Advice for suicidal adolescent Indigo Children

Dear Reader; I wrote the below article in 2007; it is my desire that it may be of benefit to people in a difficult situation in their lives. Meanwhile the topic of suicide is even more prevalent. On the other hand, the situation in regards to Cannabis/Marijuana has changed much for the better over the last decade. We are now in the year 2020, living through the so-called Covid-19 pandemic. The number of suicides are higher than the number of Covid-19 deaths. The pandemic is engineered for the purpose of vaccinating the entire global population. These vaccines contain behavior-modifying microchips that work in tandem with 5G signals. The global elite wants total control over humanity.

Advice for suicidal adolescent Indigo Children”

Chapter 10 of my book

Potty Training for Indigo Children” – Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment, and Abundant Resources

Published on my website in 2007

Suicide among young people continues to be a serious problem, not only here but in all countries of the world. Each year in the U.S. alone thousands of teenagers commit suicide. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for 15-to-24-year-olds, and the sixth leading cause of death for 5-to-14-year-olds. They say 90 % of suicidal teens have undiagnosed mental disorders. Depression is the most common of them. Life events bring them down. Eventually, the stress and depression cause them to plan and commit suicide.

Dear Indigo, if you have ever considered or tried to commit suicide, know that you are in charge of your life. This is a planet of Free Choice. It is comforting that we humans have this option of deliberately ending our own life if it becomes unbearable. From your Higher Self’s perspective there is no judging if you decide to end your suffering. Wanting to kill yourself symbolizes your yearning for being back home in the blissful state in the realm of pure positive energy.

The Lightworkers call this pull from the other side “the vibration of home”. From your broader perspective committing suicide is not wrong, rather it is seen as a courageous act of you finally taking charge to end your misery on Earth and to reemerge back into the non-physical. You know innately that you did not intend to suffer, but that your life was supposed to be joyous and wonderful in all ways. From your broader perspective you knew that you are a blessed being who wanted to come to Earth for the experience of joy as a human creator.

There is no end in the sense of death and of course there is no punishment for suicide. When you die you leave your physical body behind and reemerge back into the non-physical. Some say we usually choose a period of resting and reflection after each lifetime.

People who committed suicide may especially wish for contemplation and reflection about their life as an adolescent human being on Earth, before taking “a new run at it” and be born again as a human creator, under easier circumstances.

Remember, we as the human family are living through a most crucial and difficult time in our evolution. We are transitioning through the Shift of the Ages, towards a leap in consciousness. Obviously we all wanted to be here during this time of awakening.

Of course, our leaders and controllers love to sweep the issue of suicide under the rug altogether. It is so obvious that the massive number of suicides among adolescents indicate that something about the way we live our human lives must be horrifying and repelling to so many “human newcomers” that they prefer to return back home into the non-physical.

By taking their own lives these divine beings in human disguise demonstrate to our leaders and controllers that they prefer the Ultimate Freedom of Returning Home. They are not wired or programmed to live by society’s rules and laws, for they did not come forth to be Followers.

Beware of the Rivers of Thought

By the time people are adults they normally have forgotten their own years of teenage rebellion. After all, nobody taught them to use their own inner guidance system to navigate themselves through life. They were brought up to be “Followers”, meaning to follow outside guidance instead of their inner guidance.

The majority of people are not aware that every thought that has ever been thought still exists and that the Universal Law of Attraction brings the thoughts together in streams or rivers of thought.

From a viewpoint of energy awareness there is a vibrational generation gap that is happening constantly. The parents/teachers/grandparents simply are still unaware that the rebellion that they felt when they were teenagers is from that same “river of thought”, which our next generation is now adding their emotions to. So there is always the Next Generation who rebels against the status quo, because they are born with different intentions and understanding.

As society is now learning, you Indigo Children are wired differently from the previous generations. You have a stronger desire for life; you came forth with high standards of connecting to Source Energy/God. You are the new breed of humanity that will set the tone for a new era on Earth. You will not be Followers, but live in a new way as Self-Guided Humans.

Those of the Indigo Generation embody as one of their traits this powerful feeling of wanting to be in control of their own life experience. In a few years from now the Indigos will become known as the “System Busters” of the Old World.

Obviously many of the school teachers – and especially those who have become authority figures within the educational system – lack the gift of empathy with their students. They are locked off from their inner guidance and their heart connections have been muted. Their focus is on fulfilling their semester schedule, because they are Followers themselves on the social ladder. Great teachers, those with a passion for serving the youth, will not want to be part of the educational system that restricts them like it does the students.

I watched on TV these huge education ‘factories’ called High Schools with 4,000 or more youngsters as students, where they train the next generation to ignore their own guidance system and follow outside guidance instead. Going to school in these huge educational institutions in the big cities means the students have to pass through a metal detector for gun control at the entrance gate, flanked by police officers. I also watched on TV surveillance videos taken in school halls how police officers stunned rebellious male students with electroshock guns, the new police tool.

It is the same with the drug problem. Parents, teachers, or other authorities who take on the role of leaders and controllers, cannot comprehend the meaning of drugs among adolescents. They cannot find within themselves an understanding of why young people might reach for something that makes them feel better, no matter if society disapproves.

The educators are vibrationally too far away from you of the next generation, thus the generation gap.

It saddens me to see these Indigo Children being confined and limited in such ways. No wonder there are so many youngsters suffering from depression! I remember Dr. Kutscher in “Kids in the Syndrome Mix” reminding the parents and educators what a terrible, empty feeling depression is and that watching depressed young people needs to evoke from us an incredibly empathic response. He sees depressed teenagers every day, who end up in his office as the result of ten or fifteen years of participation in the school system.

What you Indigos need is an environment that provides freedom to stretch and experiment instead of confinement and conformity. You know instinctively that your intent was to create your own path and that exuberance for life was what you wanted to experience in a human body on Earth.

Sooner or later parents and teachers will come to acknowledge that it is good that our young people are looking for ways to feel better. Does it not demonstrate what powerful creators these youngsters are? They have pure desire, and the Universe delivers the marijuana that they are asking for – right into their schoolyard. “Ask and it is given.”

We do have a full-fledged drug movement for the reason that people want to feel better. Our next generation, our youth, sees all these things in the world that feel wrong to them and make them feel powerless. They know they too will soon have to settle in this world of struggle and hardship. In looking for relief they reach for drugs in order to feel better and reconnect. But in return society goes after them with so many rules and laws until they are cornered as wrongdoers and the vicious cycle begins. Cannabis/Marijuana is here at this time in our evolution to serve as a “de-programmer” from the human conditioning as obedient members of society. That is the main reason why it has been kept illegal.

From a broadened viewpoint it is good that you young people are looking for relief in the form of marijuana. If you want to feel better it means your own inner guidance system is working! It means you have chosen something that is temporarily causing you to feel better and you did it deliberately, and now you have regained some of your personal power. You have shown yourself that there is a way out of the despair that you were feeling. In other words, in the moment that you acknowledge that “I did this deliberately, because I wanted to feel better, and I now do feel better”, you are taking your first step of regaining your power. And that is when the discord and the resistance begin to diminish, and then you are on your way of using your own Inner Guidance System.

In case you, dear reader, are one of the suicidal adolescents and you are feeling useless as a human being in this society and are mostly depressed, I ask you to give yourself another chance. Put off your suicide intent for the moment right now and see it as a backdoor option. Reconsider your situation and give yourself two choices instead of one, to leave or to stay. For just a moment play with the idea of staying and re-birthing yourself here and now. Remember, you have within yourself guidance that is always there. Weigh the pros and cons by the way you feel. What feels good is good, and what feels bad is bad for you. And whatever it takes for you to get back in touch with your own guidance is fine.

If you have been contemplating suicide and you are already so depressed that you cannot pull yourself out of this low dense state anymore, try to use marijuana with the intent to use a joint as your lifesaver. Plan to make it a sacred event and prepare yourself to meet with your Inner Being, Guides, God, or whatever you name your connection to Source.

Set forth your intent, for ‘Intent’ is everything! As I described earlier in utilizing marijuana as a tool for deliberate creation, set up a meditation place with incense and candle and perform a grounding exercise. Say your prayers and call your Guides for assistance. Have a notepad and pen ready. Inhale only one hit of marijuana, because you don’t want to get “stoned”; instead you are reaching for the state of heightened alertness. Once your consciousness shifts higher and you bask in this euphoric state of well-being this is when you start visualizing and scripting how you want your life to be.

