Letter to Lord Adama

In the year 2011, after moving to Mount Shasta and reading the book “Telos” by Dianne Robbins, I wrote a letter to Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, the legendary city beneath Mount Shasta. With this letter I responded to Adama’s offer “to call when you are in need, for we are here for you.”

In my letter I quoted several paragraphs of Adama’s description of life in the Inner Earth and the Agarthan Network. I think it may be inspiring to those of you who are envisioning joining the subterranean Resistance Movement. Victory of the Light

Letter to Lord Adama – High Priest of Telos, Lemurian City beneath Mt. Shasta, California

March 2011

Dear Adama;

I AM Karin Lacy, wishing for an opportunity to speak.

Twenty years ago I was guided to come to California and to start my mission as a Lightworker for America.

I just moved from Chico, CA to Weed/Mt. Shasta with the purpose of eventually manifesting my dome village dream together with like-minded co-creators.

As part of my Lightwork I have been writing Open Letters for almost twenty years. My letters document my life experience as a Lightworker and I self-publish them in my ebooks.

Last October I had contacted an architect who bought a large piece of land in the Mt. Shasta area and asked him whether he would be willing to trade a small corner of his land for the building of my eco-village dome project. In exchange I offered my metaphysical stone collection, which I had been trying to sell for several years.

When he declined I felt all the powerlessness as a Have-not in our system’s social game of the Haves and Have-nots. In my despair I was shouting out to the Universe that there must be a way, that I must come up with a brilliant idea to manifest a piece of land and some money. Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures.

It then suddenly came to my mind to write a letter to you, Lord Adama, asking you for support. Ask and it is given, I have been taught by my favorite non-physical teacher, Abraham.

I had read your book “Telos”, channeled by Dianne Robbins. Me being an old Lemurian soul it stirred me up big time. Reading the book served as a confirmation that moving to Mt. Shasta was the right thing for me to do.

With this letter I am responding to your offer “to call to you when we are in need, for we are here for you.”

My request is this: I read your description of your bartering system. Would you be interested in bartering with me as a surface dweller? I am offering you my metaphysical stone and mineral collection of about 2,000 pieces that I collected over twenty-five years. In exchange I would ask for gold nuggets that I then could sell for money. I had envisioned to use the stone collection as a down payment for a land owner or a bank loan for the building of Dome Village Katrina. However, nothing happened so far. Had I gold nuggets instead of a stone collection, they would be easy to sell.

Adama, what do you think? Is this barter offer acceptable to you? Would you be interested in these gems, crystals, and minerals from the surface? The two-thousand stones are from all over the globe. I can imagine that you would want to display them for other Telosians to see.

Even though I read in the “Telos” book that you in the hollow Earth reside in great palaces of crystals, lapis, gold and jewels, my humble stone collection would be unique in that it is from a surface dweller.

My collection weighs about 220 pounds and is stored in 14 boxes.

I am now in Mt. Shasta.

(((Oh, Adama, I am so in Love with the mountain, Her presence stirs me up deeply! Whenever I stand in awe staring at the mountain this sweet feeling of home coming washes over me. It is the Lemurian energy that She is emanating that touches me on so many levels. I feel so honored to be here among all those luminaries and Lightworkers par excellence who settled here long before me. And I appreciate so much the gift of drinking her delicious Shasta glacier water.)))

Last November I contacted Dianne Robbins and asked whether she knows of a rental vacancy for me. It turned out that she offered to take her old place in the mobile home of her friend Larry.

So in December 2010 I moved from Chico to the mobile home park in Weed.

I will let Dianne in on my bartering idea and ask whether she is willing to symbolically deliver the letter by reading it out loud to you or in whatever other method appropriate. If she finds my idea worthwhile I’m sure she will help in the delivery of the boxes with my stone collection. You probably would want us to place the boxes at a certain time on a certain spot on the mountain.

Dear Adama, I don’t want to miss this opportunity to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your book “Telos”. I love to keep reading it late at night and dreaming being part of such a Nirvana world.

I must say I am amazed at the climate difference between Chico and Mt. Shasta area, only 2 ½ car hours away. I had difficulties to adjust my body to the winter temperatures in Weed. While I tried to keep me warm with a small electric heater in my little room in the mobile home, I read your and Rosalia’s description of the weather down in your Heaven-on-Earth world: “Our weather is always so fine, so delightful, and so cozy and warm that you would just like to curl up under a tree and take a siesta for eternity. Our weather here is based on our thoughts and love and purity of heart, and is reflected in the softness of the breezes and warmth of the air and gentleness of the climate. For all we think and feel, our weather reflects back to us.”

