Letter to Paul Wheaton

Proposal Letter to Paul Wheaton – the Duke of Permaculture

April 23, 2015

Re: Asking to add a section “Ubuntu-Contributionism Communities” to your forum list.

Dear Paul Wheaton;
Hi, my name is Karin Lacy. I’m a Lightworker of the First Wave, presently living in Mount Shasta, Northern California.

I’ve watched a lot of permaculture videos over the years, and I would love to co-create with some special permaculture people and turn a bare piece of land into a garden and homestead for a small self-sustaining community.
I just subscribed to your email newsletter because I enjoy watching your videos and to feel your powerful and refreshing energy. You are such a shining Light in the global grassroots movement of making the world a better place. (smile)

Your introductory paragraph on your website caught my attention:

“This is paul wheaton’s daily-ish email that is usually about permaculture and making a better world through learning good things rather than being angry at bad guys. To learn more about this email (and possibly helping with devious plots on world domination)”

So I thought I’m going to address you in an Open Letter which I will also put on my storefront and other blogs with the intent to support your “devious plots on world domination”. Who knows, my Proposal Letter may even inspire you with new material for your newsletter that you daily have to pull out of your sleeves.

Not everybody is familiar with Permaculture. Let me briefly sum it up with some statements from the Internet as an attunement for the readers.

Permaculture was developed by Australians Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in the 1970’s and has spread throughout the world. The term initially meant ‘permanent agriculture’, however it evolved to also represent ‘permanent culture’, including social aspects.
In more specific terms, permaculture is a branch of ecological design, ecological engineering, environmental design, construction and integrated water resources management that develops sustainable architecture, regenerative and self-maintained habitat and agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems.

Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against Nature; it is a form of whole systems design based on the sustainability of natural systems, seeking to reproduce that sustainability in our living environment. At its core, permaculture is simply the collaboration of humans and nature in action.

So it would be right to conclude that for nearly forty years permaculture has evolved into a worldwide grassroots movement, a new paradigm of living in harmony with Nature, in an attempt to counterbalance the destruction that is done by the “bad guys”, such as the crimes of monoculture.

Dear Paul, I’d like to elaborate on your personal philosophy of permaculture, according to your statement, “making a better world through learning good things rather than being angry at bad guys.”

I am aware of the New Age rule that we must focus on the positive and ignore the negative. As a matter of fact, I was part of the New Age movement and an avid follower of the Abraham-Hicks teachings of the Law of Attraction. Accordingly, if I choose “to learn good things rather than being angry at bad guys” I must look at the bad guys and their deeds just long enough to decide that I don’t want it and then give all my focus on my preference of “learning good things.”

However, I am an ever evolving being, a work in progress, an eternal seeker of truth. I’ve come to understand the New Age Movement as just another facet in the fabric of life, another religion or belief system, just like science is a form of religion. In our desire to explain our world we humans obviously need a belief system or framework to hold onto.

From my present viewpoint I see much within the New Age Movement as fallacies, such as the beliefs about money and debt. For decades I too parroted that money is just a means of energy exchange. On the other hand, of course, I found many nuggets of truth there.

In my opinion we must take a sharp look at the bad guys, who they are and why they are doing the bad things they do. Nobody knows better than the global permaculture community that the establishment with their cultural practices are destroying our planet. Many concerned people are looking for a logical means of understanding why the human race thinks and behaves the way it does.

They begin to question the principles on which our existence is built on, such as money, power, greed, war and destruction, depletion, etc. Some try to alarm and wake up humankind to the fact that the foundation of our civilization is already rotten to the core.

Again, nobody understands the process of decay in Nature better than the permaculture community. A degrading organism invites parasites of all kinds. For those with eyes to see from the overview perspective there are predators and parasites that have highjacked our civilization to establish their fascist New World Order.

By now many people have consciously evolved to the point where they are looking beyond the unconscious habitual mind programming that is conditioned into us. Instead of looking for answers outside more and more people individually are seeking to establish a permanent relationship with their Higher Consciousness or Source. It leads to the awakening from their amnesia.

Dear Paul Wheaton, to share some free food for thoughts and as an opportunity for cross-pollinating I’d like to bring three topics to your attention that deserve to become integral parts of permaculture. They definitely fit in your category of “making a better world through learning good things.”


You announced on one of your videos that you don’t use Cannabis and you don’t want it to be grown on your ranch because you already have enough to deal with the “Regulators”. But you also say that it should be legal. Well, it is legal for medical purposes in your state of Montana.

I myself am a Cannabis advocate. Eight years ago I wrote a book called “Potty Training for Indigo Children – Cannabis, Marijuana, Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment, and Abundant Resources” as my contribution towards its legality.

One of the main reasons for its illegality has been that Cannabis serves as a de-programmer for people who want to exit the Matrix System. Cannabis opens up the mind, while drinking alcohol shuts it down.

By now Cannabis is legal for recreational use in two states and the corporate giant Monsanto plans to dominate all future markets with its GMO-version.

Our ancestors have been using Cannabis widely for healing. Our grandparents used Cannabis for many healing purposes, until the pharmaceutical industry created and dominated the healthcare system with their synthetic drugs.

For decades Hemp seeds have been declared by researchers as the world’s best food.

Regularly whistleblower scientists informed government agencies and provided them with all the scientific proof that Hemp seeds contain the perfect balance of the essential fatty acids required by the human body. Additionally, Hemp seeds are one of the best sources of vegetarian protein. Hemp lives up to the definition of a super food, and Hemp Seed Oil is indeed the Oil of Life.

Besides, throughout history humans have been using hemp for thousands of years for clothes, paper, ropes, canvas, food, and so on.

Yet our rulers declared Hemp forbidden because the lumber-, cotton-, food industrial complex wanted to keep dominating these markets.

Introducing “Ubuntu-Contributionism – A new Paradigm for Human Prosperity”

Ubuntu-Contributionism is a new paradigm of living without money, developed by Michael Tellinger.

In giving you a brief idea about Ubuntu-Contributionism, here is what Michael Tellinger posted in his last newsletter, quote:

“Most people are under the incorrect assumption that money is the consequence of human evolution and thousands of years of barter and trade. As hard as this may be for some people to accept, that is an incorrect assumption. Meticulous scrutiny of our human history shows very clearly that money was introduced several thousand years ago, by a small group of royal political elites as the supreme tool of enslavement of the masses. Since the very first introduction of money this small group of very powerful individuals have controlled the printing and supply of money, and thereby control the activities on planet Earth.

• Money is the obstacle to all progress
• The cause of all misery on Earth.
• Money is the major contributing factor to the gross separation and segregation in society.
• Money is the cause of 99% of crime.
• Money causes families to fall apart.
• Money is the driving force behind the SEVEN deadly sins and ego, gluttony, jealousy, greed, envy, lust and all the ugliest aspects of humanity.
• Money has been the motive behind most of the wars of the past 2000 years and funded by the bankers, often funding both sides for maximum profit and control.

The solution is quite clear. REMOVE the problem. Remove MONEY from society.

Please share this information with your friends who will appreciate it and will want to know more.
Michael Tellinger” (End of quotation)

I believe many within the permaculture movement would embrace the idea of living without money. Yet the problem is, it takes money to get there.

For the masses of people in amnesia it is not easy to grasp and accept the truth that our money system has been installed by our galactic rulers. Money serves as a tool for energy harvesting off humanity, for we are their life stock. Money is the main method through which we sustain them. That is why nobody is supposed to survive without money.

Soon enough, as humanity awakens and strives for Unity Consciousness, we will rise above the need for monetary value. Money will phase out and no longer be needed. Living without money is the highest level of community.

However, those who read “Ubuntu-Contributionism” inevitably will come to know our true human history. And this leads to the question of who ‘the bad guys’ are.

“Who the Bad Guys Are”

It behooves us to finally ask the question who the bad guys are and why they are doing bad things. We can only do so by taking on the overview perspective that allows us to see the bigger picture of our reality. Which then leads us to connect with our Higher Self. Then we become aware that there is a reality beyond the brain.

There are forces unseen at work that design and direct what happens on game-board Earth. They put our political leaders and controllers in place, decide where wars be waged, diseases being spread, where the money goes, and so on.

Just as the Matrix Triology movies demonstrate, we are living in a simulated reality while our bodies are living as an energy source for our overlords. We make up the life form of the system. We are seven billion humans complying. We are kept in the dense, lower vibrations of the third dimension, where the struggle for survival keeps us in fear. Our emanations of fear are their sustenance.

When taking on the broadened overview perspective it becomes obvious that our blind trust in our public officials is misplaced. Our leaders are not our friends. The powers that be do not protect the population from the evils of the world. They themselves embody the dark. They need us to fear them in order to control us.

They are called the Global Elite, the Cabal, the Illuminati, the shadow governments.

Everything we are witnessing is staged and manipulated by the Cabal: the financial system, the media, politics; everything is a charade.

Once people realize that we live in a vibrational prison, freeing our enslaved minds is the next step in our evolution, individually and collectively.

“The Regulators”

What you, Paul, call “The Regulators” are the minions of the cabal, they are the henchmen, the enforcers, who are doing the dirty work for their masters. Just as young men (and women) are being trained and programmed to become professional killers, called army service men, in similar fashion are the Regulators men and women who are being conditioned to act as Authorities or Regulators, in uniforms with batches. As a result of the brainwashing and programming the Regulators lose their innate moral human compass of right & wrong, they turn into psychopaths themselves. Their job is to restrict and limit the population in any way possible, in all areas of life, to keep us in the fear-based mode of struggle for survival at the low 3rd dimensional frequency.

I once watched the long documentary of architect Michael Reynold from New Mexico, the creator of “EarthShip” homes, and the relentless battle he fought with the Regulators. They pulled all their strings to suppress the spreading of EarthShip Homes, for they are symbols of sovereignty and self-sustainability.

The permaculture communities, mostly understood as alternative agriculture, are now more frequently targeted as potential bio-terrorists with their bio farms and self-sustainability philosophy. The regulator-psychopaths have reached a level of insanity where they claim organic farms represent a bio-security threat to the United States. Monsanto is now seen as the Department of Homeland Security for Food and will ensure the protection of America. There are cases where permaculture farmers have been prosecuted as bio-terrorists for things like harvesting rainwater or selling raw milk.

You may have seen those horror pictures of factory farms where zombie-like humans are making a living by treating animals not just inhumane but execute unspeakable cruelties on them. It shows how mind-controlled people lose their humanity in following the instructions of the Regulators.

I recently read a local newspaper article in which a county supervisor said, “It would reawaken the rural economy if it were unleashed from urban control. California has over 500 government agencies micromanaging the people.” To me, this statement speaks volumes! I would consider it a healthy reaction if people get angry and begin to recognize the Regulators for what they are, predators and parasites, micro-managing the people.

The Truther Movement

Our lack of knowledge of the truth causes all our problems on Earth. We are a civilization in amnesia, kept in darkness about who we are and where we come from.

Part of my work as a Lightworker is to maintain an overview perspective of what is going on on Earth and beyond. I am guided to share with others what I have come to know as the greater truth. Only by taking on a broader viewpoint is one able to connect the dots of what is going on.

Those who are not willing to take on the bigger picture viewpoint are unable to connect the dots, nor can they discern what is truth and what is deception and disinformation. They are stuck in arguing for their limitations.

I’d like to talk about the Truther Movement that is happening all over the world. There is no nobler case one could support. In my own way I feel I must serve as a voice for the Truther Movement. The sooner we are willing to open our collective closet and face the ugly skeletons the sooner we can start creating Heaven on Earth.

The “enlightened experts” who have come to get to know the truth in their field of expertise and spread it by going public, are called Whistleblowers. Those courageous awakened ones open our eyes about what is behind our system of domination and control.

Most of the revelations come from Whistleblowers within the banking system. They tell us that the global banking system is a cartel of psychopaths who run and dominate all sectors of power and control over humanity.

Also, the Whistleblowers enlighten us how the Cabal rulers use the Hegelian Dialectic of “Problem-Reaction-Solution” as the framework for guiding our thoughts and actions, in herding the human population.

The Whistleblowers are labeled by the Cabal as Conspiracy Theorists. Calling the Truth a Conspiracy Theory is a clever method of dismissing what is in plain sight, yet not visible to the masses in their state of mind-programmed willful ignorance.

These brave and courageous truth seekers, not only in the upper sectors of the banking system, but among politicians and the many secret organizations, within the military industrial complex, religious institutions, science institutions like NASA, etc., face the fact that a large number of them are being assassinated, often including their family members.

To think that we can continue to ignore “the bad guys” speaks of cognitive dissonance. When our beliefs are challenged cognitive dissonance is created. Denial kicks in to ignore the Truth. Such is the human programming, called MK-Ultra, as started by the Nazis during World War II.

The Truth about our reality has been suppressed by our ET rulers for a long time. They are stealing our minds. Just look at Bill Gates, the master of inversion. He once was a hero who led the computer evolution to make it accessible for the masses. In return he became the richest man in the world. Now he claims doing God’s work by using the money he siphoned off the people for the “humanitarian purpose” of depopulation. He has joined the globalist architects for the implementing of the New World Order. Their plan is to reduce the human population whom they view as “useless eaters”, down to 500 million and thus restore the balance of Nature.

