My Excursion into the Healthcare System



Dear fellow travelers;
Part of my work as a Lightworker is documenting my life experience in my articles and Open Letters.
As I always mention, I’ve been intentionally living outside the Matrix System or ‘under the radar’. That is, as much as this is still possible. I still get a monthly government check, have a bank account and credit card, a letterbox, and health insurance. In that sense, I’m part of the Matrix. However, with my income below the poverty line, l have to live as a minimalist.

When I moved to the town of Oakridge, 45 minutes South from Eugene, Oregon, I realized one has to have a car to be able to live in this rural town. I felt isolated there. What I saved on rent I had to spend at the over-priced Ray’s Food Place.

After two years I moved to Springfield (population 65,000) into a government-subsidized housing complex. Living in a city is easier for me, especially for shopping at WinCo and Grocery Outlet. Another plus point is that Eugene/Springfield has a seven-day bus system, free for seniors.

It’s never easy when I have to move to a new city where I’ve never been before and don’t know anybody. But I’m always outgoing and socializing to get more comfortable, and hopefully make new friends.

Two months after I moved to Springfield I slipped and fell on the sidewalk on the way home from shopping. A man helped me up and called 911. At the emergency station they x-rayed my right arm and told me that it was broken. I was given a prescription for opiates and told to get an appointment at Slocum sports clinic for further evaluation of my right arm. I was then discharged from the emergency station and went home by taxi cab.

Since I was pretty much incapacitated, my new friend Heather came to see whether I needed help. We had met through the TimeBank of Lane County. I had contacted her even before moving to Springfield, and she helped unload the uhaul truck. Heather lives right around the corner and was interested in German tutoring utilizing TimeBanking hours to keep practicing her German language skills.

Heather helped me daily, in the morning and evening. We applied TimeBanking hours for her caregiver service.

Four days after my fracture I got an appointment at the Slocum sports clinic for more x-rays. Heather took me there. The fracture was a hairline crack on the upper arm. The pain was severe. I took only one of the opiates which the emergency station had prescribed because it caused heavy nausea. I used Excedrine instead, since I had a bottle in the cabinet. It has helped me reduce pain in the past. I took one tablet before nighttime for almost a month.

The worst thing during the healing of my arm was that I couldn’t sleep on my back. Due to the pain in my arm I could only lay on my back. I laid awake throughout the night and somehow, out of exhaustion, slept for an hour or so on my back in the early morning hours.

I was badly sleep-deprived, night after night, for weeks. I was depressed from living life in pain, no sleep, no appetite. I lost weight and got weaker. I constantly worried that I may fall again and break more bones. One night, on the way to the bathroom, I fainted and fell on the carpet floor. I had no injuries and made it back to bed.

In these weeks of sleepless nights I recognized that I had reached a dead end in my life. I was exhausted and weary and physically declining. For days I had not left the bed anymore. My energy level was at its lowest. I was overcome by a great desire to end this lifetime and transition back into the non-physical realms. I got homesick like never before to return to my home world.
I imagined how it felt to let go of everything of a disconnected state – in an instant, for evermore. Leaving all that hardship behind, and all the emotional burdens of a lifetime. I could not serve as a Lightworker while dwelling in the lower third dimension. I had a hundred reasons why I wanted to end this lifetime.
So I decided to stop eating and drinking.

When Heather came the next morning I told her about my decision to make my transition. She was deeply saddened. I said she can have my belongings.
I must mention that I don’t see death as a bad thing. When I was a student of the non-physical teacher Abraham-Hicks, I heard Abraham saying countless times that they don’t use the term ‘dying’. Instead they chose the word ‘croaking’, for they want to be disrespectful about death since there is no death. We are eternal beings, we cannot die.

The next day Heather introduced me to a video by an organization that supports the choice of conscious dying, by stopping eating and drinking. There suddenly was much new information to take in.

For the next day Heather arranged a visit at my bedside by Ani, a volunteer at the organization EndOfLifeChoicesOregon.

Ani said the protocol of stopping eating and drinking can only be done with a caregiver who is available around the clock. She said the withdrawal process can take up to 14 days, or longer. For the last few days the dying person may go into a coma until death occurs. That is why around-the-clock care is necessary.

