Compression Breakthrough

Posted by Cobra on his blog on October 22, 2012

COBRA is a code name for “Compression Breakthrough.” It’s like the surface of this planet is the inside of a sandwich. There is a pressure of Light coming from above, from the Positive ET races and there is another pressure of Light coming from below, from The Resistance Movement. And the pressure and the surface of the planet itself is under strong pressure from The Light, from above and from below.

And when this pressure gets strong enough, the breakthrough will happen on the surface of the planet. And this is called The EVENT.

And this Event includes the mass arrests but is not limited to that. It is actually the movement of breakthrough for humanity. So we can finally begin to create our own destiny on this planet, without the oppression, without the control of those who were never actually invited here.

Reader Alex: “You know, I find that interesting because it is very similar to the sacred geometrical shape of the TORUS.” Cobra: “This is exactly what is happening. The TORUS, ok I will say it this way. There is a certain branch of advanced technology that is based on the TORUS. The “Compression Breakthrough” is happening through various vortexes, various vortexes that are actually dimensional stargates on the surface of the planet. These help the advancement of the Light Forces.”