Psychic Reading with Andrew Bartzis


Potty Training for Indigo Children”

Part 2: Return to Cannabis

The Journey continues…

Sharing and Analysis of my psychic reading with Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian.

A treatise.

I had to remind myself that part of my Lightworker job is to document my life experience and to be transparent, so that I can shine my light towards others.

And yet I hadn’t written anything for the last nine months.

In this treatise I share my private reading with Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian.

I believe it can benefit some readers in reflecting upon their own issues. I believe we can learn from other’s experiences. I live on the leading edge of thought, I’m a forward thinker, a pioneering spirit. I give input into the collective of humanity. As a Lightworker I am an awakener for those who are ready for a wake-up-call. I want to be a proactive co-creator of the New Earth of fifth dimension. I am ready to meet others of my tribe of same signature frequency.

In 2013, when I lived in Mount Shasta, California, I participated in a workshop conducted by Andrew Bartzis and Rob Potter. When I asked Rob Potter if I could participate in the workshop in exchange for 1oz of my fine, homegrown medicine, he replied, “Make it two halves”, meaning half for Andrew.

Ever since I have been eagerly following Andrew’s teachings and video shows.

When Andrew announced his “holiday special” discounts for a private reading of 30 minutes, I started saving up for the $400 deal.

The zoom meeting with Andrew was on May 24, 2021, 40 min of audio.

In sharing and analyzing my reading I simultaneously intend to introduce Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian, to more people.

It was a great honor talking in private with Andrew Bartzis. So far, I listened to the tape five times; each time I reached a more expanded vista point from where to perceive my life’s itinerary.

Since I know Andrew for eight years, there’s definitely a multidimensional connection, beyond our 3D interaction.

After each repeated listening to the reading I feel a deeper perception of what happened during the reading. There were many moments of quiet/silence between us where we communicated non-physically. I felt torn between accepting or rejecting the new choice in my life that Andrew laid out for me.

To advice me to rejoin the Cannabis community was the last thing I expected to hear from Andrew.

Andrew talked about my returning to Cannabis for half an hour, out of the entire 40 minutes.

When Andrew asked me questions about my past, I mentioned that I was for many years involved in the Cannabis culture; I had a small indoor medicine garden and used the herb often for trading and bartering. Also, I received inspiration from Spirit to write a book about Cannabis. So I did; it is called “Potty Training for Indigo Children “ – Cannabis, Marijuana, Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment, and Abundant Resources.

I received the book title “Potty Training for Indigo Children” as a download from the non-physical teacher Abraham. When I heard and saw this title in my mind, I was totally flabbergasted and almost fell from the proverbial chair.

A year later I was listening to a CD in which Abraham had dialogues with concerned parents about their teenagers’ drug problems. When Abraham said something like, “It needs to be talked about how much the War on Drugs is blown out of proportion. Somebody should write a book about it.” – I suddenly heard myself shouting out loud to the Universe, “Abraham, I’m going to write this book! I’ll take that assignment!”

After I had finished writing “Potty Training for Indigo Children”, I sent a CD with my book to Abraham-Hicks.

Shortly thereafter I received a letter from Jerry and Esther Hicks in the mail, thanking me for writing this book and endorsing it:


Dear Karin; Jerry and Esther asked me to express their appreciation for your CD. Thinking it was an audio CD, it was most interesting to see the content of the pdf file. And I must admit, that the title did not reveal the content. Initially thinking it has something to do with toddlers, it is a very clever title. It is a very thoughtful, knowledgeable, comprehensive work in answer to Abraham’s assignment.

As you are aware, Jerry and Esther are joyously romping about the planet helping more to understand that ALL IS WELL and that life is supposed to be FUN and feel GOOD!

They wish to acknowledge YOU and your part in Benefiting ALL THAT IS!

They asked me to tell you, “Thanks so much! We Love You!”

I am mentioning Abraham here to demonstrate that Spirit has been involved in the creation of this book.

After smoking Cannabis on and off for twenty years, along the way I learned everything I could about Cannabis. I even gathered my experience in a book. So I thought the time may be right to give up using Cannabis. I live without drinking or smoking, no coffee, no medications, and no cannabis either. It has been a liberating feeling to have no desires for any substances. Now, a few years later, I still indulge in that feeling of liberation and freedom.

A close friend told me that she perceives me like a nun. I don’t really like being perceived like a nun. Maybe I emanate the nun-like vibration of abstinence because of my frugal and addiction-free lifestyle, in particular my diet as a fruitarian/raw vegan.

I told Andrew that I quit all Cannabis activities a few years ago and gave away my entire growing equipment.

