Open Letter to Landa China

Open Letter to Landa China Development Investment Corp

by KarinLLightworker

July 25, 2015

Re: Requesting Funds from the Collateral Accounts to expand my work as
a Lightworker for America

Dear Committee of Landa China;
My name is Karin Lacy. I was guided by spirit to come to America to openly live and serve here as a Lightworker for America.

Part of my work has been to write Open Letters in which I document my life experience as a means of spreading the Light. I post these letters on my website and use them as chapters in my books.

Just recently a fellow Lightworker told me that the Collateral Accounts are now being distributed. He gave me the link to your website and recommended that I apply for funding for my long-term vision of a dome village project.

After seeing your website I realized that I had visited it before because of Cobra’s recommendation on his blog awhile back. However, back then in glancing over it I did not feel any resonance. Too much
business/corporation energy there in regards to your Venture Capitalist funding. Reading your “Terms of Use”, written by lawyers, was enough to turn me away.

So this time I listened to the audio from the latest conference call. I had difficulties understanding anything that was said, and not just because of the bad sound quality. The team members spoke Legalize, meaning they are probably lawyers, bankers, and other officials. I listened two times to the 1.20 hr audiotape but felt that nothing of importance to me was said.

Next I visited your website and studied your section ‘Project Funding.’
Several times in the past I had applied for funding from the supposed Collateral Accounts, but never heard from them again. It made me aware that I gave away all my personal data plus my vision statement details to strangers.
Three years ago I applied for Nesara Funding, and also told others to apply; then later I applied for funds from HopeGirl “Fix the World” project, plus for other funding opportunities.

Also, in June of 2012 I wrote a Letter to President Obama requesting providing of a “Lightworker for America Fund” for the rehabilitation of the Cabal members after the mass arrests. The letter can be read on my website.

Several times I printed out information about the release of Collateral Accounts for Native Americans and handed it out to people with Native American ancestry. Nothing ever happened, other than that I made a fool out of myself once again and put my reputation as a Lightworker on the line.

In 2014 I wrote a letter, “Asking for the Litmus Test”, in which I gave feedback to Cobra, The Resistance Movement and the Lightworkers. I challenged the Resistance Movement by requesting $10,000 from the collateral accounts/gold that the Resistance Movement supposedly had confiscated from the Cabal. I was curious to see what response I would get. I explained that instead of struggling to make ends meet and waiting and sitting on our hands, we of the ground crew could be practicing ‘Love in Action’. I wrote that I would buy a small piece of raw land and put up some RV vehicles and gather a small group of frontier spirits for starting a self-sustaining community from scratch. Our goal would be to establish the first Ubuntu-Contributionism Community in California. However, nothing happened.

About the “Vision Plan of The Landa paradigm in the funding of a Project”
Reading your 2-page “Vision Plan of The Landa paradigm in the funding of a Project” brought up questions for me. To me, it’s a strange blend of business/corporation style, Legalize, and New Age terminology, written by people who appear still anchored in the Old World paradigm, projecting their perspective or paradigm into the future. Applicants need to present a “professional” business plan. It says, if they are not capable of writing one they can hire professionals to do it for them. (Wouldn’t this be cheating?)

Instead of going over the details of your Vision Plan, I’d rather provide here the link for the readers to read it themselves. (…)
Frankly, to me it sounds like the continuation of the old Draconian bureaucratic apparatus, being now attached to projects of creating the New Earth.

I feel reminded of the whole Iraqi Dinar RV story, that has been going on for years, playing people’s emotions like an instrument. The Galactic Historian, Andrew Bartzis, talks about the feeding tubes that
the Archons use for siphoning off our lower 3D survival energies that are their food. I think the Dinar RV story serves as such a feeding tube for human energy harvesting. I even wonder whether the Collateral Accounts are a myth designed as Archon feeding tubes.

I cannot see simplicity, clarity, and transparency surrounding the website of Landa China. If it is true that a huge amount of money has been given to Landa China for distribution to worthy projects, then this money is ours already, it is for We The People. You committee members are only the custodians or trustees.

I think the visitors of your website would appreciate a Q&A section that answers points like how much money has been given to you? Who gave the money to you and made you the distributors? Why are you acting out a hierarchical order? Who are the individuals making up the committee of “judges” who get to decide who is worthy of fund money and how much, when, and how?

We The People are The Heirs of Creation
Are you, Committee of Landa China, aware that in your position as the fund distributors you are given the privilege to enable people’s dreams and projects? That has never been done before. As I understand
it, your job is the swift distribution of the people’s money into their hands. If you people judge who is worthy, then you are in duality, and you are not acting from a stance of ‘sacred neutral’.

