The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave is No More

The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave is No More

By KarinLLightworker

(In this article, instead of its name, I will use the word ‘virus’ only, in order to avoid censoring. The virus topic is all- encompassing; I will try to sum it up in five pages. Please do your own research. Everything is in plain sight for those with eyes to see.)

When I first came to America in 1990 I noticed right away the overblown fear of germs. It amused me how obsessed Americans are with germs. To put it bluntly, the constant fear conditioning with such blatant commercials like the gigantic jungle of germs that we all supposedly have living in our mouth, and that only those who buy this certain product will be rescued from, would be booed as all too obvious manipulation in modern-day Germany.

Also, I remember an incident when I was babysitting little Kellen and his friend, both at 4 years old. Brandon said he is hungry and wanted to have lunch, while Kellen was eating an apple. I said, “Kellen, why don’t you share your apple with Brandon?” and he replied, “No, he has germs.” I was startled at realizing that his fear conditioning of germs was already in place at age 4; obviously in agreement with his parents.

For decades I’ve been aware that the ‘subatomic war against germs’ will be played out big time in the future, to ensure that the masses are being kept in fear and a feeling of permanent vulnerability. The people today are haunted by a fear we can compare with the medieval fear of invisible ghosts: It is the fear of germs. This war in our heads can turn us into a nation of paranoids, if too many choose to participate.

Practice Media Distancing!
As a foreigner and immigrant I have the advantage that I experienced three different political systems. I grew up in the totalitarian German Democratic Republic. At age 27 I managed to escape to West Germany, the most imperialistic country in Europe. At age 43 I came to the United States which is globally seen as the bully of the World.

It is easy for me to look through deception, lies, and propaganda. I’m writing this article for those people who believe what they watch on television must be true. The mass media and in particular television is owned by the powers that be, known as the Global Elite, Illuminati, Cabal, Deep State.

I already went through what you all are now going to experience as total government control.

When the pandemic started, and we were told that people will die by the millions, I began researching. Especially I watched videos in German-speaking countries and their assessment of how other countries in Europe deal with the virus.

It is my conclusion that they are much more critical towards the narrative as spread by the governments. In particular the Germans remind the people how things were seventy-five years ago during the Nazi regime, and of the history of the following totalitarian German Democratic Republic, as well as the communist oppression in other countries like the Soviet Union, Poland, Yugoslavia, Romania, etc.
The peoples of Europe are more aware and alert about not to fall in the trap of “history repeating.”

In the U.S fear is institutionalized by the media. The American people are constantly fed with fear-based “news” stories. The government-controlled media outlets know that fear is as contagous as the virus itself. In the spiritual community we call it “spreading fear porn”.

What we are experiencing as a pandemic is far worse than the medical version, and that is a pandemic of fear.
The virus ‘pandemic’ is primarily designed to empower the ruling elite and further its authoritarian reach. Their main tool is the innate human fear of death and this fear has been greatly and successfully magnified by the corporate propaganda machine. Our leaders and controllers manipulate the virus deaths by making the numbers bigger. They use false diagnoses and infection counts to intentionally mislead the public.

On August 26 of 2020 the Center for Disease Control updated its site with a co-morbidities section where they admit only about 6% of the reported deaths by “the virus” in the US in 2020 were due to “the virus” alone. The other 94% of deaths included an average of 2.6 other causes—although we still aren’t told which cause was primary. Most of these deaths were among the elderly, which means we can include one other co-morbidity: old age.
This reduces the death-by-”virus” number from 185,000 to about 11,000. We can conclude that it is not a “virus” pandemic, since 11,000 is a pretty small number for an 8-month period of a population of 320 million Americans.

In the same period, about 30,000 people died in car wrecks. In fact, according to mainstream numbers, about 37,000 people die of the regular flu in every 8-month period. Thus “the virus” is more than three times less dangerous than the regular flu. Thus, the amount of people truly infected is much lower than what was originally reported. It cannot be called a pandemic.

Please also note that in our country 600,000 humans a year die from medical errors, medications, hospital infections, surgeries, etc, yet this number is never mentioned by the media.