The 40 minutes transcript would probably fill a dozen pages; I have to trim down the audio reading and turn it into a treatise of seven pages length.

Partial Transcript of Andrew Bartzis Reading, 5-24-2021

Me: “My question is this: When I was in my thirties, back in Germany, I got a psychic reading. The woman said that I’m somebody who is born very old and gets younger throughout life. She said I will experience the Spring of my life at old age.

I want to add that I came in right after World War II in East Germany, under the worst conditions. Life was about scarcity. We were five kids and had to work early on to help make ends meet. At age 27 I managed to escape from the German Democratic Republic to West Germany.

…Overall, my life was hardship.

So I wonder whether the Universe still has anything good in store for me? Also, I wonder whether it might include meeting a soulmate. I miss the Yang energy in my life.“

A: “It’s all about personal choice. You got to help the Universe along, it doesn’t do the way for you. You have to go along. Wishing doesn’t work. Following through works. Commitment and discipline works.

That’s all this world is about, nothing comes to us for free, without the effort that is put behind it.

In your life, no matter how hard the circumstances, what were the positive things you experienced? Just that a psychic told you something 40 years ago, what makes it valid today?”

Me: “I just wonder if there is any truth to that prophecy?”

A: “There is truth to that prophecy, but you have to be willing to blossom, just like when you choose to escape from the East to the West. There has to be a driving passion inside you.“

Me: “For decades I’ve tried to find my tribe, and start a community, however, things did not line up for me. I didn’t meet people of my soul family.”

A: “No, You met people who were not signature frequency matches. But you are in dozens of soul families.

Now you are looking for soul family that has a higher soul frequency, that’s a match for you.

You were meeting people of a lower frequency, that created a dis-resonance inside you.

Me: “My long-term dream has been to join a community. I’d love to be part of an Ubuntu community.”

A: “Ubuntu is a pipe dream in the U.S. It’s not real – “

Me: “Not yet”.

A: “It’s not going to be real. I know all about it. None of the communities that ever started, go anywhere because they don’t have anything for conflict resolution.

And when they do find conflict resolution, it comes down to money. After a year everybody goes in a different direction, broke.

And there is a reason why humanity isn’t ready for these types of communities.

We have a lot more growing to do. Maybe that’s what your third book will be about, what humanity needs to do to make these communities real.

There are many people who are just like you who want those communities, but they never truly manifest. – And then you write about why they don’t manifest.

When everybody is for this idea, why can’t anybody follow through?

(Me: I asked myself that question many times.)

Humans need so much more to go through. They’ve got a lot to learn for these communities to become real.“

Me: “Yes, I guess we as the human family still have ways to go. I had hoped that by now we would be further along in our awakening.”

A: “No, we are not.”

Me: “ That’s why the air is a bit out with me. It’s all taking too long. I’m weary. I just go along with the motions; I don’t do much at the moment.”

A: “But you h ave to start doing, to get passionate again.

You have to put some effort behind self-promotion, it is not hard to do.

You want to put effort behind the creation and then the creation has to motivate you into self-promotion. You could take free classes on amazon that teach how to promote one’s book. Invest just 1 hour a day into it. Start listening to other podcasts. Start your own podcast.”

A: “I guarantee, you could easily make $100,000 in a season from one growing facility, just from trimming cannabis. With your experience you could make $80 an hour from the right facility.

But you don’t see those skills as valuable anymore because you walked away from it.

You’ve got to give yourself a chance to make money.”

A: “What’s the next level going to be for you? You should be meeting locals who have the same passion as you in the Cannabis arena. You have to go back in that field, because there is where you meet that next person who has the same passion about that subject that you have.”

A: “What is your hesitation about going back to pot growing?”

Me: “It’s because I think I would smoke too much, I loved it. I would just be blissing out in lalaland with my head in the clouds and letting the world off the hook.”

A: “You can learn self-control, You just spent 4 years without smoking. You can cut yourself to 10 grams a month, easy.

You just got to choose it.

Right now, you are holding yourself back.

You are not allowing some of these other passions to come through.”

Me: “Yes, I’m holding myself back.”

A: “You can’t hold yourself back anymore. Allow yourself to be social in the local pot growing community. I guarantee you, you’ll find a job there!

You can make good money and then you would be able to move to Eugene really fast.

It’s just about changing the options you are giving yourself right now. And I guarantee you, there are a lot of 74-year old men who are neighbors in your pot growing community who would be vastly interested in your story.”

A: “What’s it going to take you to believe in you again? You have to make new choices in order to break the stagnant energy you are stuck in.

The rest now is getting through; Get out of your chair. Connect, have a joint with the local growers. Get over that belief “I can’t smoke because I would smoke too much. Bullshit. Enjoy it. Write a third, fourth, and fifth book.

