Mayan Astrology Chart for Karin Lacy, Yellow Star, LaMat

Mayan Astrology Chart for Karin Lacy,Yellow Star, LaMat

Copyright by Iris K Barratt

* To be read slowly, saved and contemplated please~

You are the sacred, brilliant Venus Star of light, here to fulfill consciousness and awaken Truth. You will always be found celebrating your love and passion for beauty and harmony.

You can connect our Earth with our Cosmos, as a multifaceted star of brilliant light radiating true vision into space as you compliment the silent darkness.

You move forward freely, with obvious mental balance, illuminating consciousness within your community. You often find meaningful ways to serve your community with a sense of dedication.

You have multifaceted intellectual perspectives and educational pursuits and you are a lifelong learner.

You choose to release extremes and express yourself in positive ways within your many treasured personal and community relationships.

You create future achievements from your ability to embrace challenges in a clear and focused manner. You also create achievements by trusting the process as you hold your visions with love.

You are often an intelligent voice of reason within your community. You think Globally and act locally to enhance your community with service.

You respect your often, mysterious mental tangents and complexity. You enjoy emotional freedom, games and languages. You are naturally drawn to risk-taking and gambling for a bigger prize and are generally lucky.

You trust your abundance and use your many talents to draw exactly what is needed when you need it. You are a master of abundance, elegance and artistic grace. You often excel at fundraising for important causes.

You trust the Universe to provide for you and your loved ones, as you shine your prosperity consciousness and bless the world. You are an energetic, elegant and graceful dancer of love.

You flourish with positive structure, useful routines and by living in harmony. You appreciate your confident artistic nature as you beautify the cosmos with an elegant attunement. You know the importance of balance, beauty and artistic self-expression.

You welcome the healing light of the sun, the stars and silent rejuvenation. You know the greatness of your energetic, artistic explorations. You know the importance of confronting others with harmonious intentions when necessary, in order to create good feelings and move beyond illusions.

You may have unique skill in investigating, confronting and honoring the ways of others with amazing accuracy and efficiency. You exude inner confidence and loving artistic communication, as you celebrate your passionate eternal nature and spiritual wisdom.

You are the star of your own reality and you fulfill your starring role when your self-love shines from your center stage. You shine the light of cosmic harmony into the night sky where it expands and descends into the sacred harmony of earth. Many spiritual masters honor you for this and celebrate as you to claim it.

You harmonize with the natural elegance of the Universe. You honor the beauty everyone creates within the artistic expressions of life.

You are one with those who are chosen to feel information you receive from sacred sources in conscious and illuminated ways. You are

empowered by others who are also here to create accomplishment and fulfillment. You are also empowered by compromising, being practical and by being socially astute, which assists you in manifesting your personal and social goals.

My Biography


My Biography (German Short Style)