I realized that I was completely uninformed about the choice of conscious dying without food and drink. I believed 7 days would be the longest to expect. And that it meant not drinking any water or fluids.

Ani talked about the possibility of dying with Cascade Hospice in-home support. However, I learned that I did not qualify for the hospice since I have no terminally ill disease nor the finances to pay for the hospice stay. According to Ani, if I had qualified, the hospice services would have been covered by Medicare.

In our meeting with Ani we agreed that Heather can no longer be a caregiver for me. She lives a busy life as an entrepreneur and wife and has already reached her limits of how much of her time and energy she is able to contribute.

We then discussed with Ani to find out whether there is a loophole for me to stay at the Pete Moore Hospice House. I was already on my seventh day without food and very little water and couldn’t leave the bed anymore.

I was clear-minded, yet at the same time lost any sense of time.

The next day a hospice socialworker and a nurse specialist came to my bedside to find out whether there is a chance for me to go to the hospice for the rest of my days without eating and drinking.
The two hospice worker specialists tried to find a way for me to die at the hospice through the method of continuing without food and water. The two ladies again and again went outside to make phone calls. Then the nurse specialist suddenly announced that later this same day, a delivery of morphine will come to my door. The next morning a nurse will come to administer it. We all were surprised about the sudden turnaround. But then the nurse specialist went outside to make yet another call. When she came back she announced that I don’t qualify for the hospice; nothing is going to happen; she apologized for getting our hopes up.

After the two hospice specialists left, I realized that the only choice I now had was to start eating and drinking again and return to life. Obviously my spiritual guides did not allow my departure.
I asked Heather to draw the curtains back and open the window wide and let the light and air in.

The next morning I called my next-door neighbor. I had made it to the kitchen, but suddenly fainted. The neighbor lady called 911 and I was taken to the hospital emergency station.

From now on things began happening like a roller coaster ride. I felt like an observer or watcher of myself and the new surroundings. I was put on a stretcher and taken down the stairs. Then I was in an ambulance vehicle with a paramedic. At the emergency station they gave me intravenous liquids and a blood transfusion. I was taken to a hospital room for preparation for a colonoscopy and endoscopy. Throughout the night I had to drink four liters of a liquid to clean out my intestinal tract.
The next morning I was taken for the procedures to a surgery area. It felt otherworldly when the nurse pushed my bed through many long hallways and into elevators to another floor.

I said to myself that I am watching a movie. I felt multidimensional. I had all-around vision and the colors were brighter.

When I awoke from the amnesia the surgeon said that I had a bleeding stomach ulcer which they pinched off to stop from bleeding. I had reported to the emergency doctor that I had broken my arm three weeks prior and that I took the painkiller Excedrin for almost a month. The surgeon said he read the report and he thinks the Excedrin caused the bleeding stomach ulcer and that I should never use it again.
The next day I was discharged.
Heather came to pick me up.

At home, in the middle of the night, I vomited blood.
When Heather came the next morning and saw the blood she called the doctor’s office at the hospital. The nurse said I should call 911 immediately and come back to the hospital.
So I was taken to the emergency station again.

From my bed I could see at least a hundred service personnel running in all directions, without bumping into each other. I had an association of an ant colony.
I waited there all day for a bed to become available at the hospital’s endo-clinic.
The next morning I was taken for another endoscopy.
The surgeon said that he found another bleeding ulcer towards the small intestines.

Back in my hospital room, I got two more blood transfusions. (Five altogether)
A doctor said if my bowel movement looks good they would let me go home the next day, on Thanksgiving Day.
So on Thanksgiving evening I went home by taxi cab.

I realized that I had stretched Heather’s boundaries and that from now on I needed to take care of myself. She had invested 26 TimeBank hours in helping me get through the last month.

However, there was one more appointment at Slocum sports clinic in Eugene for another x-ray of my arm. So four days later Heather accompanied me to a bus trip to Slocum sports clinic to see whether my right arm is healing properly. I was very grateful to have her support. I couldn’t have done the trip on my own. I still felt weak and light-headed and required a cane for safer walking.

After a month of laying on my back the nights were improving since I was able to partially sleep on my left side. Nevertheless, I was still sleep-deprived.
I found that my healing is a rather slow process with many ups and downs. Despite my weakness I have to manage my life. In particular, I needed to get food, but still was too sick to leave my apartment.
Suddenly out of the blue, a new friend, Marilyn, showed up to take me grocery shopping, once a week.