Stop holding yourself back.

Can you do that?”

Me: “Yes.”

A: “What is stopping you?”

Me: “My own resistance.”

A: “What do you do for your passion now?”

Me: “I feel a bit stuck. I spent the weekend working with your Advanced Heart Meditation. I added green/red stones. “

A: “Part of your spiritual journey is understanding the self-generation that it takes to be self-illuminated.

Example: You knew you needed to leave Germany to start a new life.

A new version of that has to emerge from you today.

And it’s not about finding soul family members. It’s finding the spiritual connection to yourself to emanate the energy of attraction and repulsion, where the Universe will begin to line up in synchronistic form new sets of choices, new sets of passion, new options for you to go and explore.

And with that you will shake up the old stagnant energy and allow new potentials to flow through.

It requires for you looking in the past, what has driven you in the past and what also has limited you in the past.”

A: “What has limited you in the past?”

Me: “That I suffered from a thousand insecurities.”

A: “At age 74 are you ready to get over these insecurities?”

Me: “I worked hard to overcome many of the insecurities.”

A: “And in that work what did you learn from the insecurities?”

Ne: “I think I was loaded with entities throughout my life.”

A: “And where are they now? “

Me: “I’m not sure I still have any…..

A: “…nowhere near the volume you did ten years ago. Your work has paid off.

You have to figure out this: How do I motivate myself into the new set of choices, so I can follow through with the new set of choices.”

A: “Do you feel aloneness there where you are?”

Me: “Yes, I feel isolated in this small town. I plan to move to Eugene; I’m on a few rental waiting lists.”

A: “Meanwhile, what can you do to not feel so alone?”

Me: “ I do volunteer work. I have acquaintances. I can do more writing.”

A: “How many ebooks have you written? “

Me: “I’ve written only one; for the next one I only have to put together the articles and put it as a new ebook on my website. It’s title is “Washing My Potatoes”, I’m documenting my life experience. “

A: “What was the first book about?”

Me: “It was about pot, growing pot, and utilizing it spiritually.

It is called “Potty Training for Indigo Children”

A: “I like that title”. (Laughs his unique Andrew laughter. )

A: “How have the sales been for that book?”

Me: “Nothing is happening right now. I wrote this book fourteen years ago. I sold 100 copies in 14 years.”

A: “So you know how to grow pot really well, then?”

Me: “I had an indoor garden and got good at growing. Also, I felt attracted by Cannabis as one of Earth’ special plants, embodying the divine feminine.

But I quit and gave my growing equipment away, about four years ago.”

A: “Why?”

Me: “I had no more chance to grow, one needs a landlord who agrees with that. And I also felt that my time had come to be free of anything. I don’t drink or smoke, no coffee, no cannabis, no medications. And it feels good to be free of anything at this time in my life.”

A: “What about now? Do you miss the life, the fact that you were growing plants and were invested into the life force of those energies of these plants?”

Me: “I don’t really miss it at the moment. If I would smoke pot again, I probably would get into the daily habit again, because I liked it.

I used it as a tool for writing. I was prolific in my writing.”

A: “Well, then you should go back to it!

If you’ve got two more books to write, then just smoke and write, smoke and write.

Next thing: What are you doing to promote your other book? You just put it out in ebook format and that is it?”

Me: “I don’t promote anything right now. It would take money to do that.”

A: “But that’s minor, the other part of promotion is that you should go on a podcast and tell how to grow pot, exactly what the book is about.”

Me: “The book teaches how to use Cannabis wisely and responsibly.”

A: “…And then they go and buy your book because they like the character that you present as yourself on the podcast.”

A: “And the other choice you made is about judging yourself. You catch my little drift here about judging yourself. You’ve got to stop judging your own self. Accepting yourself is a big part.

That vigor will come back.

Reinvest yourself back in that original book and consider writing a part 2 to it. There’s a lot of things you can teach people, not just about growing, but about consuming.

You’ve got a lot of wisdom to impart to people. But you’ve got to step up the way to impart it.

A: …”When you stopped pot-growing you put aside this entire part of your passion, regarding Cannabis.

Whatever you now try to fuel yourself doesn’t give you the same umph and gusto of energy.”

I really think you have a lot of great things in store for You.

But now you have to do.

Now I’ve helped to chart a course of what to do. Next, talk to the local community.

Just as you had an escape plan, you now have to have that same passion for the escape route out of your boredom. Cross that border into doing.”

(End of partial transcript.)


After much pondering and consideration I made the decision to use Cannabis again.