Whenever I was looking in Larry’s front room at the original painting of Rosalia sitting in a meadow I almost could feel the softness of the breezes there…

To the contrary, in my reality I looked outside through the trailer window and saw and heard the December blizzards pounding everything in their way. I was already considering to look for a warmer place to rent. I can’t adjust to living in a cold trailer and it would cost too much to heat it up to my comfort zone. In my opinion people should not have to live in trailers in such harsh winters. No matter what climate condition, the poorest of the poor live in trailers. The trailer parks are everywhere. In my opinion trailers are the worst housing, with their box-structure, above ground, often aluminum skin and lack of insulation. Bad Feng Shui indeed!

Five years ago I went through it all, when I started my life’s mission as a Lightworker. From living a protected and isolated lifestyle I suddenly had to throw myself out there into the mix. As a German immigrant, at age 59, with no money, no car, no job, no friends, I started a new life from scratch. Ever since the number one issue in my life has been the need for shelter. Many times I was afraid of ending up homeless. As a “have-not” of society my main goal was to be able to afford a rental place on my own to call home and establish my sacred space, my nucleus.

For most of the human wage slaves getting the rent money together for the next month is their main goal in the struggle for survival. Most people are living month by month, from paycheck to paycheck. From my own experience I can tell you living as a single person makes it even harder to get by financially. It is frustrating and depressing to live so limited by money, not being able to buy nutritious, organic food. But I love the simplicity of my free life, outside of society, with no car, and only six monthly bills to pay: for rent, electricity, propane, phone, Internet connection, and website hosting.

To give you an example about the way we exploit each other in our neediness for each others’ money, let me share with you my recent experiences in the “housing industry.” I moved from the trailer into a large two-story apartment complex in Weed. It was affordable housing because of government funding. The apartment was warmer, but I did not like the noisy electric heating system, blowing forced air through vents. I could not sleep in the bedroom corner with the outside heating machines vibrating loudly through the house wall. There was no ceiling/floor insulation between the two stories. The space was a resonance body, amplifying the noise coming from upstairs. A family of five lived above me. For the entire month that I lived there I had to use headache pills to cope with the noise level.

One would think the insulation issue to be the main concern for those who design and build apartment complexes like this for large numbers of people. However, these builders would never want to live in those places themselves.

When I asked the upstairs neighbors if they could try to keep the noise level down, they said No they will not. They are loud people and the manager knows it and she should not have put me as a single person in the unit below. So I realized I had no other choice than looking again for a better place.

In this government-controlled rental complex every week another inspection walked through the apartments: for the sprinkler system, for the alarm system, for pest control to spray pesticides on the kitchen floor, etc.

Of course things are set up by the rental corporations in a way that the tenant cannot win. They lock the tenants in a one-year lease contract and punish people with fees if they want to get out.

Finally I was lucky to find an apartment in an affordable apartment complex in Mt. Shasta. Right away I could feel the much higher energy all around. So in early February I moved to Mt. Shasta, my third moving in two months. Again, it is a government-sponsored housing business. To fill out the application papers is an ordeal. I had to gather all personal information five years back, about housing, work, finances, life circumstances. They actually called all listed landlords of the last five years to inquire whether I was a worthy tenant, plus called up all individuals listed for references. The tenants are being completely screened.

This is just to give you an impression of how we are being controlled like sheep in the den by the powers that be.

I assumed it would be less expensive than in Chico to live in the Mt. Shasta area, but the opposite is the case; everything is more expensive here.

Well, after experiencing so much hardship on my journey, nobody has a stronger desire than me for building a small self-sufficient dome village community with a group of like-minded people and live in a new way on Earth, in the frequency range of the fifth dimension, known as unconditional Love.

The Merging of our two Civilizations

Dear Adama, I would like to quote some paragraphs that I love from your “Telos” book:

“I dream of the merging of our two civilizations; yours from above, and ours from below. This merging will be the culmination of a great plan that we developed eons ago, before you incarnated on Earth.”

“For us to be with you, in heart and mind, is the greatest gift and honor we may have, now and forever. For in order for the Earth and humanity to continue to ascend in consciousness, the whole planet must be united and merged into ONE Light from below and ONE Light from above. For we are all here for you, so that all of us, together, will find our way back home into the higher dimensions of Light.”

