Fictitious Letter to President Trump

Fictitious Letter to President Donald Trump

September 30, 2018

Document for Change #2

Re: “Walls and Wars – Overcoming the Instincts of Hive Consciousness”

Dear Reader;

This is my second contribution of a “Document for Change” for the near future, within the framework of a Fictitious Open Letter to the President.

My first contribution of a “Document for Change” for the near future is my Fictitious Letter to President Trump, called “Homage to the Whistleblowers”, from August 2017.

Dear President Trump;

Hi, my name is Karin Lacy; I am a Lightworker for America; presently living in Medford, Oregon.

Recently I read an article called “Walls and Wars – Overcoming the Instincts of Hive Consciousness”, by Ethan Indigo Smith. What an excellent nugget of information! In fact, it could turn out to be the major missing piece of the puzzle to change the world. I believe that you, Mr. President, would benefit from reading it, since it is about Walls and Wars. The article can be read in its entirety here:

Ethan Indigo Smith allowed me to summarize the article so that you, Mr. President, as well as the readers, can absorb its essence here:

(Quotations in bold):

The Hopi creation story of this world begins as the last world was ending in an unspecified calamity. A few people — our ancestors — were taken underground, saved by ant people who taught us how to survive, how to grow food and hide from disaster. Eventually people returned above ground and were told to walk the four directions of the Earth, and to reunite.

The Great Spirit made an appearance and gathered the peoples of this Earth together, and said to the human beings, “I’m going to send you to four directions, and over time I’m going to change you to four colors, but I’m going to give you some teachings, and you will call these the Original Teachings; when you come back together with each other, you will share these so that you can live and have peace on Earth, and a great civilization will come about.” …
— Source: A Cherokee Legend, by Lee Brown, Cherokee

Ants are the only animal in the world that humanity can be accurately compared with, so much so that perhaps mankind was influenced by antkind more than any other being. Humans and ants are farmers, warriors, harvesters, thieves and enslavers alike. No other animal behaves like man, except ants, and no other being is as warmongering.

Human history in total, from whatever nationalistic, religious or otherwise jingoistic perspective one endures, can be read like a proud Argentine Ant’s recital of the invasion of New Orleans, and
California. The Argentine Ant spent millions of generations building up not only defensive structures but amassing invasion forces to take over as much of South America as antly possible. Any other ant colony they encounter, they destroy. They vanquish all other antkind and, if ants believe anything at all, they must believe they are the “chosen ants”. Ants are extremely intelligent (if intelligence is measured in utilizing surroundings as tools) and the Argentine Ants grew accustomed to hopping on floating leaves or debris in the Argentine flood plains and hitching rides downstream to effectively expand their territory. They were such mighty warriors with such rich resources that no other ant could challenge them.

When steamships began embarking from Argentinian shores they carried with them invasion force after invasion force of the chosen Argentine Ants. Wherever the ship was steered the ants embarked and began total and complete annihilation not only of all other ants but also of other life that posed competition to their empire. The chosen ants have now formed a global collective. Interestingly enough, the Argentine Ants recognize and accept each other by affiliation, no matter what continental colony they are from, and destroy all other ants they encounter. They even produce chemicals that recruit their nest mates into battle during these encounters.

Today the Argentine Ant mega colony has traversed the globe, staking claim to significant areas on six continents and eliminating indigenous life in the process. It is a stark parallel to human colonialism, only the insect expansion and elimination is even more one-sided, since no other ant it seems can withstand the forces of the Argentine Ants.

Why do we continue to behave as ants?
The antkind and mankind collectives prepare for war instead of peace. And when the opportunity presents itself — because all preparations have been made, or because the opposition is seemingly prepared, or is seemingly not prepared and therefore ought to be confronted — war inevitably takes place. It takes place because it has been readied, through culture and infrastructure. At the borders of ant populations wars are taking place right now where millions are being killed every month. The ants kill each other because of their differences, despite the fact they are all ants. And as history continues to demonstrate, humans, when placed in bordered blocks, suffer the same end; the same wars based on differences, despite our sameness.

The Walls
The harvesting, farming, raising of livestock, enslavement, and war organization that is common between antkind and mankind make us remarkably similar. But perhaps of all our shared traits, the most detrimental similarity is the fact that antkind and mankind both build walls. Perhaps the fact that we build walls is actually the most markedly similar characteristic between us, preceding all other similarities.
Walls create confrontation. Walls are perimeters, borders, where war is readied and armament is installed. It’s where those who are not enough like us live, on the other side of the wall. But walls also create a contradiction: they make people want to get through them in case there is something worthy behind the wall — something we don’t have but which those who are not enough like us may have.
Walls have been getting in the way of the development of our collective mentality for millennia. Walls make us more like ants than farming or harvesting or raising livestock ever could. Walls build up the infrastructure that maintains war, false pride, and the bordermind state of war.
We also build societal and spiritual walls and encase individuals and whole regions in binds. The mental and spiritual binds and encasements we are surrounded by entrap us just as walls do. And just like ants we believe the walls are protecting us when in fact they are perpetuating the mind state of war.
We live encased in spiritual and mental walls we built around ourselves through institutionalization. We are walled in by experiences, by layers of ego armor and a culture of separation in a post-modern society.