Start communicating with your Inner Being and ask for assistance in re-birthing your New Self here on Earth. Plan your next thirty days, starting with the moment when you will come down from your high in a few hours. I suggest that you carry with you in your pocket a crystal or stone as a constant reminder to use your Inner Guidance System to lead you through life for at least the next 30 da

Dear friend, in this book I can only speak about the herb marijuana. It is all you need to turn your situation around. As I said beforehand, I have never tried any other mind-altering substances. But the fact that the hard narcotics are more difficult to get, cost more, get you in bigger trouble if caught, should be reason enough to choose marijuana instead.

Use marijuana temporarily as a catalyst for making a new beginning right here and now.

If smoking marijuana as a tool to connect with your Inner Guidance prevented you from committing suicide, your next step (or your first step) would be to see a medical doctor who is licensed to give you a “Doctor’s Recommendation” (Permit Card) for smoking marijuana to treat your depression and other symptoms. Share your marijuana experience. You can speak openly to these courageous doctors. They have great compassion for their fellow humans and they would not reject somebody who seeks their help as a patient. They serve as the trailblazers for those of us who want to live a life as self-empowered citizens and who want to choose and grow their own herbal medicine and sacramental herbs.

You can find the doctor nearest to you by visiting “”, the nation-wide organization for the legalization of Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp, which has all doctors, patient’s caregiver groups, and dispensaries listed.

Dear reader, remember that your Inner Being or Higher Self is with you at all times, it is reading with you now. Your Inner Being is your non-physical counterpart that wants to guide you towards your highest fulfillment. Choose your thoughts on purpose and always reach for thoughts that feel best. This is how you will reconnect with your Inner Guidance or Higher Self and create a new YOU, exactly to your liking. Go for it!

Homage to Madame Blavatsky

The following excerpt is from my first book, “Who Wants To Be A Lightworker”.

Homage to Madame Blavatsky — Mother of the New Age

July 2004

My twenty-five year long process of awakening has been an awkward and often painful experience. At times the pull from home, from the non-physical side, has been overwhelmingly strong and made it difficult to endure living in the dense three-dimensional world. It seems my emotional scars need to be healed and cleared forever in order to overcome what I call “my church mouse level”. However, moving forward is the only option as I morph from the chrysalis into the butterfly state. My long-term lesson has been that instead of pushing myself I have to allow the birthing of my new Self.
I feel vulnerable when interacting in the Old World because I know that I still get easily disconnected. That is why going out among people is becoming less and less desirable, since it involves being confronted with the harshness of people in their struggle for survival, to stand the horrendous noise level, to eat the lower quality food, etc. Yet I know that I am on my journey of becoming all that I can be, on my path to self-mastery as a deliberate creator on Earth.

Energy Gate Opening – January 22, 2003
Ever since I set higher standards for the quality of my life it has become hard to endure the pollution of the back country culture of “Offroading-Gunshooting-Boomboxing”. I had thrown a temper tantrum on the day five new neighbors on offroad vehicles started racing up and down the easement dirt road, 50 feet distant from our trailer home. The noise pollution plus the dust were so horrendous that I felt threatened in my very existence. It was impossible to block it out and concentrate on anything. I ran to the fence and waved my arms asking them to stop. I angrily expressed that this is a residential area and that I live here for the quiet and that the park is 4 miles from here, where they can go and ride their offroad vehicles.
Back in the house I began raging and wanting to leave, because I couldn’t stand any longer the thought of having to live among barbarians for evermore. I somehow cornered myself into a crisis situation and collapsed into a minor nervous breakdown. My husband helped me throughout the day to realign my energies and re-gain my balance. He said that all my behavior reminds him of Madame Blavatsky and that he really thinks that I am Madame Blavatsky. “And I think you are Moses”, I replied. He sometimes does call me “Madame Blavatsky” and I in return brush it off by calling him “Moses”. Suddenly I felt overcome with the familiar body sensations that indicate non-physical presences standing behind me.
I got flooded with insights regarding Madame Blavatsky. In an instant I knew that I have been aware of her and her likeness since my early twenties, yet I had never read her works of Theosophy. Instead I studied the Anthroposophy movement of Rudolf Steiner who had created his own offspring of Theosophy. In Steiner’s biography I saw the picture of Madame Blavatsky, and I remembered that I felt uncomfortable looking at these piercing eyes.
Simultaneously it came to my mind that in my mid-thirties I once almost bought from a friend “The Secret Doctrine”.

I also remembered that I once read a book written by a psychiatrist whose wife channeled the deceased. In one chapter she described a brief contact with Madame Blavatsky who wanted to convey the message that things were not at all the way she had described in her books and basically canceled the value of her own teachings. How strange that I suddenly recalled this supposed Blavatsky message, yet I didn’t recall anything else from that book, nor its title and author. I realized that by just thinking of Madame Blavatsky I instantly could recall the image of her likeness with the piercing eyes which I saw only once 35 years ago.

Body sensations washed in waves over me again. Suddenly I remembered the scene in which my mother “broke my will”, when I was two years old. Back in Germany after World War II the level of mass belief was such that a child was not allowed to have a will of its own.
My parents undoubtedly wanted to be good parents and my mother proudly told at family gatherings the story of how she broke my will, for I was the most rebellious of her five children. She then described the incident that happened when I was a little over two years old and when I was especially stubborn. She grabbed me by my upper arms and lifted me up and slammed me with my behind on the table, vocalizing her anger that she had enough of a naughty girl, once and for all. I was so staggered from the impact force that I stopped crying and breathing.
I suddenly knew that this was the moment where I had to decide whether to remain in the body or to reemerge into the non-physical. I was weaned from diapers before I was one year old, so there was probably no diaper that could have softened the impact of the slamming on the table. My tailbone did not get broken, but my first and second chakra must have been compressed and pushed back and to some degree got shut down. At this moment my Inner Being must have concluded that I should stay in this body and be able to handle the impact.
From this point on I became an obedient and willing girl. I learned from the incident not to mess with my mother and not to have a will of my own.

However, while I was recalling this early childhood trauma, I did not feel any phantom pain, but I was aware that a massive healing and shifting on all levels was happening at the very moment. My husband watched while I was expressing to him what was going through my mind and what I felt in my body. The situation did not feel stressful. I was calm yet alert; and I knew that all I had to do was to remain with my feet firmly on the ground and breathe consciously.

From my now-viewpoint I understand that my mother needed to tone me down to the energy level comfortable to her. She told me that my birth was the most painful of her five children and that I was born “looking red like a lobster”, which to me indicates a discord or friction between the two different energies of mother and child.
The early breaking-of-my-will incident caused me to suffer from about a thousand insecurities throughout my life. Although I had left my parent’s home at age nineteen, throughout most of my adult life I hated my mother and blamed her for all of my life’s hardship. From age thirty-five on I read self-help books and looked for therapeutic help. Altogether I had about 220 therapy sessions in trying to regain my balance.
Today I know that I blamed my mother out of practiced human habit, for it simply felt better having an outside person to blame for my feeling of powerlessness. – I want to mention here that today I have a beautiful relationship with my 83-year old mother in Germany. We talk over the phone and I love sending her flowers and gifts from America. She is even willing to try out the innovative products which I sent her. (smile)

Who Was Madame Blavatsky?
After receiving the insights about Madame Blavatsky I spent the following weeks surfing the Internet for information regarding Madame Blavatsky and Theosophy. What a lightsurfer adventure it was! The more I looked the more showed up. I think most of her works can be read on the Internet. What I learned online within a month I could never have acquired six years ago without the Internet. I even downloaded the image of Madame Blavatsky’s seal.