Sometimes I hear somebody arguing that the criss-crossing lines in the sky are con trails and can be easily explained. “Chemtrails” are a conspiracy theory, say they.

They are oblivious to the fact that the chemtrails are but one facet of the plan of genetically modifying humans. It is done through air, medicated drinking water, genetically altered and processed foods, pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines. Furthermore the population is genetically altered through manipulation and weakening with electro-magnetic frequencies, scalar wave technology, weather manipulation called geoengineering, and so on. And not to forget the nonstop mind-programming of the populace through television and other media. However, the Truth is not televised!


We have two alternatives: alter our course or face the end of our civilization.

We do not need to fight the system with demonstrations, petitions, elections, etc. we only need to exit the Matrix System and live outside, under the radar, so to speak. The steps are:

= Withdrawing your energy and consciously exiting the Matrix System.

= Joining in small groups of like-minded people to live as awakened humans on Earth.

= Supporting the Truther Movement for the dismantling of the system.

= Consciously reclaiming our Sovereignty and living as authentic creators on Earth – Be God in Action!

When we live and embody the principles of a fifth-dimensional paradigm, based on Unconditional Love, we live in a higher frequency range, we are invisible to the 3D Matrix System.

We must live the changes we want to see in the world. We must remember that we are sovereign creators on Earth. The key is this: The transformation of the planet starts with me!

About Me

I have to honor my commitment to my Lightworker mission of living as a volunteer on Earth to help usher the human family through the Shift of the Ages. As a starseed I’m in this world, but not of this world. For the first half of my life I believed I was put here on this rogue planet for punishment.

Without the Lightworkers the higher cosmic energies now flooding the planet could not be grounded on Earth. We serve as the anchors who then reverberate these energies into the collective.

For those of us living outside the Matrix it is not possible to thrive in the lower third dimension. We must be cautious not to get caught up in the high drama of what is continuing to deteriorate and fall all around us.

I live outside of society, as a maverick. I live without a car. As a senior I get social security benefits that keep me below the poverty level. I do not participate in the healthcare system. I do not vote. I have no television set. I feed the Matrix System only with the minimum energy to ensure my bare survival.

As a single female senior I find it extremely hard to live through these End Times. Sometimes I just want to find my blankie and spend the day in a corner, just breathing and being. I would still be in Service to Others. (smile)

I can only be authentic, and I am obligated to share and spread what I have come to know as the truth.
For more articles and “Documents for Change” please visit my website.


Dear Paul Wheaton; There is much to unlearn as we the human family go through this upgrading of consciousness.

In concluding I’d like to share with you the famous Marianne Williamson quote, spoken by Nelson Mandela in his inauguration speech in the year 1994.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

I shared the quote many times, for when we read it, our Inner Being or Higher Self is reading with us and may give us nudges for our awakening.

In concluding, I’d like to ask whether you would be willing to add onto your forum list a category “Ubuntu-Contributionism Communities”. I would like to post Ubuntu-Contributionism messages there. I am looking for like-minded souls, people of my tribe, as co-founders for starting the first American Ubuntu-Contributionism community project, combined with the permaculture principles.

Thank you, Paul Wheaton, for your work on behalf of all of us.

I would love to hear from you.

Light&Love, Karin Lacy


May 13, 2015
I sent my Proposal Letter to Paul Wheaton’s email address and I posted it on the Permies Forum under “Intentional Communities”. Immediately afterward I received a message from the moderator that she “took my nonsense off the forum, but she may share it with the other moderators to also have a good laugh at such a nonsense”.
Paul Wheaton himself did not respond.

I was astounded about their reaction. I now believe there are factions within the Permaculture movement and Paul Wheaton is the leader of one of them.

Well, if they perceive my letter as utter nonsense I wonder what they might say about the movement started by Anastasia, the angelic woman in the Siberian Forest.
During the Soviet Union era the Russian government gave a free allotment of land to each person who wanted to start a garden with a small summer cottage. They are known as Dachas in Russia. 71% of Russia’s population own and maintain a Dacha micro garden, creating a sustainable and harmonious system of living, outside the government’s grip.

I learned from the Anastasia books that an economic collapse could not happen in Russia because of the tens of millions of gardeners who provide the population with their self-grown food and also are in
charge of distributing the seeds. That is true people power!

Anastasia teaches (in her more than ten books) the spiritual aspects of gardening with Nature which also entails accepting the responsibilities of being the steward of one’s land.

Or what about co-creating with the spirits of Nature as started and documented in the sixties by Eileen and Peter Caddy in the Findhorn garden in Scotland. Their work was then taken to the next level by
Machaelle Small Wright in the U.S. Her company Perelandra-Ltd.com teaches co-creating with the beings of Nature and distributes the Perelandra essences on a global scale.

According to the Paul Wheaton faction of Permaculture all that must then also be dismissed as nonsense.

The moderator’s reaction proofs what I described in my Proposal Letter about the Truther Movement, that those who are still locked in the Matrix System cannot perceive higher vibrational information.
The philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer coined the phrase: “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

All will awaken (including the Duke of Permaculture), yet each person lives through their own individual process of gaining greater awareness.

Light&Love, Karin Lacy

Letter to Lord Adama

In the year 2011, after moving to Mount Shasta and reading the book “Telos” by Dianne Robbins, I wrote a letter to Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, the legendary city beneath Mount Shasta. With this letter I responded to Adama’s offer “to call when you are in need, for we are here for you.”

In my letter I quoted several paragraphs of Adama’s description of life in the Inner Earth and the Agarthan Network. I think it may be inspiring to those of you who are envisioning joining the subterranean Resistance Movement. Victory of the Light

Letter to Lord Adama – High Priest of Telos, Lemurian City beneath Mt. Shasta, California

March 2011

Dear Adama;

I AM Karin Lacy, wishing for an opportunity to speak.

Twenty years ago I was guided to come to California and to start my mission as a Lightworker for America.

I just moved from Chico, CA to Weed/Mt. Shasta with the purpose of eventually manifesting my dome village dream together with like-minded co-creators.

As part of my Lightwork I have been writing Open Letters for almost twenty years. My letters document my life experience as a Lightworker and I self-publish them in my ebooks.

Last October I had contacted an architect who bought a large piece of land in the Mt. Shasta area and asked him whether he would be willing to trade a small corner of his land for the building of my eco-village dome project. In exchange I offered my metaphysical stone collection, which I had been trying to sell for several years.

When he declined I felt all the powerlessness as a Have-not in our system’s social game of the Haves and Have-nots. In my despair I was shouting out to the Universe that there must be a way, that I must come up with a brilliant idea to manifest a piece of land and some money. Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures.

It then suddenly came to my mind to write a letter to you, Lord Adama, asking you for support. Ask and it is given, I have been taught by my favorite non-physical teacher, Abraham.

I had read your book “Telos”, channeled by Dianne Robbins. Me being an old Lemurian soul it stirred me up big time. Reading the book served as a confirmation that moving to Mt. Shasta was the right thing for me to do.

With this letter I am responding to your offer “to call to you when we are in need, for we are here for you.”

My request is this: I read your description of your bartering system. Would you be interested in bartering with me as a surface dweller? I am offering you my metaphysical stone and mineral collection of about 2,000 pieces that I collected over twenty-five years. In exchange I would ask for gold nuggets that I then could sell for money. I had envisioned to use the stone collection as a down payment for a land owner or a bank loan for the building of Dome Village Katrina. However, nothing happened so far. Had I gold nuggets instead of a stone collection, they would be easy to sell.

Adama, what do you think? Is this barter offer acceptable to you? Would you be interested in these gems, crystals, and minerals from the surface? The two-thousand stones are from all over the globe. I can imagine that you would want to display them for other Telosians to see.

Even though I read in the “Telos” book that you in the hollow Earth reside in great palaces of crystals, lapis, gold and jewels, my humble stone collection would be unique in that it is from a surface dweller.

My collection weighs about 220 pounds and is stored in 14 boxes.

I am now in Mt. Shasta.

(((Oh, Adama, I am so in Love with the mountain, Her presence stirs me up deeply! Whenever I stand in awe staring at the mountain this sweet feeling of home coming washes over me. It is the Lemurian energy that She is emanating that touches me on so many levels. I feel so honored to be here among all those luminaries and Lightworkers par excellence who settled here long before me. And I appreciate so much the gift of drinking her delicious Shasta glacier water.)))

Last November I contacted Dianne Robbins and asked whether she knows of a rental vacancy for me. It turned out that she offered to take her old place in the mobile home of her friend Larry.

So in December 2010 I moved from Chico to the mobile home park in Weed.

I will let Dianne in on my bartering idea and ask whether she is willing to symbolically deliver the letter by reading it out loud to you or in whatever other method appropriate. If she finds my idea worthwhile I’m sure she will help in the delivery of the boxes with my stone collection. You probably would want us to place the boxes at a certain time on a certain spot on the mountain.

Dear Adama, I don’t want to miss this opportunity to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your book “Telos”. I love to keep reading it late at night and dreaming being part of such a Nirvana world.

I must say I am amazed at the climate difference between Chico and Mt. Shasta area, only 2 ½ car hours away. I had difficulties to adjust my body to the winter temperatures in Weed. While I tried to keep me warm with a small electric heater in my little room in the mobile home, I read your and Rosalia’s description of the weather down in your Heaven-on-Earth world: “Our weather is always so fine, so delightful, and so cozy and warm that you would just like to curl up under a tree and take a siesta for eternity. Our weather here is based on our thoughts and love and purity of heart, and is reflected in the softness of the breezes and warmth of the air and gentleness of the climate. For all we think and feel, our weather reflects back to us.”

Whenever I was looking in Larry’s front room at the original painting of Rosalia sitting in a meadow I almost could feel the softness of the breezes there…

To the contrary, in my reality I looked outside through the trailer window and saw and heard the December blizzards pounding everything in their way. I was already considering to look for a warmer place to rent. I can’t adjust to living in a cold trailer and it would cost too much to heat it up to my comfort zone. In my opinion people should not have to live in trailers in such harsh winters. No matter what climate condition, the poorest of the poor live in trailers. The trailer parks are everywhere. In my opinion trailers are the worst housing, with their box-structure, above ground, often aluminum skin and lack of insulation. Bad Feng Shui indeed!

Five years ago I went through it all, when I started my life’s mission as a Lightworker. From living a protected and isolated lifestyle I suddenly had to throw myself out there into the mix. As a German immigrant, at age 59, with no money, no car, no job, no friends, I started a new life from scratch. Ever since the number one issue in my life has been the need for shelter. Many times I was afraid of ending up homeless. As a “have-not” of society my main goal was to be able to afford a rental place on my own to call home and establish my sacred space, my nucleus.

For most of the human wage slaves getting the rent money together for the next month is their main goal in the struggle for survival. Most people are living month by month, from paycheck to paycheck. From my own experience I can tell you living as a single person makes it even harder to get by financially. It is frustrating and depressing to live so limited by money, not being able to buy nutritious, organic food. But I love the simplicity of my free life, outside of society, with no car, and only six monthly bills to pay: for rent, electricity, propane, phone, Internet connection, and website hosting.

To give you an example about the way we exploit each other in our neediness for each others’ money, let me share with you my recent experiences in the “housing industry.” I moved from the trailer into a large two-story apartment complex in Weed. It was affordable housing because of government funding. The apartment was warmer, but I did not like the noisy electric heating system, blowing forced air through vents. I could not sleep in the bedroom corner with the outside heating machines vibrating loudly through the house wall. There was no ceiling/floor insulation between the two stories. The space was a resonance body, amplifying the noise coming from upstairs. A family of five lived above me. For the entire month that I lived there I had to use headache pills to cope with the noise level.

One would think the insulation issue to be the main concern for those who design and build apartment complexes like this for large numbers of people. However, these builders would never want to live in those places themselves.

When I asked the upstairs neighbors if they could try to keep the noise level down, they said No they will not. They are loud people and the manager knows it and she should not have put me as a single person in the unit below. So I realized I had no other choice than looking again for a better place.

In this government-controlled rental complex every week another inspection walked through the apartments: for the sprinkler system, for the alarm system, for pest control to spray pesticides on the kitchen floor, etc.

Of course things are set up by the rental corporations in a way that the tenant cannot win. They lock the tenants in a one-year lease contract and punish people with fees if they want to get out.

Finally I was lucky to find an apartment in an affordable apartment complex in Mt. Shasta. Right away I could feel the much higher energy all around. So in early February I moved to Mt. Shasta, my third moving in two months. Again, it is a government-sponsored housing business. To fill out the application papers is an ordeal. I had to gather all personal information five years back, about housing, work, finances, life circumstances. They actually called all listed landlords of the last five years to inquire whether I was a worthy tenant, plus called up all individuals listed for references. The tenants are being completely screened.

This is just to give you an impression of how we are being controlled like sheep in the den by the powers that be.

I assumed it would be less expensive than in Chico to live in the Mt. Shasta area, but the opposite is the case; everything is more expensive here.

Well, after experiencing so much hardship on my journey, nobody has a stronger desire than me for building a small self-sufficient dome village community with a group of like-minded people and live in a new way on Earth, in the frequency range of the fifth dimension, known as unconditional Love.

