Karin’s Newsletter #16 – Quantum Leaping…

I wrote my Alien Love Bite Story in three parts:

Part 1: Karin’s Newsletter #16 – Quantum Leaping and Timeline Jumping

Part 2: My Alien Love Bite Story, A Treatise

Part 3: Karin’s Open Letter #17 – Smarten up, Godlings!

Part 1

Karin’s Newsletter #16 – “Quantum Leaping and Timeline Jumping”

April 2016

I write this annual email newsletter for those people I met along my journey who are interested in my path as a Lightworker for America.


Dear fellow travelers;

I haven’t written a newsletter for over a year. Last year I shared my crowdfunding experience.

In the past some people told me my writings are all heavy and that it’s all about my personal struggle and lack of money. Don’t I know that I create my own reality? Well, I am just documenting my life experience as a Lightworker, without expecting approval.

However, this newsletter is different. May you enjoy this one.

I’m still overwhelmed by the experiences of the last two weeks of my life, when somebody came blasting in my door and I started seeing sparkling particles in the air. In front of me stood a rare, unrestrained human, vibrant and alive, beaming me with the Promethean Spirit. He had read my “Homage to Madame Blavatsky” which triggered his recognition that he too is of the Promethean Spirit.

From the moment of him recognizing that we are of same lineage, a vortex opened and together we started a new timeline. It was two weeks of quantum leaping and timeline shifting, involving three people. It was dangerous, certainly not something for the faint-hearted. It was a massive act of transformation, three people involved.

The teacher Abraham would say, it was co-creation at its best.

Two of us of the lineage of the Spirit of Prometheus had attracted each other and together we blasted through the Promethean Fire Mist. In a full day of sexual intertwining our signature frequencies were downloaded. He received mine, I received his. For a full day we showered each other with our mighty Promethean Love, while remembering and integrating who we are as avatars. With us was his guide Anais Nin, who delighted in our sacred wedding. She’s my new friend.

There were other onlookers, angels as well as demons, cheering us on in our fiery reunion.

To me the oh-so-long expected EVENT happened on this very day and I came out of the Promethean cauldron as a different person. I shifted dimensions, I shifted timelines, I integrated missing parts of me. Everything was very real.

His wife of forty-three years had encouraged him to look for sexual pleasure outside the marriage, since as an artist he suffered from the absence of an inspiring Muse.

It is not my style to interfere and intrude into a marriage and cause grief. It was all his doing. I was suspicious from day one whether he got the Alien Love Bite and is acting out irrationally. I allowed him into my door because I had never before in this lifetime met another of my own lineage. And admittedly, I was intrigued by the idea of taking on that assignment of serving as the Muse for such a man.

Three days after our sexual intertwining he revealed to his wife that he had started an affair with me; he said she gave her consent, as promised. Two days later he wanted to come see me over night to celebrate our third encounter. He told his wife that he would be back home in the morning. From that moment on some massive dragon slaying riot must have broken out there between the couple. She demanded to make his immediate choice between her and me and that if he goes to spend the night with me it will be the end of the 43-year marriage. The archetypes were wrestling!

To him, his dear wife embodied the 90% fulfillment within their long-term relationship. There was only an “irregular hole in the middle”, caused by the roarings of the second chakra, for he is someone who demands from the Universe the granting of 100% of everything. So at the end of their dragon slayings he chose the saving of the marriage. In their marriage quantum leap they came to the resolution to revive and reawaken their relationship and fill the irregular hole in the middle themselves, both together.

So he briefly called to let me know what they were in the middle of and that he will not come. He said that we cannot meet again and must end our two-day love affair.

Even though through long practice I am pretty good at shifting energies, I suddenly felt trembling under my feet and I too went through a long night of battle with the Archetypes. The downfall came very hard for me.

The next morning I emailed his wife and asked for forgiveness for causing her pain and that I cop out.

I sent her the ho’oponopono mantra.

She wrote back that I have not caused her any pain or discomfort. It was really all about miscommunication between the two of them and that they are having quite an adventure over the last days. She wrote, “So thank you for any contribution you made to opening the new way for this new journey to take place.”