Why being so concerned whether an applicant is worthy of the money? So what if there are some cheaters in between. As you know, the whole money system is a fraud, we all were enslaved to the system of money. Those supposed hundreds of trillions of dollars in the Collateral Accounts are part of the system of fraud as well.

The reason for the swift distribution of these monies is to end the programmed money system on Earth. These collateral accounts are for the transition time, to end all suffering on Earth, to heal and restore, to enable us to step into our self-empowerment as Sovereign Beings on Earth. The time is now that “the Meek shall inherit the Earth”.

About Me
I lived in Mount Shasta, Northern California, for over four years. I did not succeed in finding co-founders for manifesting a self-sustaining eco-village. However, my main work there was in the non-physical realm.

My retirement benefit is so low that my life has been a struggle for survival from month to month, especially through the winter hardship in this alpine climate. Nearly every month I had to tap into my credit card to pay bills.
I decided to move to Yreka, half an hour North of Mount Shasta, where I still would be in the vicinity of the mountain, but the climate would be milder and livelihood less expensive.

Practicing ‘Service to Others’ in Yreka, California, population 7,600.
It’s never easy when I have to move to a new city where I’ve never been before and don’t know anybody.
In talking in terms of energy awareness I noticed right away that the whole Yreka area is ruled by “male domination and control”. There seems to be a large number of local rowdies who are using their
vehicles in setting the tone for a much increased noise and pollution level in town. As it appears to me, the rest of the population are willing to endure it. The guys are “rough on the edges” here; “the louder the better” is their motto. They like Rodeo and illegal dog fights, so I’ve been told.

There is a shortcoming of Divine Feminine Energy. For sure this imbalance determines not just the relationships between the sexes, but it affects all areas of life. I watch lots of bully drivers who drive at freeway speed through town. They drive without or with modified mufflers causing enormous noise pollution and they stink from fuel exhaust, accompanied by radio music turned to the max. They don’t stop when a pedestrian wants to cross the street at the pedestrian lines. I do wonder why the standard traffic rules don’t apply here.
Yreka is not a bicycle-friendly town. There are no bike path. I would have to ride my bike in the street and mingle with the bullies. Well, I feel safer going on foot.

A local woman told me that 54 % of the local population are on welfare, and that the other half of residents would agree with her that the welfare people have not much money but lots of time on their hands; and this causes the many problems of domestic violence, abuse, drugs, crime, etc.

On Saturdays is car racing at the fairgrounds. The horrendous noise, dust and fuel exhaust are being carried through the air waves over much of the town. I too can hear it, living three miles away.
People tell me that there are cartels of Cambodian marijuana growers living in the hills, stealing water from residents and firing warn shoots.
Yreka is the Siskiyou county capital where all the local government agencies are located. The big-box courthouse sits in the middle of town. When I explored the city in all directions I noticed the many attorney offices everywhere. In fact, I have never seen anywhere else so many attorney offices. I was dumbfounded to learn that the Yellow Pages have over 40 pages of attorney ads.

What I would do for Yreka

Being a Lightworker, I’m always looking for ways to physically serve the community.
I have been pondering “what if” this Landa China Project Funding website is genuine and they would provide me with funds.

If Landa China is genuine and I receive access to large amounts of money I would start a series of big projects. I would hire people for assistance. I would be in a position to gather a group of progressive people and eliminate all money and survival problems among us. We would create in town a model for living in the New Earth. We would buy a spacious house for the establishment of the headquarters of the first Californian Ubuntu-Contributionism Community.

If Landa China is for real, I will fund free transit bus riding throughout Siskiyou County. I would eliminate the paying of fees for transportation in the local area within Siskiyou County.

If Landa China provides me with funding I will join local activists and fund their projects for eliminating homelessness.

If Landa China provides me with money at my disposal I will establish contact with farmers. I will offer them funds for growing Hemp and to educate people about Hemp Seeds as the world’s most balanced food, and the many other uses of hemp.

If I suddenly were rich in the eyes of the townsfolk, it would turn everything around. I suddenly would be a crazy rich lady instead of the poor weirdo woman with the German accent. For the language of
money they understand, in fact, it is the language they are programmed to understand.

Aahh, it makes my heart sing, playing with this vision of uplifting this entire town of 7,600 from a “male domination and control” mindset to a community where women consciously and intentionally balance the energies and raise human consciousness within the whole area. We would do so through acts of love, empathy, creativity, compassion, caring, nurturing, etc.

People would be curious about who we as a group are; the fact that we have money would indicate to them that we are successful in society. They would begin listening to what we have to say.

Other acts of balancing which l would initiate
Making the town bicycle-friendly is another way of harmonizing and stabilizing male/female energies in a town.