For those readers who are not familiar with Madame Blavatsky and her teachings let me sum up and share what I learned and gathered online from different sources:
Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was born in 1831 as a Russian noble woman; she died in 1891 in London.
She gathered, documented, and collected the sacred and holy scriptures from around the world, adding up to 14 volumes. Her main works are “Isis Unveiled”, published 1877, and “The Secret Doctrine”, published in 1888.
She named her teachings “Theosophy”, which can be translated into “divine wisdom” or “godly teaching”.
In 1875 she founded the Theosophical Society in New York.
Madame Blavatsky herself claimed that she was selected as a messenger from the fraternity representing the “Sons of the Fire-Mist”, an ancient society of adepts who hold the knowledge of the divine wisdom religion of planet Earth and humanity. Madame Blavatsky stated, “My Master El Morya and the Master Koot Hoomi —from them we have derived all the Theosophical truths”.
There is an amazing picture in the Blavatsky Archive’s picture gallery showing Madame Blavatsky with Kuthumi (Koot Hoomi), El Moraya (El Morya), and St. Germain.

By the end of her life she had encircled the globe seven times in her mission as a Lightbringer. In her travels, it said, “she contacted oriental masters and rescued ancient wisdom from centuries of slumber.”

The following summary I took from the website of the Theosophical Society, quote:

“The three objects of the Theosophical Society are:

  • To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color.
  • To encourage the comparative study of religion, philosophy and science.
  • To investigate the unexplained laws of nature and the powers latent in Humanity.”
    (End of quotation.)

    The following text is lifted from the website, quote:

    “Checklist of Some Principles of Theosophy”
  • Everything in the universe originates from one boundless, eternal, unknowable source. After a period of manifested existence the universe returns to that source. The universe itself is an organic whole, alive, intelligent, conscious, and divine.
  • The laws of nature are the result of intelligent forces.
  • The law of karma holds throughout the universe. It operates at all levels, ensuring justice, harmony, and balance.
  • We reincarnate into successive lives. Once we have reached the human level we do not regress back into animal forms.
  • The law of karma acts over our successive lives to ensure justice. (We don’t get away with it.) We are the cause of every joy and pain in our own life.
  • A law of cycles provides fundamental structure at all levels. Two examples are our pattern of reincarnation, and the continuing “lives” of the universe as it appears, then returns to its source.
  • Analogy and correspondence provide fundamental structure for the universe. This is a broad statement of the Hermetic axiom — “As above, so below”.
  • Evolution applies on a grand scale to all of life.
  • Soul gets involved in this world of matter. It experiences and learns. Soul then works its way back in a long pilgrimage to its primal source. This again follows a cyclic pattern.
  • This evolution achieves experience, self-awareness, and ever increasing perfection. Evolution occurs on the physical, mental, and spiritual planes.
  • “Survival of the fittest” along with gradual accumulation of small beneficial changes does not explain the “origin of the species”. The origin of the species is due to intelligent design.
  • Humanity has experienced significant evolution in long periods on the continents (not islands) of Atlantis and Lemuria.
  • There is a seven fold constitution of man ranging from the physical plane to the purely spiritual plane.
  • Thoughts are tangible objects on higher planes. Every thought and action has its effect on us and on our surroundings and has a karmic consequence.
  • The three higher planes of this constitution form the “higher self” and that is what reincarnates from life to life and accumulates the experience, the lessons, the virtues.
  • The lower planes form the “lower self” and are the vehicle used by the higher self while it is living in this active testing ground of incarnate life.
  • At the moment of death we have a review of our life just past — as we cast off this physical frame. After a short period, that varies greatly between individuals, we cast off other lower aspects of our constitution and the reincarnating self begins a long period of merciful, earned, rest before the next birth.
  • Often during this life, our spiritual nature is obscured in our self-centered daily lives as we cater to our immediate needs and desires. But the spiritual self is always there to guide us if we seek it with strong earnest desire.

We can strive to reach our higher self by:

  • Listening to our still small voice of conscience.
  • Noting the dreams from the higher self.
  • Developing our intuition.
  • Meditating.
  • Studying principles of the Wisdom Religion.
  • Aligning ourselves with Nature.
  • Engaging in action for the greater good.
  • Carefully reading the events of our daily life.
  • Brotherhood is a fact in nature. We are ONE at the highest spiritual component of our nature.
  • We are sparks from one flame. We are the fingers on one hand. We are ONE at other levels as well.

    We should:
    • Understand we are not separate from humanity or the world.
    • Emphasize brotherhood, altruism, and compassion in our daily lives.
    • Strive to know our higher self.
    • As a guiding rule – act for and as the Self of All.

  • The religions of the world are branches on the tree whose trunk is the one ancient — once universal — wisdom religion. The religions are the tributaries of one great river. (But they borrow from each other to make the actual details much more complex.)
  • Mythology often transmits some of this knowledge in symbolic form.
  • Periodically, great teachers come amongst us to help us in this evolutionary path. They may create another branch on the tree.
  • Humanity’s potential is infinite and every being has a contribution to make toward a grander world. We are all in it together. We are one.”
    (End of quotation.)

Dear Reader, after this extensive checklist let me add only three quotes about the person Madame Blavatsky and her influence as seen by others:

Quote 1: ( Article excerpt by Henry T. Edge)
“In the 19th century, imperialism had reached its height. Western nations were so convinced of the superiority of the white races that they had no compunction about exploiting their colonies. In this environment, Madame Blavatsky taught the first principle of occultism — the brotherhood of all humanity, the unity of all races. She presented ideas and concepts that unified science, religion and philosophy; ideas showing a spiritual purpose and design behind the facts of science, as well as giving spiritual depth to religion and philosophy.” (End of quotation)

Quote 2: ( “H.P. Blavatsky and the Theosophical Movement” by Charles J. Ryan)
“HPB saw that the essential truths in all the great religions had been deeply honeycombed with error, and that for this reason religion had become an element of contention and division in the world. A return to an understanding of the ancient wisdom religion -Theosophy the spiritual center from which the rival faiths all diverged – is the only way to produce harmony among their followers, and thereby to take an immense step toward universal brotherhood.

In the words of G. De Purecker: “She saw how humanity had been drifting through the ages unaware of its birthright and unconscious of its dignity, how the indefiniteness of modern ideas had confused the minds of the people and engendered everywhere uncertainty and helpless doubt, and she left for posterity a body of teachings with power in them to change the whole world, and as it were to raise from the dead the Immortal Part of man.” (End of quotation)

Quote 3: (, article excerpt by Charles Johnston)
“She was the most perfect aristocrat I have ever known. There was something in her personality, her bearing, the light and power of her eyes, which spoke of a wider and deeper life, not needing lesser miracles to testify to it, because in itself miraculous. That was the greatest thing about her, and it was always there; this sense of a bigger world, of deeper powers, of unseen might; to those in harmony with her potent genius, this came as a revelation and incentive to follow the path she pointed out. To those who could not see with her eyes, who could not raise themselves in some measure to her vision, this quality came as a challenge, an irritant, a discordant and subversive force, leading them at last to an attitude of fierce hostility and denunciation. When the last word is said, she was greater than any of her works, more full of living power than even her marvelous writings. It was the intimate and direct sense of her genius, the strong ray and vibration of that genius itself, which worked her greatest achievements and won her greatest triumphs. Most perfect work of all, her will carried with it a sense and conviction of immortality. Her mere presence testified to the vigor of the soul.” (End of quotation.)

I also learned that by the time of her death in 1891 Madame Blavatsky had worldwide 100,000 followers of her Theosophy movement. She was seen as The Light Bringer to the western world. Her admirers named her the Sphinx of the 19th century and for contemporaries she is the Mother of the New Age.

Also I remember reading that it was through Madame Blavatsky’s teaching of Theosophy that Gandhi was induced to study his own heritage and that Albert Einstein kept “The Secret Doctrine” on his desk.

The Practical Applications — Walking the Talk
Madame Blavatsky stated in “The Secret Doctrine”, “The conditions of evolution are within and not without, and by fortune are independent of circumstances and conditions of earthly life. That is why all shall awaken at some point, climbing and conquering peak after peak, and cooperating with nature by accomplishing the true purpose of life.”

We are now living in this time where ‘all shall awaken’. As the Explorer Race we have come far indeed. The Earth has been mapped, cities and nations built. We have acquired a highly evolved technology and are exploring outer space. Over the last few years – through the gift of the Internet – the human family has become a global village where information can be spread around the globe within seconds. Obviously the era of discovering our planet Earth required a human species with a frontier spirit, that is, with male attributes such as aggression, assertion, physical strength, and a desire for conquering. Subsequently, all cultures of our civilization evolved as systems of patriarchy, and our history is the story of change through violence and war.