I didn’t know what to think. She either is in complete denial or a blatant lair or it just appears as a distortion to me because I am now a galaxy away from them. There is so much to sort through to gain clarity. I live for clarity.

From him I received an email that they had a celebration of their marriage renewal and that I saved their 43-year marriage and our love affair must now end, and that I am suspended as his future Muse. We all will be good friends. I felt the Archon energy nearby.

I responded how glad I am that I served as their spiritual catalyst and saved a marriage, and that I cop out. Yes, we all will be good friends.

I sent him the ho’oponopono mantra.

Now comes the integration period for each of us three.

For the last week I feel like after psychic surgery, when the body feels as if the surgery were physical reality.

There were Archons among the onlookers who were not pleased to see such an intertwinement of pure Promethean Love. They were concerned mostly about me. They now saw my glowingness and rather wished to see me being defeated in this arranged triangle affair.

All throughout last year I felt heavy Archon interference in my life. So from the beginning I was fully aware that it all could be nothing but a projected mirage, when he blasted in my door.

There are so many layers in this. A novel could be written about this two-week episode of quantum leaping and timeline changing, with three people involved. I was aware that each one of us three involved had their own timeline. There was the 40-year marriage timeline. And there was my individual timeline. In the middle between, triggered through the vortex of our encounter, had emerged a new timeline that he and I co-created in our sacred Promethean wedding. Then began the timeline jumping. From our new timeline he jumped back into the haven of the marriage timeline. It really felt to me like leap frogging.

Meanwhile, while left alone in the middle timeline, I could feel its collapsing coming, when the trembling began underneath my feet. I was very aware of what was happening here and since I felt so extremely powerful I propelled myself onward and upward until I felt ground under my feet and I landed in a new reality/timeline. This is where I am now.

As I see it, The EVENT has happened for me, to me, in me, and outside of me. It was multidimensional. I now must integrate and stabilize myself on my 5D level.

I gained a much higher level of awareness than I had even a week ago. I feel my DNA has changed.

My heart feels like new, dozens of times I felt an upjump of my heart, loudly reverberating through me.

When he squeezed me in his embrace during our long day of sexual intertwining he skilfully shattered my protective outer shell around my heart. As the troubadour that he is, he then used his guitar play to move very close to my heart and melt away the old bands I had laid around it, for self-protection. It was psychic open-heart surgery, and I still feel the pain from his fierce embraces in my sore rib cage. How symbolic it all is.

I now feel a much greater capability of loving unconditionally than two weeks ago.

As we celebrated our Promethean wedding, we opened a vortex for the Promethean Spirit, like a light fire in the sky, for others of our lineage to recognize. We issued an edict that the others may now gather and come forward. For if two or three of us come together as the Godlings that we are, we can be of immense service to our dear humanity.

I realize that even five years ago I would not have been able to do quantum leapings at such proportion. It’s really not for the faint-hearted. But I made it and came out as a more evolved person.

It’s just that my poor confused ego had a very hard time getting with me through these two weeks of build-up, climax, and downfall.
I gained a new friend in the ethers, Anais. I feel her around me. She gave me a taste of what she meant by “the unbearable lightness of being.” She knows I now need her to caress and comfort me.

I was thrilled when I first saw his paintings and discovered that he is painting soul shards! What an exquisite mission that is to fulfill!

If for nothing more, I served in a liaison as a Muse for two weeks. I am now lurking with Anais out of his canvas, as sparks of the Promethean Spirit, for eternity.


Well, that’s it for an update of my life experience as a Lightworker. Expect that things will be shaken up to the bottom in your life as well. No matter in which area of your life. If you resist your own awakening, you will be taken through the wringer. Let it happen. It’s just a matter of how good you handle yourself. It is best to get yourself in the mode of “joyous anticipation”, no matter what is ahead. That quantum leaping and timeline shifting is something now to be brought into humanity’s stage of evolution. Things like that is what we will be doing in the future in reaching for self-mastery.

THE EVENT is an individual experience. God/Source wants to experience THE EVENT in seven billion individual ways. I just made it through. I thought I should write this newsletter, to leave a signpost for you, my fellow travelers.

Greetings from the fifth dimension!

May you all be blessed!