Who Wants to be Mayor of a Small Town?

Who Wants to be Mayor of a Small Town?


Hi, my name is Karin Lacy. I’m a Lightworker of the First Wave.

Part of my mission is to be an ambassador for Ubuntu-Contributionism, helping to spread the vision of the book “Ubuntu-Contributionism – a Blueprint for Human Prosperity”, developed by author Michael Tellinger, as well as to promote the establishment of an Ubuntu based community.

In South African languages the word “Ubuntu” means practicing humanity towards others. It also represents the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all of mankind. In more practical terms it refers to behaving in ways that benefit the community.

Two years ago I wrote a 3-page pamphlet called “Call to the Mayors of All Small Towns” which I spread throughout the blogosphere.

Last year, when I read that 18-year old Ben Simons of Yoncalla, Oregon, (population about 1,000) got elected as the youngest mayor in the United States, I sent him my ”Call to the Mayors of All Small Towns”. I introduced him to the Ubuntu-Contributionism paradigm and offered to move there to support him as a volunteer for 1 – 2 years.

Alas, I didn’t get any response.

A New Dawn for Humanity

Many wonder what went wrong in our world. Everything is in turmoil, everything is breaking down. Many call for the governments to restore the old order. Yet, this cannot happen. The collapse of the old structures is inevitable and necessary. All is in divine order. We are entering a new cycle on Earth.

As the human civilization we have left behind the 2,000-year cycle of the Piscean Age, also known as the Dark Age. This era of perpetuating war on Earth brought suffering for the masses, and more wealth for the global elite.

We are at the dawn of a new cycle, known as the Aquarian Age or Golden Age, prophesied as the Age of Peace and Community Building.

Michael Tellinger developed a vision of a new paradigm of living on Earth within the frequency range of the fifth dimension, called Ubuntu-Contributionism. This higher level of existence requires living from the heart and being connected to Source, thus money becomes obsolete.

Creating Unity in Community

For decades I’ve been looking to find my tribe of like-minded people to start a grassroots community project together by buying a piece of land and start living in a new and higher way of support for each other. So far, without success.

A friend of mine bought a piece of land in Northern California with the goal to create a Buddhist Retreat, under the legal status of a church. He paid the land off, but it has no well and no buildings. He put up a couple of RV trailers, freight containers for storage, solar panels, and storage tanks for rainwater harvesting.

The local authorities keep an eye on him through their “compliance officers”. Without any infrastructure in place he is only allowed to spend one month per year of camping on his own property. He is presently working as a professional plumber in Northern Oregon to save up for the installment of the septic system which he said will cost between $10,000 and $15,000. Additionally, health department paperwork will cost $1,700 – $1,800. After that he will be tackling to get a well, which is $7,000 – $12,000.

Before he can start buying materials for building a small temple and small cottages for a few people to stay at the retreat he will need to come up with the money for building permits. When he talks about the obstacles he is facing along the way, I wonder how long he will have to stay in the trailers.

I mention this because the buying of a piece of land and starting from scratch is the hard and arduous way of manifesting ones vision of a community. I too believed this is the way to fulfill ones dream, if you have no inheritance or other financial resources.

When Michael Tellinger came out with his model of transforming existing small towns into communities of higher consciousness I agreed that this is a much more desirable solution. In existing towns everything is already there, the infrastructure is in place. The standard of living has been established, oftentimes many decades ago. Thousands of small rural towns exist in that way.

Michael Tellinger came up with the word Contributionism, meaning that all who want to participate in this community model, choose to contribute by giving our heart, our physical labor and our commitment.

Representatives of the Aquarian Age

Striving to become the mayor and establishing a core group of like-minded, conscious council members puts us in positions of self-empowerment and empowering others. It means we are not the victims of the local government representatives who make a living by milking us for money with hefty fees at every turn as it appears in the case of my friend with the vision of a Buddhist Retreat.

Ideally, young people should step in the role of mayors. Dear reader; if you want to become a mayor you should be an outgoing, charismatic personality for you will be the face and the voice of the community. You must be a people person, embodying leadership qualities. You must be knowledgeable, passionate and enthusiastic about implementing the Ubuntu-Contributionism paradigm in your small town.