I am now more integrated within the Matrix. I experienced my weeks of sickness more like an observer. Everything was surreal. Throughout the sleepless nights I entered altered states and received visions and lucid dreams. It would lead too far to go into detail here. It would need a separate article to dissect and describe my nights. Repeatedly I lived through bouts of feeling abandoned. In this article I’ll keep describing my outer physical life.

Dealing with the pharmacy
For the first time I had to deal with the pharmacy as a cornerstone of the Healthcare System.

I want to describe the ordeal of acquiring my prescription medicine from the pharmacy.

To get a live person on the phone was the goal. I spent two half days. After half an hour waiting in line over the phone, each time the call got stopped and one had to start all over again. After two days of not succeeding, a loving neighbor woman offered to take me by car to the pharmacy. After an hour of waiting we finally got the stomach medicine. I had to pay $3 as partial co-pay for a 30 day supply.

I’m such a weirdo, I didn’t even know the trick to open the orange medicine bottle. The wonderful neighbor woman advised me for the future to be more assertive in dealing with the pharmacy.
I had never been to a Walgreen’s pharmacy. I was astounded about the long waiting line. I asked my neighbor whether the pharmacy is always so crowded and the phone so busy. She said that after a while the process of obtaining medicine may become smoother. There are three Walgreen’s pharmacies in close proximity to each other. Plus all the large supermarkets usually have their own pharmacy.

Before the pills were running low, I tackled the refill issue. My new friend Marilyn gave me a ride, yet I didn’t get the medicine. I had tried to call the pharmacy several times, but did not get through. At the drive-through they said I received a message that they had contacted my doctor to first authorize the refill.

I called the doctor’s office and described that I am now for 8 days without medicine. The nurse managed to get the authorization and called the pharmacy. So nine days later, Marilyn and I went to the drive-through window again. The day before the answering machine said that a 90-day refill for $3 is ready for me. And it was!

The entire pharmacy experience seemed unprofessional. It didn’t seem to matter to anybody that the patient ran out of medicine. One would think the uninterrupted medicine intake by the patient should be the main concern for all involved. Marilyn, a retired nurse, said it can be dangerous if the patient is left without the medicine. Marilyn reminded me of the adage that “the squeaking wheel gets the grease” and that I should step into the squeaking wheel role.

Well, that is easier said than done. I am a newcomer to the Healthcare System. All the mishaps basically describe the discord between me and the system.
Playing the squeaking wheel is just not my Nature, for “I am in this world but not of this world.” As a Lightworker I am here as a volunteer. Living in this dense third dimensional reality has been taking its toll on me. I am weary and exhausted.
No wonder I got sick with stomach ulcers. I took in too much information about all the bad stuff going on on planet Earth. Our galactic brothers and sisters call life on Earth HELL. We are a civilization put into a state of amnesia, that is, we don’t know who we are, where we come from, and where we are going.
However, the great news is that the time of awakening is upon us…

Inside the Hospital
Over the decades I went three times inside a hospital in order to visit somebody; it was in East Germany, in West Germany, and in San Diego, U.S. Each time I fainted and had to be taken care of. I was psychically attacked by non-physical parasitic entities to feed off my life force energy.

I had no other hospital experience since then.

The Riverbend Hospital in Springfield OR has 400 beds. It must have been built not too long ago.

I had no idea a hospital could be built so luxuriously, with 400 single rooms, each with its own bathroom. There were beautiful wooden doors and elaborate trim. The wall behind the bed was a high-tech area. The hallways had bays for personnel, and administration work.

When I was discharged and waited in the lobby for a taxi cab, I had a chance to admire the architecture of the large lobby. I must say I felt good vibrations all around, and no parasitic entities tried to attack me.

When I, for the second time, was taken by a nurse through the long hallways to the surgery area for another endoscopy, it felt again as if I was watching a movie. I tried to maintain the overview of what I simultaneously experienced. I felt strongly that I tried out different timelines. Each day seemed like a lifetime.