The Merging of our two Civilizations

Dear Adama, I would like to quote some paragraphs that I love from your “Telos” book:

“I dream of the merging of our two civilizations; yours from above, and ours from below. This merging will be the culmination of a great plan that we developed eons ago, before you incarnated on Earth.”

“For us to be with you, in heart and mind, is the greatest gift and honor we may have, now and forever. For in order for the Earth and humanity to continue to ascend in consciousness, the whole planet must be united and merged into ONE Light from below and ONE Light from above. For we are all here for you, so that all of us, together, will find our way back home into the higher dimensions of Light.”

“We greet you from Telos beneath the Earth. We are here, too, as your planet flies through space, carrying us all on our journey through eternity. We wait and watch, waiting for the moment of entry when the Earth meets the Photon Belt. We hope to be on the surface well before that moment arrives, and our plans are set for that moment of emergence when we all journey to the surface. We are not that far away, and it will only take us minutes to make the trip from our homes to yours. We will come prepared with everything that we, and you, will need for our entry into the light of the Photon Belt.”

“We, here in Telos, concentrate our thoughts on you. We are always sending you our heart’s joy and heart’s love to bolster your strength as you move through the density and change it to higher currents of Light. It is in these higher currents or higher vibrations that we meet you as ONE. Our lives are intertwined. And soon we will all be together as we unravel this great mystery of life that will lead you, from above to below, where we dwell in peace and understanding of the Great Laws of the Universe.”

“We invite you to converse with us telepathically, for the merging of our two great civilizations is imminent and necessary for the ascension of the whole planet.”

“There is nothing to prepare for, since you will be aided fully, before this time of entry arrives. Know that you are on Earth at this time to assist all of humanity with its entry into the Photon Belt. All souls incarnating at this time have done so with full understanding of what is to happen. That’s why there are so many people on Earth today, more than there ever was, because all souls want to be involved in these “End Times”. All souls who ever incarnated on Earth have returned. You are one such soul. These End Times can be met with harmony and joy, or fear and chaos. The choice is yours.”

Are you Telosians our Saviors?

Well, Adama, I know many would argue that believing in such voices promising to help humans in the near future is an indication of people’s attitude of wish-thinking that we can’t take care of ourselves and solve our problems on our own.

But I say let’s not forget that we – the masters on game board Earth – are wearing blindfolds! What we took on is most courageous, playing blind-folded as a player on game board Earth, not knowing that we are playing a game. We ourselves designed the game that we are playing!

So what is wrong with receiving help from our spiritual elders who watch how we struggle blindfolded as mortals through our lives? After all, we as the surface humanity are still at the kindergarten stages.

The many non-physical teachers who assist us in getting through these difficult times tell us that life on Earth was supposed to be a joyous experience, that it was never intended for humanity to struggle through life, feeling unworthy and lost, unable to remember Source and who we truly are.

Well, for the first half of my life I believed that I must have been put for punishment here on this rogue planet, with such a lack of Love.

It saddens me to see how numb and zombie-like people become from being conditioned by the methods of the matrix control system: with the processed lifeless food they are manipulated to eat, the medicated drinking water, the disempowering medical system that so many are being locked in, drugged with medications, paying thousands of dollars to the doctors and pharmaceutical industry. Healthcare is becoming ever more a business about mining the human body for profit.

The powers that be and the media have a firm grip on the masses, playing mass consciousness like an orchestra. The governments created the class of lawyers as their enforcers, “the laughing third” who are the experts in disempowering and hindering people from solving their proble-ms with their fellow humans on a good-will basis. The controlling apparatus and its bureaucratic water-head are making life on Earth ever more cumbersome, at least for the so-called “civilized world.”

Anyway. In giving you these first-hand impressions from a surface dweller I want to emphasize that these are extremely tough times we are living through. Most people feel like fish out of the water, exhausted, tired, depressed, powerless and energy-less, plagued by physical ailments.


Dear Adama, I am thinking a lot of you and the Telosians beneath the mountain and what you say in the “Telos” book in regards to your immortality. I loved the following paragraphs:

“… For it is a glorified way of living, as we in the Subterranean Cities can attest to. We live our lives with the highest of standards, and think only love and bliss as we go about our daily business. Our lives are not so different from yours. It is only our way of thinking that catapults us into higher realms of Being, as we, too, walk upon the Earth – albeit, it is under the ground.”

“We all wait for you by the Gates of Eternity, which is what we call our domain. For our land is as eternal as we are, as long as we maintain our balance and frequency of Love. If you lose your balance you fall. The same with Immortality. To sustain our Immortality, we must stay emotionally balanced at all times, and keep our heads in the clouds—dreaming our dream of eternity. For it is the dream that sustains us.”

“Soon you will dispense with your calendar, and instead of counting the days, you will count the weeks, then the months, and then you will stop counting completely, because you’ll be living in an uncountable time frame noted by cosmic events and using a cosmic calendar. This is how you stay Immortal. You don’t count days, you count stars. And since there are an infinite amount of stars in the heavens, you’ll soon give up and resign yourselves to the fact that you are Immortal beings with nothing to count. Only endless days to live and grow and love and evolve in the image of the Creator. … No more racing to get things done on time – just knowing that you have an eternity to complete your soul lessons in a loving and peaceful environment, just the way we do in Telos.”

“…Vigilance is needed every moment of your waking day. To be a master, you must master your thoughts and feelings every moment. We call it “being in the Presence”, and the Presence is feeling the Source flowing through you. It is a heightened state of awareness. Being in the Presence allows the God force to permeate every fiber of your being so that you are wide awake and alert and receptive to all that is coming through you. You are then able to receive from the cosmos all you desire and deserve.”

“In Telos, we plan our lives, our days, and our minutes by clearly feeling our way through life. We are alert to all nuances, and shape our thoughts according to our desires, thereby bringing to us exactly what we want and when we want it. It is practice. And we’ve had eons of practice because of our long lifespans. This is what you have been missing on the surface—you have been missing your longevity, your long lifetimes. This longevity gives you the memories of all you have learned so that you don’t have to keep learning and remembering over and over again. You learn it once, and remember it for many thousands of years in the same body—then manifesting becomes as natural as walking and running. You don’t have to think about it, it just happens. And it happens perfectly.”

“This slower pace has many advantages. We don’t have the pressure and stress as you do on the surface. All we do is in harmony and peace. Our lives are tranquil and in tune with the Creator. All is in harmony with nature, and all we do supports nature.”

Well, Adama, when I ponder all this, we mortals on the surface have a long way to go to reach the consciousness level of Immortals. The matrix control system on Earth is keeping us locked at the level of three-dimensional consciousness. We are still so obsessed with the issue of Death.


Dear Adama, there is one last topic I would like to mention. I was especially intrigued when I read in a transmission from Rosalia that you use hemp for all your clothing and bedding. I told several friends about it and concluded that if you grow hemp in Telos, then you also grow cannabis/marijuana. As you know cannabis/hemp has been suppressed by our worldly and religious leaders and controllers for a very long time. The corporations who established the cotton industry have been suppressing hemp for political and profit reasons. And those who own the forests cut their trees for the paper industry. Cannabis for medicine had been declared illegal and being pushed into the underground world of drugs. The war on drugs has been created by the powers that be as one of our darkest chapters. Instead the healthcare system and pharmaceutical industry are drugging the majority of the population with prescription drugs, milking them for money with hefty prices.

I read that when the time comes for your emergence you will give us seeds from your plants, trees, and vegetables. Well, please put me on your list. (smile) Especially I would be interested in hemp seeds from Telos. Hemp and cannabis are still widely forbidden in our world. I am sure that you also know everything about cannabis and its THC. I know there will be much to learn from you, since you in Telos have no controlling government that declares which plants of our Earth Mother Gaia are allowed and which ones are forbidden for her children.

I am a cannabis advocate and wrote a book called “Potty Training for Indigo Children” about the subject of cannabis/marijuana/hemp as my contribution to its legalization. I took on this book project as an assignment from the non-physical teacher Abraham to enlighten people about this sacred plant of Mother Earth and to tell the truth about the political agenda for the forbidden plant. In other words, I wanted to contribute to clearing the subject from its karmic stigma and foster the renaissance of cannabis/marijuana/hemp for medicine, enlightenment, and abundant resources for the 21st century.


Dear Adama, in coming full circle, I am fully aware that writing this letter was unnecessary in communicating with you. You say that you are instantly aware of our thoughts and that you respond immediately, even though if we can’t hear your reply. Who knows, maybe I even received the inspiration for this letter from you or another Telosian. (smile)

But I am writing this letter also as part of my Lightwork for others to read. Being a bridge person I want to help broadcast the message of the reality of your existence.

By some readers I am probably seen as a schizophrenic responding to the figments of somebody’s imagination in writing a letter to a fictitious person in a fictitious underground city. But for others this crazy letter may help them to expand their consciousness.

It is my desire that my initiative and suggestion for bartering with you of the subterranean world may serve the higher purpose of bridging our civilizations.

You, Adama, know the purity of my heart.

I am yearning to be with you and the others in Telos.

In joyous anticipation of miracles!

From my heart to yours,


I emailed my Letter to Lord Adama to Dianne Robbins, who wrote the book “Telos”. She printed the letter out and read it out loud to Adama. She emailed me back that Adama received the letter and he says “Hello”.

Alas, that was the end of it…

My Alien Love Bite Story, A Treatise

Part 2

My Alien Love Bite Story, A Treatise

By KarinLLightworker

January 1, 2017


Part of my Lightworker mission is to chronicle my life experience as a Lightworker. I write articles, Open Letters, and newsletters for my website and blog; I also offer them to the blogosphere, plus put them as chapters in my books.

My recent life experience has been a love story with a man that was orchestrated and directed by interdimensional beings, archons, demons, reptilians or else they may be named. However, ‘archons’ has become the commonly used term for these galactic parasites that have been manipulating the human race for eons.

I am documenting my ‘alien love bite’ story for those who may have been under archon influence as well and may gain greater awareness from reading it. The fact of the alien love bite is barely known within the new age community and global ufology scene. Over the years I watched several interviews with Eve Lorgen, author of the books “The Alien Love Bite” and “The Dark Side of Cupid” which gave me an overview of this topic of otherworldly intervention in our human affairs.

After Paul’s (not his real name) sudden breakup of our relationship I felt traumatized and was under shock and urgently needed to gain greater clarity of what had just happened and why. So I read “The Alien Love Bite” and “The Dark Side of Cupid” by Eve Lorgen.

I am grateful for these books; I learned much and received new insights about my own love bite affair.

I knew already from Eve Lorgen’s interviews that these interdimensional entities who arrange and manipulate love bite relationships do so to feed off their victim’s energy. They have the means through their advanced technologies to enter our minds and dictate thoughts and even switch one partner off from the other. This is exactly what happened here, twice.

My previous archon interventions in the year 2015

The year 2015 was the hardest year of my life. In February my ex-husband suddenly died in his house in Southern California. We were in daily email contact and he wanted to relocate to my area to buy a place where we could live as next-door neighbors for mutual support. Shortly after Jim’s death his son Michael hijacked his father’s Kung Fu Grandmaster website, declared himself the Grandmaster, destroyed Jim’s large website that represented his legacy, and created a fake website where he is selling his father’s martial arts information. He erased my name to eliminate me from the picture.

I documented the story in my “Memorial for Jim Lacy” on my blog. To me it is archon intervention at work.

After Jim’s death I applied for widow’s benefit and went through an ordeal with the Social Security administration. They first announced that I will receive $200 widow’s benefit additionally to my retirement benefit plus a larger back payment. But then they changed their mind and cut off $200 from my other Social Security income so that I get no more than before I applied for widow’s benefit, plus they kept my back payment. It would have lessened my struggle for survival if I had been given $200 more to live off.

To me the treatment to my disadvantage by the Social Security Admin is an indication of archon influence. Other Lightworkers also share their stories of archon manipulation, but may give these parasites different names. This is how they try to keep those who serve the Light down at the level of struggle for survival.

After this hardest year of my life I felt exhausted, drained and weakened. Jim had helped me in the past and now I was constantly financially struggling. Additionally I went through the hardship of moving to another town. My 1 ½ year experience in the town of Yreka was mostly determined by rejection. I couldn’t make any friends; I didn’t fit in there.

Of course I am aware that the new agers will tell me whether I don’t know that I create my own reality. I was one of them. I now have a broadened view; I now know that there is so much more to this perceived reality then I previously thought.

The Holon

Then in February of 2016 I learned of inventor Dirk Laureyssens “Holon”. The Holon setup utilizes three nested glasses, with spaces in between as the membranes. He compares the Holon with the essence of the Buddhist temple.

According to him the three nested glasses represent the Trinity that Christianity speaks of as Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Everything in this world is based on this Trinity. Inventor Dirk teaches how we can use the Holon in practical ways in everyday life. We can make a transmitter out of it by healing ourselves, others, and the environment. The Holon can be used to heal entire cities.

I found it intriguing and felt inspired to set up a Holon, just out of curiosity. I put three pennies and a small glass ladybug as symbols of good luck on the bottom of the first inner glass.

