Open Letter to David Swanson

Open Letter to David Swanson, author of “War is a Lie”

July 1, 2014

Re: “United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World”

Dear David Swanson;

My name is Karin Lacy. I’m a Lightworker for America.

I watched your 1 ½ hr video with your lecture about your book “War is a Lie”, and I read the mentioned 10 pages, called “United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World.”

Being a deliberate creator I am very selective where I direct my focus and energy. For what you give your attention to you include in your vibration – and vibrate as it. Usually I only read the headlines to obtain an overview of the current state of the old disintegrating world, but I’m cautious not to get sucked in.

Wow! A government program for complete disarmament? The whole world should know about it! I felt I should read this 10-page disarmament program. I read it again. It seems everything is repeated and put up twice, then I noticed that the actual content of this pamphlet is placed as the Appendix of only 5 pages. I read it again and now I perceived that this text has no life. It appears to be born out of the water head of the bureaucratic apparatus.

Why are the authors of this world-changing program not named? To be brutally honest, I think the authors of this government program have no idea of what is going on behind the scenes on the world stage. Or – the power players behind the scenes cleverly created the pamphlet as a piece of “the emperor’s new clothes”, meaning a piece of deception and propaganda, just eyewash to pacify the sheeple.

Dear David Swanson, would you agree that a government pamphlet of such magnitude – promising the end of all war on Earth – should be made known widely throughout the global community?

It was published 53 years ago, in September 1961.

Well, back then, on August 13th of 1961 the Berlin Wall and the entire fence were erected overnight to separate East and West Germany. I was 13 years old and our school class of “Young Pioneers” in the German Democratic Republic was at that time in a summer camp near the border to West Germany.

In hindsight the created separation between the Eastern and Western world could not have been greater during this era of the Cold War.

Let’s leap forward and look at the world now, over fifty years after this government program was published. I wonder whether anybody ever tried to utilize this pamphlet for the purpose of instigating global disarmament.

I’m sure you, David Swanson, who delved into the subject of war and who is shining a spotlight on it, know the history of this pamphlet.

Would you agree, that if the governments were interested in world peace, the disarmament program would have been globally achieved by now, half a century later?

I did recognize the red thread throughout the pamphlet, namely its emphasis that the U.N will execute all power for global disarmament and installing of world peace.

Well, the truth is that the UN is an instrument of the global ruling elite, under the guise of an international humanitarian organization. Our leaders and controllers have no interest in peace.

At present the U.S. has military installations in 800 spots in the world. Wars are instigated by the ruling elite or dark cabal in many places on Earth. The military’s goal is the replacement of human soldiers with Artificial Intelligence. As a headline now reads, “Female drone jockeys kill Gazans remotely.” The global elite are now desperately trying to start World War III with the intent to establish the New World Order of global tyranny.

Dear David Swanson; I read the table of contents of your book “War is a Lie”. Apparently you did not lift the layers of conspiracy that cover the bigger picture truth of planet Earth. I did not see the alien agenda mentioned, nor any of the many secret societies, not even the “Secret Space Program”. I did not see in your table of contents the galactic history mentioned and the origins of the human race. Also, I did not see the truth mentioned about money as a tool for energy harvesting off humanity. Nor do you mention the Resistance Movement and the upcoming “Event” for the liberation of humanity.

Awakening to the bigger picture

I myself am such a peacemaker to the core of my being, I’ve never been able to comprehend the war mongering on the planet. But on my journey as a seeker of truth I came to know why there is war on Earth.

Dear David Swanson, I’d like to share some off-the-chart intel with you. Please note that the word “Conspiracy Theory” serves as a clever tool to prevent the truth from coming out, to hide the truth in the open.

We the human race are a civilization in amnesia.

The waking up process from the state of amnesia is a very personal experience; in fact, the global awakening is happening in 7 billion individual ways. At this time the majority of humans are still stuck in the programmed matrix and are unwilling to lift the veil.

Once more people are willing to broaden their view and take on the overview perspective they become aware of the existence of a fabricated world, a holographic construct, a control matrix we thought to be real and that our true nature is anything but what we’ve been told.