I would gift every interested teenager with a Unicycle. It is an excellent tool of striving for balance of body-mind-spirit. Each teenager who masters riding a Unicycle will contribute to the harmonizing of the energy field in the whole area. So much good could be said about the Unicycle!
Also, I would gift people with Segway Human Transporters and other innovative personal transportation.

Instead of de-sensitizing the present and next generation through aggressive racing sports with massive noise and air pollution, brutal competition, ego inflation, recklessness, etc., I would finance races for Segways and Unicycles.

Peace Poles: I would hire a psychic ley-line reader to be in charge of the positioning and installation of at least four Peace Poles in Yreka, created by the local metal sculptor, as powerful tools for emanating Divine Feminine Energy. In all endeavors I would ensure everybody involved always gets paid generously.

Also, I would promote horseback riding as replacement for off-road vehicles. I would inspire and finance a foundation for gifting everybody with a horse who is willing to turn in their off-road vehicle or hot rod for dismantling. There is nothing more healing and grounding than riding a horse, and besides it fosters kinship with the horse, caring, compassion, empathy, Love of Nature, etc. Owning and caring for a horse could de-callous those off-road vehicle riders who turn themselves into zombies from circling “dust donuts” as their American way of “enjoying the great outdoors”.

I could go on. After awhile local inventors and other people with innovative ideas would approach me for the funding of their projects.

Request for Funding
As a Sovereign Human Creator on Earth and in my role as a Lightworker for America I am hereby requesting from Landa China to open an account in my Internet signature name, KarinLLightworker, and to deposit 1 million dollars from humanity’s Collateral Accounts.

I would like to serve as a distributor for the Collateral Accounts. I want to be instrumental in opening the funnels of abundance for all, like Niagara Falls, creating an energy current towards manifesting the
New Earth of 5th dimensional frequency.

Cobra once said in an interview that he’s looking forward to when the liberation of the planet is over and he can go home. I’m a Lightworker of the First Wave. I too am a volunteer, here to assist in ushering humanity through the Shift of the Ages. I wanna go home, too. I’m looking forward to the time when my mission is complete.

Until then I’d like to do as much soothing for my brothers and sisters as possible with the money that I hereby ask you to funnel towards my endeavors. My goal is to use the funds to harmonize and balance the energies in this area North of Mount Shasta, near the Oregon border.

Of course 1 million dollars is not enough to upshift an entire town into a higher frequency in the way I described above. I will frequently ask you for new deposits.

In a few years from now somebody in town may want to do a survey about what has been changed and accomplished with the money from the Collateral Accounts within this time frame.

Deception and Discernment
We live in a holographic Matrix. The Old World paradigm is a projection, held together by lies and deception. As we move through these end times each one of us will have direct experiences of
deception, deceit, lying, cheating, misleading, etc. And not just from the ruling elite and from fellow humans, but from Alien deceivers as well.

The Meek Inherit the Earth
As the collective of humanity we are now reaching toward an era of Unity Consciousness. Over the next few years the majority of people will awaken to the truth that money is a tool for energy harvesting and that we all were enslaved to money. Money indeed causes all problems on Earth, and yet success in life is measured through money. In truth money serves our off-world rulers to farm humanity.

After the Event/Shift there will be nations who want to continue the money system. Especially those people will want to continue the money game who got really good at climbing the social pyramid of success and living a better life at the expense of others. They should be allowed to continue their money paradigm, but among themselves.

Without a doubt, the majority of the global population will want to end the money game on Earth. As we strive to live in Unity Consciousness money will phase out. The new era of the Aquarian Age will be a gift economy, a money-less society, prophesied as the Thousand Years of Peace.

Ubuntu-Contributionism is a model for a money-less society, designed by Michael Tellinger as a new paradigm for manifesting Heaven on Earth. My goal is to manifest my long-term vision of an eco dome
village in combination with the Ubuntu-Contributionism philosophy.

I know there are many of the ground crew who have developed their visions of creating a better world. However, to get there, we need money. I think this is what the Collateral Accounts are meant for, to ease the transition, to soothe, heal and restore.

Dear Committee of Landa China, we are out here on the leading edge of thought, charting new waters, we are navigating through dimensions, pre-paving new pathways for the new paradigm of the Golden Age of 5th dimension. We are all in this together.

Beside my request for funding my letter is meant as feedback to you. I also intended to inspire others to start visualizing the distribution of the monies from the Collateral Accounts. I suggest to organize in each state sub-distributors with the goal of promptly bringing the funds to the people with projects. It can be done as fast as creating an online account at amazon.

I’d like to conclude with this great nugget from your Vision Plan: “To see the vision is to accomplish it”. What a beautiful wording for promoting Love through action.

The time is now: the Meek emerging as the Heirs of Creation and becoming Sovereign Humans!
I’m looking forward to our cooperation.

Victory of the Light!
Karin Lacy, Lightworker