Advice for suicidal adolescent Indigo Children

Dear Reader; I wrote the below article in 2007; it is my desire that it may be of benefit to people in a difficult situation in their lives. Meanwhile the topic of suicide is even more prevalent. On the other hand, the situation in regards to Cannabis/Marijuana has changed much for the better over the last decade. We are now in the year 2020, living through the so-called Covid-19 pandemic. The number of suicides are higher than the number of Covid-19 deaths. The pandemic is engineered for the purpose of vaccinating the entire global population. These vaccines contain behavior-modifying microchips that work in tandem with 5G signals. The global elite wants total control over humanity.

Advice for suicidal adolescent Indigo Children”

Chapter 10 of my book

Potty Training for Indigo Children” – Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment, and Abundant Resources

Published on my website in 2007

Suicide among young people continues to be a serious problem, not only here but in all countries of the world. Each year in the U.S. alone thousands of teenagers commit suicide. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for 15-to-24-year-olds, and the sixth leading cause of death for 5-to-14-year-olds. They say 90 % of suicidal teens have undiagnosed mental disorders. Depression is the most common of them. Life events bring them down. Eventually, the stress and depression cause them to plan and commit suicide.

Dear Indigo, if you have ever considered or tried to commit suicide, know that you are in charge of your life. This is a planet of Free Choice. It is comforting that we humans have this option of deliberately ending our own life if it becomes unbearable. From your Higher Self’s perspective there is no judging if you decide to end your suffering. Wanting to kill yourself symbolizes your yearning for being back home in the blissful state in the realm of pure positive energy.

The Lightworkers call this pull from the other side “the vibration of home”. From your broader perspective committing suicide is not wrong, rather it is seen as a courageous act of you finally taking charge to end your misery on Earth and to reemerge back into the non-physical. You know innately that you did not intend to suffer, but that your life was supposed to be joyous and wonderful in all ways. From your broader perspective you knew that you are a blessed being who wanted to come to Earth for the experience of joy as a human creator.

There is no end in the sense of death and of course there is no punishment for suicide. When you die you leave your physical body behind and reemerge back into the non-physical. Some say we usually choose a period of resting and reflection after each lifetime.

People who committed suicide may especially wish for contemplation and reflection about their life as an adolescent human being on Earth, before taking “a new run at it” and be born again as a human creator, under easier circumstances.

Remember, we as the human family are living through a most crucial and difficult time in our evolution. We are transitioning through the Shift of the Ages, towards a leap in consciousness. Obviously we all wanted to be here during this time of awakening.

Of course, our leaders and controllers love to sweep the issue of suicide under the rug altogether. It is so obvious that the massive number of suicides among adolescents indicate that something about the way we live our human lives must be horrifying and repelling to so many “human newcomers” that they prefer to return back home into the non-physical.

By taking their own lives these divine beings in human disguise demonstrate to our leaders and controllers that they prefer the Ultimate Freedom of Returning Home. They are not wired or programmed to live by society’s rules and laws, for they did not come forth to be Followers.

Beware of the Rivers of Thought

By the time people are adults they normally have forgotten their own years of teenage rebellion. After all, nobody taught them to use their own inner guidance system to navigate themselves through life. They were brought up to be “Followers”, meaning to follow outside guidance instead of their inner guidance.

The majority of people are not aware that every thought that has ever been thought still exists and that the Universal Law of Attraction brings the thoughts together in streams or rivers of thought.

From a viewpoint of energy awareness there is a vibrational generation gap that is happening constantly. The parents/teachers/grandparents simply are still unaware that the rebellion that they felt when they were teenagers is from that same “river of thought”, which our next generation is now adding their emotions to. So there is always the Next Generation who rebels against the status quo, because they are born with different intentions and understanding.

As society is now learning, you Indigo Children are wired differently from the previous generations. You have a stronger desire for life; you came forth with high standards of connecting to Source Energy/God. You are the new breed of humanity that will set the tone for a new era on Earth. You will not be Followers, but live in a new way as Self-Guided Humans.

Those of the Indigo Generation embody as one of their traits this powerful feeling of wanting to be in control of their own life experience. In a few years from now the Indigos will become known as the “System Busters” of the Old World.

Obviously many of the school teachers – and especially those who have become authority figures within the educational system – lack the gift of empathy with their students. They are locked off from their inner guidance and their heart connections have been muted. Their focus is on fulfilling their semester schedule, because they are Followers themselves on the social ladder. Great teachers, those with a passion for serving the youth, will not want to be part of the educational system that restricts them like it does the students.

I watched on TV these huge education ‘factories’ called High Schools with 4,000 or more youngsters as students, where they train the next generation to ignore their own guidance system and follow outside guidance instead. Going to school in these huge educational institutions in the big cities means the students have to pass through a metal detector for gun control at the entrance gate, flanked by police officers. I also watched on TV surveillance videos taken in school halls how police officers stunned rebellious male students with electroshock guns, the new police tool.

It is the same with the drug problem. Parents, teachers, or other authorities who take on the role of leaders and controllers, cannot comprehend the meaning of drugs among adolescents. They cannot find within themselves an understanding of why young people might reach for something that makes them feel better, no matter if society disapproves.