In the times ahead each person will have to make the choice of whether to hold onto and believe in what the ‘powers that be’ have created for us and remain locked in the control matrix. Or the person can choose to step outside the system and explore that there is reality beyond the brain that has been hidden from humanity. In taking on the overview perspective TRUTH is now perceived depending upon one’s scope of awareness.

However, the awakening of consciousness is happening globally at an accelerating pace. Once the people overcome the shock of what they must come to know, they will realize that their lives will change for the better, in all areas of life. Each person will re-discover a deep inner connection to Source or God along with an expansion of their conscious perception of reality.

The awakening masses are now learning that the conspiracy theorists are whistleblowers who have been working for decades towards the liberation of humanity from bondage.

As people awaken they recognize the harm that is being done to humanity through GMO foods, vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs, medicated drinking water, chemtrails, plus ever greater restrictions of personal freedom. Geo-engineering and weather manipulation are the new ‘weapons of mass destruction’.

Only if we take on our overview perspective can the question arise who is doing all this and why? Only from our broader vantage point are we able to connect the dots. Only awakening people can see that this entire play we are witnessing and participating in is fully staged.

Who Are Our Leaders and Controllers?

The world we live in is based on authoritarian control through power and fear conditioning.

We are governed by a selected global elite – some call them the dark cabal or illuminati – through their instruments of banks, governments, religions, corporations, science, secret societies, and the “military industrial complex”. This so-called 1% ruling elite has millions of executives enforcing our system of predatory control over billions. We, the 99%, are the billions of human prey. We are their sheeple.

One of the most shocking truths to become known is that the human race is dominated by other-worldly beings. We are being played by higher powers. We are in fact created as a slave race. These cosmic beings, the Annunaki Archons, are at the root of our mental and physical enslavement. They control and rule by secrecy. They are the parasites feeding off the host. For them it’s all about energy harvesting. They see us as units of energy. They feed of lower 3rd dimensional energies such as fear, anger, hate, depression, confusion, aggression, violence, guilt, blame and shame, hopelessness, etc. as emanated by humans as emotions.

We were put into amnesia, a vibrational prison designed to forget who we are and how to nurture ourselves through our connection with Source or God. Money was introduced as a tool for energy harvesting. As a result we developed into a parasitic civilization. A dog-eats-dog world. Through the medium of money we learned to prey on and feed of each others’ energy in myriads of ways: survival of the fittest.

For decades whistleblowers have been leaking information that the U.S. government has been hijacked by alien forces. These aliens made treaties with our government officials for the building of underground bases for the exchange of technology with aliens.

In exchange for advanced alien technology for our military our government allowed the aliens to mutilate animals and kidnap humans for experiments, hybridization, soul scalping, chip implantation, mind control programming, dreamscope manipulation, genetic engineering experiments, crossbreeding, cloning, harvesting for body parts, using humans for food.

As part of the treaties our government/global elite agreed to deny any alien existence, cover up their crashed UFOs, lie about human abductions and animal mutilations, thus protecting the aliens.

Humanity is ruled by Psychopaths

The ruling elite on Earth, the “powers that be”, are a clandestine cabal. Secrecy is their strategy. They are not known to the population. They are the puppet masters for those in the limelight who play the roles of presidents, central bankers, corporate CEOs, political and religious leaders, royalty, and celebrities.

The global elite who run our world are the prototypes of “service to self” in contrary to “service to others”.

Only in recent years has it become known to the awakening people that the ones at the top of the human pyramid are considered “psychopaths/sociopaths”. Their hunger for personal power dominates their personality traits, yet theirs is about power without any accountability or responsibility. One of the main characteristics of the psychopaths is that they lack the ability of empathy and compassion for their fellow man, nor can they feel any relation to Nature and her kingdoms. At their core they are predators who prey on others.

According to David Icke and other researchers only the Reptilian bloodline manipulated humans were given the knowledge in secret of how to maintain their positions for power and control over the masses. They ARE the breakaway civilization, known as the dark cabal, the global elite, the illuminati, who control our world and our very lives. And at the same time they act as puppets for the off-planet controllers.

