Mayan Astrology Chart for Karin Lacy, Yellow Star, LaMat

Mayan Astrology Chart for Karin Lacy,Yellow Star, LaMat

Copyright by Iris K Barratt

* To be read slowly, saved and contemplated please~

You are the sacred, brilliant Venus Star of light, here to fulfill consciousness and awaken Truth. You will always be found celebrating your love and passion for beauty and harmony.

You can connect our Earth with our Cosmos, as a multifaceted star of brilliant light radiating true vision into space as you compliment the silent darkness.

You move forward freely, with obvious mental balance, illuminating consciousness within your community. You often find meaningful ways to serve your community with a sense of dedication.

You have multifaceted intellectual perspectives and educational pursuits and you are a lifelong learner.

You choose to release extremes and express yourself in positive ways within your many treasured personal and community relationships.

You create future achievements from your ability to embrace challenges in a clear and focused manner. You also create achievements by trusting the process as you hold your visions with love.

You are often an intelligent voice of reason within your community. You think Globally and act locally to enhance your community with service.

You respect your often, mysterious mental tangents and complexity. You enjoy emotional freedom, games and languages. You are naturally drawn to risk-taking and gambling for a bigger prize and are generally lucky.

You trust your abundance and use your many talents to draw exactly what is needed when you need it. You are a master of abundance, elegance and artistic grace. You often excel at fundraising for important causes.

You trust the Universe to provide for you and your loved ones, as you shine your prosperity consciousness and bless the world. You are an energetic, elegant and graceful dancer of love.

You flourish with positive structure, useful routines and by living in harmony. You appreciate your confident artistic nature as you beautify the cosmos with an elegant attunement. You know the importance of balance, beauty and artistic self-expression.

You welcome the healing light of the sun, the stars and silent rejuvenation. You know the greatness of your energetic, artistic explorations. You know the importance of confronting others with harmonious intentions when necessary, in order to create good feelings and move beyond illusions.

You may have unique skill in investigating, confronting and honoring the ways of others with amazing accuracy and efficiency. You exude inner confidence and loving artistic communication, as you celebrate your passionate eternal nature and spiritual wisdom.

You are the star of your own reality and you fulfill your starring role when your self-love shines from your center stage. You shine the light of cosmic harmony into the night sky where it expands and descends into the sacred harmony of earth. Many spiritual masters honor you for this and celebrate as you to claim it.

You harmonize with the natural elegance of the Universe. You honor the beauty everyone creates within the artistic expressions of life.

You are one with those who are chosen to feel information you receive from sacred sources in conscious and illuminated ways. You are

empowered by others who are also here to create accomplishment and fulfillment. You are also empowered by compromising, being practical and by being socially astute, which assists you in manifesting your personal and social goals.