Three weeks later Paul walked in my door and our love story unfolded in fairytale fashion. I was convinced that the Holon setup had brought about our encounter.

I described the love story in my 3-page Newsletter #16, “Quantumleaping and Timeline Jumping”, without mentioning the Holon. (see my blog)

Here is an excerpt:

Two of us of the lineage of the Spirit of Prometheus had attracted each other and together we blasted through the Promethean Fire Mist. In a full day of sexual intertwining our signature frequencies were downloaded. He received mine, I received his. For a full day we showered each other with our mighty Promethean Love, while remembering and integrating who we are as avatars. With us was his guide Anais Nin, who delighted in our sacred wedding. She’s my new friend.

There were other onlookers, angels as well as demons, cheering us on in our fiery reunion.

To me the oh-so-long expected EVENT happened on this very day and I came out of the Promethean cauldron as a different person. I shifted dimensions, I shifted timelines, I integrated missing parts of me. Everything was real.

His wife of forty-three years had encouraged him to look for sexual pleasure outside the marriage, since as an artist he suffered from the absence of an inspiring muse.

It is not my style to interfere and intrude into a marriage and cause grief. It was all his doing. I was suspicious from day one whether he got the Alien Love Bite and is acting out irrationally. I allowed him into my door because I had never before in this lifetime met another of my own lineage. And admittedly, I was intrigued by the idea of taking on that assignment of serving as the muse for such a man.

Three days after our sexual intertwining he revealed to his wife that he had started an affair with me. He said she gave her consent, as promised. Two days later he wanted to come see me overnight to celebrate our third encounter. He told his wife that he would be back home in the morning. From that moment on some massive dragon slaying riot must have broken out there between the couple. She demanded to make his immediate choice between her and me and that if he goes to spend the night with me it will be the end of the 43-year marriage. The archetypes were wrestling!

To him, his wife embodied the 90% fulfillment within their long-term relationship. There was only an “irregular hole in the middle”, caused by the roaring of the second chakra, for he is someone who demands from the Universe the granting of 100% of everything. So at the end of their dragon slayings he chose the saving of the marriage. In their marriage quantum leap they came to the resolution to revive and reawaken their relationship and fill the irregular hole in the middle themselves, both together.

So he briefly called to let me know what they were in the middle of and that he will not come. He said that we cannot meet again and must end our two-day love affair. Even though through long practice I am pretty good at shifting energies, I suddenly felt trembling under my feet and I too went through a long night of battle with the archetypes. The downfall came very hard for me. Without a doubt all this is interdimentional intervention and manipulation. (End of excerpt.)

A week after Paul broke up with me he emailed again. I asked jokingly whether he’s not afraid to be bitten again by those alien love bite specialists, and he complied, tongue in cheek, that of course he can’t wait to be bitten again. From then on he came visiting me again, keeping it secret from his wife since – as he said – she was not yet at the level in her evolution to accept the situation.

The seven-months alien love bite story

I am going to write my story in chronological order for the purpose of analyzing it, afterward.

It became obvious to me that Paul is not the type of the normal faithful husband and that I haven’t been his first affair. When I first saw his perforated wedding ring I perceived that it stands for his desire for erotic adventures, while the usual solid wedding band symbolizes to bond two people together. I wasn’t guilt-ridden towards his wife, for if it were not me then it would be another woman.

I was in a similar position in my marriage. After I went through menopause I had no more sexual desires and my husband got frustrated. I realized that I have no right to demand that he has to accept this fact and suffer from our lack of a love life. So I told him many times to get a girlfriend, and that then we would all be best friends. But he rather wanted me to awaken my libido again. However, the relationship got more difficult overall and I left him after 15 years of marriage.

I think the husband as a sovereign being has a right to live out his sexuality if the wife is not interested anymore. The quality of the relationship will definitely go down if one partner lost sexual interest. Not all men will accept the moral, religious and societal rules of how we have to behave in our institution of marriage.

Paul told me at our first encounter that he had been putting out to the Universe his deepest heart’s desire to send him his ideal lovemaking partner. This was his theme that he always spoke of, that he deserved for this wish to be granted. Three years ago he got involved with the Tantric Love scene in the Ashland area to find his Tantrika. He said he had sexual relations with several women, one lasted half a year, but he kept them secret from his wife.

It first was my particular spirituality, my spiritual pheromons, that attracted him when reading some of my articles on my website and facebook page. There was a true spiritual affinity, a rare spiritual foundation between us. A few days later, when he walked in my door and towards me, it was like two forces reuniting. He said he knew immediately that I am the one he has been looking for since he was a child.

He wanted to make me his Tantric consort, his Tantrika, his muse, his dream lover. I was eager to become his student to learn the art of Tantric Love. We assumed the roles of Shiva and Shakti, the divine lovers, the archetypes, the yin and yang of our world of polarity, the twin realities. We declared my little house in Yreka as my Shakti temple.

As prevention from further archon attacks, I did the night before our encounters a ritual for our protection and safety. And everything always went smoothly, there were never any problems. Every week for six months Paul came visiting me in Yreka, which meant a 45 minute ride for him. He came early in the morning and left at dusk. He kept our affair secret from his wife. He told her that he is teaching a friend in another town to paint and that they both once a week spend the whole day painting.

We became Shiva and Shakti and immersed ourselves in healing, celebration, and Tantra quantum leaping. We suspended time. We let the world “off the hook”.We had 25 Tantric celebrations in my Shakti temple.

We realized that we had been brought together for the purpose of healing. We both were sexually wounded by the past. Since it had been fifteen years that I had the last time intercourse with my then husband, the tissue of my vagina was hardened and intercourse was not possible. When I researched the topic I learned that it is a common problem for aging women and can be reversed through libido reawakening.

He also had a disability, suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) for many years which meant a big wounded manhood issue for him. So we began our seven months healing mission as Shiva and Shakti and entered a world of magic and Love. We discovered that I was what he called “a natural” at Tantric love. He gave me the book “Sexual Energy Ecstasy”. Soon we had many Tantra yoga techniques and practices to choose from in our ten-hour long love-dance.

Paul also introduced me to “Orgasmic Meditation”, as developed by Nicole Daedone and taught in her book “Slow Sex”. Created for women it is about a partner stroking a woman’s clitoris while she goes into meditation. A new world opened up for us. The contact point between my clitoris and his fingertip, of his electric and my magnetic current, created a delicious electromagnetic oneness experience. Of course I loved giving my Shiva OM-ings in my devotion to the healing of his lingam. In between our Tantric slow and hot waves of lovemaking we gave each other OM-ings for hours; the OM-ing sessions became one of our favorite segments of our celebrations as Shiva and Shakti. Like in a dance did we follow the rhythm of slow and hot. Also, massaging on the massage table was one of our favorite segments. At each celebration we performed a lingam ceremony with the large lingam crystal (representing the phallus of Shiva) that I own, which served as our healing facilitator.

When we sat embraced in yab-yum pose, with our chakras aligned, eye-gazing and breathing in unison, I could feel when we were getting downloads from our Higher Selves, as well as from each other. The feeling of oneness was supreme.

There was a magical flow between us during our day-long celebrations that felt like otherworldly. Neither of us had ever experienced such resonance, love, and bliss. We both were able to surrender to each other like never before. I could feel how we both were oozing Oxytocin, the Love Hormone, enveloping us like a pleasing aroma.

Our total concentration during the Tantric yoga exercises led us to levels of sexual power and pleasure that neither of us had known before. There was an erotic intensity and intimacy unlike anything we each had ever experienced. In our blissful fusion we saw our being together itself as a miracle. It took us beyond all of our conceptions of everyday reality, we got a taste of transcendental unity.

Throughout the day the buildup of our Kundalini energy elevated us into a continuous orgasmic state of complete relaxation, known as Tantric orgasm. Each celebration day led us into another quantum leap.

The next time we always started by weaving our energies together and melting into each other to reach the level where we had left off the week before. We awakened our natural inborn pleasure potential and we could never get enough of each other. The entire tone of our relationship was orgasmic.

As we sustained our enchantment Paul again and again rose his arms and prayed, “Thank you God for Karin”.

In embodying the archetypes we became aware that the eternal wonder and mystery is that Shiva and Shakti are one and the same. The feeling of unity between us lovers guided us into a new expansion and elevation of awareness. We learned from our own experience of Tantra that our bodies are not the baggage, our bodies are the ticket to enlightenment. Tantra is the art of unblocked feeling.

There was a time when Paul found that we didn’t make enough progress in our healing of his ED, he felt discouraged. I asked him whether there is a possibility that a woman in the past could have put a curse on him. He said that two particular women could have done so. Curses are archon intervention. I offered assistance in revoking potential curses. He considered to think about it, but we didn’t talk about it again.

His creativity as an artist was spilling over into painting, music, writing. His music became a major part of our healing process. In his role as Shiva he composed piece after piece on the guitar, which we recorded.

About four months into the relationship was his 75th birthday. He had mentioned his birthday only once at the beginning to learn about our astrological compatibilities. The day after his birthday I discovered that he has a facebook page. He wrote there that his wife dedicated the entire month to his 75th birthday and how they celebrated the event with family and friends.

I was overcome with deep sadness and became suddenly aware that I, in my role as his mistress, am left out of his life. I am the cause of his new-found fulfillment and happiness, yet I will not be mentioned anywhere. I am pushed into obscurity, into hiding. I realized that the affair was a continuation of my life’s theme, always the outsider, always left out, excluded, and not belonging.

I became aware that I had outgrown the role of the mistress. I did not like that I was his accomplice who had to go along with his deceiving and lying to his wife. And of course if he lies to his dear wife of 43 years then he may lie to me, too.

I clearly saw the imbalance that is inherent in a triangle relationship. I was the gap filler. There was no equality included in the affair package of the missing 10% of fulfillment in his life that I had assigned to. Paul’s response was that I as Shakti should be above these mundane concerns.

I reminded myself that my primary identity is being a Lightworker. I came here as a volunteer, to assist in ushering humanity through the Shift of the Ages. We the human family are now living through the birth pangs of this monumental transformation. It’s an incredible hard time for all, individually and collectively.

I learned that cultivating spiritual hygiene is essential for me. I am practicing my connection to Source at all times in deliberate fashion. Not to be sidetracked into drama or trauma is the key. If I get pulled into lower vibrations, my 3D body takes a beating, I end up with physical symptoms.

I wrote Paul a letter that reading his facebook message triggered a crisis for me. Since he told me that he doesn’t plan on telling his wife about us, I would have to continue to be his accomplice in the deception game. I said that I’ve outgrown that role. To me Tantric love and life includes honesty in everyday life. If we want to continue our liaison I would need to have some clear agreements in how to proceed, the same way he laid out the rules and conditions for me. I for myself want to follow a strategy of “no attachments, no expectations, only living in the now moment”.

Paul wanted to help me improve my poverty level in offering to work for him by booking his gigs and selling his art work. But he meant it happening in secrecy. I said I don’t want further entanglements into secrecy and that I must stay with my strategy.

For months I had been looking to move to Ashland, Oregon, even before I met Paul. He very much wished for me to find a new rental place in his area, for it would be our next Shakti temple and we could see each other more often. In our Tantric lovemaking we practiced using the Kundalini energy for manifesting a rental place when we were in the flow of orgasmic cosmic waves. Paul went twice to look at a rental on my behalf, yet it turned out I didn’t get it. I was wondering why our strong united desire did not manifest a place, despite my proactive search for it.

Then the opportunity arose to stay for awhile in a woman’s rental cottage while she was going to visit her partner in another state. It turned out she is a dear friend of Paul.

I was for two months in the woman’s cottage. It was our Shakti temple for five weeks, were we continued our full-day of Tantric celebration. We went from peak to peak, raising higher and higher in our sacred unions, quantum-leaping together in the healing of Shiva and Shakti. He also came to see me for shorter visits throughout the week. The last few weeks we were able to have intercourse, that is, we had accomplished the healing of our sexual disabilities. We were ready to take our Tantric lovemaking to the next level.

The switching-off breakup

Then it happened that his wife read his emails – and the truth about our relationship was now in the open. He emailed that his wife at this point “is communicating that she wants to move out. I am hoping that she will come to the point of accepting the situation”, he wrote.

And half a day later, on Sunday night: “It looks like things are calmed down for now. I will be there tomorrow morning to make beautiful love to my Shakti. You have come into my life as a blessing from infinite. I love you my Shakti.”, he re-assured me.

He said that during their 24 hour nonstop talking his wife argued that somebody like him should never have married in the first place and that he has been a burden to her.

The next morning he came to my Shakti temple for our 31st celebration. We were sitting on the bed, embraced in yab yum position, with our chakras aligned, eye-gazing and breathing in unison. We experienced oneness on a new level. My beloved Shiva guided us back through a time where we had been living the same experience, in a luxurious tent in an oriental setting. We were passionate lovers before, as Shiva and Shakti. Everything felt sacred.

It was our 31st and last celebration as Shiva and Shakti.

In the evening of the next day Paul called to let me know that he and his wife again had a 24-hour marathon talking without sleep. With a strange voice he told me that he had again to choose between the marriage and me. And again he chose the marriage. It was the exact repetition of the pattern from seven months ago when he broke up with me; when they both came to the conclusion to save and improve their marriage and to let go of the mistress.