“We greet you from Telos beneath the Earth. We are here, too, as your planet flies through space, carrying us all on our journey through eternity. We wait and watch, waiting for the moment of entry when the Earth meets the Photon Belt. We hope to be on the surface well before that moment arrives, and our plans are set for that moment of emergence when we all journey to the surface. We are not that far away, and it will only take us minutes to make the trip from our homes to yours. We will come prepared with everything that we, and you, will need for our entry into the light of the Photon Belt.”

“We, here in Telos, concentrate our thoughts on you. We are always sending you our heart’s joy and heart’s love to bolster your strength as you move through the density and change it to higher currents of Light. It is in these higher currents or higher vibrations that we meet you as ONE. Our lives are intertwined. And soon we will all be together as we unravel this great mystery of life that will lead you, from above to below, where we dwell in peace and understanding of the Great Laws of the Universe.”

“We invite you to converse with us telepathically, for the merging of our two great civilizations is imminent and necessary for the ascension of the whole planet.”

“There is nothing to prepare for, since you will be aided fully, before this time of entry arrives. Know that you are on Earth at this time to assist all of humanity with its entry into the Photon Belt. All souls incarnating at this time have done so with full understanding of what is to happen. That’s why there are so many people on Earth today, more than there ever was, because all souls want to be involved in these “End Times”. All souls who ever incarnated on Earth have returned. You are one such soul. These End Times can be met with harmony and joy, or fear and chaos. The choice is yours.”

Are you Telosians our Saviors?

Well, Adama, I know many would argue that believing in such voices promising to help humans in the near future is an indication of people’s attitude of wish-thinking that we can’t take care of ourselves and solve our problems on our own.

But I say let’s not forget that we – the masters on game board Earth – are wearing blindfolds! What we took on is most courageous, playing blind-folded as a player on game board Earth, not knowing that we are playing a game. We ourselves designed the game that we are playing!

So what is wrong with receiving help from our spiritual elders who watch how we struggle blindfolded as mortals through our lives? After all, we as the surface humanity are still at the kindergarten stages.

The many non-physical teachers who assist us in getting through these difficult times tell us that life on Earth was supposed to be a joyous experience, that it was never intended for humanity to struggle through life, feeling unworthy and lost, unable to remember Source and who we truly are.

Well, for the first half of my life I believed that I must have been put for punishment here on this rogue planet, with such a lack of Love.

It saddens me to see how numb and zombie-like people become from being conditioned by the methods of the matrix control system: with the processed lifeless food they are manipulated to eat, the medicated drinking water, the disempowering medical system that so many are being locked in, drugged with medications, paying thousands of dollars to the doctors and pharmaceutical industry. Healthcare is becoming ever more a business about mining the human body for profit.

The powers that be and the media have a firm grip on the masses, playing mass consciousness like an orchestra. The governments created the class of lawyers as their enforcers, “the laughing third” who are the experts in disempowering and hindering people from solving their proble-ms with their fellow humans on a good-will basis. The controlling apparatus and its bureaucratic water-head are making life on Earth ever more cumbersome, at least for the so-called “civilized world.”

Anyway. In giving you these first-hand impressions from a surface dweller I want to emphasize that these are extremely tough times we are living through. Most people feel like fish out of the water, exhausted, tired, depressed, powerless and energy-less, plagued by physical ailments.


Dear Adama, I am thinking a lot of you and the Telosians beneath the mountain and what you say in the “Telos” book in regards to your immortality. I loved the following paragraphs:

“… For it is a glorified way of living, as we in the Subterranean Cities can attest to. We live our lives with the highest of standards, and think only love and bliss as we go about our daily business. Our lives are not so different from yours. It is only our way of thinking that catapults us into higher realms of Being, as we, too, walk upon the Earth – albeit, it is under the ground.”

“We all wait for you by the Gates of Eternity, which is what we call our domain. For our land is as eternal as we are, as long as we maintain our balance and frequency of Love. If you lose your balance you fall. The same with Immortality. To sustain our Immortality, we must stay emotionally balanced at all times, and keep our heads in the clouds—dreaming our dream of eternity. For it is the dream that sustains us.”

“Soon you will dispense with your calendar, and instead of counting the days, you will count the weeks, then the months, and then you will stop counting completely, because you’ll be living in an uncountable time frame noted by cosmic events and using a cosmic calendar. This is how you stay Immortal. You don’t count days, you count stars. And since there are an infinite amount of stars in the heavens, you’ll soon give up and resign yourselves to the fact that you are Immortal beings with nothing to count. Only endless days to live and grow and love and evolve in the image of the Creator. … No more racing to get things done on time – just knowing that you have an eternity to complete your soul lessons in a loving and peaceful environment, just the way we do in Telos.”

