My Personal Declaration of Sovereignty


My Personal Declaration of Sovereignty

January 2014

My conscious process of awakening began thirty years ago. Since then I intentionally and deliberately followed my path of gaining ever greater awareness of self and to increase my Love-Light Quotient.
I feel the time is right to formulate my own personal Declaration of Sovereignty to a guiding Light for living in the New Earth of fifth-dimensional frequency. I want to share it with others who are also creating a new paradigm of living in Unity Consciousness on Earth.

As an awakened human I am informed about the existence of the Galactic Confederation and its Galactic Codex that regulates all relationships between beings of Light and the Dark Forces. The Galactic Codex represents the ethical basis for all actions of the Galactic Confederation. The Galactic Codex is violated on Earth by the Dark Forces who have been taking the global population hostage to hinder the progress of the Forces of Light towards a harmonious galactic and cosmic society.

The Galactic Codex states each individual’s unconditional right to positive life experience, abundance, and well-being. It also states the right of each individual to all information that one may need in order to understand ones role in the Universe, greater perspective of evolution and all other pieces one may need for ones decisions, growth and well-being.

Unconditional positive life experience of every sentient being in this liberated Universe is guaranteed through the inner connection of every living being with the Source.
I accept the Galactic Codex through my choice of free will, for it reflects my inner truth.

The intention of my personal Declaration of Sovereignty is – to contribute in creating clear and sacred space for the birth of a new freedom for all on our home planet Earth. We the human family have reached the completion of the cycle of the Dark Age within third dimensional density. We are now awakening and ascending into the fifth dimension.

Since we first came to this Earth, our cosmic rulers have put us under the domination and limitation of unseen bargaining agreements, contracts, and other forms of suppression. These range from the birth certificate itself – which is actually a financial instrument of energy harvesting that limits free will – to the system of currency dictated by the global ruling elite and its government law.

As an awakened human I now know that these agreements and contracts are actually entirely optional and I now nullify them by my simple statement: “ I am sovereign and without my will this system of reality does not exist. I did NOT agree to this and DO NOT agree any longer.”
I am a Sovereign and no longer abide by the agreements I were required to make when I incarnated on this planet, for they limit my ability to make sovereign choices.

It is my intent as a member of the human family to completely free myself of any agreements, influences, or pressures that restrict me in following my highest excitement of living as a divine being on Earth.
I declare myself free from the limitations of the past, that is, any pre-incarnational agreements or contracts, structures of governance, and patterns of past conditioning are now null and void.

I hereby call forth the proper etheric court of equity to hear my decree of contract removal.

I hereby revoke all hidden contracts, past, present, and future, in all dimensions that affect me.
I revoke all contracts with etheric Artificial Intelligences that use sacred geometry satellite broadcasting systems as a means of psychic monitoring and influencing the human population through the global media networking.

I revoke, remove and dissolve all spiritual contracts that I have with the banking system.

I revoke all fine print within all of my soul contracts, past, present, and future, which deal with any banking system as a 3D-Matrix debt collection or energy harvesting system.

Revocation of Government: I revoke all spiritual contracts with every branch of government, for all of my past, present and future lives. I revoke all inserted fine print in my soul contracts.

I revoke all spiritual contracts hidden within our government’s ‘exchange for value’ -systems.

I hereby revoke all spiritual contracts that enable the government to dominate and control the population. I do not consent to the use of sacred geometry cities, infrastructure, linguistics or artwork for the purpose of domination and control.

My freedom increases with the use of my free will at all times.
I am here to help to promote unity consciousness among all sentient beings.

It is my free will choice to be known only as a Universal Citizen of the Multiverse. We humans are divine multidimensional beings, our essence is Love. We are bound only by the governing principles of the Singular Universal Creator. We live in harmony with the Law of Love and Service to the All.

And so it is.
I Am Karin Lacy

Below is the video with my spoken Declaration of Sovereignty, 10 min