My second book, completed May 2007.

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Table of Contents

         How this Book Came About.

         Chapter 1
         Reasons for taking Drugs. There will be a Drug Problem until Society is ready to
         improve the Living Conditions of all People.

         Chapter 2
         Why Drugs are like Fads – they come and go. Cigarettes are out among the young
         Generation, but the mind-opening Marijuana is in. Sharing my own Experiences with
         Tobacco and Marijuana.

         Chapter 3
         Review of “Kids in the Syndrome Mix of ADHD, LD, Asperger’s, Tourette’s,
         Bipolar and More!” The One-Stop Guide for Parents, Teachers, and Other
         Professionals, by Martin L. Kutscher, MD.

         Chapter 4
         The Emergence of the Indigo Children. Listing of their Traits.

         Chapter 5
         Listing of the wide-spread “Ascension Symptoms” among Indigo Children
         and Adult Indigos.

         Chapter 6
         Treatment of the “Ascension Symptoms”. Sharing my own Experiences.

         Chapter 7
         Take off your Blindfolds and see!

         Chapter 8
         Utilizing Medical Marijuana as a Tool in transitioning through these difficult
         Times of the Shift. Using Marijuana to connect with your Inner Guidance.
         Sharing my own Experiences. Abraham in a Nutshell.

         Chapter 9
         What the non-physical Teacher Abraham says about Marijuana and the War on Drugs
         My Advice for Suicidal Adolescent Indigo Children.

         Chapter 11
         Becoming an Allower

         Chapter 12
         Choose between Follower and Deliberate Creator. Follow the 11 Rules of “Bill
         Gates’ Message on Life to High School Students” or Choose to become the
         Deliberate Creator of your own Life Experience. 11 Guidelines for awakening Indigo

         Chapter 13
         Information from the Internet about the History and the many Uses of Cannabis,
         Marijuana, and Hemp. Cannabis/Hemp in History and Religion. Pot-Smoking Founding
         Fathers. What Madame Blavatsky concluded about Cannabis. The Cannabinoid
         Receptors. Hemp Seed for Food. Cannabis/Marijuana in the past and present U.S.A.

         Chapter 14
         Those who control our Energy control our Society.

         Chapter 15
         The Emerging Great Grassroots Movement. Self-Sustaining Communities grow their
         own Food, their own Medicine, their Recreational Drugs, their Fuel, Clothing, etc.
         The Grassroots Movement is happening. Join the Hemp Renaissance.

         Chapter 16
         The War on Drugs. The U.S. using Drug Money to fund covert Operations.

         Chapter 17
         Sharing my Experiences of Living in an Area of Border Smuggling. Being a Medical
         Marijuana User with a Doctor’s Recommendation. Wanting to make a Difference in
         the Back County with “Karin’s Compassionate Cannabis Club”.

         Chapter 18
         Punishment is Evil-Doing under the Guise of Goodness

Chapter 19
         The Fourth and Fifth Amendment. Brief Review of “Marijuana — Your Legal
         Rights” by Attorney Richard Jay Moller. Supervisors trying to invalidate
         Medical Marijuana. What I learned about Ditch Weed. The Compassion Aspect.

         Chapter 20
         Learning to grow your own Medicine.

         Chapter 21
         The Science of Co-Creation with Nature. Learning to work with Nature Spirits and
         the Feminine Energies of the Cannabis Plant.

         Chapter 22
         Open Letter to San Diego Council Woman Donna Frye.


         Bonus Page
         “Scientific Explanation of Hell”

Please read what Jerry and Esther Hicks said about my book.

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