We humans have walked the four directions of separateness. Let us return to the circle of oneness, share what we have learned, and create the great human civilization the Hopi prophesied. Let us cease cooperation with systems, institutions and colonialist governments which, on thoughtful questioning, prove to be based on the impulses of the lower mind — the hive consciousness. And let us remember and honor the sacredness of all things.

(End of excerpts from Ethan Indigo Smith’s article “Walls and Wars –Overcoming the Instincts of Hive Consciousness”)

Manifesting the New Earth of 5D

Dear President Trump;

When you became President you right away announced a huge increase of the military budget in order to keep the war machinery going.

You also announced to build The Wall to Mexico as the solution to the problems with illegal immigrants.

Since I am only reading headlines to maintain an overview of the present global situation, that was all I needed to know to realize that the new administration will continue “politics as usual”; the collectivist mindset of war and colonialism remains the same.

As the human civilization we cannot continue our journey on starship Earth while living in hive mind consciousness. Even though we are biologically animals we are not bound to behave like antkind. As mankind we have been given stewardship of our home planet Earth by Prime Creator. We have come far in our evolution. We are proud of our accomplishments as the human race, yet our minds still operate at the same level as antkind.

How did we end up functioning in ant behavior? Who led us down a path of destruction instead of co-creation? Ants are not our role models. We are divine multidimensional beings, with only a fraction of our vastness anchored here in our physical vessels. It’s time we smarten up, Godlings!

We can conclude by observing antkind that violence and war are at their root a biological impulse of self-preservation. And yet mankind discusses war in terms of tradition and history. Our global rulers present a wide range of reasoning for killing each other en masse, justifying war and genocide in the name of politics, money, religion, protecting our way of life, etc.

As evolved beings we humans are able to surpass and overcome the biological impulse of killing by thinking as free-willed individuals, not as mindless drones in institutionalized societal collectives. We have self-awareness and the ability to make choices beyond our biological programming.

Walls and Wars

The subject of ‘Walls and Wars’ is of particular interest to me since I experienced life in a walled-in country. I was born and educated in East Germany, right after World War II. I was 13 years old in 1961 when they built the Berlin Wall and the entire fence enclosing the German Democratic Republic, overnight. This wall/fence was mostly built to keep the people inside, since people were the most valuable resource for a country laid in rubble and ashes by World War II, and with huge losses of life.

From the time I was a teenager I became obsessed with the idea of escaping from my homeland. And from age 18 on it became secretly my number one goal to get out there. At age 27 it finally happened that I successfully escaped to Western Germany.

The collectivist mindset of war and colonialism is basically the same in every country and in every political system. No matter what ideology it is the same collective hive mind programming, driven by antlike biological impulses.

Dear President Trump; It is high time that we, the human family, withdraw from the ant mentality by becoming aware of the hostage situation that keeps us locked in ant behavior. We must reveal the whole story of why and how we were led astray.

Draining the swamp is not enough. Exchanging the administration figures is like rearranging the chairs on the sinking Titanic.

For years the whistleblowers have been enlightening us about what kind of humans are globally running the show as the global ruling elite. These people have been identified as psychopaths, parasites, predators, pedophiles, satanists and cannibals. They lack any empathy and compassion for their fellow man and all life. Their traits are about “Service to Self” in contrary to “Service to Others”. These power players write the narrative, no matter which President is selected as the spokesperson. Each new President’s dilemma obviously is that he can only select his administration from among these criminals. This ensures history repeating itself.

Creating a New Paradigm of Living on Earth

Dear President Trump; Instead of building The Great Wall of Separation I suggest something extraordinary, out of this world, never been done before; something divine, something that brings all of mankind closer to Source or God.

We must start by deliberately exiting the mental prison of hive mind consciousness. We must consciously open our hearts and minds and let down our walls. We each must consciously develop our individuality. We must stop acting as drones to the hive mind and finally bring an end to the colonialism of hollow, war-minded institutions that we have allowed to dominate and control us.

We must declare to ourselves and to the world that ‘We The People’ have decided to end the global narrative of permanent war waging.

From our God-Self perspective we ended the era of the Dark Age and are now in the dawning hour of the Golden Age. The two will coexist for awhile, until the purging of the Dark is complete. This Shift of the Ages that is happening right now is a monumental undertaking, a transformation as profound as that from chrysalis to butterfly.

Buckminster Fuller said: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

We as the collective of humanity must carry out the following actions to change the world, not over generations, but asap:

~ Removing the criminal global elite and their minions.

~ Ending the slave system now.