Dear Reader, in switching back to the present, if you follow the political events on television, notice that in the centers of upheaval the female half of the population is excluded from public rights; in the worst areas of violence the females live under blankets, which they call burkas. Notice also that today — 130 years after the founding of the Theosophical Society — our male world leaders choose to focus on separation, not on the ideal of a Brotherhood of Man. It may soon become apparent to many that the cause for the global War on Terrorism is the imbalance of male and female energies on Earth. The human family will come to the realization that it is our male-logical, left-brain thinking that created the great crevasse between the human intellect and the human heart which we are facing.

However, taking on a broadened perspective enables us humans to perceive the returning of the female energy. As we all transition through the Shift of the Ages it will bring the necessary upgrading of consciousness to re-balance the energies on Earth. While standing at the crossroads it would serve us well to take inventory about what of the Old World is worth taking with us for the new beginning in the New Millennium.

Madame Blavatsky was a forerunner, seen as the single Light Bringer of her time. At this crucial time of the Shift we are many Bringers of the Light, this time we call ourselves Lightworkers, for it is us who chose to hold the Light and usher our brothers and sisters through the coming changes. By now there are hundreds of thousands of Lightworkers transmitting messages from our non-physical friends and counterparts; the Ascended Masters are now interacting with thousands.

The seeds of theosophical ideas have flowered abundantly throughout the New Age movement. Individually and globally, we as the global Lightworker community have come far in our journey to enlightenment. We are celebrating great diversity among us, yet the essence is always the same, our concern is for the upliftment of humanity. We see ourselves as spiritual beings having human experiences on Earth. We now know that we are the creators of our own reality and that we have the power of the Universe at our fingertips.

Some of us focus on new language-ing; for example, instead of ‘Karma’ we use “Law of Attraction”, since the word Karma often has attached the judgment of right and wrong, good and bad.
We now meet in global online peace meditations. We created the Universal Crystal Grid or Christ Consciousness Grid. We have Master Healers who are specialists in DNA activation.

Without spaceships we interact with ETs.
We all are learning to claim our mastership as divine creators on Earth.

From the New Millennium Viewpoint
Dear Reader, let me briefly touch on the three main subjects of Theosophy:
“Brotherhood of Man”
The 130-year old New Age Movement towards awakening and enlightenment needs to integrate a new language of energy awareness. As humans we use thoughts, words and script to contour and guide the energies towards our creative endeavors. For example, with globally millions of Lightworkers, most of them in women’s bodies, the axiom “Brotherhood of Man” requires adding the “Sisterhood of Women”, in order to balance the energies as the first step to greater awareness. Our present time is all about the influx of feminine energy on planet Earth and its overall integration.

As a person Madame Blavatsky must also be seen as a citizen of her time. As a Russian noble woman she was born to be a leader; she inherited power, influence, and resources. She certainly embodied the big exception in her role as a woman in society; she obviously claimed for herself the privileges of a wealthy male, subsequently doors opened wherever she went. Being an occultist it was not her mission to question the gender roles. The emancipation movement was perused by the suffragettes as a political issue around that same time.
It is only now that the Divine Feminine comes back into balance on Earth; her return will bring the gift of spiritual enhancement for the entire human family. The ongoing influx of female energy will lead us into the era of peace and community building. Instead of “Brotherhood of Man” we are speaking of reaching Unity Consciousness, for we now know in our hearts that we are all one, Spaceship Earth and we are one.

The human family now has the gift of the Internet, this marvelous tool for global communication, a tool Madame Blavatsky could not even have dreamed of 130 years ago. For us the Lightworkers the time has come to put things into practice, to walk the talk by openly living in new ways, as examples for others. This is known as the process of spreading the great grassroots movement.

The 21st century will mark the shift from outside exploration to inner exploration. The time to develop the divine powers latent in man has come.

“Science – Philosophy – Religion”
At the time of the founding of the Theosophical Society modern science was in its infant stages; in 1879 the light bulb was just invented. Meanwhile our high technology has reached the level of genetic engineering; we are creating clones with potential for good or bad. However, a New Science has emerged which focuses on the interconnectedness of all life and the bridging of the physical and non-physical realms. Their scientists learned to access the non-physical worlds and to retrieve new information, leading to new inventions towards human “self-sufficiency”. The keyword for the future is “self-empowerment and empowering others” and will be reflected in all areas of life.
The churches’ work of promoting the charities serves to bridge the gap between “Haves and Have Nots”; it is the Old World method of soothing the suffering of the exploited masses who live the lives of economic slaves.
In this century the different religions, science, and philosophy will be able to find bridges for a new understanding and cooperation.
The shortage mentality on Earth is a result of the Old-World-thinking of running out of resources, meant to manipulate the masses. As more and more people awaken to the awareness that they are conscious Creators on Earth, we will be able to change the habit of lack-full thinking.

We will spread the image where we all go to the “Niagara Falls of Abundance”with our buckets instead of teaspoons. (smile)

“Connection with Nature”
Since the sixties, co-creation with Nature has been practiced and taught in the spiritual Findhorn Community in Scotland. The subject has been taken to the next level and elevated to the “Co-Creative Science with Nature” by Machaelle Small Wright of

It is about bringing humans and the forces of Nature together to consciously co-create. This area of inner exploration and further expansion of consciousness will be the next adventure for many awakening people.

“The Religions”
Madame Blavatsky spoke of the organized “Churchianity” and called the church institution “a wealthy and domineering colossus.” “No religion higher than truth”, she proclaimed. As was then, today’s church fathers still control the masses through the guise of religion. In their efforts to maintain the status quo they preach that the truth has been set in stone thousands of years ago. That is why the church is still mostly about moral judgments of right and wrong. I watch on television that the churches in America as a Christian-dominated country are being haunted by their own dogmas, shaken by sexual scandals.
On the other hand, out of the contrast provided by the Christian fundamentalists, as an example the wonderful “What Would Jesus Do”-Movement has emerged, declaring Jesus as the authority of their lives, but not church dogma. As an observer I have to say that the people in old Europe are more liberated than Americans in their relation to the religions. Since medieval times the church is known for “preaching water and drinking wine”, that is why many choose not to put their lives into a religious framework.

I learned from my online study that practical Theosophy can be explained as “a way of life, a standard of thought and action, a position assumed and retained throughout life.” Being a self-made person I have been following my own, yet similar path of awakening to my potential. The driving force of my life has been my desire to be of value to my brothers and sisters.

I am grateful for the opportunity of gaining an overview of Madame Blavatsky and her teachings of Theosophy through the WorldWideWeb. I have great admiration for her, in fact, Madame Blavatsky has become one of my role models. It was a pleasure to tune into such glorious high-level information over several weeks, and it brought me much clarity for my own projects.

For years I have been receiving insights that my family of origin is that of the Promethean Spirit and that I am part of the continuation or perpetuation of this particular stream of consciousness. At this crucial time of the Shift we are many avatars and prophets of the Promethean Spirit walking the Earth. We are here to usher our brothers and sisters through the coming major changes. It is my present state of comprehension that the “Sons of the Fire-Mist” were the avatars and prophets of the Promethean Spirit, and so was Madame Blavatsky, the Light Bringer. What I have in common with Madame Blavatsky, the Russian noble woman, is that I do have an inner knowing of the Russian soul, but I have no way yet of expressing it outwardly.

With my Homage to Madame Blavatsky I want to contribute to the revival of the ancient principles of Theosophy. My campaign for the elevation of the Lightworker status into a new occupation on Earth serves the same goal of creating a better future for the human family.

Being the type of the ‘lone servant’, it will suit me best to follow the statement I read on the “United Lodge of Theosophists” website, which says, “The true Theosophist belongs to no cult or sect, yet belongs to each and all.”

In Service,

Hitting the Ceiling of the Third Dimension

“Hitting the Ceiling of the Third Dimension” – Pamphlet about the War on Terrorism

by KarinLLightworker

September 11, 2018
Dear Readers;
I wrote my below pamphlet “Hitting the Ceiling of the Third Dimension” three months after 9/11, seventeen years ago. It documents my experience of the event and demonstrates where I stood in my process of awakening. My husband and I watched in the morning the second airplane hitting the second tower. I believed everything that I saw on TV.