After the second endoscopy I felt a bout of depression washing over me and I asked the nurse if there is a counselor who I could talk to. So she connected me with one of the hospital’s six chaplains.
I told Thomas, the chaplain, that only ten days ago I had decided to end my life by stopping eating and drinking. I found that I had come to the end of my life. I had entered an era of decline and deterioration. For the second time I had fallen and broken my arm. I described that I am exhausted, weary, and tired after many years of living life under the radar, more or less outside of society. I had a hundred reasons why I was yearning to make my transition into the non-physical realms. I was homesick and yearning to go home to my Pleiadian home world.

I told the chaplain my story of how I ended up two times in the hospital.

When the chaplain asked what my greatest obstacle is, I said it is that I have no family. I just moved as a newcomer to Springfield.

I told Thomas that Heather, a friend in the TimeBank community, who lives in my neighborhood, dedicated 26 credit hours of care-giving to me, but I cannot burden her any longer.
He said I should now contact Senior and Disability Services and apply for a caregiver.
Being able to talk with the chaplain lifted me out of the depression. He is a compassionate person with a clear energy field and beautiful heart space.
The next day Thomas came back with more contact information.

So I decided to just go through the motions and surrender as best as I can. And let the Universe arrange circumstances and events for my highest good.

I talked with everybody who came to my bedside. The conversation usually started with the question whether my accent is German. Most people tell me right away that they have German ancestors and when and how they came to America. Many have visited Germany and loved it. Sometimes I reveal that I am from East Germany and that I managed, at age 27, to escape from the German Democratic Republic to Western Germany.
Some nurses showed me their family photos. I felt much love for all who contributed to my hospital experience.
There was never any stress, only respect and kindness.

While laying there incapacitated in the hospital bed I told every nurse and doctor I interacted with, that I hadn’t seen a doctor in over 35 years, that I always lived a healthy lifestyle; that I live without a car and go everywhere on foot. I always basked in the feeling of invincibility…..until a year ago in Oakridge, when I fell and broke my right wrist.

In September 2021 I moved to Springfield and shortly after fell again and broke my right arm. Well, it appears my era of invincibility turned into vulnerability. I now live with the fear of falling and breaking more bones.

The MedBeds – Holographic Medical Pods
During my sleepless nights in my hospital bed I envisioned myself laying in a MedBed while being realigned into the perfect state of homeostasis where disease cannot prevail.
Only those people who have knowledge about the Secret Space Program have heard of the MedBeds.
The Technology of the Med Beds is not from planet Earth. It is not human-created technology. It is a technology that has been given to humanity by off-world ETs, but is being kept hidden from humanity by the global elite.

So I was visualizing how this beautiful modern hospital could be changed to meet the needs of the people of the future. There won’t be any need for this 400-bed hospital to operate as it does now. Every hospital room will have a MedBed.

Each hospital will be transformed into a Healing Palace, a Temple for the Celebration of Health and Wellbeing. Of course, MedBed treatments are free for everybody. Due to the planetary shift from 3D to 5D happening at this time, people are awakening from their amnesia. Humanity’s collective consciousness now demands transparency about all forbidden things. There are enlightened experts, known as whistleblowers, who have the courage and even risk their lives to come forward to disclose what they know and has been hidden from us throughout history.

The Super Soldier whistleblowers describe the Holographic MedPods from their personal experiences as a Secret Space Program Asset on Mars and Moon.
There are 3 types of MedBeds: 1) Holographic Med Beds; 2) Regenerative Med Beds which regenerate tissue and body parts that’s powered by a different source; 3) Re-atomization Med Beds that in about 2-3 minutes will regenerate the whole human body, head to toe. The MedBed technology can be seen as a perpetual fountain of youth. Yet its time on Earth has not yet come. MedBeds will be literally priceless; they will be produced by Replicators, like we know from the Star Trek movies. Every human being already qualifies as a recipient of MedBed treatments.

The MedBeds in particular will be seen as humanity’s quantum leap into a higher state of consciousness, meaning we must change our civilization into societies with no need for money. Throughout our history the Greed Virus, which is attached to money, brought out the worst in us. The Greed Virus got us to where we stand today.

Beside MedBeds we will have replicators, free energy, anti-gravity devices, and other alien technologies which are beyond our present comprehension. Again, we are a civilization kept in a state of amnesia, meaning we don’t know who we are, where we come from, and where we go.