~ Ending hunger and poverty on Earth as the number one priority.

~ Dismantling of the global governments. New governments are only intended for administrative purposes, not as agencies of power and control over the people.

~ Dismantling of the Military-Industrial-Complex.

~ Closing of all military bases throughout the world, in every country on Earth.

~ Distribution of all collateral accounts that are being held secret from the people.

~ Distribution of the massive frozen assets and wealth of the criminal global cabal. These riches that were hidden from us and/or stolen by the ruling elite will make every human on Earth a billionaire. This allows us to phase out money after the transition period.

~ Release of all hidden alien technologies, including replicators, healing technologies, teleportation.

~ Support of all third-world countries in raising their standards for living. This will eliminate immigrants and refugees who are leaving their country out of desperation.

~ We follow Natural Law which in essence says: Do not harm any other sentient kind.

~ We strive to live according to the Galactic Codex.

~ We clean all pollution on Earth.

~ Hemp and Cannabis. Hemp will finally replace the lumber industry and cotton industry. Cannabis will be utilized in its many healing applications.

~ All forbidden patents will be allowed and sponsored.

~ All inventions for healing the human body-mind-spirit will be made available to everybody.

~ We will immediately stop all poisoning of air, water, food, radiation, weather warfare, etc., that is intended to harm humanity.

~ We will immediately end mistreating animals and eliminate factory farming.

~ When I came to the U.S in 1990 I was shocked to see that in the richest country in the world the poor live in trailer parks. They are everywhere, even in harsh climates. When my husband and I wanted to pursue the American Dream we moved to a rural area and bought an old double-wide trailer on 2.5 acres. Yet our dream of building a dome house did not manifest. It was a tough life of struggle for survival, to say the least.

I suggest the following:

~ Eliminating the substandard trailer parks. Offer to assist every person/family in the building of a new and modern home: 3D-printed, state of the art, with free energy device, water-creating system; comfortable; luxurious, free internet; amenities including replicators.

~ Everybody who is interested gets allotted a piece of land for being ready to live in the spirit of a new beginning and contribute in manifesting the Age of Peace and Community Building. Of course gardening will become popular like never before. We plant new seeds everywhere, symbolically and literally. We each connect in a new and intimate way with our Earth Mother Gaia as we create the Earth Garden, bringing Heaven down to Earth.

Since every human on the planet will be a billionaire, nobody will need to work anymore. Money will no longer be accumulated as the measure for success. Instead it will be all about finding and connecting with one’s tribe of like-minded people to help each other manifest our dreams.


We as the collective of mankind are standing at a crossroads.

Will you, President Trump, become the divider of our country in ‘we’ and ‘them’ or do you want to become the unifier and wayshower? Will we let the criminal global elite continue to force us into their New World Order of global tyranny and population reduction? It would mean total rule over the hive mind, repeating human history of walls and wars.

Or will we reach for the unfathomable and rise our heads to the stars so that we may remember who we truly are? We the human family have reached the completion of the cycle of the Dark Age within third dimensional density. We are now awakening and ascending into the fifth dimension. From the Dark Age of Separation and Limitation we are now moving towards Unity Consciousness. We are going to create a new vibrational reality where Natural Law governs human behavior.

Until we as the human collective can consider joining our galactic brethren, the star nations, we first must deprogram all adopted antkind behavior and instead begin to live in accordance with the Galactic Codex.

Dear President Trump; I am imagining and visualizing you with a pure and courageous heart, surrounded by white light – announcing to our country and to the world that all darkness has been purged from our planet.

I see you, with your arms stretched out, heralding to the farthest corners that we have entered a new era, the time we all have been waiting for.

I see you, President Trump, calling upon all of mankind to unite and manifest the Golden Age on Earth – now. You call upon and invite every human being to participate.

I envision you, President Trump, enlightening the people that we were led astray to believe and act like antkind.

I see you educating the whole world that the politics of war is at the base thinking of less evolved life, like that of antkind. You remind all that we as mankind can choose to open our hearts and minds to elevate our beingness into a higher state.

Dear President Trump; Tell the world that we have walked the four directions of separateness. Tell all that we must return to the circle of oneness, share what we have learned, and create the great human civilization the Hopi prophesied. In the realm of 5D the frequency of Unconditional Love permeates everything. Love is the language, the currency, and the law in the fifth dimension.

As the old, disintegrating world is collapsing we must now start our projects of creating the world we want to live in.

I’ve always resonated with the Margaret Mead phrase: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Mr. President, it is said you are the most powerful man in this world. You would only need a few committed others to guide mankind through the process of leaving the mental prison of the hive mind.

We must consciously exit the Holographic Matrix System and reverse our programming.

Let’s make our whole world great – all at once!

In Unity Consciousness, Karin Lacy, Lightworker for America

PS: Please read the entire article by Ethan Indigo Smith here.

His article is a huge eye-opener and may trigger spontaneous shifts of awakening.