  • I, Karin Ingrid Hantzsch, was born on January 1st of 1947 in the small town of Nerchau in East Germany. (The German Democratic Republic was founded two years later.)
  • I was the second of five children. My father, Werner Hantzsch, was a factory worker. My mother, Elfriede Hantzsch, a housewife.
  • In 1953 I started school at age six at the Ten-class Poly-technic School in Nerchau.
  • In 1963 I graduated from school.
  • From 1963 – 1965I went to a Secretary Training school. After graduating I worked for one year as a Secretary in the same factory where my father worked, in a neighboring town.
  • From 1966 – 1968 I got the chance to work in the capital Berlin as a Secretary in the headquarters of the socialist youth organization, Free German Youth.
  • In 1968 I found employment as a Dramaturgy Secretary at the art publishing house “Henschel Verlag Berlin”.
  • November 1969:Marriage to the composer and pianist Peter Dorn.
  • 1971 – 1974: Personal Secretary of the Administration Director of the United Museums of Berlin (East).
  • June 1973: Divorce from my husband Peter Dorn.
  • June 1974: I escaped, together with my ex-husband, in the trunk of a car, from the German Democratic Republic to West Germany, to the city of Hamburg.
  • 1974 – 1975: Personal Secretary of the Administration Director of the Opera House Hamburg.
  • 1976: Several temporary jobs in social facilities.
  • 1976 – 1979: Three-year course study as a educator/socialworker at the Social College in Hamburg.
  • 1978: I received my driver’s license.
  • August 1979: Marriage to Matthias Stave, a carpenter and restaurateur of antique furniture.
  • 1979: After graduating from college I moved together with my husband to to the village of Hedwigenkoog on the North Sea coast with the goal of starting an alternative private children’s home.
  • 1979 – 1981: Remodeling of an old village school into a children’s home.
  • 1981: Opening of a private children’s homeand running it as the owner for two years.
  • November 1982: Quitting of my children’s home due to bankruptsy.
  • February 1983: Separation from my husband; moving back to Hamburg. Unemployment for one year.
  • 1984: Divorce from my husband.
  • 1984-1985: Employment as an Educator for mentally ill patients in a mental institution for 1.5 years.
  • 1986 – 1988: Employment as a Socialworker/Educator in a homeless shelter.
  • 1989: Unemployment for one year. Starting my crystal and mineral collection and pursuing a career as a Crystal Healer.
  • 1989: Starting to learn English at age 42.
  • 1989: Three-months visit and study at the spiritual Findhorn Community in Scotland.
  • February 1990: Visiting America for a one-year stay with a San Diego host family as the nanny and housekeeper.
  • April 1990: Meeting my future husband, James Patrick Lacy.
  • February 1991: Going back to Hamburg, Germany, with the intent to sell my household belongings and to return to America.
  • April 1991: Return to San Diego, California. Renting a house with my fiance Jim Lacy.
  • August 1991: Marriage to James Patrick Lacy, a Kung Fu Grandmaster.
  • September 1991: Career as an Entrepreneur. Starting together with my husband a martial arts home study business in San Diego.
  • September 1994: Moving to Jacumba, San Diego county, near the Mexican border; buying a trailer home on 2.5 acres; running our mail order business from our home.
  • 1995: Enrolling in Abraham’s (channeled through Esther Hicks) weekly audio home study program as a student of the science of deliberate creation.
  • Spring 1997: Receiving from my inner guidance the granting of permission to start my life’s mission and to call myself a”Lightworker for America”.
  • November 1998: Going online and joining and exploring the global Lightworker arena.
  • January 200: Launching of my own domain name website under my Internet signature
  • August 2004: Completing my first book project.
  • February 2005: Receiving a doctor’s permit for using Medical Marijuana as treatment for bipolar disorder and other ascension symptoms.
  • December 2005: Leaving my husband.
  • December 2005: Being on my own at age 59, starting to live authentic as a Lightworker, with no money, no car, no job, no friends.
  • December 2005: I landed at the Ashram in Sonoma, CA and was allowed to stay there for five month of healing time.
  • May 2006: Moving to Garberville/Humboldt County for the writing of my next book, called “Potty Training for Indigo Children” – Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment and Abundant Resources.
  • May 2007: I became a U.S. Citizen on May6th 2007 in San Francisco.
  • June 2007: Moving to Chico, CA, renting an apartment.
  • December 2007: Divorce from my husband.
  • December 2007: Applying for SSI and food stamps.
  • February 2008: Approval for SSI income.
  • April 2009: Moving into a better Chico neighborhood, renting a cottage.
  • Fall 2009: Working on my next book project, called “Washing My Potatoes” which is about documenting my life experience as a Lightworker for America.
  • November 2010: I received inner callings to move to Mount Shasta in Northern California.
  • December 2012: I experienced the great Shift of December 21st of 2012 in Mount Shasta that indicated the end of the Mayan calendar. However, life in Mount Shasta was more expensive than in other places. I lived there for 4.5 years.
  • January 2015: My ex-husband Jim Lacy suddenly died, close to age 65, in his home in Jacumba, CA. We had been very close and were in daily email contact.
  • May 2015: I moved to Yreka, 40 miles North of Mount Shasta. It turned out, it was a bad area for me and I received much rejection and harrasment in this town.
  • October 2016: I moved to Ashland, Southern Oregon, for a ten week stay in a house.
  • December 2016: I moved to Phoenix OR, for another ten weeks, where I rented a tiny room in a delapidated, cluttered farmhouse. I lived there through my 70th birthday. Not a good memory!
  • February 2017: I rented a studio in Medford, OR, where I lived under substandard conditions for two years.
  • May2019: I moved to Eugene, 3 hrs North, where I rented a small room in a nice house. The landlord also rented the third bedroom to a woman. He went through personal problems due to divorce from his separated wife. After 7 months he asked both of us to find another place and move.
  • November 2019: I rented a 1-bedroom apartment in a small low-income senior housing complex in Oakridge, 40 miles South of Eugene.
  • July 2020: I plan to continue living in Oakridge in my nice apartment in this lovely small town, surrounded by mountains, lakes, and streams.
  • July 2020: Revamping my twenty-year old website.