After the 2,000 year cycle of the Dark Age we have now entered the dawning hour of the Golden Age, the Age of Peace and Community Building. We will live life as meant to be, as Divine sovereign beings on Earth.
However, as a civilization we first have to look at the skeletons accumulated in our collective closet. More purging, clearing and healing is necessary before we can graduate and thus hold a higher vibration.

There is a spiritual war going on above our heads and below our feet, yet only a tiny minority of people are aware of it. There are galactic parasites – the bible calls them Archons – who have controlled humanity for eons through the karmic process, implants, and AI technologies, etc.

On the other hand, there are the Forces of Light, existing in higher realms, who assist the human family in the liberation process.

What is the Event?
The Event is the upcoming breakthrough moment of the shift happening on this planet.

A 50-year window of opportunity for the Event to happen has opened in 1975 and will close in June 2025.

A flash of Divine energy coming from the Galactic Central Sun is going to permeate planet Earth and raise the frequency of all its lifeforms, including humanity.

It will not be a cataclysmic event, it will be a positive event, an unfolding new reality, a new timeline.

We are at the end of the cosmic cycle and our whole planet is entering a Golden Age where everything is being reconnected with Light, Love, and Harmony. Our consciousness will be greatly expanded. We each are already in the process of awakening, on all levels, physically, mentally, spiritually.
The Event is the moment that will totally change the face of Earth. There will be mass arrests of major criminal cabal members, political figures, technocrats, bankers, etc. The financial system will be reset with prosperity funds for all humanity, which have been kept from us, in order to control us and maintain scarcity.

We will be meeting our galactic brethren. Ahead of us is the release of spiritual growth and healing for every human being on the planet. We each will look at the world with new eyes. What we presently perceive in the world as a breakdown in truth is a breakthrough.

The Recovering Process
After coming home from the hospital I unsubscribed from 95 % of all email subscriptions. I need to cut back on my hours on the computer and instead spend more time outside in Nature. I realized I got bleeding ulcers from daily ingesting the bad news from all around the world and from learning about all the unspeakable horrors happening on Earth that are now coming to light. I thought I needed to know what is going on behind the scenes. It is important to me to have an overview of the global narrative and how humanity has been controlled and manipulated by the dark side. I reminded myself that reading the headlines is all that’s necessary.

However, I became painfully aware that I got sloppy in maintaining spiritual hygiene.

So, with my focus on recovery and healing I decided to let the world “off the hook” for a while.

Ever since I came home from the hospital I’ve been dealing with the authorities. As a single senior without a family I applied for a caregiver. I filled out forms, made calls and appointments with socialworkers to come to my apartment for evaluation. It turned out I qualify for a senior transportation service, where I pay $7 for a round trip to a medical appointment or food shopping.

I also qualify for a program, called “Senior Companion”, that is, from next week on a senior companion lady comes once a week for 2 hours to my apartment and we decide what to do.

Next I had an appointment with a designated primary doctor. This gets me deeper into the Healthcare System. The doctor asked me to go for a bone density test.

My recovery process is overshadowed by the money issue. Last year in Oakridge, after breaking my wrist, I got bills over $3,000 from Slocum sports clinic for the healthcare services I received. I wrote letters to the agencies. It turned out Medicare pays 80% for emergency services and hospital stays. Medicaid pays the remaining 20%.

Since the beginning of the new year I got busy with filling out forms and dealing with the agencies of the system in reapplying for food stamps and reapplying for medical coverage, etc.

Now two months after my hospital stay I got bills in the mail. So far, I paid the Slocum clinic bills of $96 and $40. Then came the hospital bill of $800. The bill listed my seven-day hospital stay, adding up to $27,660.
I contacted my socialworker. She responded that if things don’t work out, she will connect me with their financial team. It comforts me and gives me relief knowing that I have support from this kind, compassionate woman. It is stressful, even frightening, dealing with the financial departments. It is detrimental to Health!

To my mind comes the Krishnamurti quote: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

So I will re-calibrate my energies, work on strengthening my ‘DNA skin suit’ or physical body and learn the lessons from my excursion into the Healthcare System. And I will continue my contract as a volunteer Lightworker on Earth. I am reminded that all my life was preparation for this time. I will keep on going, onward and upward.

In Service, Karin Lacy

My Excursion into the Healthcare System