Ten years earlier I had come as a German immigrant to America. Having grown up in East Germany I was very familiar with Propaganda. Therefore, to me the most shocking part about the 9/11 events was the war cry of the American people for retaliation, punishment, and revenge that followed. I found the brainwashing of the people was blatantly obvious.
At this time I was an avid student of the non-physical teacher Abraham-Hicks. Abraham kept emphasizing that in the overall scheme the events of 9/11 are nothing but a little pimple that popped. Merely a glitch on the screen of our evolution. We should not go mentally back and dwell on it, for what you focus upon you’ll get more of. When people wanted to learn more about 9/11 Abraham said they/he perceive that the workshop participants are more interested in how to improve their personal life, mostly in relation to the big three: health, money, relationships.
However, I needed to come to terms for myself and formulate what I thought was the solution.
Seventeen years ago I believed that the politicians as the decision makers at the highest level have our best interest in mind. I thought these spiritually bereft people just don’t know any better. In their thinking the solution for our increasing problems is to return to where it was before. To restore the old order by applying “tough love” strategies.
While my pamphlet has many valid points I basically had no clue about the bigger picture reality. Surely, the balancing of the male/female energies would bring peace and harmony in our dimension. Back then I was not aware that the male domination/female suppression is created by design by our off-world rulers who use a breakaway civilization to perform as the global elite, disguised as our leaders and controllers.
But when one whistleblower after the other announced their research and conclusion that 9/11 was an inside job, I became aware of the greater reality that dominates and programs our designed reality.
When Homeland Security took over where we lived in Southern California, close to the Mexican border, within a couple years the fear factor of life was much worse than in the East German police state in which I grew up.
Dear Reader, may you reflect for yourself what your position was seventeen years ago in regards to 9/11 and where you stand today. We all have come far in our awakening. We must now reach out and assist all who are behind us. Everything we learned in the past seventeen years we now need to pass on to our brothers and sisters, in crash course manner.
Blessings, Karin Lacy, September 11, 2018

“Hitting the Ceiling of the Third Dimension” – Pamphlet about the War on Terrorism

January 2002

Dear Fellow Travelers;
My name is Karin Lacy; I am a Lightworker for America.
I would like to share my viewpoint about the present world situation from the perspective of our male dominator civilization, meaning the artificially created inequality of male and female humans. Throughout recorded history this has been the central theme of the human family, underlying all relationships.
And yet to this day our number one topic still remains largely unarticulated, because it is still hidden from most people’s awareness. I perceive the terrorist attacks of 9-11 as the beginning of the era of termination of this male override in the world.
For emphasis and greater clarity of this subject matter I will choose the words ‘male’ and ‘female’ throughout my pamphlet.
Ever since I read Riane Eisler’s eye-opener “The Chalice and the Blade” I have been receiving blocks of thought regarding the male dominion on planet Earth. Like Riane I too experienced three different variations of male dominator societies: I was born and grew up in the totalitarian German Democratic Republic. At age 27 I escaped to West Germany, the most dominating imperialistic nation in Europe, and at age 44 I came to America, which is globally seen as the superpower and bully of the world.

What is the bigger picture?
I perceive the terrorist attacks against America as a collective act on our Game Board or World Stage. Intended as a wakeup call they will stir up mass consciousness and open our hearts to the greater reality of our lives and move us all forward in our process of awakening.
I see a terrorist as a male human who has suppressed his divine feminine aspects to the degree of shutting down his heart chakra. Remember, the heart serves as the gateway to our divine source. A terrorist usually has gotten himself in the mindset of a religious fanatic. He is functioning mainly within the lower frequency range of emotions of hate, anger, fear, revenge, etc., until he becomes an embodiment of a short-circuited, self-destruct thinking human. He is like a living time bomb; believing in God’s heavenly reward for his heinous acts of terror and death glorification.
I learned on TV that the worst thing imaginable for one of the 9-11 terrorists is the presence of a pregnant woman at his funeral, meaning a female carrying new life within her. To me this clearly indicates that his heart connection has run dry. A terrorist obviously has no more reference points to life-sustaining female qualities expressed in caring, nurturing, love, appreciation, gratitude, etc. Extensive studies have been done, especially by Carl Gustav Jung, about Anima and Animus, the female and male components within the psyche of a human being. To me the hijacker’s last will speaks in volumes that his fear of the Anima or the feminine principle within him was the central theme of his life.

I have come to believe that every ongoing war, whether the war against crime, drugs, cancer, poverty, hunger, etc. can be traced back to the existing imbalance of males and females in our civilization.
It is my belief that today’s marriages fall apart because male and female humans innately know that they are equals in a close relationship. They don’t want to play the old gender roles anymore where “she” has to agree to rank herself of lesser value, to play “History” not “Herstory”, as the feminists say.
I also think that at this crucial time of transformation many humans are (unconsciously) choosing to be homosexual in order to break the old cycle or behavior pattern as determined thousands of years ago by male dominators who ruled under the guise of religion.

From their God-Self’s perspective gays and lesbians intended as one of their main goals for this lifetime to participate as co-creators in the re-balancing of the female and male energies on Earth.
The male short-circuit obviously can happen within females too, as in the recent case of the mother who drowned her five children. The story of the congressman with the missing intern showed the classic male dominator pattern of a power player or career politician “drinking wine and preaching water”.
And not to forget the teenage killers in the school shootings, those highly sensitive beings who rage out of powerlessness over the existing bully-way of power and control in our school institutions. In pushing against the system they get eaten up by hatred until they turn into a male dominator themselves, causing a bloodbath with their parents’ guns.
Terrorism truly can be seen as humankind’s cancer, attacking and eating its own organism from within. It is no coincidence that terrorism breeding cells flourish especially in Afghanistan, where the female half of the population has been forced by the males to live shadow lives behind walls as the total victim experience of a veiled female, with each male owning several of them.
I remember this TV documentation scene in the football stadium in Kabul with the male forcing the veiled female on the ground and executing her with his machine gun against her head. To me that is the ultimate act of mental aberration of a dominating male, for the faceless Female could be his own mother or his own daughter.
I have been following on TV the lesson that Afghanistan is teaching the world, the show piece of the pattern that has been going on for thousands of years on the planet as described in “The Chalice and the Blade”: Warlord-ruled tribes invading a country, pillage-rape-and-burn, slaying the males and older females, enslaving the young females, overlaying the religion with their rules of male supremacy, where killing is declared religious duty.

The Great Divide Unfolding
I also watched dumbfounded the unfolding of the whole tragedy and how easy Americans are to manipulate and that it took the power figures of government and media only ten days of non-stop fear conditioning until the President’s announcement of war.
To me it was the epitome of the Old World theme of “The many giving their power to the male leader”. I was astounded to watch an extraordinary woman like Hillary Clinton, absorbed in her position designed for a male power player, clapping to President Bush’s proclamation of war and advising America to follow his lead.
I’ve never seen anywhere an open amalgamation of state and church as in the United States where presidents finish their speeches with “God bless America”, meaning the male Christian God of the Bible. I heard the President as well as celebrity preachers during election campaign reminding the people “that we are all sinners”. With the President declaring the “War of Good against Evil” from a church pulpit he deliberately led us all deeply into religious waters.
Since the Bible is primarily concerned with moral rules of what is right and wrong, we are now the perfect counter part for the Islamic world with their Koran, which as well is about right and wrong, but seemingly vice versa. Both books are about religious laws that were made by male dominators who forced the female half of humanity — under the pretense of divine command — in a subservient role. This is the imbalance that has led us into the present “world problematique”!

Dear Reader, please reflect with me for a moment on the assumption that what we see globally unfolding now is an intensified scenario of how the Old World Game of segregation works. There is only “right and wrong”, only two choices are allowed: if you are not for us then you are against us. It comes down to: our right God against their wrong Allah; and vice versa. We call it the War of Good against Evil; they call it the Holy War. I see it as a bloody tug of war that could go on for another decade if neither side allows itself the question about what do the terror attacks mirror back to each culture involved? What is the message of the conflict?
In the male domain of warfare and militarism the males operate with “intelligence”, that is they deliberately respond as left-brain people determined by male logic, while discarding and excluding the right-brain qualities related to female intuition.