Then he said that his wife is listening in and suddenly she took over and spoke to me. Shortly after the phone line got interrupted. I went into shock. Then the archon attack happened. My body got suddenly icy-cold, my heart was racing, I felt an unpleasant sensation in the lower back of my spine, and I felt the energy being sucked out of my first and second chakra. At the same time I got hit by a force in the solar plexus and felt pain in my stomach. (This stomach pain subsided after three weeks.) I suddenly could not remember what Paul and his wife had just said to me, my memory was like erased. I was in a state of psychic and physical pain that was almost unbearable.

I called upon my guidance, trying to regain my balance throughout the night.

The whole situation now appeared to me like a plot, or a narrative, designed on purpose to bring me emotionally down, get me out of balance and weakened by creating havoc in my life.

When I heard Paul’s voice it felt as if he were somebody else. It was exactly the same voice that he had when he broke up with me the first time, seven months ago. There was an energy of cowardliness in his voice, then and this time, that shocked me, for it was not like his voice, instead his voice was altered. After the call got interrupted I instantly became aware that this is an archon attack on me as a Lightworker. I had a strong impression that his wife had been used by non-physical beings to mind-control Paul for the last 24 hours of nonstop talking without sleep until they got him to make that call while she was the overseer listening to what he said and then herself speaking to me. It all sounded to me as if they both were acting under mind control.

I believe they both may have been archon-influenced for a long time. Paul told me that when he met his wife she was involved with the church of Scientology and he joined in and they both became members for forty years. The scientology cult has a reputation of brainwashing and controlling its members and definitely is a fertile feeding ground for intergalactic entities. The affairs he had throughout his marriage could all have been followed the same pattern of interference from those ‘alien love bite specialists’. Paul mentioned in an article his estranged two sons and the suicide of his youngest son which I think could have been alien interventions. In fact, most certainly they were.

Archons are the masters of deception and lying; they want us to become like them. They have been manipulating and feeding off humanity for eons. However, they are just non-physical inorganic parasites. They can only intervene and use us as puppets as long as we don’t know about them. The key is to consciously and deliberately raise our vibration out of their influence by becoming sovereign creators and fully living from the heart.

Analysis of my alien love bite relationship

My purpose for this treatise is to unravel the Archon influence in my seven-months love affair and to learn from it, as well as to share it with others who are interested in this topic.

Even before we met in person Paul laid out the framework or parameters for my role as his secret lover.

He explained that his wife of 43 years plays the role of the queen in their 3D world and that she embodies the 90% fulfillment within their long-term relationship, but there’s the 10% missing as the irregular hole in the middle of his life, that I fit in perfectly.

Seven months ago, after our second encounter, Paul revealed to his wife that he had started an affair with me; he said she gave her consent, as promised. Two days later when he wanted to go see me overnight in Yreka, a battle broke out between the couple. She demanded to make his immediate choice between her and me and threatened with divorce. This was the moment when Paul got switched off from me and he called to briefly let me know that he must end our affair. At that moment I felt as if the ground was pulled away from underneath me and I had to lay down. I had no doubt that the break-up was an archon attack.

Eve Lorgen describes in her books the cases of alien love bite stories. The majority of them are individuals who were alien abductees, alien contactees, Milab – Secred Space Program Military abductions, MKUltra victims, etc. They usually contacted Eve Lorgen after they went through a dramatic and traumatic relationship, arranged by aliens. They all suffered from energy drainage by their parasitic handlers. Eve Lorgen also describes that the partners who appeared to have an attached entity exhibit narcissistic patterns of behavior.

In my case I do not match these regular traits of an alien love bite candidate. I never had an alien abduction or alien encounters. I have seen ufos, but nothing spectacular involved; no Milab experience, etc. As I said, I never felt drained, exhausted, or weakened during the seven months relationship, only elevated, healed, energized, and loved by my ideal Tantric consort. As I described above, we both were in a heavenly state of quantum leaping for over seven months.

However, like in Eve Lorgen’s cases, my lover was switched off from me, at the beginning and again seven months later when he broke up with me permanently.

I’d like to insert here my experience with the Lemurian Pilot Council.

The Lemurian Pilot Council

In 2011, when I lived in Mount Shasta, I was involved with a group led by a young man who channeled Saint Germain and Lemurian beings from the inner Earth. He claimed to be their messenger. His mission was to gather a Lemurian pilot group in preparation for being allowed to visit the legendary city of Telos beneath Mount Shasta. After three months there was an incident which revealed that we all had been duped by some non-physical entities. We were hoodwinked by some lingering astral tricksters who told us that they were waiting right above us in a cloaked craft to take us inside the mountain. They manipulated and fooled us and had fun with us. However, nobody got hurt or lost money. It was definitely a lesson for all involved in practicing discernment when dealing with the spirit world.

In hindsight, I think one of the major lessons of our group experience as the Lemurian Pilot Council was to experience deception. It was an experience of great depth for all involved, and I’m sure each one of us participants cherishes the remembrance of this 3-months period of intense vision quest and exploration. The 3-page story is on my blog: “The Lemurian Pilot Council”.

Archons are able to enter our minds and feed us thoughts without us questioning that they are not our own. They have technology that can cause amnesic barriers in our mind. They can implant etheric non-physical hypnotic codes and triggers so that the person being manipulated would never understand his role. As described in my love story, one partner can suddenly be switched off emotionally, or psychically unplugged. This applies not just to love bite stories, but can happen within all human interactions.

Deception is one of their main tools to keep the population functioning at the lower 3D level of fear of existence. Deception causes confusion. Confused people are fearful and easy to herd into mass obedience by their leaders and controllers.

Also, deception is one of the major lessons of these End Times. Nonetheless, whatever it is we go through offers unprecedented opportunities for learning on schoolhouse Earth.

Judgment was essential in navigating through the 3D world of duality. In order to be able to live in the frequency range of the 5th dimension we each must master the learning curve “from judgment to discernment.” It actually cannot be taught, it must be practiced from within. It requires going into the heart and asking which feels like the truth. Letting go of judgment takes practice.

As we as the human race awaken from the dream and reclaim our sovereignty as divine creators on Earth the old adage of “Know Yourself” becomes a new meaning.

Expressions of Love

In retrospect, I am trying to come to terms with the sudden breakup of such exquisite and delicious love story. Paul was warm, affectionate, and loving. How much I miss bathing in his sweet love. He had awakened my libido and brought me to a new level of body experience. For the first time I had met somebody of my lineage. There was such beautiful spiritual foundation, which I have never experienced before. I meant so much to him. Early on he had recognized the angelic part of me and he loved my childlike nature that is shining through from it. He said he could never again let go of me, and that I have no idea what a difference I make in his life. I’m God’s gift to him and he will make our relationship work within his marriage.

We daily wrote email love letters, we practiced telepathic exercises to deepen our connection, we had telephone sex, we arranged to meet at night in the quantum field, were we melted into each others’ spirit arms. We had code words, such as “Machu Picchu” symbolizing our matching together like Machu Picchu stones, with not even a razor blade space in between.

I now ask myself, were the following poetic paragraphs his own thoughts and feelings or were they inserted into his mind? Were they implanted for the purpose to bond us and then later separate us? Did they erase his memory of our love story and cause a personality shift?

I actually know very little about him and how he lives his life. From what he said he seemed to be a very busy person. He mentors and counsels people, and seems to know a lot of locals.

Excerpts from his Love letters






When Paul told me that he is also a professional actor, I responded that maybe he turned the secrecy game with his wife into an art form, maybe he is even acting our Love story? What a fabulous actor he must be, deceiving his wife for seven months. Yes, life’s a stage, we are the writer, director and actor of our own game.



Paul sometimes made remarks such as that he has been sexually suppressed for thirty years, but without explaining what he actually meant by that. He did not say how exactly he has been sexually suppressed and by whom? He often spoke in metaphors.

About his wife

I learned from the non-physical teacher Abraham to look at the world in terms of energy and vibration.

For example, the vibration of cheating/deceiving/lying is equal to the vibration of blame/shame/guilt, all vibrating at the low third dimensional frequency. So when I say cheating/deceiving/lying I mean a person’s descent into the lower 3D level. I do not intend to judge or moralize here. The emanations of cheating-deceiving-lying-blame-shame-guilt all have in common that they vibrate at the same low 3D level, providing sustenance especially for reptilian energy vampires who harvest our emotions. That is why I was not comfortable with the secrecy game.





I complained that equality of queen and mistress is not possible, since I play the role of the 10% gap filler who has to remain within my given boundaries. While meanwhile I become depleted in my hunger for him as my Shiva. Well, no wonder women in affairs turn into femme fatales.

At several occasions Paul said that his wife lives under constant fear of being left by him for another woman. It seemed to me his unfaithfulness became “the elephant in the room” of their marriage, and in dealing with the issue the two of them have become masters of what has been termed “Cognitive Dissonance.” They are not the only ones, it is part of the American psyche or collective unconsciousness to master Cognitive Dissonance. Being German I have some sixth sense for it, for the Germans became the masters of Cognitive Dissonance during World War II. One way to translate Cognitive Dissonance is “intentionally ignoring the truth”. This collective psychosis works through the blind spots, feeding on fear. It is archon intervention.

But his response was:



Several times Paul spoke of his wife as a “middle class lady”, meaning somebody who prefers to go with the mainstream of society, in contrary to Paul who is the artist, the musician, the eccentric, the rebel, the forward thinker.

I told Paul that his reasoning that she is not ready for the truth and that he lies out of love for her, is screwy no matter what. In exchange for the lying he gives his wife an unhealthy power over him. She uses guilt to control him. To me it is archon-influenced mind control.

He said about his wife that she doesn’t have the Shakti energy that he so much craves. He also said several times that she has no interest in his art and music. He wanted me to book his gigs and sell his art work, but secretly behind his wife’s back. But I didn’t want any further entanglements of the secrecy game.

Again, in retrospect I wonder whether those above statements were truthful and coming from him, or were they planted into his mind for the purpose of manipulating us?

I told Paul that I wonder whether he gave me a wrong picture about his marriage situation. His response: WE HAVE NOT HAD THIS AS A SUBJECT. ACTUALLY, MY SHAKTI HAS BEEN AN AGENT OF HEALING AND WHAT SHE TOUCHED FLOURISHED. YOU BROUGHT SUCH LIGHT TO MY LIFE.


If it were true that their marriage has gotten better through me as the mistress in his life, I wonder why they did not want to keep the triangle affair?

But then at other occasions he encouraged me that “the real Shakti would ferociously fight for what is hers“ and that he wishes for greater entanglements with me.

What are the lessons here?

I am in search for clarity about this arranged and orchestrated alien love bite affair. Of course I ask myself how much I may have been infiltrated without my conscious awareness. Was it all a holographic projection? It is my belief that I was authentic at all times throughout the seven-months relationship. Or was I not?

What role did the Holon play? As I said, Paul came into my life three weeks after I had set up a holon, that is, three nested glasses, just out of curiosity. I still believe that the Holon brought us together. Was it used as a portal by those off-worlders who control humanity? We know from the Secret Space Program and ufology whistleblowers that alien races use high technology for our mind control and that all humans are micro-chipped, etherically and/or physically.

Were Paul and I bonded on purpose by aliens whose intention could have been to test us in some ways? Maybe to measure the intensity of our emotions, or to harvest the Oxytocin that we oozed in our bliss and ecstasy? Were we used as some sort of lab rats? Were we being inserted into a mythic drama of Shiva and Shakti, the divine couple?

As I said, I never felt drained during the seven months relationship, only elevated, healed, energized, amplified. Not only were we in heaven, heaven was within us.

I was pondering that I could write an erotic novel about my alien love bite story. Writing to me is the great transmuter. This way I had a medium for self-healing and overcoming the grief of the loss of my beloved Shiva. I’ve never written a novel; I would invoke his guide Anais Nin to be my patroness for this project. I could expand into details of my love story and thus help others to reflect for themselves whether they are under archon influence. It could especially help those couples who consider themselves Soul Mates or Twin Flames. Those of the Light are especially desired candidates for alien love bites, for we may be selected by the connoisseurs among the galactic parasites for our spiritual advancements.

Also, I could share the method of “biting them back”, namely by raising our vibration to becoming a sovereign human creator through fully living from the Heart. Then there’s nothing to feed off for them and they have to go somewhere else, where fear reigns for their lower 3D sustenance.

Paul is now a different person from the man I got to know in our seven-months relationship. I wonder whether they erased his memory of our delicious and exquisite love story as Shiva and Shakti.

In his last email after the breakup Paul wrote that he recognized that he has a sexual addiction and now wears the label of a sex addict. He goes to the weekly sex-aholic anonymous meetings and others there are even worse off then he. What happened to this man? My sexual passion was equal to his, that is, I must be a sexaholic too. Without a doubt a sexaholic meeting is alien influenced and provides sustenance for those lingering interdimensional parasites. The reptilians among them are especially interested in human sexuality.


As I said at the beginning, I am documenting my life as a Lightworker. My recent and very intense experience was an alien love bite story, arranged and orchestrated by interdimensional beings. I now see it as a continuation of the interference that I have gone through over the last years.