There is an intrepid Millennial, Travis Duncan, who is running for mayor of Austin, the capital of Texas, whose goal is implementing the Ubuntu-Contributionism paradigm in this city of nearly 1 million people. For your inspiration you can watch on youtube interviews with him and Michael Tellinger. To overcome the calcified structures of power and control in a small town is one thing, but to face its amplifications in a huge city is a challenge of great proportions.

I myself did not want to become a mayor. I’m a background person. I’ve been living outside of the Matrix System for a long time, as much as is possible. I don’t go to the committees. I’ve lived in many cities and towns but never long enough to know the local movers and shakers. I never was a participant, I don’t go to elections to give my voice away.

But I want to be part of the core group supporting the mayor in every way I can.

We will be no religion and no political party; we can’t be labeled communists or socialists. We see ourselves as representatives of the New Earth. We are united by the desire to live in a new way on Earth. What bonds us together is a deep desire to live in harmony with our Mother Earth and our love for humanity.

We are no cult, but we follow the book “Ubuntu-Contributionism – a Blueprint for Human Prosperity”, as laid out by Michael Tellinger. He already summed it all up, many years ago, we could not say it any better.

We all will agree to follow Natural Law, which simply means not to harm any other sentient kind. We don’t need authorities, police, lawyers, etc. to tell us what to think, what to do and how to behave. We live from the heart, meaning we are guided from within.

Those of us who are by age parents, grandparents, and great grandparents are dedicated to serve the first generation of the New Millennium, for they inherit the Earth. They are the stewards of the New Earth. They were not born to continue the old ways for another round. Many of these youngsters are fully awake. They cannot be manipulated and brainwashed into following a government of domination and control. They cannot be forced to become the next generation of wage slaves. They know who they are and they are not willing to go to war to be sacrificed as soldiers.

Moving to Oakridge, Oregon

Meanwhile, I moved to the small town of Oakridge in Oregon, population 3,200. I love my nice apartment, the small and stress-free town, the friendly people, the mild climate, and the surrounding pure Nature of forests and rivers.

I learned that there are many educated seniors from California and other states who bought retirement homes in this area to live a stress-free healthy lifestyle, away from the big cities. Many are of higher consciousness, who stepped outside of the mainstream. They are open-minded towards alternative living.

When I talked to local residents in Oakridge they told me that within the last two years about ten small businesses went bankrupt or gave up their businesses because they couldn’t survive financially in this small town.

I know what that entails in real life. I was a business woman for almost fifteen years, when my husband and I had a home-study martial arts business together. It enabled us to live on 2.5 acres in beautiful Southern California and work from our home. We thought we had fulfilled the American dream of being in charge of our lives as our own boss.

It turned out that life was a constant struggle for survival. It mostly was about paying the bills. To get the money together for the mortgage took half the month, then the car payment and the rest of the bills. Once the bills were paid, it started all over again for the next month.

I’m telling this because I know from own experience what it means to start and sustain a small business. You invest everything, you have no lifestyle of 40-hour-a-week working.. The business is like a child, it always comes first. To take a day off was a rare occasion.

These ten small local businesses in Oakridge who couldn’t make it any longer very likely experienced a similar fate. They may even see themselves as failures. The truth is that the economic system is set up that only few will survive. In many cases, for example a disease of a family member who can’t participate anymore or needs care, can mean not only the end of the small business, but a mount of debt, unemployment, and the strain of relationships.

In the Ubuntu model the ruin of a business is not possible. If you study Ubuntu-Contributionism you will learn that we cannot fail. Should we be able to create a core group for the manifesting of a Ubuntu model in Oakridge, we would contact all of these former small businesses and invite them to join us. Those people who start small businesses on their own are the “Cultural Creatives”, the entrepreneurs, the ones who want to live outside the box.

Becoming a Mayor of a Small Town

Dear reader; If you are looking for your mission in life and have what it takes, consider running for mayor of your town. Or, if you read this article on the blogosphere and are independent and flexible you may ponder running for mayor of Oakridge.