I watched in amazement the American people collectively handing over their personal power to the military leaders as the male protectors, which literally means an invitation for the police state. Being a foreigner I wonder whether the displaying of the American flag everywhere means “Yes” to the war?
Common sense tells us that war implies the continuation of attacks of terror and that the 3000 death of 9-11 and the destruction of 16 acres will be paid with probably millions more lives and the devastation of Afghanistan, the size of Texas. Watch out, America! It is a fine line between patriotism and nationalism! I think one doesn’t have to be a psychic to foresee that if America puts itself under military rule, it will lead to more violent acts of terror in maintaining our position of male dominion, while simultaneously it will lead to the suppression of the female life-giving qualities of caring, nurturing, appreciation, celebration, etc., abroad and at home.

Well, I am wondering what the youth is thinking about the sudden upside-down world of their parents and grand parents. To these precocious and wise youngsters our adult world may seem like kindergarten puppet games of “good & bad”, if it were not too serious. It must be irritating to them to watch their parents, scared to death in front of the television set, asking their leaders for protection in exchange for the price of the world’s most cherished treasure: Freedom.
Probably in about a decade the youngsters will have to take on their roles as the “systems busters” and reclaim the soul and heart of America.

It all reminds me of my upbringing in the German Democratic Republic in the fifties and sixties. The government of the GDR hammered the enemy image in our minds with war movies and war documentary scenes. Everybody had to watch Adolf Hitler heating up the Germans into war fever towards his culminating question: “Wollt Ihr den totalen Krieg?! — Do you want the total war?!” And they shouted “Yeees!” — with no idea of what they had gotten themselves into.

Frankly, I have never heard any political leader in Germany or Europe use the “God-bless-only-our-country”-phrase, for it would be understood as open chauvinism, which is conducive to conflict. It asserts that the President is invoking only the male Christian God of his personal belief, but sweeps under the rug all the others, such as Mother-Earth-Father-Sky, Allah, Yahweh, Shiva, All That Is, and all other faiths that make up the diversity of our country; including the belief system of the atheists, those citizens who choose not to put their life experience into a religious framework.
Modern-day Europeans understand politics more as a science with the most sharp-minded male PhDs as the leaders. To involve God and Devil into politics would be considered medieval. But they surely all agree on “Living like God in France” (a German saying — grin).
From my perspective as a planetary citizen I think the German people learned a lot from their two World Wars; they cannot be fooled and manipulated that easy anymore like sheep in the den. They had to pay with the experience of “Hell on Earth” for following blindly a male supremacist the downward path of human self-destruction.

However, we here in America may soon get bored watching from our sofas these night-vision war pictures against the Taliban over there in inhospitable Afghanistan. The media and the politicians will continue capturing our focus and attention with what is happening here in the “homeland”: the war against an even greater enemy: deadly germs.
As an observer I must say that it has amused me since my first day in America, eleven years ago, how obsessed Americans are with germs. To put it bluntly, the constant fear conditioning with such blatant commercials like the gigantic jungle of germs that we all supposedly have living in our mouth and that only those who buy this product will be rescued from would be booed as all too primitive manipulation in modern-day Germany.
The subatomic war against germs will ensure that the masses are being kept in fear and vulnerability. Since this enemy is of the invisible kind, we can easily get sucked into the ‘collective mass thought form’ which in essence says: “It could be one among the millions of microorganisms that are living under my fingernails that could kill me.”
Dear reader, please consider that this war in our heads can turn us into a nation of paranoids, if too many choose to participate. I remember from the totalitarian German Democratic Republic that the entire population of 17 million people was forced by law to get vaccinated against all major epidemic diseases and had to get in line for lung x-ray testing annually. Rebels against the law were treated as class enemies.

Solving the Problem by Taking on the Perspective of Your Overview Self
All great masters who walked the Earth came to the conclusion that no problem is solved on the level on which it presently exists, but on the next higher level of consciousness.
How did they know? They consciously blended with the energy of their non-physical Overview Self, which is composed of both their divine male and divine feminine aspects, which enabled them to see the bigger picture of reality.
Today everybody is capable to imagine having an Overview Self, or Guardian Angel, Ball of Light, or whatever symbol you like to see as your connection to your Source. The only requirement for a human creator who wishes to be in charge of his or her own life, is the “deliberate asking for the gift of the Overview-Self-perspective”. However, the blending takes practice since it all depends on how much Light a physical human vessel can hold.
In taking on my Overview Perspective I gain an inner knowing that we all are co-creating our future right now! Everything that is globally happening right now is about the completion of the Old World cycle and the simultaneous emergence of the New World cycle. In my opinion the expression “Hitting the Ceiling of the Third Dimension”, as coined by HeartMath Institute, is the best description or “string of words” for the status quo on planet Earth, expressed in a new language of energy awareness.
We as the human civilization are now living in the dawning hour of a new cycle of life on planet Earth. We have crossed the threshold to the New Millennium, foretold as the Thousand Years of Peace and the Golden Age. America’s war is not the first war of the 21st century; rather it is the completion of the old historical world of male dominion with violence as their ingrained and trained choice of response to conflict.

Each human on the planet is participating in a shift of vibration. We are in a transmutation period – like from chrysalis to butterfly – where the Old World and the New World coexist for some time. The energies that support the Old World will cease to exist, while the new energies will fully establish on Earth.
I believe that from the bigger-picture-perspective of our God-Selves we all wanted to know what the experience of separation is like. We artificially over-emphasized the male energy and suppressed the female energy in order to create and maintain the imbalance that is necessary for the experience of separation. By wearing blindfolds, known as the Veil of Amnesia, we all have been hiding from ourselves our own magnificence as divine creators on Earth. Additionally, the “guilt-shame-blame factor” as brought in by the male overlaid religions served to keep us confined to the lower third dimensional level of physical existence.

The cause of terrorism is our human belief that says, “for a male to be masculine he must dominate”. It is this core belief that has brought us, the human family, to the current state of existence in our human evolution. It is high time to re-balance the system!

The 9-1-1 Wakeup Call
From a higher vantage point there are no victims, only co-creators. All participants in these acts of terror can be viewed as the most courageous beings who from their God Selves’ perspective co-created the tragedy in order to bring about a Shift in Awareness for the entire human family.

Many humans recognized the events as a wakeup call, meaning a jolt from the sleep state into the wake state. What a monumental act of co-creation to transition into the non-physical as such a huge cluster of 3000 human beings, all in one big swoop leaving their physical vessels behind and ascending as ONE into the non-physical realm of existence! And the 25.000 other ones who did not intent to leave the planet got escorted and ushered out of these towers by their non-physical and physical friends!
What a gigantic funeral this resurrection event must have been for the crowd of cosmic onlookers! They have come to adore us and follow with interest in whatever manner we — the masters in these six billion human bodies — begin to birth the New World on Earth! Those who died will assist their family members as guardian angels from the other side. Many of the deceased will try to communicate messages to their loved ones and tell the story from their now-perspective as a Multidimensional Overview Self. Especially they might want to speak about ”death”, the greatest myth of all, and that nobody ever gets lost.

I also watched amazing outpourings of energies of Love and Compassion when I saw human creators rushing in to help in numbers of millions, wanting to be of value to those who were hurting so terribly. Spontaneous heart openings happened as outbursts of tears in the limelight, even with hard-nosed President Bush. I read in an email message from a Lightworker in Australia, that he sensed the worldwide outpouring of Love and Compassion towards the people of the U.S.A. as ten times greater than on the day of Princess Diana’s funeral.

It comes to my mind that if we as the collective consciousness of 280 million Americans would have been able to open our hearts to this immeasurable influx of Love energy from — let’s say 1 billion human creators from around the globe, we possibly could have overcome critical mass state and shifted as the entire human family like a helium-filled balloon into the higher, lighter energies of the 5th dimensional state of existence.
Individually and collectively we would have experienced something like a big sigh of relief or maybe just a little memory glitch during the shifting. All those participating would have been lifted into a bliss state, known in Lightworker terms as “the vibration of home”.

This option of a single moment of quantum awakening or mass ascension is being discussed as a possibility of our time by many teachers. For example, Ken Carey calls it in his book “Starseed, the Third Millennium”, “an event that is central to all of human history, when the Creator’s luminous field comes into perfect alignment with the Earth Mother. We will be swept with an intensified energy that will take the form of heightened perception and deepened emotional connection, rejoining the individual and God. It is nothing to be feared, it is a positive and joyous moment.”