Yet, I consider my encounter with Paul a major turning point in my life. After seven months of quantum leaping with my beloved Shiva I am now a more evolved person in all areas of my life.

In order to share my love bite story I had to tell intimate details that confirm that all three participants in this triangle affair were under archon manipulation. The fact of the alien love bite is barely known and most people will dismiss it as nonsense. That is why I want to share my treatise on the Lightworker blogosphere.

The alien love bite story is part of the overall picture. There is a spiritual warfare going on above our heads and below our feet, unnoticed by the masses in amnesia. Humanity’s fate has been orchestrated by otherworldly sources. Planet Earth is a farm for the harvesting of our emotions.

We have been taken over by alien races, predatory pathogenic artificial intelligences, energy vampires, archons, or whatever we call them. They have hijacked all governments, banks and other institutions of power and control. The global population is being kept in darkness about the truth by the mass media.

However, planet Earth and her inhabitants are now leaving the cycle of the Dark Age. We are entering the era of the Golden Age for the manifestation of Heaven on Earth. In this higher frequency of 5th dimension reigns Unconditional Love, out of the reach of the dark forces.

Let there be Light in 2017!

In service,


Karin’s Newsletter #16 – Quantum Leaping…

I wrote my Alien Love Bite Story in three parts:

Part 1: Karin’s Newsletter #16 – Quantum Leaping and Timeline Jumping

Part 2: My Alien Love Bite Story, A Treatise

Part 3: Karin’s Open Letter #17 – Smarten up, Godlings!

Part 1

Karin’s Newsletter #16 – “Quantum Leaping and Timeline Jumping”

April 2016

I write this annual email newsletter for those people I met along my journey who are interested in my path as a Lightworker for America.


Dear fellow travelers;

I haven’t written a newsletter for over a year. Last year I shared my crowdfunding experience.

In the past some people told me my writings are all heavy and that it’s all about my personal struggle and lack of money. Don’t I know that I create my own reality? Well, I am just documenting my life experience as a Lightworker, without expecting approval.

However, this newsletter is different. May you enjoy this one.

I’m still overwhelmed by the experiences of the last two weeks of my life, when somebody came blasting in my door and I started seeing sparkling particles in the air. In front of me stood a rare, unrestrained human, vibrant and alive, beaming me with the Promethean Spirit. He had read my “Homage to Madame Blavatsky” which triggered his recognition that he too is of the Promethean Spirit.

From the moment of him recognizing that we are of same lineage, a vortex opened and together we started a new timeline. It was two weeks of quantum leaping and timeline shifting, involving three people. It was dangerous, certainly not something for the faint-hearted. It was a massive act of transformation, three people involved.

The teacher Abraham would say, it was co-creation at its best.

Two of us of the lineage of the Spirit of Prometheus had attracted each other and together we blasted through the Promethean Fire Mist. In a full day of sexual intertwining our signature frequencies were downloaded. He received mine, I received his. For a full day we showered each other with our mighty Promethean Love, while remembering and integrating who we are as avatars. With us was his guide Anais Nin, who delighted in our sacred wedding. She’s my new friend.

There were other onlookers, angels as well as demons, cheering us on in our fiery reunion.

To me the oh-so-long expected EVENT happened on this very day and I came out of the Promethean cauldron as a different person. I shifted dimensions, I shifted timelines, I integrated missing parts of me. Everything was very real.

His wife of forty-three years had encouraged him to look for sexual pleasure outside the marriage, since as an artist he suffered from the absence of an inspiring Muse.

It is not my style to interfere and intrude into a marriage and cause grief. It was all his doing. I was suspicious from day one whether he got the Alien Love Bite and is acting out irrationally. I allowed him into my door because I had never before in this lifetime met another of my own lineage. And admittedly, I was intrigued by the idea of taking on that assignment of serving as the Muse for such a man.

Three days after our sexual intertwining he revealed to his wife that he had started an affair with me; he said she gave her consent, as promised. Two days later he wanted to come see me over night to celebrate our third encounter. He told his wife that he would be back home in the morning. From that moment on some massive dragon slaying riot must have broken out there between the couple. She demanded to make his immediate choice between her and me and that if he goes to spend the night with me it will be the end of the 43-year marriage. The archetypes were wrestling!

To him, his dear wife embodied the 90% fulfillment within their long-term relationship. There was only an “irregular hole in the middle”, caused by the roarings of the second chakra, for he is someone who demands from the Universe the granting of 100% of everything. So at the end of their dragon slayings he chose the saving of the marriage. In their marriage quantum leap they came to the resolution to revive and reawaken their relationship and fill the irregular hole in the middle themselves, both together.

So he briefly called to let me know what they were in the middle of and that he will not come. He said that we cannot meet again and must end our two-day love affair.

Even though through long practice I am pretty good at shifting energies, I suddenly felt trembling under my feet and I too went through a long night of battle with the Archetypes. The downfall came very hard for me.

The next morning I emailed his wife and asked for forgiveness for causing her pain and that I cop out.

I sent her the ho’oponopono mantra.

She wrote back that I have not caused her any pain or discomfort. It was really all about miscommunication between the two of them and that they are having quite an adventure over the last days. She wrote, “So thank you for any contribution you made to opening the new way for this new journey to take place.”

I didn’t know what to think. She either is in complete denial or a blatant lair or it just appears as a distortion to me because I am now a galaxy away from them. There is so much to sort through to gain clarity. I live for clarity.

From him I received an email that they had a celebration of their marriage renewal and that I saved their 43-year marriage and our love affair must now end, and that I am suspended as his future Muse. We all will be good friends. I felt the Archon energy nearby.

I responded how glad I am that I served as their spiritual catalyst and saved a marriage, and that I cop out. Yes, we all will be good friends.

I sent him the ho’oponopono mantra.

Now comes the integration period for each of us three.

For the last week I feel like after psychic surgery, when the body feels as if the surgery were physical reality.

There were Archons among the onlookers who were not pleased to see such an intertwinement of pure Promethean Love. They were concerned mostly about me. They now saw my glowingness and rather wished to see me being defeated in this arranged triangle affair.

All throughout last year I felt heavy Archon interference in my life. So from the beginning I was fully aware that it all could be nothing but a projected mirage, when he blasted in my door.

There are so many layers in this. A novel could be written about this two-week episode of quantum leaping and timeline changing, with three people involved. I was aware that each one of us three involved had their own timeline. There was the 40-year marriage timeline. And there was my individual timeline. In the middle between, triggered through the vortex of our encounter, had emerged a new timeline that he and I co-created in our sacred Promethean wedding. Then began the timeline jumping. From our new timeline he jumped back into the haven of the marriage timeline. It really felt to me like leap frogging.

Meanwhile, while left alone in the middle timeline, I could feel its collapsing coming, when the trembling began underneath my feet. I was very aware of what was happening here and since I felt so extremely powerful I propelled myself onward and upward until I felt ground under my feet and I landed in a new reality/timeline. This is where I am now.

As I see it, The EVENT has happened for me, to me, in me, and outside of me. It was multidimensional. I now must integrate and stabilize myself on my 5D level.

I gained a much higher level of awareness than I had even a week ago. I feel my DNA has changed.

My heart feels like new, dozens of times I felt an upjump of my heart, loudly reverberating through me.

When he squeezed me in his embrace during our long day of sexual intertwining he skilfully shattered my protective outer shell around my heart. As the troubadour that he is, he then used his guitar play to move very close to my heart and melt away the old bands I had laid around it, for self-protection. It was psychic open-heart surgery, and I still feel the pain from his fierce embraces in my sore rib cage. How symbolic it all is.

I now feel a much greater capability of loving unconditionally than two weeks ago.

As we celebrated our Promethean wedding, we opened a vortex for the Promethean Spirit, like a light fire in the sky, for others of our lineage to recognize. We issued an edict that the others may now gather and come forward. For if two or three of us come together as the Godlings that we are, we can be of immense service to our dear humanity.

I realize that even five years ago I would not have been able to do quantum leapings at such proportion. It’s really not for the faint-hearted. But I made it and came out as a more evolved person.

It’s just that my poor confused ego had a very hard time getting with me through these two weeks of build-up, climax, and downfall.
I gained a new friend in the ethers, Anais. I feel her around me. She gave me a taste of what she meant by “the unbearable lightness of being.” She knows I now need her to caress and comfort me.

I was thrilled when I first saw his paintings and discovered that he is painting soul shards! What an exquisite mission that is to fulfill!

If for nothing more, I served in a liaison as a Muse for two weeks. I am now lurking with Anais out of his canvas, as sparks of the Promethean Spirit, for eternity.


Well, that’s it for an update of my life experience as a Lightworker. Expect that things will be shaken up to the bottom in your life as well. No matter in which area of your life. If you resist your own awakening, you will be taken through the wringer. Let it happen. It’s just a matter of how good you handle yourself. It is best to get yourself in the mode of “joyous anticipation”, no matter what is ahead. That quantum leaping and timeline shifting is something now to be brought into humanity’s stage of evolution. Things like that is what we will be doing in the future in reaching for self-mastery.

THE EVENT is an individual experience. God/Source wants to experience THE EVENT in seven billion individual ways. I just made it through. I thought I should write this newsletter, to leave a signpost for you, my fellow travelers.

Greetings from the fifth dimension!

May you all be blessed!


The Lemurian Pilot Council

The Lemurian Pilot Council

January 2014

Dear fellow Lightworkers;

My name is Karin Lacy, I’m a Lightworker in Mount Shasta, Northern California.

Two years ago, in December of 2011, I met a young man by the name of “I Am”. He claimed to be an Ambassador of Lemuria, the legendary subterranean civilization beneath Mount Shasta. He channeled many beings, and especially the Ascended Master Saint Germain (with a fine English accent) who is said to have a secret retreat inside the mountain.

“I Am” also channeled Lord Adama, the High Priest of Telos, the legendary Lemurian city of ascended humans beneath Mount Shasta. “I Am” (age 26) was an extraordinary young man. He was very kind and loving and had great charisma. He claimed to be fully fifth-dimensionally anchored.

I went to the local meeting where “I Am” announced his mission to gather a group of people as the “Lemurian Pilot Council”. The goal was to prepare a group as the first one to visit the inner Earth and to meet our brothers and sisters down in Telos.

Well, I always wanted to meet somebody like “I Am”. With his amazing knowledge and wisdom he appeared like a poster child for the Indigo Children. I told him I feel that I should join the council and “I Am” confirmed that he too sees me as a member of this group.

The first task of our 9-member Lemurian Pilot Council was to draw up a “Declaration of Sovereignty.”

At the end of this article I am adding this 1-page Declaration for your perusal.

We met every other day in the woods with much snow in a member’s A-frame dwelling and worked on preparing and enabling ourselves for a visit to Telos, that is, to raise our vibration, individually and as the group.

We all were aware that the end of the year, on December 21st of 2012, was considered to be the date for the Shift of the Ages.

(As a side note: Several of our members had bought Iraqi Dinars and followed the websites about the development of the Dinar Revaluation; they expected to make big money at the upcoming revaluation which they were told could happen any day. They updated us regularly about the development.)

We members of the Lemurian Pilot Council envisioned the encounter with the humans from below and how they would show us their world.

We loved imagining role-playing sitting on a long table with representatives from Telos and the Agarthan Network. It was great fun imagining the first disclosure meeting between the subterranean and surface population. We saw ourselves as future guides for tour groups to the Inner Earth.

One day “I Am” had made a fire in the small sweat lodge prior to our arrival. After opening our gathering he announced that the Lemurians want us to take off our clothes. They said we must lose our fear of being naked before we can enter the craft that is already hovering cloaked above us. – At that moment we each became instantly and simultaneously aware that we had been duped by some non-physical entities. Only “I Am” still believed what he had channeled. We ended our group. Later that day we met in a restaurant for a farewell celebration, and we laughed our asses off. We also finally  shared the suspicions that we had all along.

A few weeks later we heard that our ambassador “I Am” had gone back to Los Angeles.

In early April of 2012 we learned that “I Am” was found dead by the police at the base of a tower, near Santa Monica, California. “I Am” had Hollywood connections and also spoke of his alien contacts. We didn’t believe he committed suicide.

In retrospect, the major lesson of our group as the Lemurian Pilot Council was to experience Deception. We were fooled by some lingering astral tricksters.

And yet, the Lemurian Pilot Council was an experience of great depth for all involved, and I’m sure each one of us participants cherishes the remembrance of this 3-months period of intense vision quest and exploration. I am grateful that “I Am” and I had crossed our paths here in Mount Shasta.

Dear Reader, be aware that the dark cabal use Deception as one of their main tools to keep the population functioning at the lower 3D level of existence. Deception causes Confusion. Confused people are easy to herd into mass obedience.

Deception is one of the major lessons of these End Times. Of course whatever it is we go through offers unprecedented opportunities for learning in schoolhouse Earth. Through being deceived we learn discernment according to the saying in America, “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.”

Judgment was essential in navigating through the 3D world of duality. In order to be able to live in the frequency range of the 5th dimension we each must master the learning curve “from judgment to discernment.” It actually cannot be taught, it must be practiced from within. It requires going into the heart and ask which one feels like the truth. Letting go of judgment takes practice.

