2014.

Also, Michael Tellinger developed a vision of a new paradigm of living on Earth within the frequency range of the fifth dimension, called Ubuntu-Contributionism. This higher level of existence requires living from the Heart and being connected to Source, thus money becomes obsolete. In this realm of existence the frequency of Unconditional Love permeates everything. However, it is out of reach for our global elite psychopaths who function within the lower third dimension, dominated by greed, self-serving interests and lack of concern for the rest of humanity and our home planet Earth.

We are ruled through money

Some excerpts from the Ubuntu book:

“The philosophy of slavery is well evolved on our planet. People have been enslaving each other for thousands of years. But to keep people enslaved physically, you have to house them, feed them and clothe them. Through the introduction of money as a tool of enslavement, people have to work; feed themselves, clothe themselves, and house themselves. To do all this, people need that stuff called money, which is controlled and supplied by those at the top. What a brilliant and simple scam to keep humanity enslaved – money.”

“Most people are under the incorrect assumption that money is the consequence of human evolution and thousands of years of barter and trade. As hard as this may be for some people to accept, that is an incorrect assumption. Meticulous scrutiny of our human history shows very clearly that money was introduced several thousand years ago, by a small group of royal political elites as the supreme tool of enslavement of the masses. Since the very first introduction of money this small group of very powerful individuals have controlled the printing and supply of money, and thereby control the activities on planet Earth.”

  • Money is the obstacle to all progress and the cause of all misery on Earth.
  • Money is the major contributing factor to the gross separation and segregation in society.
  • Money is the cause of 99% of crime.
  • Money causes families to fall apart.
  • Money is the driving force behind ego, gluttony, jealousy, greed, envy and all the ugliest aspects of humanity.

Facts about the global banking machine:

* All the major banks in the world are owned and controlled by the banking families.

* They control the entire process of the creation, the printing, and supply of money around the world.

* Globally we are ruled by about 150 banking families. The three biggest names in this cartel are the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Morgans.

* These banking families and their central banks are a law unto themselves and do not have to answer to anyone which allows them to keep their actions secret.

* The deeply complex legal system is used in the same way to manipulate and support this structure, denying the ordinary person access to lawful justice. Therefore the courts are mere enforcers of the banking policy. In “Ubuntu” Michael Tellinger explained in detail how the highly secretive and well guarded techniques of the money system work. Only the highest ranking bankers know it.

“As it stands today, there is not enough money in the world to payoff all the debt in the world, because of interest. This is exactly the situation the banksters wanted to create. A situation that gives them complete control over property and other assets that can be repossessed by the banks, only to re-sell it to another naive person who will most likely end up in the same debt situation.”

“All this activity is continually supported by the legal system and the ignorant judges who just perpetuate the fraud in the face of clear evidence. Many judges are on the payroll of the banks and are vigilant in upholding the fraudulent scam against unsuspecting people who believe judges to be high on the list of humans with integrity.

This is just a small taste of the convoluted web of deception that has been created to keep us ignorant and completely enslaved to the global control of the banksters.”

“The entire banking system and the industry that supports it is based on an unlawful, exploitative and corrupt foundation. It is the greatest act of criminal deception ever perpetrated against humanity. The banks break the law with no remorse every day without any kind of legal backlash, destroying the lives of millions of trusting people.”

“We need to realize that this onslaught against humanity is all about absolute control over the people. As it stands now, those who control the money, control the world. If we remove their tool of control, they have no more power over the people. – The greed factor will take a while to subside amongst humanity as we move towards a moneyless system.”

Ubuntu Contribution System (

Ubuntu stands for:

1) NO Money

2) NO Barter

3) NO Trading

4) No value attached to anything greater than anything else – because all our efforts and contributions are equally valuable.

5) Everyone contributes their natural talents or acquired skills for the greater benefit of all in their community. And therefore everything is available to everyone at all times.

• The Ubuntu Contribution System is a blueprint for human prosperity and a new social structure in which everyone is absolutely free and equal.

• Communities of sovereign humans who choose to unite for the greater benefit of everyone.

• A society that functions without the concept of money, any form of barter or trade, or the attachment of value to material things.

• Where everyone’s contribution to the community is treated as equally and infinitely valuable.

• A culture where each individual is encouraged to follow their passion and contributes their natural talents or acquired skills to the greater benefit of all in the community.

• A society with a new set of laws based on the needs of the people.

• Where everything is provided to everyone because they contribute their Labor of Love.

• A society where everyone is cared for and loved from the womb to the day their soul leaves their body.

• A world where there are no jobs, careers, corporations, unemployment, homelessness, hunger or any other negative aspects of the past.

• A society which promotes the highest levels of scientific and technological progress because there are no financial restrictions.

• A society in which arts and culture flourishes allowing people to experience life to the fullest.

• A society in which spiritual growth of its people through the explosion of arts and culture will allow the rapid rise of consciousness to fully embrace the concept of unity.

“All our subconscious problems that influence our behavior will change dramatically once money is removed from the system and replaced by complete freedom. Very few of us, if any, have had the

benefit of this kind of freedom. Whatever happens, or how it unfolds will be the realization of a rapidly rising unity consciousness that embraces everything in creation. We are the catalysts of this change.

The word economy is completely alien in UBUNTU communities where everything is produced and created by the people at will – not governed by the supply of money.”

“…The answers illustrate how easily we can move from the greed-driven, hoarding mentality of service to self, to a sharing mentality of service to others and our community. By serving others, we serve ourselves. There is no greater honor and satisfaction than giving –and in giving, the Universe rewards us in abundance. – Each community will be unified and united in its effort to make life as easy and pleasant for everyone to enjoy life and live it to the fullest potential.”

“This is the critical difference between Contributionism and any other sociopolitical system we have ever had. Money is NOT part of the UBUNTU system – therefore people cannot be corrupted, bribed, paid off, or paid to do something unsavory. Without money – we cannot be controlled.”

“Transformation to the Ubuntu Contribution System cannot happen in one step. It can only be introduced in a number of phases or small steps to allow people to acclimatize to the brand new way of life and the freedom that comes with implementing the new structures. These will be highly liberating and exciting times with limitless possibilities for everyone.” (End of quotations.)


Dear Michelle; We all are being challenged to think differently. The world is not going to change itself without our involvement! We each wanted to be here on planet Earth to experience this crucial time of ascension, of raising our vibration and consciousness.

It is through our own transformation that we transform the world. As the Hopi Elders remind us: “Be the change that you wish to see and experience in the world!”

Back at age 59 I started a new life of living openly as a Lightworker. Being an immigrant and senior woman I had no choice but throwing myself in the mix of life. Having had to move ten times within nine years I got to know the housing industry in California through personal experience.

I think deep down people know that they are abused by the system, but they don’t know what to do about it. Life is not fair, they are being told.

In concluding I think the implementing of money brought out the worst of us, and in our new era of living without money we will bring out the best of each of us. We will truly walk on Earth as dignified human beings, as divine Sovereigns.

There could be a time in the near future where building dwellings becomes one of the most important tasks to accomplish. That’s why I am passionate about manifesting my dome village project. These domes are easy, fast, and inexpensive to build. Everybody who wishes should be given the opportunity to build for themselves a comfortable home.

The Hopi Elders urge us: “Gather Yourselves Now!”

Let us start manifesting Ubuntu communities.

Michelle, will you help me?

Sending you Blessings and Love,

Karin Lacy