Read my 3-page pamphlet “Call to the Mayors of All Small Towns” that I wrote two years ago in which I sum up the Ubuntu model according to Michael Tellinger’s design.

Of course, it would be a blessing if the present mayor, town manager, city council and sheriff were in agreement and fully supportive of the mission to rejuvenate our town. It means we all could start rolling up our sleeves and begin by implementing free electricity to become a self-sufficient town.

As a potential mayor who wants to implement the vision of the “One Small Town Can Change The World”-model you will have to gather a team from among the council and other locals. If you are seriously interested, here is the homework of the Action Plan that Michael Tellinger laid out:

*Read Michael’s letter to the Mayor

*Read the “One Small Town” Manifesto

*Read the bullet-point implementation

*Start a meet-up group – regular meetings to plan the way forward

*Share your knowledge with all other young people

*Become the seed of consciousness in your circle of friends

*Run for Mayor

*Read the Ubuntu-Contributionism book

*Watch the One-small-town Video

*Join the Ubuntu movement online

I want to emphasize here only one aspect of Michael Tellinger’s “Bullet-point implementation”: the installation of our own electricity supply – the foundation of our plan. Excerpt:

“UBUNTU PLANET has a unique agreement with a German/USA technology partner with highly advanced technology to generate clean, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-polluting electricity. We can install any size generator that we require. From 2 Mw to 200Mw. Installation period is between 6-12 months.

In Addition: This installation will process all sewage, converting it to clean structured and energized water, and clean non-toxic compost that can be used in our agriculture or sold on the open market.

Furthermore: Our energy technology has the capacity to clean up rivers, dams and any other polluted areas and convert seawater to clean drinking water. This is particularly important for coastal towns and communities.

Toxic Waste: Our energy technology can also be used to discard and neutralize toxic waste and other hazardous materials from mines and hospitals. This presents a very lucrative income opportunity for the municipality/community.

Cost of installing the generator: The generator will be installed at NO COST to the municipality as long as the municipality, Mayor and Council agree to the basic implementation points of the ONE SMALL TOWN strategy.

The value of the generator can range between $5 million – $30 million – based on the size required. All the initial cost of inspection/analysis and planning, by our energy partner, will be funded by private investors, who have already expressed interest to do so… Our own electricity supply will provide the foundation for the launch of any kind of industrial or business activity and an immediate benefit to those who participate in the community projects.” (End of excerpt)

Michael Tellinger announced that he will personally get involved and arrange with the mentioned partners/investors to deliver this source of free energy to any small town who wants to implement the Ubuntu-Contributionism model.

I learned that in February 2019 Oakridge had a power outage for 4 days due to heavy snow storm; some residents in the outskirts of Oakridge had to live without electricity for 2 and ½ weeks.

In summary, those who own the source of electricity have power over the people. In our model each “one small town”- project will be provided with free energy for the whole town, that is, the community will be taking control of the local energy grid and become energy self-sufficient. This will support all our activities and liberate the town from reliance on the electricity grid. Every town must have its own supply of free electricity.

Adopt a small town

Dear reader; Even if you don’t want to become a mayor, but want to be part of the One-Small-Town movement, consider moving to Oakridge in order to be part of the core group supporting the mayor.

In this pamphlet I am addressing those of the mayors of small towns who are not satisfied with their role as a community leader perpetuating the authoritarian paradigm of domination and control, as dictated from the government down to the local communities micro management level.

As we move through these monumental shifts of transformation everybody will have to choose whether they want to be part of the problem or part of the solution.

The New Earth of fifth dimensional frequency will not be declared through government law. The governments have been installed as a control method of the human slave race.We have been kept in a state of amnesia and have been living blindfolded, so to speak. Now is the time of awakening.

Living in a community of like-minded people who are guided from their heart’s higher and unified perspective is what we envision as Heaven on Earth. It is the revolution of consciousness in action, creating a new vibrational reality.

As I said two years ago in my “Call to the Mayors of All Small Towns” I am offering my page on Patreon.com/KarinLacy as the platform where we could communicate and build our core group. Additionally, my goal is to start a physical meet-up group in Oakridge to gather the support group for the mayor. We strive to be the seeds of consciousness in our community.

In Service –

Karin Lacy