The dark cabal control all of humanity’s endeavors. They are the ones who engineered and decided the direction of our civilization. They also created the programming of our perception.

Our ruling psychopaths design all world event scenarios to promote their agenda. They use the Hegelian Dialectic as the framework for guiding the people’s thoughts and actions. According to the Hegelian Dialectic the rulers create the problem, anticipate the population’s reaction, then promote themselves as the rescuer who implements his solution.

Our ruling elite enslave us in a modern world setting. We are not supposed to survive without money. They own the fuel resources and utilities that run our highly technical societies. They intentionally prohibited all inventions for free energy and the betterment of mankind in all areas of life. Their aim is to keep humanity downtrodden at the low third-dimensional level of existence, as the feeding ground for sustenance for their off-world masters.

The psychopaths consider mind control to be the ultimate weapon – that of mass obedience. A mind controlled workers society that causes no problems. The Nazis used their concentration camp prisoners as unlimited supply of humans for medical experimentation and mind control. Some of today’s governments continue these sinister technologies in their secret programs. Yet the masses have no clue…

The world as it is now is the result of psychopaths and sociopaths cooperating. They are getting ever more creative in squeezing energy out of the masses, infiltrating every area of life. Still to this day we sustain them.

The next step of the ruling elite is towards institutionalized global governance, the rapid establishment of the global tyranny called New World Order. The psychopaths plan the reduction of the world population to 500 million humans. They want the vast majority of the human race be removed from the gene pool. This globalist agenda action is already underway – as I mentioned above – to genetically modify humans with food, medicine, water, and air to degrade our health and vitality.

The government controlled media intentionally keep the population at a low level of existence with mindless, violence and sex oriented entertainment. The political leaders and controllers now use a militarized police force to maintain the population’s fear level.

Dear David Swanson; I know it all sounds bizarre, but I’d like to share with you an excerpt from Benjamin Fulford’s blog, Geopolitical Update, for 6-2-14:

“The novelist Robert Harris, a friend of Tony Blair’s who knew him before he became Prime Minister, said that after he got power: “I was stunned to see this automaton-like, remote figure who seemed to come from another planet,” Harris recalled. – This was very interesting for me to read because I knew both Naoto Kan and Shinzo Abe before they became Prime Ministers in Japan and the same thing happened to them. They became like robots who were not acting in accordance with their own free will but rather by remote control. – This is M-K Ultra, or Mind Kontrol Ultra, the Nazi mind control technique at work on world leaders. They are hit with a combination of extreme terror and extreme bribes and forced to act according to orders. The Nazi/Zionists themselves say they take their orders from an alien entity known as the “black sun” that “lives in the gamma rays.” I did not say it, they did.” (End of B. Fulford’s quotation.)

And here is an excerpt from an article by Anton Styger, a Swiss clairvoyant, quote:

“Styger has been a clairvoyant from birth. He sees and experiences many things that most do not. You can read a little of his story here. In this article, Anton shares how he sees a particular group of people:

”When I see people in business or politics who are particularly trapped by the material world, for example, I notice that they no longer have any light bodies at all. In many of these people, the point of light at the heart chakra, which is otherwise always present, is no longer visible to me. Instead, I see something like a layer of ‘shiny tar’ around them in which a monstrous being in the shape of a lizard can be distinguished. When such people speak on television, for example, I see a crocodile shape manifesting itself around the person like in a concave mirror; I don’t see the light of their throat and forehead chakra.” (End of quotation.)

Money – Tool for Control and Energy Harvesting off Humanity

Dear David Swanson, I’d like to introduce to you the book “Ubuntu-Contributionism – A new Blueprint for human Prosperity” by Michael Tellinger. To me “Ubuntu-Contributionism” answers many questions about war on Earth from a new angle.

“Money is NOT part of the UBUNTU system – therefore people cannot be corrupted, bribed, paid off, or paid to do something unsavory. Without money – we cannot be controlled.”

The end of money will be the end of the rule of the cabal predators. We sustain them through the medium of money.

“Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil”

Dear David Swanson, have you heard of this book by Paul Levy? Please watch his interviews on youtube where he sums up what Wetiko is and enables the reader to perceive Wetiko as a disease of our collective and individual soul.

The subject of war is being viewed from yet another new perspective. Gaining awareness of this mind virus gives us the chance to heal ourselves individually and as the human race as we move forward and upward in our evolution.

ITCCS -International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

For decades Rev. Kevin Annett has been exposing the Vatican and the Catholic church as the worst institution of worldwide organized crime, especially against the children, while shielding themselves with the religion of the Christian bible.

Dear David Swanson, if you study the work of the ITCCS in over twenty countries, you will learn that the whole of humanity will not be free of war until the Vatican is exposed for what it actually is. To end war on Earth we must end the Vatican Rule on Earth. Mankind must now shift from the Dark Age towards the New Golden Age.

At this crucial time of transformation into a higher frequency humanity must go through deep purging and purification. All skeletons in all closets will have to be brought to light, all dungeons to be opened, all cobwebs cleared that cloud our minds. Much healing work will be needed in order to move towards the fifth dimension, known as the frequency range of Unconditional Love.

We The Sheeple

What makes our control matrix so powerful is that we 7 billion people are powering it with our life energy.

We the population are being kept at the low density level of the third dimension. The media and especially television serve to keep the masses at the level of being passive consumers. We are being conditioned from people into docile sheeple, causing no problems. Our leaders and controllers don’t want the population to become compassionate and more tolerant towards our fellow man. They don’t want us to be less greedy and less violent. They don’t want us to become independent, self-sufficient and creative on our own. For then we would ask forbidden questions about who we truly are.

To free ourselves from our mental imprisonment we must take on a higher perspective and see the bigger picture that reflects greater wisdom and understanding. After all, the world is a reflection of our state of consciousness. This means that the consciousness we collectively put out is the world we get. If we want a world of peace, harmony and care for the planet and one another, we must therefore align our consciousness with that energy. We must become the change that we want to see in the world.

In coming around to the disarmament program for world peace, a humanity kept in fear does not want disarmament. The peoples of the nations are indoctrinated to look to their governments for protection from the evils of the world. In return they give up the world’s most cherished prize: Freedom.

For those with the courage to take on the bigger picture perspective it is obvious that our blind trust in our public officials is misplaced. Our leaders and controllers are not our friends, and have never been.

As long as people give their voice/vote to the politicians, confront the government in demonstrations, or sign petitions – in their interaction they remain part of the control matrix and become part of the controlled opposition.

Only through decoupling and total withdrawing from the system can we free ourselves and become sovereign humans on Earth.

The American gun culture

Back in 1991 I came as a German immigrant to California. What startled me the most was the gun culture in this country. For eleven years I lived in Southern California, in the San Diego back country, in the last corner of the “Wild West.”

I summed up the gun culture as “Gunshooting-Offroading-Boomboxing”. ‘The louder the better’ is how Americans are conditioned to ‘enjoy the Great Outdoors.’ The gun culture permeates the language and determines the American way of life, while keeping the male dominator society in place. The gun culture implies a belief in enemy thinking. The leaders and controllers of the people dictate who the enemy is.

Wetiko, the collective psychopathic disorder, is at the core of our gun culture.

The gun culture keeps the people asleep in their amnesia. But once a person adapts the overview perspective it becomes clear that we create our own reality, and that all enemies are self-made projections. Once a person awakens he/she becomes aware that we have no right to take another human’s life. For both, perpetrator and victim, each act of killing will need to be taken in account and balanced, when the time of review comes.

Frankly, I must say that I think the American gun culture is barbaric. The only level lower is cannibalism. There I said it!

The Resistance Movement and The Event

As a civilization in amnesia we are wearing blindfolds, so to speak, while playing a game on game-board Earth, unaware that we are players playing a game. Such have been the Dark Ages on Earth.

The cosmic space wars that are going on between light and dark forces are beyond our comprehension. We are programmed to believe that we are the only life in all of the Universe. The true cosmic joke!