The educators are vibrationally too far away from you of the next generation, thus the generation gap.

It saddens me to see these Indigo Children being confined and limited in such ways. No wonder there are so many youngsters suffering from depression! I remember Dr. Kutscher in “Kids in the Syndrome Mix” reminding the parents and educators what a terrible, empty feeling depression is and that watching depressed young people needs to evoke from us an incredibly empathic response. He sees depressed teenagers every day, who end up in his office as the result of ten or fifteen years of participation in the school system.

What you Indigos need is an environment that provides freedom to stretch and experiment instead of confinement and conformity. You know instinctively that your intent was to create your own path and that exuberance for life was what you wanted to experience in a human body on Earth.

Sooner or later parents and teachers will come to acknowledge that it is good that our young people are looking for ways to feel better. Does it not demonstrate what powerful creators these youngsters are? They have pure desire, and the Universe delivers the marijuana that they are asking for – right into their schoolyard. “Ask and it is given.”

We do have a full-fledged drug movement for the reason that people want to feel better. Our next generation, our youth, sees all these things in the world that feel wrong to them and make them feel powerless. They know they too will soon have to settle in this world of struggle and hardship. In looking for relief they reach for drugs in order to feel better and reconnect. But in return society goes after them with so many rules and laws until they are cornered as wrongdoers and the vicious cycle begins. Cannabis/Marijuana is here at this time in our evolution to serve as a “de-programmer” from the human conditioning as obedient members of society. That is the main reason why it has been kept illegal.

From a broadened viewpoint it is good that you young people are looking for relief in the form of marijuana. If you want to feel better it means your own inner guidance system is working! It means you have chosen something that is temporarily causing you to feel better and you did it deliberately, and now you have regained some of your personal power. You have shown yourself that there is a way out of the despair that you were feeling. In other words, in the moment that you acknowledge that “I did this deliberately, because I wanted to feel better, and I now do feel better”, you are taking your first step of regaining your power. And that is when the discord and the resistance begin to diminish, and then you are on your way of using your own Inner Guidance System.

In case you, dear reader, are one of the suicidal adolescents and you are feeling useless as a human being in this society and are mostly depressed, I ask you to give yourself another chance. Put off your suicide intent for the moment right now and see it as a backdoor option. Reconsider your situation and give yourself two choices instead of one, to leave or to stay. For just a moment play with the idea of staying and re-birthing yourself here and now. Remember, you have within yourself guidance that is always there. Weigh the pros and cons by the way you feel. What feels good is good, and what feels bad is bad for you. And whatever it takes for you to get back in touch with your own guidance is fine.

If you have been contemplating suicide and you are already so depressed that you cannot pull yourself out of this low dense state anymore, try to use marijuana with the intent to use a joint as your lifesaver. Plan to make it a sacred event and prepare yourself to meet with your Inner Being, Guides, God, or whatever you name your connection to Source.

Set forth your intent, for ‘Intent’ is everything! As I described earlier in utilizing marijuana as a tool for deliberate creation, set up a meditation place with incense and candle and perform a grounding exercise. Say your prayers and call your Guides for assistance. Have a notepad and pen ready. Inhale only one hit of marijuana, because you don’t want to get “stoned”; instead you are reaching for the state of heightened alertness. Once your consciousness shifts higher and you bask in this euphoric state of well-being this is when you start visualizing and scripting how you want your life to be.

Start communicating with your Inner Being and ask for assistance in re-birthing your New Self here on Earth. Plan your next thirty days, starting with the moment when you will come down from your high in a few hours. I suggest that you carry with you in your pocket a crystal or stone as a constant reminder to use your Inner Guidance System to lead you through life for at least the next 30 da

Dear friend, in this book I can only speak about the herb marijuana. It is all you need to turn your situation around. As I said beforehand, I have never tried any other mind-altering substances. But the fact that the hard narcotics are more difficult to get, cost more, get you in bigger trouble if caught, should be reason enough to choose marijuana instead.

Use marijuana temporarily as a catalyst for making a new beginning right here and now.

If smoking marijuana as a tool to connect with your Inner Guidance prevented you from committing suicide, your next step (or your first step) would be to see a medical doctor who is licensed to give you a “Doctor’s Recommendation” (Permit Card) for smoking marijuana to treat your depression and other symptoms. Share your marijuana experience. You can speak openly to these courageous doctors. They have great compassion for their fellow humans and they would not reject somebody who seeks their help as a patient. They serve as the trailblazers for those of us who want to live a life as self-empowered citizens and who want to choose and grow their own herbal medicine and sacramental herbs.

You can find the doctor nearest to you by visiting “”, the nation-wide organization for the legalization of Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp, which has all doctors, patient’s caregiver groups, and dispensaries listed.

Dear reader, remember that your Inner Being or Higher Self is with you at all times, it is reading with you now. Your Inner Being is your non-physical counterpart that wants to guide you towards your highest fulfillment. Choose your thoughts on purpose and always reach for thoughts that feel best. This is how you will reconnect with your Inner Guidance or Higher Self and create a new YOU, exactly to your liking. Go for it!