Exercising Your Power of Discernment
Dear reader, please consider the following suggestion for your very own future: Since we all seem to need these “crutches of orientation”, instead of right-wrong thinking, let us deliberately create a new way of thinking in terms of Old World versus New World. This would help us to shift our harsh habit of judgment towards an attitude of discernment and thus provide us with an opportunity to exercise our ability to consciously choose preference.

For example, for most people the ingrained and trained reaction to the events of September 11 was that of immediately taking a stance of defense and responding with anger, hate, revenge, fear, blame, etc. These lower frequency feelings culminated in a desire for retaliation, expecting the government to act as the protector and to respond to an attack of violence with even greater violence. All those people who were not able to step outside their habit of judging got being sucked in or swept away by those “rivers of thought” within Earth’ gravity field that make up mass consciousness thinking. They remain within the frequency range of the third dimension, locked in victim consciousness and bound to repeat the old ways for another round.

I remember watching countless interviews of people who stood there in front of the twin tower rubble, with the picture and data of their missing loved ones. There was this one elderly couple holding the picture of their missing son. When asked if they support the war against terrorism to get the evildoers who killed their son, they said, “If war means that over there in Afghanistan parents like we have to go through the pain that we are experiencing now, no, then we don’t want America to go to war.” — Obviously, the couple already had stepped through the ceiling of the third dimension; they already lived rooted in the higher vibration of Love and Compassion. I wouldn’t be surprised if this couple already considers honoring their beloved son by adapting an orphan from Afghanistan and giving their Love to a young human life in hunger for it. Of course the media decision makers did not declare this couple as the role model for the nation; instead they brought those to the microphones as the voice of the people who called the loudest for revenge and war.

Dear reader, imagine that we all are standing in front of a road fork, with a signpost “Old World Road” on one side and a signpost “New World Road” on the other side. It would serve each one of us tremendously well to become aware of the opportunity to make a conscious choice of where to turn.
Please take on your Overview Perspective and cast your personal vote of what you want to give your focus and attention to: Do you want to remain and participate in the disintegrating Old World of three-dimensional frequency? Or do you want to become an active player in the creative expanding of the New World of 5th dimensional frequency, also called “Bringing Heaven Down to Earth”.

When the Lightworkers first became aware that we are the creators of our own reality, it became a popular practice-exercise to create parking lots. However, in today’s world we have this great gadget, named “remote control”. Declare your TV remote control as your power tool to select which reality you want to participate in and tune into. Become aware that whatever you give your attention to and focus upon is what you include in your reality. Become aware of how many attention hours you give to America’s war on terrorism. How many hours or minutes a day do you focus on the war on germs? Do a reality check every day and start living your life towards your highest ideals on the New World Road!

What Is Afghanistan Teaching The World?
Throughout recorded history it has been the males who laid cities and countries in ruins, while the females, after loosing their husbands and sons, cleared away the rubble. In Germany after World War II they became known as “the rubble women”. They did the next best thing: to start all over again. But in Taliban-conditioned Afghanistan this next logical step is not even possible, since the females there are excluded from public life.

When the war in Afghanistan began, my assumption was that superpower America would not move his big war machinery into a country that already had been laid in ruins by the Russians. It’s probably not worth conquering a country where the number of land mines equals the number of the population. Very likely America’s titans of power, money, and control already calculated how to let the Afghan people pay for the terrorist acts by erecting sweatshops and factories there. Why wasting human resources by letting these females stay idly at home? Let’s put them in front of sewing machines or assembly lines and pay them 25 cents a day, while making the males their overseers, paying them 50 cents a day.
Is this not one of the common American methods of exploiting the world — through economic slavery? As the superpower we are acting out the theme of male domination over the world and we practice the same within our own land. Only that at home we are behaving in a more cultured manner. America is feared by the majority of the world’s population as a threat to their way of life! The terror attacks of

9-11 were the acts of retaliation for the crimes of America. Fortunately, all nations are now economically intertwined; otherwise many more people would anxiously watch the world’s police officer — under the justification of national defense — writing himself a blank check to reinforce male dominance and male violence throughout the world and at home.

In early November 2001 I learned that the United States started dropping the world’s largest size bombs on Afghanistan. Each one destroys within 300 yards all life forms, that’s why its makers named it “the daisy cutter”. For the male human creators to direct their full attention towards the human ability of self- destruction, they first have to allow themselves to be conditioned into the mindset of a soldier, meaning they have to fully suppress their divine feminine aspect. If they allowed their Overview Selves to inspire and guide them, they would gain awareness of our Earth Mother Gaia as a sentient being and intelligent consciousness; they would experience a feeling of Oneness with all life forms and they would naturally choose to be human creators instead of human destroyers.

In order to regain her equilibrium from such attacks upon her physical body our Earth Mother may have to release the impact of this fiery war energy through a volcano or an earthquake ripple somewhere else, for all is interconnected. We all are the crew of Spaceship Earth, we and our Mother Earth are One!
Yet, so subtle is the technology of modern mass brainwashing that even females voluntarily choose to become professional killers, called service women.

Also back in November of 2001 I heard on the news that 1 day of war in Afghanistan for the hunt of the villain costs the U.S. government $1 billion.
Meanwhile, as of January of 2002, this has been adding up to at least $100 billion. Who gets these $100 billion? Well, the money goes to all those who contribute and participate in the war. And this is just the beginning, for the next villain, Saddam Hussein, is already on the list.

On the other hand, though, in observing the crumbling Old World I realize that the Holy War cannot be stopped anymore. There are too many people, on both sides, who want to have their war, and they do have the right on this planet of free will to fight and kill each other. I for myself simply have to watch myself to remain on the New World Road.

Changing from a Dominator Model to a Partnership Model of Society
My suggestion for the ending of the war against terrorism is to assist our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan in establishing a government that declares as the #1 goal to re-balance the inequality of male and female humans in their country. For the Afghans there is a possibility laying dormant at this time of a new beginning to create a model government — composed equally of male and female leaders — that could quickly change their culture from the “male dominator model” to a “partnership model” of society. The men and women of Afghanistan could be the first to bring to humanity’s awareness the male/female imbalance as the central theme of every family, village, city, and nation — a fact which has remained largely unarticulated throughout the old historical world.

From a broader perspective the collective consciousness of humankind — in having all eyes on Afghanistan ” is witnessing the intensified tumbling-down of the Old World, the males fighting against other males, creating a short-circuit of self-destructive male energy by responding to violence with even greater violence. Afghanistan is demonstrating to all of us that if the balancing female energy is being rejected by the males, it leads to the absence of Love and Compassion, for the warring men’s heart connection has run dry.

I see as the reason for all war-waging groups on Earth that they exist under self-imposed rigid male dominator rules, locked into a defensive-thinking pattern of mind and struggling through life in survival mode. They are individually and collectively suppressing their divine feminine selves, and thus predominantly operating within the frequency range of emotions of hate, fear, revenge, blame, guilt, etc. No wonder their lives are poverty-and-disease-ridden! People cannot thrive and prosper while rejecting the live-giving and life-enhancing qualities embodied by the female half of its population.

Dear Reader, please consider the data about Osama Bin Laden: He is a lonely, unhappy person like any male supremacist among those alive or those who filled the history books as usurpers, tyrants, and autocrats. In playing the role of the Warlord of the Holy War he is lacking the whole range of feelings of Love and Compassion expressed as joy, gratitude, adoration, appreciation, benevolence, etc. His connection to his divine feminine self has run dry.
Since his relationships are based only on ranking and obedience he cannot trust anybody. He has no friends. He definitely lives the stress-filled life of a paranoid and I bet he goes to sleep with a pistol under his pillow.
And his dreams are more likely nightmarish rather than sweet. Since he cannot expect quality in a fear-based relationship with a female, he focuses on quantity. The same is true for his children, he reproduces his own soldiers. The journalists now bring to light details of how he overlaid in good old warlord manner the religious laws of the Koran with his own rules of restriction and punishment for maintaining his power base.

When I learned that the 29-member interim government for a new Afghanistan admitted 2 females I wondered whether these are females thinking like males in adopting the role of a male dominator, or dragged in for pretense of female rights, or just for garnish? I am afraid that if the #1 topic of the male/female imbalance is not being brought to public discussion and addressed as the cause for all wars on Earth, then these male leaders will continue their old way of defense-thinking. They will establish as their first step a strongman military army. Out of the male/female imbalance of 27 to 2 a new dictator a la Georgescu or Milosevic will emerge and the old ways will continue for another round…

In pondering how to go about a new beginning I would as the first step ask the Afghans to let go of their fear-based, defensive-thinking mind through the act of surrendering their tools for killing, for a gun is a frozen symbol of fear.
In exchange for their weapons I would give each family a piece of land, with equal rights of ownership and stewardship for each family member. The age-old human desire to settle on a piece of the Earth immediately activates the feminine energies within all members, males and females, because community building is a life-sustaining and nurturing experience that fosters goodwill, cooperation, affiliation, unity, appreciation, etc.

Instead of a military defense army I would recruit the mercenaries for an army for the removal of the land mines and the rubble. I learned that Afghanistan has many millions of these aggressive males, who seem to be barely sentient beings, who kill for whoever hires them. And if there is no tribal war going on they live in hordes of highway bandits all over the land. Such is the condition of a nation with the complete suppression of the female half of its population!

Of course education is the main tool to start a dialog with the women of Afghanistan in order to help them to become aware of their inherent power. We have to encourage our sisters worldwide to take off those veils that deprive them of oxygen and thus block their spiritual awakening.
In any land on Earth with the females wearing the veil it symbolizes the suppression of the female energy.
The Veil stands for the “Veil of Amnesia”. Beneath each veil lives a female hiding from herself and the world her inherent power as a divine creator on Earth! And yet, these female human creators cannot reclaim their mastery until they believe they can, for such is the nature of the game we are playing, devised by ourselves.

Not long ago I watched a report about India where it is widespread custom that pregnant women undergo an ultrasound check in order to abort the female fetuses, because the birthing of sons elevates their status as secondary humans. But in barbaric Afghanistan such an act of female self-denial is not even an issue. There they just die in horrendous numbers in child-bed.

When I watched the second documentary about Afghanistan by Saira Shah I was thrilled to learn that she went back to Afghanistan again in order to get these three girls out of their misery. When she finally found them, she had a devastating experience: The three girls said that they want to stay there and suffer their lot in silence. So she tried to convince their father to move them to the next town with a school for girls and offered to rent a house. In his role as the head of the family the father decides the fate of each member. He obviously saw no benefit for himself in letting the British journalist lady take away his three daughters to learn writing and reading.

To me this demonstrates that if blessed female beings are locked in rigid rules of fear conditioning from birth on, they become paralyzed by the fear of change that says things could get worse. To cower in the corner and await the worst is preferred over the chance of stepping into the unknown with the helping hand of the journalist lady. Can there be a greater human expression of worthlessness of Self than the life experience of these three female teenagers in Afghanistan in the year 2002?

Journalist Saira Shah also talked to two women who both were mourning the death of their sons who had died as fighters. Both females articulated that their own life doesn’t mean anything to them. One of them said that she herself is worth nothing, and that only her male child made her life worth living, she had lived only for her son.

It seems that the lack of Love and Compassion that we see in the men’s world of Afghanistan is the same behind the dark windows and doors where the females live. In submitting themselves to the rules of male dominion, they exist in that same low frequency range of vibration. Very likely their lives are determined by “blame, shame and guilt” and flourishing superstition. I don’t doubt that these females are rigid in forcing their daughters in their designated roles as secondary humans. In other words, nobody is to blame, both males and females have been co-creating the situation in Afghanistan.

My suggestion for all countries with terrorist problems is to empower the females to start creating for every terrorist cell a “Heaven-on-Earth community”.

This is what the foretold Great Grassroots Movement is all about: to create new communities where people choose to live in the higher vibration of the fifth dimension, expressed through the live-giving qualities of Love and Compassion.

Take Off Your Blindfolds And See!
It is my belief that articulating and acknowledging the need to balance the male/female energies will lead the human family to the unifying world-view that is so urgently needed in order to overcome and shift the present world situation. When I watch on TV all the faces of the power players of politics and media I see mostly goodwill and good intentions in their attempt to lead the people in a responsible way. With their blindfolds on they just don’t know any better. (smile)
While humanity is going through the birth pangs of the emerging New World, our leaders think something is broken and their job is to restore the old ways.

As a Lightworker I am a catalyst for change and here to make a difference. I am now predominantly living in the higher energies under the Laws of Love. From where I stand now nothing is the same anymore as it appears to be in the Old World reality. From my overview vantage point I feel inspired to step into the role of the spell-breaker like the child in “The Emperor’s New Clothes” who enlightens the crowd that the emperor is parading naked.
This classic tale tells the story of our present time like no other. It is about how we all honor each other’s illusions. We all agreed to the theme of “the many following the male leader” by playing the game according to the male dominator rules.

Like in this tale now is the time for a child to appear in every crowd and to stir up mass consciousness and to ignite a wakeup jolt for the slumbering minds. The child simply tells what everybody knew all along. For once we articulate the problem, the game is over, we are no longer a match, and our mind is no longer conditioned for a dominator society. Once the quantum leap shock is over, all will relax into a new way of looking at the world; a new paradigm of existence is born. No war is necessary for a changeover! This is the magical power of the child as the systems buster!

My highest aspiration as a spiritual elder is to support and foster the youth in every way possible. To all those youngsters who make up the first generation of the New Millennium — labeled by Lightworkers as the Indigo Children — I am offering a cyber signpost with some suggestions for living in the New World:
Consider as your life’s motto what Buckminster Fuller summed up as: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
Deliberately withdraw your attention from the new war on terrorism and the war on germs, for those are your parents’ and grandparents’ creations. Start consciously creating your own future now!
The message of the New Millennium is that of a New Beginning on Earth! Take off your blindfolds and see! From your Overview Perspective you now know — analog to the child in the crowd — that males and females are of equal value and that it is high time to end the Old World Game of male domination. Become a living example of the truth that males and females are equals. Play the role of the child who tells the crowd as it is!
Start living in the higher energy now by turning on within your own heart the fountain of Love and Compassion that is your connection to your divine feminine self, no matter whether you live in a male or female body. Step into your own self-empowerment and simultaneously empower others!
Set as your goal to become an entrepreneur and start your own business. Step outside the Old World paradigm of living as an economic slave; become a self-governing and self-sustaining human creator. Whenever you notice the 1-hour-unit clock, become aware that it represents the time-is-money symbol of the Old World.
Practice the power of linking with others of like mind. Open your psychic eyes and recognize the Indigo Children all around you. Stop seeing yourself through the eyes of the adult world. It is time for you youngsters to discover who you really are!
Who could shift the world situation better than you of the youth generation! What better place than high schools or colleges to start dialogs with the youth of Afghanistan. The youngsters in Afghanistan are not so different from you; like you they lack the 20+ years of fear conditioning that their parents are locked in. Ask your parents, teachers, and political leaders to assist you in acquiring the telecommunication tools and funds for your interactions with the youth of Afghanistan.
Begin to live as an influencer who is spreading the Kindness Revolution on Earth. It is the next generation who will lay the foundation for the foretold Thousand Years of Peace. There will be a time when your parents and grandparents will feel blessed for being in the presence of a Mighty One. Still with their blindfolds on they just don’t know yet. It is your generation who will induce a new cycle of life! You are the Gentle Giants who have come to teach the manifestation of Heaven on Earth. Your time has come!

I too have been brought up — right after World War II — under the ideology that as a female I am of lesser value than my male siblings. What was right for a boy was wrong for a girl. I was not allowed access to a higher education, because my parents decided “that it would be a waste for a girl, since she will get married and have children”.
It took me all my adult life to free myself from this early ingrained childhood conditioning and to reacquaint myself with my own core energy on my path to self-mastery.

My next Lightworker assignment is the manifestation of Dome Village Katrina, a small self-sustaining model community meant to snowball in rural areas during the coming years of transition.

A glorious future is laying ahead for all of us!

Greetings from the 5th dimension,
Your fellow traveler,