We have passed the 2,000-year cycle of the Piscean Age and entered the new cycle of the Aquarian Age or New Golden Age. The upheaval and chaos we see in the world are the death throes of the dark cabal, for they don’t want to end their rulership voluntarily. They are desperately trying to start World War III to implement their New World Order of total global tyranny.

However, the forces of the light have carefully planned as well of how to liberate a humanity in amnesia from bondage.

For decades an underground Resistance Movement has been working secretly in preparation of exposing and expunging the cabalist structure and preparing humanity for The Event. They are a minority of awakened people in military, government, the banking system and other institutions of power and control of many nations.

The aim of the Resistance Movement is freeing humanity from energy harvesting and helping the masses to wake up from their amnesia to the higher truth beyond our framework of holographic illusion.

The spokesperson for the Resistance Movement is a man by the code name Cobra; his blog is the Official Communication Outlet for the Resistance Movement”.

According to Cobra the upcoming Event is a flash of divine energy and light from the Galactic Central Sun of our galaxy. This flash of energy from God, if you will, will create an instant upshift for Earth and all her inhabitants, including each human.

Cobra says the cosmic Event will completely turn around the misdirection which the human race has been forced into; including freeing us from the yoke of money!

The Event will trigger spiritual forces, Extra Terrestrials, the Agarthan Network, Planet X and the Earth-based Resistance Movement to begin to put long awaited plans into action.

They will arrest the global ruling elite and their minions for their crimes against humanity and the planet. Cobra says between 30,000 and 40,000 criminals will be arrested.

The re-set of the financial systems will be implemented immediately, plus the withheld prosperity funds and worldwide trusts, worth hundreds of trillions of dollars, will be released for the good of each and all and to eliminate the inequality on Earth.

We can expect our entire paradigm of secrecy, lies, deception, and half-truths to be shattered in front of us.

The mainstream media will eventually serve to re-educate the world population about humanity’s true history up to this moment.

After the mass arrests of the global elite, when it comes to their immediate trials, these criminals will have to confess openly all that they wish to be forgiven for by the people. The whole world will have to face who the villains are that are responsible for humanity’s suffering from genocide, wars, famine, diseases, enslavement to money, endless struggle for survival, destruction of Nature, and so on.

Hitting the Ceiling of the Third Dimension

Dear David Swanson; Well, this has turned into a long letter. But you, David Swanson, inspired me. You are somebody who deeply cares for your brothers and sisters and the state of the world. You won’t dismiss my letter for its length, for your attention span is not determined by the media. Who knows, maybe some of the intel that I share could even inspire you for your next book.

In response to the 9/11 attacks of 2001 I wrote a pamphlet called “Hitting the Ceiling of the Third Dimension”. You can review it on my website

Back then I believed that the mass media is presenting the truth to the people. Back then I called the government politicians well-meaning people who have our nation’s best interest at heart. In my pamphlet I laid out how I would go about stopping war on Earth and establishing peace in the world.

The pamphlet reflects my state of conscious awareness 13 years ago, while this Open Letter reflects my present awareness.

Manifesting an Ubuntu Community: Dome Village Katrina

We are going to change the world through forming new communities with others of like mind.

As Buckminster Fuller said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, create a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

For many years I’ve been developing a vision in preparation for the changes ahead. I think creating new dwellings is one of the most important things to do in the near future.

My long-term dream has been the building of a model of a small self-sufficient dome village, Dome Village Katrina, together with co-creators of like mind.

We will be following the principles of Ubuntu-Contributionism by living in a new way on Earth as the wayshowers and mapmakers for our brothers and sisters. These small domes are easy, fast, and inexpensive to build and they are meant to snowball far and wide. Everybody who wishes should be given the opportunity to build for themselves a comfortable dwelling place.

Dear David Swanson; I visited your website and also looked at the family pictures with your children.
I admire your sincerity in making the world a better place. You are already living as a systems buster.

I think you have the passion that is needed for living in a new paradigm. The time to lay the foundation for the foretold Thousand Years of Peace is now.

Thanks for reading my letter.

Karin Lacy, Lightworker