According to CDC statistics in 2018, 48,344 Americans died by suicide. In the same year, there were an estimated 1.4 million suicide attempts. For the third quarter of 2020 I couldn’t gather any suicide data. However, nobody seems to care about this pandemic.

The so-called “virus”-pandemic has been in development for decades. It is a “plandemic”.
The virus isn’t what they would like us to believe. The virus was designed in a lab. The virus is patented. (Please, do your own research.) The powers that be are using the virus for the implementing of their agenda through suspending constitutional rights during the “virus” emergency. The virus is used as an invisible enemy to represent a permanent danger. In truth the “virus” serves as a biological weapon against “We the People”.

The Global Elite have been putting the planet under experimentation for decades under programs that include chemtrails, GMOs, aerosols, cloud seeding, biological weapons, audio and energy frequency weapons, microwave technologies, pesticides, 5G, vaccinations, directed energy weapons, mind-control methods such as MKUltra, and so on.
All these experiments have a devastating impact on humans, animals, plants and ecosystems on Earth.

The healthcare system has most of the population under its control. The pharmaceutical industry dictates the actions of hospitals and doctors. Many elderly who have been under the care of the healthcare system for decades are taking a handful of pills every day for their ailments, which compromises their immune system and destroys their innate human ability to self-heal. Just look at the poor health conditions of the population and their compromised quality of life.

It is no longer about health, it is about politics and population control. It is about mining the human body for profit.
In Europe there is a growing movement of physicians who call themselves “The White Coats,” who exposed the political agendas of how the virus is used as a biological weapon. They enlighten the people about the truth and what remedies to use to overcome the virus. In return they are being prosecuted, financially ruined, threatened with license revocations and even death threats.

In the U.S an organization called “America’s Frontline Doctors” has formed who are exposing the lies spread by the media and the dangers of medicine organizing into an undercover dictatorship.These doctors inform the population about effective and safe treatments for the virus. In return they are attacked and threatened in our country as well.

Agenda 2030 – The plans of the Global Elite for Humanity
Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth, said in 1988 in an interview with Deutsche Presse Agentur: “If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to Earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.” Well, this statement is quite telling in the face of the so-called pandemic.

One of the main players is Bill Gates who has plans for our future. Bill Gates and his ilk see themselves as the Global Elite who are entitled to rule over humanity. They create the rules for us, their slaves and peasants. They themselves stand above the laws. They meet behind closed doors to design the global narrative for humanity. The global elite of 13 blood families finance the politicians and decide the course and direction of global politics.

In truth they are parasites who live like kings and queens at the expense of “We the People”. From a psychological point of view these people are psychopaths who lack the ability of empathy and compassion for their fellow man and all life.

The Global Elite are using the engineered virus to reshape the World Order to their own advantage by creating a virus psychosis. For them the world’s human population has become too large to consistently manage and control.
They want to install their New World Order under one government and reduce the world population to 500 million.
The idea of a virus pandemic was quite clever in order to frighten us into submitting powerlessly to the global elite’s latest move to take total control of our lives.

The real intention behind this “plandemic” is the establishing of a new behavior pattern, acceptance of restrictions and complete cancellation of all rights permanently. It is now known as “social engineering”.
Our leaders and controllers are presently manufacturing the second wave. The next time the virus mutates and reappears it will be used to prolong restrictions and to completely remove all rights until all become accustomed to the situation and accept the New Normal as the new way of life.

The Mask is a mind control tool
The sheer number of doctors who have come forward since the lockdown to tell us we are being mislead and the fact that they are being censored is an indicator that the “plandemic” has been made possible by the power of corporate media puppets who spread nonstop streams of lies, coverups, distractions, and shaming techniques.

The Government Task Force head, Dr. Anthony Fauci, admitted masks won’t help against the virus and mask manufacturers are now including warnings that their products do not deter “the virus”. It now becomes known that masks are more dangerous to our health than being a disease preventative measure.

If masks don’t work, why are we forced to wear them?
The mask is not about safety, it is about compliance.
The mask is not for your protection. You wear it as a sign of your submission.
The mask removes your identity. People now call the mask a muzzle and a face diaper.

