The Greed Virus

Dear Oregonians;
As I look around I see the infestation everywhere.
The Greed Virus has infected the majority of the people. The Greed Virus is a mind parasite that causes people to make Money the center point of life, individually and globally.

Being infested with the Greed Virus conditions a person to measure everything in their life in terms of Money. The Greed Virus becomes a program.

One could also view the Greed Virus as a Nanobot Implant that takes over our beings and alters us at the DNA level. The Greed Virus changes our character. We lose our moral and ethical values, our integrity, our innate compass of what is right and wrong; we forget what our ancestors meant by following The Golden Rule in life.

It all happens at the expense of the human Heart. The connection between our Heart and our Soul eventually runs dry. We turn into Zombies or Automatons, programmed to follow the Money.
The Greed Virus is designed to hold us down at the level of struggle for survival. Milking each other for Money becomes the meaning of life itself.

Over the last twelve years I learned through first-hand experience about the ever-growing Greed Virus infestation in the housing industry. In our predatory corporate society the housing industry is the most profitable of all, charging at least half of each tenant’s income. It is the story of human Greed for Money, of how the Haves treat the Have-nots, and of how we are kept divided as winners and losers.

I’ve been appreciating Craigslist ever since they started their wonderful social platform. I learn much about the people and how they live and what they believe from reading Craigslist ads.

So I am searching the Ashland/Medford housing market. By now the housing industry has become downright inhuman. Credit checking has become a lucrative side business for those of the managers or landlords who are carrying the Greed Virus. Applicants get to view their desired apartment only after they paid for the hefty credit check and application fees, per each adult. Utilities like water and garbage are more and more often passed on to the tenant. One can easily recognize the infested landlords and managers when they demand two rents plus deposit in order to qualify as a tenant.
In the Housing Wanted section I read people’s stories of despair for a place to live. There are lots of vacant houses offered, but they are far beyond people’s financial means. One can imagine the drama and abuse that is going on inside this housing business of Haves and Have-nots. The survival of the fittest in action, ruthless and merciless.

The higher culture and higher consciousness of the Ashland area inspired me to want to move to Southern Oregon. What I also like about Oregon is that it is the third state to legalize Cannabis/Marijuana. It speaks of greater open-mindedness of the people.
Alas, I learn on Craigslist Medford/Ashland that the Greed Virus or Greed Implant has already been infesting the people involved in the new Cannabis industry. The new propagated trend is to become an OMMP patient (Oregon Medical Marijuana Program). People who own land are now jumping on the profit bandwagon, charging tens of thousands of dollars for a growing season lease.

Since Cannabis had been pushed for almost hundred years into illegality and thus became part of the underground world, there is still much darkness attached to it as a drug.

As advocates and activists we have reached victory: Cannabis has been taken out of the shadow world and criminality and brought into the light of day. One would expect that matters are now beginning to relax and reach balance regarding this herb. Not at all. Instead Cannabis has become the new target for the Greed Virus.
There are those of the people who are not corruptible. Each one of us has come to the realization that “things are not what they appear to be”. We know what the whole money game is all about. We chose to live from the Heart. It gives us immunity to the Greed Virus.

We have a deeper understanding of the sacred plant Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp. We feel called to be the stewards until this sacred plant regains its balance in Nature’s cycle. We pursue a different future from the mass marketing of Cannabis/Marijuana. We don’t want to be part of the new predatory corporate Cannabis industry for control and profit making, while at the same time putting Americans in “stoner sleep mode.”

As a newcomer to Southern Oregon I would like to meet people who resonate with my viewpoints and who also seek to collaborate and co-create with like-minded gardeners. As the stewards of Cannabis, let us celebrate the renaissance of one of Earth’ sacred female plants. –

Peace out – Oregon Newcomer