My second book, completed May 2007.

Now available on amazon as a Kindle ebook and as a print book. Please scroll down.

Table of Contents

         How this Book Came About.

         Chapter 1
         Reasons for taking Drugs. There will be a Drug Problem until Society is ready to
         improve the Living Conditions of all People.

         Chapter 2
         Why Drugs are like Fads – they come and go. Cigarettes are out among the young
         Generation, but the mind-opening Marijuana is in. Sharing my own Experiences with
         Tobacco and Marijuana.

         Chapter 3
         Review of “Kids in the Syndrome Mix of ADHD, LD, Asperger’s, Tourette’s,
         Bipolar and More!” The One-Stop Guide for Parents, Teachers, and Other
         Professionals, by Martin L. Kutscher, MD.

         Chapter 4
         The Emergence of the Indigo Children. Listing of their Traits.

         Chapter 5
         Listing of the wide-spread “Ascension Symptoms” among Indigo Children
         and Adult Indigos.

         Chapter 6
         Treatment of the “Ascension Symptoms”. Sharing my own Experiences.

         Chapter 7
         Take off your Blindfolds and see!

         Chapter 8
         Utilizing Medical Marijuana as a Tool in transitioning through these difficult
         Times of the Shift. Using Marijuana to connect with your Inner Guidance.
         Sharing my own Experiences. Abraham in a Nutshell.

         Chapter 9
         What the non-physical Teacher Abraham says about Marijuana and the War on Drugs
         My Advice for Suicidal Adolescent Indigo Children.

         Chapter 11
         Becoming an Allower

         Chapter 12
         Choose between Follower and Deliberate Creator. Follow the 11 Rules of “Bill
         Gates’ Message on Life to High School Students” or Choose to become the
         Deliberate Creator of your own Life Experience. 11 Guidelines for awakening Indigo

         Chapter 13
         Information from the Internet about the History and the many Uses of Cannabis,
         Marijuana, and Hemp. Cannabis/Hemp in History and Religion. Pot-Smoking Founding
         Fathers. What Madame Blavatsky concluded about Cannabis. The Cannabinoid
         Receptors. Hemp Seed for Food. Cannabis/Marijuana in the past and present U.S.A.

         Chapter 14
         Those who control our Energy control our Society.

         Chapter 15
         The Emerging Great Grassroots Movement. Self-Sustaining Communities grow their
         own Food, their own Medicine, their Recreational Drugs, their Fuel, Clothing, etc.
         The Grassroots Movement is happening. Join the Hemp Renaissance.

         Chapter 16
         The War on Drugs. The U.S. using Drug Money to fund covert Operations.

         Chapter 17
         Sharing my Experiences of Living in an Area of Border Smuggling. Being a Medical
         Marijuana User with a Doctor’s Recommendation. Wanting to make a Difference in
         the Back County with “Karin’s Compassionate Cannabis Club”.

         Chapter 18
         Punishment is Evil-Doing under the Guise of Goodness

Chapter 19
         The Fourth and Fifth Amendment. Brief Review of “Marijuana — Your Legal
         Rights” by Attorney Richard Jay Moller. Supervisors trying to invalidate
         Medical Marijuana. What I learned about Ditch Weed. The Compassion Aspect.

         Chapter 20
         Learning to grow your own Medicine.

         Chapter 21
         The Science of Co-Creation with Nature. Learning to work with Nature Spirits and
         the Feminine Energies of the Cannabis Plant.

         Chapter 22
         Open Letter to San Diego Council Woman Donna Frye.


         Bonus Page
         “Scientific Explanation of Hell”

Please read what Jerry and Esther Hicks said about my book.

“Potty Training For Indigo Children” is now available on amazon as a Kindle ebook and as a print book. Here is the link: