Karin’s Escape Story

Karin’s Escape Story

Chapter 10

Kellen’s History Class Interview

June 6, 2003

Kellen’s Assignment:
Interview a Person who participated in a Historical Event:

“Karin, my former nanny from Germany, was present, at age 13, when the fence between East and West Germany and the Berlin Wall were erected overnight by the communist government. She managed to escape from her homeland at age 27.”

Kellen’s questions:
At what point in time were you in East Germany and what was it like?

Explain an ordinary day of life.
What were your reasons for escaping to the West?

How did you cross the border and what was it like?
How do you think the fall of the Berlin Wall affected western society in culture and politics?

Dear Kellen;
After contemplating your interview request I decided to write my response in letter format, since I am a writer of letters in my role as a Lightworker for America.

Kellen: At what point in time were you in East Germany and what was it like? Explain an ordinary day of life.

Here are some data: I was born in East Germany in 1947, two years after World War II. In 1949 the German Democratic Republic was founded.
When I was thirteen the government under chairman Walter Ulbricht built the Berlin Wall and a division fence along the entire border to West Germany. It happened overnight on August 13th of 1961. On that historical day I was in a summer camp near a border town to the West.
I remember that we five-hundred “Young Pioneers” got fliers handed out with which we had to go from door to door and collect signatures of confirmation that the citizens of the German Democratic Republic were happy with the government’s action of closing the border. Of course I had no awareness of what all this meant. At this point the communist indoctrination of the people had already been massively underway for over twelve years. There were no protesters in this fear-conditioned nation of 17 million. Would anybody have said anything against the fence and the wall they would have immediately been led away by the secret police, the Stasi.

To explain an ordinary day is impossible, I can only give you an overall impression of my own family’s life. My parents did not suffer under the communist regime as much as others did. My father was a member of the Socialist Party, meaning they went along with how things were. Consider, that they lived through the Nazi era. My father was drawn as a soldier at age 18 and young women like my mother had to work in ammunition factories to serve the war.

Their generation basically went through the oppression from the Nazis to the oppression of the communists under a new flag.

Of course for a factory worker like my father it was incredibly hard to bring up five children. My mother stayed at home, being the head of a seven-person household. We were able to keep some chickens and rabbits for eggs and meat on holidays, a vegetable garden, as well as a small field with potatoes.

Besides working at home as my mother’s maid, so to speak, I had to work after school in the fields of the Russian-modeled collective farms. I think many others had it worse than we. To my mind comes the story of the family who lived next to us. They had four children. The father got 8 years in prison for telling a joke in the local pub about chairman Walter Ulbricht. His wife had to work in a factory, 5 miles away, and bring up their young children all by herself.

Kellen: What were your reasons for escaping to the West?
It was all about Freedom, or better – the lack of it. There are those people to whom Freedom is essential like air. And there are those who are more comfortable if an authority tells them what to do, what to think, and how to behave. For the majority of the people life in the German Democratic Republic wasn’t bad, in fact, the economy improved little by little. Everything was organized, everybody and everything was taken care of. Nobody was starving, nobody was homeless, nobody was unemployed. Renting was affordable for everybody, and all had free health insurance.

But those people who are born with a desire for freedom cannot stand to be manipulated into conformity. They make up the “Cultural Creatives” of a nation; they cannot breathe while feeling the
omnipotent boot of the government on their neck, so to speak. Well, I realized early on that I would have to live my entire life in an imprisoned country where all were pressed in the same mold, where
people were changed into “sheeple”.

From age 18 on I wanted to get out of the country and I kept my eyes and ears open for stories about individuals who had managed to escape through Yugoslavia, or the hearsay of people smuggled in vehicles over the green border to Western Germany, or supposed tunnels underneath the wall that separated East and West Berlin. I also heard that rich people in the West could buy out their East German relatives or political prisoners. Of course these things were not mentioned in the newspaper, they were passed on word of mouth only among those who could trust each other. Consider there was no means of spreading information among the people.

Those early copy machines in offices were strictly controlled.

I had pursued a career as a secretary, because that was what my mother wanted for me. At age 18 I was fortunate to get a job offer in the headquarters of the Youth Organization, the Free German Youth, and thus got permission to live in the capital East-Berlin. The government controlled who was allowed to live in the capital, because the Berliners had to serve as the cheerleaders for the many political and military parades.

Kellen: How did you cross the border and what was it like?

When I met my first husband, Peter Dorn, who also had a permit to live in Berlin, it became our goal to escape together. He was a composer and pianist and had been blacklisted by the Culture Department for speaking his opinion. After three years of marriage I moved out and took an apartment, but we remained close friends.

In summer of 1972 Peter met at the popular Alexander Place in downtown Berlin a young man from West-Berlin, Matthias, who had come by daytime-permit to visit the capital of the German Democratic Republic. Visitors from West-Berlin came over by the thousands and brought in west currencies by being allowed to buy duty-free goods in “Intershops”. They had to return by midnight.

Peter told Matthias his story and what life was like for people like him in a fenced-in country. Peter also explained that he is still married and that it had been our goal to get out of the country together.

Matthias promised Peter to get the both of us out. He said it had occurred to him many times that he could easily smuggle somebody in his car to the West. Being from Hamburg, in the Northwest, he had been driving for several years the patrolled and monitored transit road for travelers from West Germany to West-Berlin and vice versa. With his small French car with hatchback, called Citroen Diane, he collected antique furniture from the Hamburg area and took them to West-Berlin where he had a carpenter workshop to restore and sell them. His car was always loaded to the max with furniture, yet his vehicle had never been checked at the border. He was known as the happy-go-lucky hippie from Hamburg, always having a chat with the border patrol agents and sharing West-cigarettes.

Matthias suggested to Peter that he could even hide the both of us at once in the back of his car, covered with light-weight stuff, because he could raise his French car body higher from the frame so that it would not look weighed down from two stowaways.

So when Matthias and I met it was almost “logical” that we fell in love. He came to visit me in East-Berlin regularly with a daytime-permit. From this time on it took the three of us two years of planning and preparation of how to manage the escape. Peter and I sold our small house and belongings and paid the friend back who had loaned us the money for the small house in a garden colony.

Of course we had to take in consideration getting caught. We knew that in case the checkpoint officers would open the doors and arrest us, Peter and I would get about 3 – 5 years of prison-time. We had heard that political prisoners were being brainwashed into conformity, but that they deported the resistant cases afterwards into the West. But Matthias as the escape facilitator could get up to ten years. Yet, our desire for freedom and our belief in our success, and in each other, was greater than fear.

Before planning our escape by car we had tried to get out of the country through marriage. Peter and I got divorced. A pen friend of mine in West Germany declared her engagement with Peter in writing and
Matthias and I also reported our engagement to the authorities. However, we then learned that there was a ten-year waiting list for people who wanted to leave the German Democratic Republic through marriage.

So we finally decided to set the date for the escape. Matthias made a test trip from West-Berlin on the transit road to Hamburg, a six hour drive. In Hamburg he purchased a map from the area around the border town of Hagenow in the GDR, where the check point was. He then drove back to West-Berlin with the goal to choose a mileage marker as the pick up point for us, about five miles from the border checkpoint. Nobody was allowed to park on this transit road or to leave the car, except at certain monitored rest stops.

The plan was that Peter and I would travel by train to the border town of Hagenow. With the secret map we would hike about twenty kilometers to the appointed mileage marker and wait there until around 11 p.m., on the set date June 7th of 1974.

The day before the escape trip Matthias came to see us by day-permit, with the map hidden inside the wall of his car door. The three of us drove to a suburban area of woodland where Peter and I rehearsed
jumping in the trunk of the car within seconds. Matthias had shared his plan with four close friends. Their job was to follow Matthias and arrive at the checkpoint behind him and to get the attention of the border patrol agents with their colorful painted French “duck” Citroen and through loud singing. They would carry a hidden letter addressed to the West German newspapers, pre-written by me, in case we would get caught. They would report our case to the newspapers so that we hopefully got in contact with Western agencies.

I took only one person in my confidence, a dear friend whom I saw as my fairy godmother. She gave us some Valium pills to calm us down on the escape day and to prevent a nervous breakdown in case they
arrested us.

On June 7th of 1974 Peter and I traveled per train to Hagenow, the last station before the border, where all GDR citizens had to get off the train. From there we went on a 15-mile hike through the woods, parallel to the transit road, cautious not to get any attention. We knew there were camouflaged lookout towers along the road. Just the posession of the map of the area was a crime!

We arrived at the appointed mileage marker before dusk where we had to wait until our appointed time, 11 p.m. The sky had been overcast all day. Once it was pitch-dark it began drizzling. We were laying flat on the ground, close enough to the transit road so that we could hear and see the cars coming. A car drove by about every 20 minutes. It reached 11 p.m. The drizzling was soundless, one could hear a pin drop.

Peter and I were on high alert. Half an hour passed… Then suddenly the Diane passed by, stopped, set back about 50 feet in rear gear, Matthias opened the hatch back door, we jumped in and a few seconds
later the three of us were on our way. Peter and I covered ourselves with bedding and other light stuff. We could speak with Matthias. He said Rolf and his friends had a car problem. They may be fifteen minutes behind us. As we approached the checkpoint after almost 5 miles the forces of heaven made it “raining dogs and cats”! The rain was pounding on the car roof. Only one officer came out of his checkpoint building. He hurried to check Matthias’ ID papers, ran to open the toll-gate and wished him a good trip to Hamburg. Peter and I in the trunk heard every word. We were the only car in the middle of the night and the agent immediately hurried back into his dry shelter. We stopped about half a mile behind the checkpoint, on the West side of Germany. We had made it! We waited for Rolf and his friends in the colorful hippie car. Since there was no sign of upheaval at the checkpoint, they knew that we had passed successfully.

The seven of us drove into Hamburg looking for a restaurant to stop and celebrate. Never will I forget the sight of this magnificent harbor city in its night lights in front of us. What I remember most is the incredible brightness of the traffic lights. For nine years, from age 18 until 27, I had been dreaming the successful outcome of this day into being.
Five years later Matthias and I got married and we founded a private children’s home near the North Sea coast.

Kellen: How do you think the fall of the Berlin Wall affected western society in culture and politics?
When the Berlin Wall fell in November of 1989, I had already been in the West of Germany for fifteen years. I was living in my apartment in Hamburg and watched the events unfolding on TV like anybody else. At age 43 I was already in preparation to start a new chapter of my life: to get to know America for one year. In February of 1990 I flew over the Atlantic Ocean to meet the Dammann Family in San Diego and to become your nanny. You, Kellen, were 2 years and 2 months old.

As the Berlin Wall fell, the winds of change began sweeping throughout Europe and further East, crashing one communist system after the other, like a domino effect. Never would I have thought the two separated German nations would become one again and that the Soviet Union would be no more! Almost two years ago Germany and eight other European countries changed their currency and created the Euro Dollar; this certainly is a result of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Kellen, it was a pleasure pondering these adventurous past times. (smile) I am glad you evoked from me to finally write my story down. The funny thing is that Matthias, my ex-husband in Germany, told me recently over the phone that he too was asked to give an interview about our escape event to a high school history class in Bremen.

In coming full circle, I now see the magic in all of it; now that I am a spiritual elder and you a young man asking me for an interview for your history class. (smile)

I greet you and your history teacher and your classmates!
May you all cherish the Freedom that is your birthright!
Karin Lacy, Lightworker

Why I call myself a Lightworker

Why I call myself a Lightworker

The word ‘Lightworker’ irritates most people because they don’t know what that “airy-fairy New Age stuff” is all about. Can those “Lightworkers” be taken seriously or are they practicing witchcraft?

I vividly remember the day when I called myself for the first time ‘Lightworker’. It was in 1983, in Hamburg, Germany. Back then there was no Internet. We New Agers met in living rooms where we studied and discussed the Seth books and others. For the first time we heard that we ourselves create our own reality! This was incredible, yet heretic news! We needed to communicate our thoughts about this with others of like mind.

Then larger gatherings took place. In 1983 I went to a lecture presented by a couple from the U.S. They looked like Hollywood stars and channeled on stage the Ashtar Command, Athena, Merlin, and others that I don’t remember. I worried whether this was all mass hypnosis and brainwashing.

But at the same time the coming together of 400 or 500 like-minded souls was an extraordinary event of celebration. After the lecture, as I signed in on the (snail)mailing list, I wrote behind my name as my occupation: Lightworker.

Although this was an event unnoticed by others, to me it was an initiation! I’m sure my entire non-physical entourage was there with me, adoring me and cheering me on.

A few days prior I had read Sanat Kumara’s “Call to the Lightworkers”, channeled through Rhea Powers, and I deeply felt the call reverberating throughout my being. I remembered that I came in this lifetime to serve as a Lightworker.

In 1990, shortly after I came to America, I received inner messages of encouragement to start calling myself ‘Lightworker for America’.

So I began writing Open Letters as a means of spreading the Light, knowing that the word ‘Lightworker’ itself serves as a trigger for awakening. In 1992 I wrote my first Open Letter, addressed to President-Elect Bill Clinton, in which I ‘informed and enlightened’ (smile) the President about the role of the global Lightworker community and that soon we will be reaching critical mass. We incarnated as volunteers to usher humanity through the upcoming monumental event, called The Shift of the Ages. The Shift will happen in this lifetime, prophecied within the window of opportunity between 1975 and 2025.

This monumental event could happen anytime. I am ready. I had decades of preparation.

I already had extraordinary experiences of awakening.

We will create Heaven on Earth within this lifetime!

Victory of the Light!

Karin Lacy, Lightworker

Mayan Astrology Chart for Karin Lacy, Yellow Star, LaMat

Mayan Astrology Chart for Karin Lacy,Yellow Star, LaMat

Copyright by Iris K Barratt

* To be read slowly, saved and contemplated please~

You are the sacred, brilliant Venus Star of light, here to fulfill consciousness and awaken Truth. You will always be found celebrating your love and passion for beauty and harmony.

You can connect our Earth with our Cosmos, as a multifaceted star of brilliant light radiating true vision into space as you compliment the silent darkness.

You move forward freely, with obvious mental balance, illuminating consciousness within your community. You often find meaningful ways to serve your community with a sense of dedication.

You have multifaceted intellectual perspectives and educational pursuits and you are a lifelong learner.

You choose to release extremes and express yourself in positive ways within your many treasured personal and community relationships.

You create future achievements from your ability to embrace challenges in a clear and focused manner. You also create achievements by trusting the process as you hold your visions with love.

You are often an intelligent voice of reason within your community. You think Globally and act locally to enhance your community with service.

You respect your often, mysterious mental tangents and complexity. You enjoy emotional freedom, games and languages. You are naturally drawn to risk-taking and gambling for a bigger prize and are generally lucky.

You trust your abundance and use your many talents to draw exactly what is needed when you need it. You are a master of abundance, elegance and artistic grace. You often excel at fundraising for important causes.

You trust the Universe to provide for you and your loved ones, as you shine your prosperity consciousness and bless the world. You are an energetic, elegant and graceful dancer of love.

You flourish with positive structure, useful routines and by living in harmony. You appreciate your confident artistic nature as you beautify the cosmos with an elegant attunement. You know the importance of balance, beauty and artistic self-expression.

You welcome the healing light of the sun, the stars and silent rejuvenation. You know the greatness of your energetic, artistic explorations. You know the importance of confronting others with harmonious intentions when necessary, in order to create good feelings and move beyond illusions.

You may have unique skill in investigating, confronting and honoring the ways of others with amazing accuracy and efficiency. You exude inner confidence and loving artistic communication, as you celebrate your passionate eternal nature and spiritual wisdom.

You are the star of your own reality and you fulfill your starring role when your self-love shines from your center stage. You shine the light of cosmic harmony into the night sky where it expands and descends into the sacred harmony of earth. Many spiritual masters honor you for this and celebrate as you to claim it.

You harmonize with the natural elegance of the Universe. You honor the beauty everyone creates within the artistic expressions of life.

You are one with those who are chosen to feel information you receive from sacred sources in conscious and illuminated ways. You are

empowered by others who are also here to create accomplishment and fulfillment. You are also empowered by compromising, being practical and by being socially astute, which assists you in manifesting your personal and social goals.

My Biography


My Biography (German Short Style)

  • I, Karin Ingrid Hantzsch, was born on January 1st of 1947 in the small town of Nerchau in East Germany. (The German Democratic Republic was founded two years later., in 1949)
  • I was the second of five children. My father, Werner Hantzsch, was a factory worker. My mother, Elfriede Hantzsch, a housewife.
  • In 1953 I started school at age six at the Ten-class Poly-technic School in Nerchau.
  • In 1963 I graduated from school.
  • From 1963 – 1965 I went to a Secretary Training school. After graduating I worked for one year as a Secretary in the same factory where my father worked, in a neighboring town.
  • From 1966 – 1968 I got the chance to work in the capital Berlin as a Secretary in the headquarters of the socialist youth organization, Free German Youth.
  • In 1968 I found employment as a Dramaturgy Secretary at the art publishing house “Henschel Verlag Berlin”.
  • November 1969:Marriage to the composer and pianist Peter Dorn.
  • 1971 – 1974: Personal Secretary of the Administration Director of the United Museums of Berlin (East).
  • June 1973: Divorce from my husband Peter Dorn.
  • June 1974: I escaped, together with my ex-husband, in the trunk of a car, from the German Democratic Republic to West Germany, on the transit road to the city of Hamburg.
  • 1974 – 1975: Personal Secretary of the Administration Director of the Opera House Hamburg.
  • 1976: Several temporary jobs in social facilities.
  • 1976 – 1979: Three-year course study as a educator/socialworker at the Social College in Hamburg.
  • 1978: I received my driver’s license.
  • August 1979: Marriage to Matthias Stave, a carpenter and restaurateur of antique furniture.
  • 1979: After graduating from college I moved together with my husband to the village of Hedwigenkoog on the North Sea coast with the goal of starting an alternative private children’s home.
  • 1979 – 1981: Remodeling of an old village school into a children’s home.
  • 1981: Opening of a private children’s home, Kinderhaus Hedwigenkoog, and running it together with my husband for two years.
  • November 1982: Closing of our children’s home due to bankruptsy.
  • February 1983: Separation from my husband; moving back to Hamburg. Unemployment for one year.
  • 1984: Divorce from my husband.
  • 1984-1985: Employment as an Educator for mentally ill patients in a mental institution for 1.5 years.
  • 1986 – 1988: Employment as an Educator/Socialworker in a homeless shelter.
  • 1989: Unemployment for one year. Starting my crystal and mineral collection and pursuing a career as a Crystal Healer.
  • 1989: Starting to learn English at age 42.
  • 1989: Four-months visit and study at the spiritual Findhorn Community in Scotland.
  • February 1990: Visiting America for a one-year stay with a San Diego host family as their nanny and housekeeper.
  • April 1990: Meeting my future husband, James Patrick Lacy.
  • February 1991: Going back to Hamburg, Germany, with the intent of selling my household belongings for $10,000 and to return to America.
  • April 1991: Return to San Diego, California. Renting a house with my fiance Jim Lacy.
  • August 1991: Marriage to James Patrick Lacy, a Kung Fu Grandmaster.
  • September 1991: Career as an Entrepreneur. Starting together with my husband a martial arts home study business in San Diego, which we put in my name.
  • September 1994: Moving to Jacumba, San Diego county, near the Mexican border; buying a trailer home on 2.5 acres; running our mail order business from our home.
  • 1995: Enrolling in Abraham’s (channeled through Esther Hicks) weekly audio home study program as a Student of the Science of Deliberate Creation.
  • Spring 1997: Receiving from my inner guidance the granting of permission to start my life’s mission and to call myself a Lightworker for America.
  • November 1998: Going online and joining and exploring the global Lightworker arena.
  • January 2000: Launching of my own domain name website under my Internet signature KarinLLightworker.com.
  • August 2004: Completing my first book project.
  • February 2005: Acquiring a doctor’s permit for using Medical Marijuana as treatment for depression and other ascension symptoms.
  • December 2005: Leaving my husband.
  • December 2005: Being on my own at age 59, starting to live authentic as a Lightworker, with no money, no car, no job, no friends.
  • December 2005: I landed at the Ashram in Sonoma, CA and was allowed to stay there for five month of healing time.
  • May 2006: Moving to Garberville/Humboldt County for the writing of my next book, called “Potty Training for Indigo Children” – Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment and Abundant Resources.
  • March 2007: Self-publishing “Potty Training for Indigo Children” as a pdf file on my website.
  • May 2007: I became a U.S. Citizen on May 6th 2007 in San Francisco.
  • June 2007: Moving to Chico, CA, renting an apartment.
  • December 2007: Divorce from my husband.
  • December 2007: Applying for SSI and food stamps.
  • February 2008: Approval for SSI income.
  • April 2009: Moving into a better Chico neighborhood, renting a cottage.
  • Fall 2009: Working on my next book project, called “Washing My Potatoes” which is about documenting my life experience as a Lightworker for America.
  • November 2010: I received inner callings to move to Mount Shasta in Northern California.
  • December 2012: I experienced the great Shift of December 21st of 2012 in Mount Shasta that indicated the end of the Mayan calendar. However, life in Mount Shasta was more expensive than in other places. I lived there for 4.5 years.
  • January 2015: My ex-husband Jim Lacy suddenly died, close to age 65, in his home in Jacumba, CA. We had been very close and were in daily email contact.
  • May 2015: I moved to Yreka, 40 miles North of Mount Shasta. It turned out, it was a bad area for me and I received much rejection and harassment in this town.
  • October 2016: I moved to Ashland, Southern Oregon, for a ten week stay in a house.
  • December 2016: I moved to Phoenix OR, for another ten weeks, where I rented a tiny room in a dilapidated, 100-year old farmhouse. I lived there through my 70th birthday. Not a good memory!
  • February 2017: I rented a studio in Medford, OR, where I lived under substandard conditions for two years.
  • May2019: I moved to Eugene, 3 hrs North, where I rented a small room in a nice house. The landlord also rented the third bedroom to a woman. He went through personal problems due to divorce from his separated wife. After 7 months he asked both of us to find another place and move.
  • November 2019: I rented a 1-bedroom apartment in a small low-income senior housing complex in Oakridge, 40 miles South of Eugene.
  • Spring 2019: The corona virus pandemic started. I was a volunteer at the local food bank in Oakridge for 1 ½ years during covid.
  • July 2020: Revamping my twenty-year old website.
  • August 2021: Moving to Springfield, OR, 45 minutes from Oakridge, into a low-quality 1-bedroom apartment, as a landing place while waiting to get into a better place in Eugene.
  • September 2022: Self-publishing my book “Potty Training for Indigo Children” which is now available on amazon.
  • November 2022: Moving to Sorgenfri, Eugene, a low-income, but nice senior complex in Eugene, Oregon. Outside my bedroom wall was a bank of four smartmeters, I am hyper-sensitive to EMF radiation and applied for an end unit.
  • July 2023: Moving into an end unit apartment at Sorgenfri, away from the smartmeters.

My Personal Declaration of Sovereignty


My Personal Declaration of Sovereignty

January 2014

My conscious process of awakening began thirty years ago. Since then I intentionally and deliberately followed my path of gaining ever greater awareness of self and to increase my Love-Light Quotient.
I feel the time is right to formulate my own personal Declaration of Sovereignty to a guiding Light for living in the New Earth of fifth-dimensional frequency. I want to share it with others who are also creating a new paradigm of living in Unity Consciousness on Earth.

As an awakened human I am informed about the existence of the Galactic Confederation and its Galactic Codex that regulates all relationships between beings of Light and the Dark Forces. The Galactic Codex represents the ethical basis for all actions of the Galactic Confederation. The Galactic Codex is violated on Earth by the Dark Forces who have been taking the global population hostage to hinder the progress of the Forces of Light towards a harmonious galactic and cosmic society.

The Galactic Codex states each individual’s unconditional right to positive life experience, abundance, and well-being. It also states the right of each individual to all information that one may need in order to understand ones role in the Universe, greater perspective of evolution and all other pieces one may need for ones decisions, growth and well-being.

Unconditional positive life experience of every sentient being in this liberated Universe is guaranteed through the inner connection of every living being with the Source.
I accept the Galactic Codex through my choice of free will, for it reflects my inner truth.

The intention of my personal Declaration of Sovereignty is – to contribute in creating clear and sacred space for the birth of a new freedom for all on our home planet Earth. We the human family have reached the completion of the cycle of the Dark Age within third dimensional density. We are now awakening and ascending into the fifth dimension.

Since we first came to this Earth, our cosmic rulers have put us under the domination and limitation of unseen bargaining agreements, contracts, and other forms of suppression. These range from the birth certificate itself – which is actually a financial instrument of energy harvesting that limits free will – to the system of currency dictated by the global ruling elite and its government law.

As an awakened human I now know that these agreements and contracts are actually entirely optional and I now nullify them by my simple statement: “ I am sovereign and without my will this system of reality does not exist. I did NOT agree to this and DO NOT agree any longer.”
I am a Sovereign and no longer abide by the agreements I were required to make when I incarnated on this planet, for they limit my ability to make sovereign choices.

It is my intent as a member of the human family to completely free myself of any agreements, influences, or pressures that restrict me in following my highest excitement of living as a divine being on Earth.
I declare myself free from the limitations of the past, that is, any pre-incarnational agreements or contracts, structures of governance, and patterns of past conditioning are now null and void.

I hereby call forth the proper etheric court of equity to hear my decree of contract removal.

I hereby revoke all hidden contracts, past, present, and future, in all dimensions that affect me.
I revoke all contracts with etheric Artificial Intelligences that use sacred geometry satellite broadcasting systems as a means of psychic monitoring and influencing the human population through the global media networking.

I revoke, remove and dissolve all spiritual contracts that I have with the banking system.

I revoke all fine print within all of my soul contracts, past, present, and future, which deal with any banking system as a 3D-Matrix debt collection or energy harvesting system.

Revocation of Government: I revoke all spiritual contracts with every branch of government, for all of my past, present and future lives. I revoke all inserted fine print in my soul contracts.

I revoke all spiritual contracts hidden within our government’s ‘exchange for value’ -systems.

I hereby revoke all spiritual contracts that enable the government to dominate and control the population. I do not consent to the use of sacred geometry cities, infrastructure, linguistics or artwork for the purpose of domination and control.

My freedom increases with the use of my free will at all times.
I am here to help to promote unity consciousness among all sentient beings.

It is my free will choice to be known only as a Universal Citizen of the Multiverse. We humans are divine multidimensional beings, our essence is Love. We are bound only by the governing principles of the Singular Universal Creator. We live in harmony with the Law of Love and Service to the All.

And so it is.
I Am Karin Lacy

Below is the video with my spoken Declaration of Sovereignty, 10 min   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChkqo90Jnn-92sC96d-3uGQ