“…Vigilance is needed every moment of your waking day. To be a master, you must master your thoughts and feelings every moment. We call it “being in the Presence”, and the Presence is feeling the Source flowing through you. It is a heightened state of awareness. Being in the Presence allows the God force to permeate every fiber of your being so that you are wide awake and alert and receptive to all that is coming through you. You are then able to receive from the cosmos all you desire and deserve.”

“In Telos, we plan our lives, our days, and our minutes by clearly feeling our way through life. We are alert to all nuances, and shape our thoughts according to our desires, thereby bringing to us exactly what we want and when we want it. It is practice. And we’ve had eons of practice because of our long lifespans. This is what you have been missing on the surface—you have been missing your longevity, your long lifetimes. This longevity gives you the memories of all you have learned so that you don’t have to keep learning and remembering over and over again. You learn it once, and remember it for many thousands of years in the same body—then manifesting becomes as natural as walking and running. You don’t have to think about it, it just happens. And it happens perfectly.”

“This slower pace has many advantages. We don’t have the pressure and stress as you do on the surface. All we do is in harmony and peace. Our lives are tranquil and in tune with the Creator. All is in harmony with nature, and all we do supports nature.”

Well, Adama, when I ponder all this, we mortals on the surface have a long way to go to reach the consciousness level of Immortals. The matrix control system on Earth is keeping us locked at the level of three-dimensional consciousness. We are still so obsessed with the issue of Death.


Dear Adama, there is one last topic I would like to mention. I was especially intrigued when I read in a transmission from Rosalia that you use hemp for all your clothing and bedding. I told several friends about it and concluded that if you grow hemp in Telos, then you also grow cannabis/marijuana. As you know cannabis/hemp has been suppressed by our worldly and religious leaders and controllers for a very long time. The corporations who established the cotton industry have been suppressing hemp for political and profit reasons. And those who own the forests cut their trees for the paper industry. Cannabis for medicine had been declared illegal and being pushed into the underground world of drugs. The war on drugs has been created by the powers that be as one of our darkest chapters. Instead the healthcare system and pharmaceutical industry are drugging the majority of the population with prescription drugs, milking them for money with hefty prices.

I read that when the time comes for your emergence you will give us seeds from your plants, trees, and vegetables. Well, please put me on your list. (smile) Especially I would be interested in hemp seeds from Telos. Hemp and cannabis are still widely forbidden in our world. I am sure that you also know everything about cannabis and its THC. I know there will be much to learn from you, since you in Telos have no controlling government that declares which plants of our Earth Mother Gaia are allowed and which ones are forbidden for her children.

I am a cannabis advocate and wrote a book called “Potty Training for Indigo Children” about the subject of cannabis/marijuana/hemp as my contribution to its legalization. I took on this book project as an assignment from the non-physical teacher Abraham to enlighten people about this sacred plant of Mother Earth and to tell the truth about the political agenda for the forbidden plant. In other words, I wanted to contribute to clearing the subject from its karmic stigma and foster the renaissance of cannabis/marijuana/hemp for medicine, enlightenment, and abundant resources for the 21st century.


Dear Adama, in coming full circle, I am fully aware that writing this letter was unnecessary in communicating with you. You say that you are instantly aware of our thoughts and that you respond immediately, even though if we can’t hear your reply. Who knows, maybe I even received the inspiration for this letter from you or another Telosian. (smile)

But I am writing this letter also as part of my Lightwork for others to read. Being a bridge person I want to help broadcast the message of the reality of your existence.

By some readers I am probably seen as a schizophrenic responding to the figments of somebody’s imagination in writing a letter to a fictitious person in a fictitious underground city. But for others this crazy letter may help them to expand their consciousness.

It is my desire that my initiative and suggestion for bartering with you of the subterranean world may serve the higher purpose of bridging our civilizations.

You, Adama, know the purity of my heart.

I am yearning to be with you and the others in Telos.

In joyous anticipation of miracles!

From my heart to yours,


I emailed my Letter to Lord Adama to Dianne Robbins, who wrote the book “Telos”. She printed the letter out and read it out loud to Adama. She emailed me back that Adama received the letter and he says “Hello”.

Alas, that was the end of it…