I admit, throughout the year 2012 I read many of the channeled messages with their promising announcements of a sudden Heaven on Earth and the descend of our galactic friends. Much of it resonated with me since I was a long-term believer in the “Moment of Quantum Awakening”, called the “Shift of the Ages”, at the end of 2012.

In April 2012 when Cobra came out with his blog as the “Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light” I found his intel very uplifting. I loved the idea that there has been a secret Resistance Movement at work to liberate the human family from its bondage. However, after my experience of the Lemurian Pilot Council I was alert and skeptical.

Then in the spring of 2012 several whistleblowers stepped forward who spread intel about the upcoming mass arrests of the dark cabal. When none of the announcements of ‘green light’ came to pass, the whistleblowers blamed each other as being paid Internet shills or CIA double agents. The people realized that much of the intel was intentionally spread disinfo, without the warning label “use your own discernment.”

Please note that now, six years later, the Dinar revaluation issue is still going on, playing people’s emotions like an instrument. It is about intentionally creating false hope and ‘learned yearning’ for something magical to happen. Yet false hope is toxic hope. It keeps us from living in the now moment. It prevents us from being connected to Source.

After December 21st of 2012 new announcement dates for the Shift kept coming. To me 2013 felt like a repetition of 2012, even though throughout the year the energy had been building up tremendously.

At the beginning of 2014 Cobra announced that the Event is going to happen between ‘now and 2025’.

I appreciated that we now were given a deadline. Well, no more ‘Waiting for Godot’… The Event happens when the Event happens.

By now one hour of reading the headlines is enough time spent online. To me, going outside and connecting with Nature is now more desirable. With my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds I’ll let the Event surprise me! (smile)

Last summer I participated in a seminar with Robert Potter and Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian.

It inspired me to start creating my Personal Declaration of Sovereignty, as my I.D as a Universal Citizen.

I’m going to post my Personal Declaration of Sovereignty as Part 3 of this article.

Dear Reader, feel free to use it as a template to copy and paste resonant paragraphs to create your own Personal Declaration of Sovereignty. Each individual’s Declaration should be custom-made, for it is your compass, your reminder that you are the captain of your ship.

I kept my Declaration 1 ½ pages in length. It is my new I.D for living in the New Earth of 5th dimension. It represents a means to de-couple from the matrix, to vacate the system. I carry it with me, folded to fit inside my wallet.

I intend to read it out loud regularly as a tool of self-empowerment. I am sure I will amend my Personal Declaration of Sovereignty as I go along.

To step into our self-empowerment is one of our greatest challenges. Remember the statement by Marianne Williamson that Nelson Mandela made famous in his inauguration speech:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

In preparation for living in the New Earth Paradigm!

Victory of the Light!

Karin Lacy, Lightworker

Karin’s Open Letter #17 – Smarten up, Godlings!

Paet 3

Karin’s Open Letter #17 – Smarten up, Godlings!

February 2017

I’ve been writing my annual letter for those people I meet along my journey who are interested in my path as a Lightworker for America. I am a self-made person, a maverick, I don’t follow any religion or other outer guidance. For over ten years I’ve been living openly as a Lightworker and basically sum up and share my previous year. I also write this letter for my own self-reflection, instead of journaling. I don’t expect approval, however, a few people appreciate my perspectives and viewpoints as a Lightworker.

May you all be blessed, Karin Lacy

Dear Readers;

Recently a new friend offered me to join him to go to Nicaragua where he owns a 30 acre farm with tropical fruit and animals. His vision is to establish there an Ubuntu-Contributionism community. I said no, because I cannot just leave, I am here on assignment. 25 years ago I was guided by spirit to leave my home country Germany and immigrate to the U.S. to serve as a Lightworker for America during the time of the Shift of the Ages. This time is now. I always knew it would be hard in every way for the human family to live through these monumental changes. We are now going through the birth pangs of a new era, foreseen as the Thousand Years of Peace.

Looking back to the year 2016

I lived for 1 1/2 years in the town of Yreka. The town is dominated by what they call “rednecks.” I call them polluters, for that is what they are with their horrendous noise and air pollution from their vehicles. “The louder the better” is their motto. It’s an area of male domination and control, determined by generations of cattle ranchers. There’s a striking imbalance of male/female energies, causing lots of dysfunction. 54% of the population are on welfare. The majority of people seem to exist in a daze at a low level of awareness. I received much rejection in this town. I didn’t fit in.

So since February of 2016 I had been looking to move to the Ashland area. I learned that there are no vacancies of reasonable rentals in the Ashland area. They are rented “word of mouth”; they don’t reach Craigslist.

Learning from archon intervention

My last year was dominated by a seven-months love story with a man that was arranged and directed by interdimensional entities, known as archons. “My Alien Love Bite Story, A Treatise” is on my website.

In October I moved from Yreka, CA, to Ashland, OR, where I stayed for two months in a woman’s rental cottage while she was out of town. My love story continued in Ashland. Five weeks later my lover suddenly broke our relationship up.

To write my love story down as a treatise helped me in overcoming the trauma. I am grieving the loss of my beloved Shiva. My heart is broken. It feels like living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. One thing I gained from the relationship is that I have come to fully believe that true love is out there for me, somewhere. So I’ve been issuing my desire to the Universe to send me my ideal mate and Tantric consort. I became Shakti, I loved as Shakti, I am worthy to be united with my true Shiva counterpart.

I still do not see the full picture of my alien love bite story. I’m aware it sounds crazy, and yet my lover suddenly got switched off emotionally and psychically unplugged from me. He has been altered by non-physical parasitic entities; his memory of our love story may even have been erased. He blocks my email address and took me off his facebook page and himself off from mine. From his last letter after the breakup I do not recognize him as the same man I got to know for seven months.

I gained much greater awareness of how we all are being affected by these galactic parasites and predators, known as archons. They are experts in distracting, distorting, laying out traps, especially for people who are consciously awakening and thus vibrating at a higher frequency.

These negatively oriented consciousnesses need to consume energy as sustenance to survive. But they can’t use the energy that is flowing through us from our Creator; adjusting to their lower 3D level is needed.

They have myriads of ways of intervening. They can affect us directly through our own minds, or as entity attachments, or use others as portals to distract us from our path. This applies not just to love bite stories, but happens within most human interactions. On one hand, knowing about the interdimensional manipulation of mankind that is going on can make one paranoid. On the other hand, knowledge and knowing about archons increases our Light Quotient, and thus makes us less vulnerable to their interference and attacks, when we are vibrating outside their reach.

I got sucked into the lower 3D frequencies of cheating-deceiving-lying/blame-shame-guilt where those off-world beings can attack and manipulate us. They can also be viewed as mind viruses that are able to enter our blind spots, traumas and fears to feed off our low, dense emotions.

That is why spiritual discipline and spiritual hygiene are now ever more important to me.

I do not mean to say that we are victims who should blame the archons for what they do to us. As humans we learn through trial and error. From where I stand now I see that those “alien love bite specialists” that arranged and manipulated the triangle affair taught me much about them. I’ve become more aware and conscious, my perspective has broadened considerably. Ultimately, these archonic forces are our teachers in our world of polarity; they provide the contrast for us to bounce off and evolve. They teach us where our attention and work is required as awakening humans. I do not fear archons, but it is important to know that they exist as parasites, throughout the galaxy.

We can look at these non-physical parasites just like physical parasites that surround us everywhere, either visible or on the micro level. For example, fleas can jump on us and attach themselves to our skin to suck blood, or even transmit diseases. We learned to live with parasites, to discern which are harmless and which ones are dangerous and how to keep them in balance. Our DNA skin suit developed its immune system.

Moving to Medford

My time at the rental cottage in Ashland was limited. All I could find was a small room in an old, dilapidated house in Medford. My housemate who rents it runs a veggie farm behind the house. I told him that I’m interested in participating in his food growing as a volunteer.

January 1st was my 70th birthday. It was a tough day. No firewood during the long cold spell with one foot of snow. For my housemate as an outdoors person the temperature is not a problem, but it is for me. I stayed in my little room with my electric heater, yet the heat goes right through the walls. I’ve been wearing five layers of clothing since I’ve been here. It’s too cold for me to cook a meal in the kitchen, I only heat up a can of soup and eat it in my room. I thought I’d be able to adapt to the conditions. But it turned out I cannot handle the harshness of living in a hundred year old house without any insulation. I suffer and get depressed. I got sick with a cold. I realized that at my age I need some physical comfort.

My last two winters in Yreka were cozy and enjoyable. I lived in a studio house that I called “my little cathedral”, for it’s high ceiling and stained-glass window. It had a heat pump that was very energy efficient, and the house was clean. However, the drug runner neighborhood was bad and loud.

With my move to Southern Oregon I intended to make a new attempt at attracting like-minded people to co-found a community project. For years I’ve been envisioning my long-term goal of creating an Ubuntu-Contributionism community with others. Even though I met many people interested in community building, so far I haven’t found any of my tribe.

People laughed at my optimism and told me that the local power players do not wish to see any such community projects of self-sufficiency and sharing. And I thought the Ashland area is considered progressive! There is no doubt, the future of “We the People” is about self-sufficiency and sharing. It seems to me the progressive Ashlanders are not empowered by their local politicians, but instead over-powered.

So I concluded the only option left is to try to find two or three special people to rent a larger house together and start practicing living as a small support group. A larger house would have a garden for growing food. As a mini support group we would be practicing self-sustainability and living in balance with Nature. In the past I’ve tried several times to attract two or three people who too desire to live outside the Matrix system and build a mutual support group, while at the same time honoring our individual need for privacy.

About twelve people responded to my ads, all were interested in sharing a house. However, once they checked out my blog and website I didn’t hear from them again. Obviously they could not find resonance with me. Now I am focusing on finding a humble rental place just for myself, continuing my path as the hermit with the lantern.

Living outside the Matrix

It takes much effort, awareness, and sincere self-work to live outside the Matrix.

For over ten years I’ve been living under the radar, or in the cracks of the Matrix. I still need money for food and shelter, etc., yet I cannot thrive and prosper with nobody on my side and no support group. And yet, de-coupling or exit-ing is the way to beat the system and become a sovereign human creator.

The old is not a vibrational match to where we as humanity are going. Now is the time where forerunners and wayshowers must step forward. Those of us who endured great hardship living outside the system are able and ready to hold space for the rest of humanity as we reach critical mass towards the shifting into the New Earth.

The more we forerunners expand into new and higher realities and have this experience on behalf of the collective, the easier the transition period on Earth will be for all. By anchoring these new experiences in our consciousness we make them available to the collective. In other words, by living the changes we want to see in the world we create pathways to allow others to experience these end times with more ease and grace. This is part of the lightwork we do in serving as conduits on Earth. We are the ground crew for our galactic brothers and sisters, those benevolent alien races, who are on a mission of liberating humanity and Earth from all negatively oriented entities that have hijacked our planet.

The Machinations of the system

Many people believe we are now close to alien disclosure. Some say there will be a staged alien intrusion, orchestrated by the ruling elite or Cabal. Others say that some alien races want to withhold disclosure for another hundred years to keep us furthermore in amnesia.

Yet, at the collective unconscious level we all know that there is more to our reality than our five senses can perceive. We know we have been playing a deception game, with blindfolds on. We have been lied to forever, and our perception has been reduced and distorted through DNA manipulation. We are not the only life form in the Universe, and neither are we at the top of the food chain. The truth is that we belong to a system of myriads of invisible realities.

We are being controlled by otherworldly forces, called archons, that are not all benevolent. For millennia there have been galactic wars going on for the takeover of planet Earth. Some alien races see Earth as a farm of cosmic parasites who feed off of our emotions and energy.

We live imprisoned in a holographic Matrix system to prevent our awakening to our Divinity through our individual connection to Source. These archonic artificial intelligences have completely infiltrated our civilization. They interfere in many ways: They use veil technology to keep us in amnesia. They shut down our DNA from any perception outside our five physical senses. They quarantined planet Earth from the rest of the star nations. They installed a system of etherically implanting humanity for control and monitoring.

Archons have been using their mind control programs to steer us away from our greatness as beings of photonic light. Instead they manipulated us to behave in ways that are destructive to ourselves and to our planet. As a result we developed those character traits of hate, greed, domination, jealousy, aggression, deception, abuse, selfishness, etc. These traits cause us to vibrate and function at the lower third dimensional level, and thus emit sustenance for these parasites.

The world population is totally unaware of how conditioned and programmed they are. The people have no clue that their thinking is being manipulated by alien technology. They don’t know that their beliefs, behaviors and impulses are the result of their indoctrination and conditioning, starting at birth. They never once realize throughout their lifetime that they are imprisoned and enslaved and used as life stock by interdimensional parasites and predators.

The people who are going with the mainstream are caught up in the struggle for survival, meaning they are just out for themselves and their loved ones. To them the symptoms are normal. They are not looking out to help and include others. They do not know that love and compassion can expand our human awareness.

