Karin’s Newsletter #15 – special edition, 1-7-15

Karin’s Newsletter #15 – special edition, January 7, 2015

My crowdfunding experience concluded….

Dear fellow travelers;
My campaign for my book “Potty Training for Indigo Children – Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment, and Abundant Resources for the 21st Century” with “Pubslush” ended on 1-3-15. One person, a neighbor friend, posted $10, but nobody else.
I decided to give it one more try at a different platform to see whether the result would be different.
My campaign on “Indiegogo” ended on 1-2-15, no funds were raised. I was contacted by about 15 companies/individuals who offered to spread my campaign throughout the social media for a fee, ranging from $5 to $300. But I had no intent to spend more money.

The whole crowdfunding experience cost me $50 (for the lowest level assistance at Pubslush). For the last two weeks there were only about 16 book campaigns listed on Pubslush, meaning that each campaign received plenty of attention.
I do not claim to know how crowdfunding really works. There’s definitely more to the story. I saw on Indiegogo that the hightech campaigns receive funds in the hundreds of thousands. It is likely that they are given loans by banks, beside the small donations from people. Indiegogo sells the gadgets online that were items of successful campaigns.

Dear readers, this concludes my personal crowdfunding experience. I did not fulfill my goal for 2014 to self-publish at least one of my three books. But who knows, maybe in 2015 some other opportunity comes along. I hope my sharing in my five newsletters gave you some intel and insights about Internet crowdfunding.

I’d like to mention Ubuntu-Contributionism, a new paradigm of living without money, developed by Michael Tellinger.

Last year, when Michael Tellinger came out with his book “Ubuntu-Contributionism”, it resonated deeply within me. My own long-term vision of a self-sustaining community project, called “Dome Village Katrina”, will incorporate the new paradigm of Ubuntu-Contributionism. Michael Tellinger already did the work and laid it all out. Ubuntu Contributionism is much more than abolishing money. It is about educating the population about the implementation of money for the purpose of energy harvesting, as started 6,000 years ago by the Annunaki Archons who claimed the right to enslave humanity. We the human family sustain them; planet Earth is a feeding ground for our off-world rulers.

We were conditioned to make money the measure for all success. Money got us where we are now, viewing the destruction of our home planet, and all life on it.

I summed up the book “Ubuntu-Contributionism” in my Open Letter to the Bioregional Ecology Center in Mt. Shasta. Here is the link:

Some Year 2014 Conclusions
For two and a half years I had maintained contact with a German Internet friend. He first told me about Mr. Keshe and his new energy technology.
My friend built his own plasma reactor. He shared with me his email exchanges with several other Germans who also experimented with free energy devices. Last year my friend built several reactors for colleagues as the beta testers who gave feedback. I learned much from reading these email exchanges, and the enthusiasm of these people was infectious.
My friend described that his whole house was filled with the plasma energy. He called it “Paradise”. From his reports he seemed to be basking in a constant state of bliss.

At the beginning of 2014 my German friend offered to build a reactor for me. I was thrilled about the prospect of getting a plasma reactor and turning my shabby rental house into the vibrations of Paradise.
Throughout the year my friend announced about a dozen times that my reactor is built and will be sent shortly, the next week, after the weekend, the next day. However, the delays were due to improvements, meaning I would get the latest improved version.
In November my friend reported, that the transport box is built, and the next day my reactor will be sent on its way to America.
A few days later he wrote that he got sick from the reactor. The tone of his letters had changed; he suddenly spoke of his “Masters” who had told him not to send me the reactor.

Well, that was the end of it. I felt used. For two and a half years we emailed almost on a daily basis. I had encouraged, supported and held the energy for this undertaking. I thought it was for a great cause to assist my German friend and I offered to be his American business partner when the time of marketing the plasma reactor comes.

I myself do not celebrate Christmas. I like to spend at least two winter months in hibernation mode, while writing and reading. In December I gave myself the gift of 2 months Netflix movie watching. Wrapped in blankets I’ve been watching Star Trek movies on my computer. I find it fascinating to watch these old series. From my present state of awareness and knowing of Galactic History I now understand these series for what they truly are: “soft disclosure”.

In December I decided to start a facebook page. So far I don’t know yet whether this works for me. On the Homepage are hundreds of messages posted from my ‘friends’ and ‘friends of friends’. Even though I had disallowed advertisements, new ones keep coming.

Well, my intent is to spend less hours on the Internet, not more. On the other hand, after deleting my old mailing list, I am open to the possibility of meeting new people of like-mind.

Towards the end of the year 2014 predictions for the beginning of the mass arrests of the global elite were made, along with the usual announcements of a financial reset, installment of Nesara, debt forgiving, as well as the many disclosure announcements and predictions for the likelihood of The Event to happen. Just like the years before…
The struggle for survival absorbs the lives of the masses. For many life is just about paying the bills. And yet the majority of people still has no clue about what is going on on planet Earth. They still cannot comprehend that there are forces at work to keep humanity in a low three-dimensional state of existence by genetically modifying humans with food, water, medications, vaccinations, air, and through mind control.

Dear fellow travelers; may the year 2015 lead you into further awakening.

Light&Love, Karin Lacy