I’m going to focus on Cannabis for seven months, until the end of 2021. I will document my experience and start writing part 2 of my book “Potty Training for Indigo Children”, as Andrew suggested. I will overcome my present lethargy and exhaustion and focus on writing again, which always has been my strongest point of connection. I will feel exhilaration again and experience umph and gusto while in the writing state. This will dispel the nun-like energies from my auric field. As Andrew said, “the vigor will come back.”

Also, I will stop judging myself and work on self-acceptance as an important part of my journey of self-mastery.

I think I will have to do some serious soul searching about changing the options I am giving myself right now. I’m going to lay out a new strategy for the near future, with new sets of choices, new options to explore, for new potentials to flow through.

It is true that I am bored in my present situation. I feel isolated and alone here. I had to learn that one cannot live in a small rural town without a car. Nothing worked out for me in Oakridge.

I plan to move back to Eugene/Springfield, where there is a great public transportation system, even free for seniors.

In Eugene I’d have many opportunities of interacting with others. Chances are greater there to meet people of my tribe and create an Ubuntu community platform. In Oakridge I was not able to get a hiking and gardening group together, but in Eugene I could join several hiking and gardening groups. Interacting with the pot growing community would be easier, too.

Weighing the pros and cons of using pot again.

I live in government subsidized housing; smoking of any kind is not allowed. I will have to smoke secretly, with no-smell methods, such as vaporizer pens, oils, concentrates, or edibles. I need to make my own THC tincture again.

I like Oakridge for its surrounding forests, lakes and streams, and its pristine air. There are no military bases, power plants, or chemical factories in the area.

The spirit of the small town of Oakridge/Westfir is that of mediocrity. The poverty level is high. Many live in trailer parks. There are no signs of expansion and improvement. The local population are small thinkers, focused on survival; they are followers, doing what the others do.

But there are definitely the “Cultural Creatives” who have acreage and can afford a secluded lifestyle in Nature.

The local people I got to know are kind and friendly. They are against Cannabis; so I don’t mention that I wrote a book about Cannabis, 14 years ago. I basically live as if in hiding; I live the life of a church mouse in Oakridge. I can feel that I am shrinking here, in a manner of speaking, because of that mediocrity energy that is dominating the area.

I was startled when Andrew said right away that I should go back into the Cannabis world.

So I’ve been weighing the pros and cons. My body in its wisdom definitely cleaned out those canabinoid receptors over the last few years. My mind is clear. I did my 19th liver cleanse recently, which I do to maintain a squeaky clean liver/gallbladder and strong immune system. After a break from Cannabis over several years I will need only tiny amounts of THC to shift upward into that field which I call “the pool of inspiration”. Once there I can hold myself in that blissful state for quite some time and go into a writing session.

Closing Thoughts

My private reading with Andrew truly was life-changing. He helped me by laying out a strategy for a new direction in my journey. The purpose is to get me out of lower-frequency states like boredom, stagnation, isolation, resignation. I must strive to regain my vigor and live again in the frequency range of umph and gusto. Andrew said he is certain that I’ll have opportunities to make money in the Cannabis culture. This way I would have money to hire people to improve my website and help setup ebooks.

Andrew said I myself should make sales publicity for my book “Potty Training for Indigo Children.”

He said I have much to impart to people and writing is the way for me. He suggested that I return to Cannabis and write Part 2 for “Potty Training for Indigo Children”.

Just writing these two sentences makes my heart sing! In fact, I’m going to use this treatise as the first chapter of Part 2, “Return to Cannabis”.

I will use Cannabis in a disciplined manner by utilizing it as a tool for writing. I heard Andrew several times mentioning on his shows that 10 gram of Cannabis per months is okay; in this sparing amount it is non-addictive and non-abusive.

The Cannabis renaissance has been bestowed upon humanity at a time when it is most needed. As we move through this monumental transformation process, including changing timelines, anything that helps people to get through this critical era with greater ease, should be allowed, provided that no other is harmed in the process.

Cannabis is best used in a sacred manner for ones self-mastery.

For the upcoming months I’m going to integrate Cannabis in my spiritual hygiene. I’m going to write about it in the next articles. I like the idea of again serving as a steward for Cannabis.

Cannabis had been pushed for almost hundred years into illegality and thus became part of the criminal underground world that has been overshadowing this plant.

The healing of the trauma around Cannabis/Ganja also includes to end the prejudices and judgments within the frequency range of blame/shame/guilt.

As advocates and activists we have reached victory: For the most part Cannabis has been taken out of the shadow world and criminality and brought into the light of day.

May all stewards of Cannabis celebrate the renaissance of one of Earth’ sacred female plants as a tool for awakening, as we manifest the New Earth of Fifth Dimension.

In service, Karin Lacy