The masses of “sheeple” never question why the world’s problems don’t improve. Why are there still every minute thousands of children dying of hunger and lack of clean water? Why is the majority of the world population still kept in illiteracy? Why are there now more diseases than in the past? Why keep wars being waged across the planet? Well, the reason is because everything is engineered and designed by our off-world rulers. They direct humanity towards lower states of being to emit negative emotions for their food source.

And yet this knowledge of the Matrix Control System is known throughout ancient secret societies. It is accessible and basically in the open for those who see. Once people start to awaken from the dream their perspective broadens and they begin to sense the control system.


My alien love bite story opened my senses further to the greater reality surrounding us. I learned profoundly about archon intervention and experienced directly that archonic forces need complete secrecy in order to enter our energetic fields and bodies.

I know, to people inside the Matrix system my entire Open Letter sounds like gibberish. They drop it in the category of “Conspiracy Theory”, for they have no reference points to what is said here. However, the way the words in these five pages are strung together creates codes to cause their inner being to read with them.

Once we awaken and become aware of archon interference, we can thwart them by cleansing and clearing our energy field. Again, spiritual discipline and spiritual hygiene are the keys to raising our vibration out of their reach. Now that we as the human race awaken from the dream and reclaim our sovereignty as divine creators on Earth the old adage of “Know Yourself” gains new meaning.

As a headline of the ‘Heaven Letters’ once said: “Smarten up, Godlings!”

Let there be Light in 2017!

Namaste, Karin Lacy

The Greed Virus

Dear Oregonians;
As I look around I see the infestation everywhere.
The Greed Virus has infected the majority of the people. The Greed Virus is a mind parasite that causes people to make Money the center point of life, individually and globally.

Being infested with the Greed Virus conditions a person to measure everything in their life in terms of Money. The Greed Virus becomes a program.

One could also view the Greed Virus as a Nanobot Implant that takes over our beings and alters us at the DNA level. The Greed Virus changes our character. We lose our moral and ethical values, our integrity, our innate compass of what is right and wrong; we forget what our ancestors meant by following The Golden Rule in life.

It all happens at the expense of the human Heart. The connection between our Heart and our Soul eventually runs dry. We turn into Zombies or Automatons, programmed to follow the Money.
The Greed Virus is designed to hold us down at the level of struggle for survival. Milking each other for Money becomes the meaning of life itself.

Over the last twelve years I learned through first-hand experience about the ever-growing Greed Virus infestation in the housing industry. In our predatory corporate society the housing industry is the most profitable of all, charging at least half of each tenant’s income. It is the story of human Greed for Money, of how the Haves treat the Have-nots, and of how we are kept divided as winners and losers.

I’ve been appreciating Craigslist ever since they started their wonderful social platform. I learn much about the people and how they live and what they believe from reading Craigslist ads.

So I am searching the Ashland/Medford housing market. By now the housing industry has become downright inhuman. Credit checking has become a lucrative side business for those of the managers or landlords who are carrying the Greed Virus. Applicants get to view their desired apartment only after they paid for the hefty credit check and application fees, per each adult. Utilities like water and garbage are more and more often passed on to the tenant. One can easily recognize the infested landlords and managers when they demand two rents plus deposit in order to qualify as a tenant.
In the Housing Wanted section I read people’s stories of despair for a place to live. There are lots of vacant houses offered, but they are far beyond people’s financial means. One can imagine the drama and abuse that is going on inside this housing business of Haves and Have-nots. The survival of the fittest in action, ruthless and merciless.

The higher culture and higher consciousness of the Ashland area inspired me to want to move to Southern Oregon. What I also like about Oregon is that it is the third state to legalize Cannabis/Marijuana. It speaks of greater open-mindedness of the people.
Alas, I learn on Craigslist Medford/Ashland that the Greed Virus or Greed Implant has already been infesting the people involved in the new Cannabis industry. The new propagated trend is to become an OMMP patient (Oregon Medical Marijuana Program). People who own land are now jumping on the profit bandwagon, charging tens of thousands of dollars for a growing season lease.

Since Cannabis had been pushed for almost hundred years into illegality and thus became part of the underground world, there is still much darkness attached to it as a drug.

As advocates and activists we have reached victory: Cannabis has been taken out of the shadow world and criminality and brought into the light of day. One would expect that matters are now beginning to relax and reach balance regarding this herb. Not at all. Instead Cannabis has become the new target for the Greed Virus.
There are those of the people who are not corruptible. Each one of us has come to the realization that “things are not what they appear to be”. We know what the whole money game is all about. We chose to live from the Heart. It gives us immunity to the Greed Virus.

We have a deeper understanding of the sacred plant Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp. We feel called to be the stewards until this sacred plant regains its balance in Nature’s cycle. We pursue a different future from the mass marketing of Cannabis/Marijuana. We don’t want to be part of the new predatory corporate Cannabis industry for control and profit making, while at the same time putting Americans in “stoner sleep mode.”

As a newcomer to Southern Oregon I would like to meet people who resonate with my viewpoints and who also seek to collaborate and co-create with like-minded gardeners. As the stewards of Cannabis, let us celebrate the renaissance of one of Earth’ sacred female plants. –

Peace out – Oregon Newcomer

Karin’s Newsletter #15 – special edition, 1-7-15

Karin’s Newsletter #15 – special edition, January 7, 2015

My crowdfunding experience concluded….

Dear fellow travelers;
My campaign for my book “Potty Training for Indigo Children – Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment, and Abundant Resources for the 21st Century” with “Pubslush” ended on 1-3-15. One person, a neighbor friend, posted $10, but nobody else.
I decided to give it one more try at a different platform to see whether the result would be different.
My campaign on “Indiegogo” ended on 1-2-15, no funds were raised. I was contacted by about 15 companies/individuals who offered to spread my campaign throughout the social media for a fee, ranging from $5 to $300. But I had no intent to spend more money.

The whole crowdfunding experience cost me $50 (for the lowest level assistance at Pubslush). For the last two weeks there were only about 16 book campaigns listed on Pubslush, meaning that each campaign received plenty of attention.
I do not claim to know how crowdfunding really works. There’s definitely more to the story. I saw on Indiegogo that the hightech campaigns receive funds in the hundreds of thousands. It is likely that they are given loans by banks, beside the small donations from people. Indiegogo sells the gadgets online that were items of successful campaigns.

Dear readers, this concludes my personal crowdfunding experience. I did not fulfill my goal for 2014 to self-publish at least one of my three books. But who knows, maybe in 2015 some other opportunity comes along. I hope my sharing in my five newsletters gave you some intel and insights about Internet crowdfunding.

I’d like to mention Ubuntu-Contributionism, a new paradigm of living without money, developed by Michael Tellinger.

Last year, when Michael Tellinger came out with his book “Ubuntu-Contributionism”, it resonated deeply within me. My own long-term vision of a self-sustaining community project, called “Dome Village Katrina”, will incorporate the new paradigm of Ubuntu-Contributionism. Michael Tellinger already did the work and laid it all out. Ubuntu Contributionism is much more than abolishing money. It is about educating the population about the implementation of money for the purpose of energy harvesting, as started 6,000 years ago by the Annunaki Archons who claimed the right to enslave humanity. We the human family sustain them; planet Earth is a feeding ground for our off-world rulers.

We were conditioned to make money the measure for all success. Money got us where we are now, viewing the destruction of our home planet, and all life on it.

I summed up the book “Ubuntu-Contributionism” in my Open Letter to the Bioregional Ecology Center in Mt. Shasta. Here is the link:

Some Year 2014 Conclusions
For two and a half years I had maintained contact with a German Internet friend. He first told me about Mr. Keshe and his new energy technology.
My friend built his own plasma reactor. He shared with me his email exchanges with several other Germans who also experimented with free energy devices. Last year my friend built several reactors for colleagues as the beta testers who gave feedback. I learned much from reading these email exchanges, and the enthusiasm of these people was infectious.
My friend described that his whole house was filled with the plasma energy. He called it “Paradise”. From his reports he seemed to be basking in a constant state of bliss.

At the beginning of 2014 my German friend offered to build a reactor for me. I was thrilled about the prospect of getting a plasma reactor and turning my shabby rental house into the vibrations of Paradise.
Throughout the year my friend announced about a dozen times that my reactor is built and will be sent shortly, the next week, after the weekend, the next day. However, the delays were due to improvements, meaning I would get the latest improved version.
In November my friend reported, that the transport box is built, and the next day my reactor will be sent on its way to America.
A few days later he wrote that he got sick from the reactor. The tone of his letters had changed; he suddenly spoke of his “Masters” who had told him not to send me the reactor.

Well, that was the end of it. I felt used. For two and a half years we emailed almost on a daily basis. I had encouraged, supported and held the energy for this undertaking. I thought it was for a great cause to assist my German friend and I offered to be his American business partner when the time of marketing the plasma reactor comes.

I myself do not celebrate Christmas. I like to spend at least two winter months in hibernation mode, while writing and reading. In December I gave myself the gift of 2 months Netflix movie watching. Wrapped in blankets I’ve been watching Star Trek movies on my computer. I find it fascinating to watch these old series. From my present state of awareness and knowing of Galactic History I now understand these series for what they truly are: “soft disclosure”.

In December I decided to start a facebook page. So far I don’t know yet whether this works for me. On the Homepage are hundreds of messages posted from my ‘friends’ and ‘friends of friends’. Even though I had disallowed advertisements, new ones keep coming.

Well, my intent is to spend less hours on the Internet, not more. On the other hand, after deleting my old mailing list, I am open to the possibility of meeting new people of like-mind.

Towards the end of the year 2014 predictions for the beginning of the mass arrests of the global elite were made, along with the usual announcements of a financial reset, installment of Nesara, debt forgiving, as well as the many disclosure announcements and predictions for the likelihood of The Event to happen. Just like the years before…
The struggle for survival absorbs the lives of the masses. For many life is just about paying the bills. And yet the majority of people still has no clue about what is going on on planet Earth. They still cannot comprehend that there are forces at work to keep humanity in a low three-dimensional state of existence by genetically modifying humans with food, water, medications, vaccinations, air, and through mind control.

Dear fellow travelers; may the year 2015 lead you into further awakening.

Light&Love, Karin Lacy

Karin’s Newsletter #14 – special edition, 12-26-14

Karin’s Newsletter #14 – special edition, December 26, 2014

My crowdfunding experience continued…

Dear fellow travelers;
I want to give an update on my crowdfunding campaign for the publishing of my book “Potty Training for Indigo Children” – Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment, and Abundant Resources for the 21st Century.
I started my crowdfunding campaign on Pubslush, which is for books, on November 19. It goes until January 3, 2015.
Here is its link:   http://KarinLLightworker.pubslush.com   A neighbor friend posted $10, otherwise nothing has happened on my campaign page since then. So I decided to give it one more try on a different crowdfunding platform to see whether the result will be the same.   So on December 3rd I started a campaign page at indiegogo; it ends on January 2nd, 2015. The link is: http://igg.me/p/potty-training-for-indigo-children–2/x/9270472 No funds raised so far.   I described my experience with indiegogo in my last week’s Newsletter #13.   I did not respond to about 15 companies/individuals who offered to spread the campaign through the social media for money, ranging from $5 to $300. It appears to me, without hiring the vultures on the sidelines there’s no chance of success for me. However, I have no intent to spend money for my indiegogo campaign.   I read that only 45% of all crowdfunding campaigns succeed. No wonder I fall in the loser category. I think my two main reasons are:   First: I live outside of society, as a maverick. I am a Lightworker, meaning I am in this world but not of this world. I am on a mission, on assignment. It is important for me not to get sidetracked in the 3D world. I read about a person’s successful crowdfunding campaign on a blog in which she told that she raised funds for her book campaign for six weeks, around the clock. As I remember rightly, she raised over $10,000. According to the crowdfunding instructions I should do the same as this person; I should be downtown, telling people about my campaign and convince at least one person per day to donate money to my cause. Well, I am not here for popularity. But I think popular people, popular groups or even celebrities are candidates for success on crowdfunding platforms.   Second: Crowdfunding is about generating money. I was aware of the contradiction I am holding within me in starting a crowdfunding campaign to raise money and my belief in a money-less society.   If contradictions are held for a longer period of time within one’s energy field, they lead to imbalance, discord, dis-ease, and finally chronic conditions of the body-mind-system within the human vessel.   It is important to me not to get pulled into any 3D drama of the end game. Yet, I’m still with one foot living in third density, I still need a dwelling, bank account, food, electricity, Internet. I intentionally choose where I give my energy and attention, for what we focus upon and include in our vibration, we vibrate as it. It is a constant thriving for ever greater awareness. I know from my own experience how hard it is on the body to constantly switch forth and back. It makes you bi-polar.   Conclusion I believed crowdfunding is a grassroots movement of Good Samaritans who are counteracting human greed through regular acts of generosity, especially to strangers. I thought they donate money to support worthy causes in order to soften and bridge the intentionally created gap between the Haves and Have-nots. And to increase the Love-Light Quotient on Earth. So far, none of them came across my crowdfunding campaigns, even though there are presently only 17 campaigners on Pubslush. Anyway. I don’t think I’ve figured out crowdfunding.   I’d like to talk more about Human Energy Harvesting in my next newsletter. Until next week….   Happy Holidays! Bless you all, Karin Lacy