The ‘plandemic’ makes it easy for the governments and their media to frighten the public and manipulate ill-informed citizens into embracing economic and social decapitation.
Mask wearers and non-mask wearers are used to create an obedient, self-policing society.
There is now a huge number of people living in fear, wishing to be controlled and protected, in order to live in comfort and security. However, the fearful people who are willing to give up their rights do give up your rights, too!

The mask wearers become the virus police. They feel justified to use Shame, Blame, and Guilt against non-mask wearers. Already there have been incidents where they pepper-spray people, beat people up, and report non-mask wearers to the police so that they may be fined and/or arrested.

The absurdity goes so far that the media now claim that the virus can be spread by texting. People are required to wear masks at home and during online zoom meetings. Our leaders and controllers are testing how far we are willing to go.
We learn from China that surveillance drones are used to detect non-mask wearers who will be taken to quarantine camps. We can expect the same methods to be implemented in our country.

If you are living in fear of the virus, consider that the curve is flattened, the Center for Disease Control, WHO, Dr. Fauci, our governors, and many more were completely wrong about the potential threat of this virus. They intentionally mislead the public.

The CDC confirmed a 0.2% death-rate for the virus. For that we have:
Added nearly 6 trillion to national debt – Laid-off or furloughed 50 million workers – Placed 60 million on food stamps – Gone from 3.5% to 14.7% unemployment rate – Ruined the tourism industry – Bankrupted the service industry – Threatened, fined, and arrested church leaders – Exacerbated mental health problems – Shut down schools and colleges – Given unbridled power to unelected officials – Increased suicides 600-fold – Delayed surgeries and treatments for profound illnesses – Infringed upon countless important civil liberties – Placed 320 million Americans under house arrest.

By the way – do you know that every year 9 million people on Earth die of starvation! Have you ever heard about this epidemic on the news?

Mandatory Vaccinations
I remember from my upbringing in the totalitarian German Democratic Republic that the entire population of 17 million was forced by law to regularly get vaccinated against all major epidemic diseases, and everybody had to carry a vaccination passport. Rebels against the law were treated as class enemies. And yet, things were rather harmless in comparison to what the Global Elite have planned for humanity.

Bill Gates calls the present situation Pandemic #1, and Pandemic #2 is in preparation; it is coming.
He finances 80% of the World Health Organization. For Bill Gates vaccines are a strategic philanthropy that gives him dictatorial control over the global health policy.

In Africa and India Bill Gates is seen as a mass murderer with his killing vaccines. Hundreds of thousands are paralysed from his polio vaccines and he sterilized the girls and young women of entire regions. In India he is banned from the country, yet cannot be prosecuted since he is above the law.
He is continuing his father’s work of Eugenics. Bill Gates became the richest man in the world at the expense of the people and now has turned into an enemy of mankind, under the guise of philanthropy.
He gets bolder and spells out his plans to apply wireless-dependent biometrics in the form of ‘ digital certificates” to everyone on the planet.

The vaccination program will be used for implementing an electronic identification program to give everybody a portable and persistent biometrically-linked digital identity. In other words, the pandemic is the perfect cover for the mandatory Biometric ID.
These vaccines contain behavior-modifying microchips that work in tandem with 5G signals. The deployment of the highly dangerous 5G which, under the guise of improving Internet speed and capacity, will expand everyone’s exposure to EMF radiation with its long list of health impacts.

I’m still flabbergasted how 7 billion people can be scared out of their wits to a flu virus which triggered the fear reflex in the majority of people that has now been hammered with that “fear porn” into our minds every day.
Meanwhile that fear has greatly expanded. It’s no longer just about the virus – it’s also about people’s livelihood, it is about practical everyday survival.

The virus vaccine is DNA manipulation. Of course one vaccination is not enough. It needs many to alter us into genetic modified organisms, GMO humans or Frankensteins.

The WHO under the directive of Bill Gates, has laid out a 2-year virus lockdown blueprint to create a 21st century technocracy tyranny, restricting the people in all areas of life. Microchipping will connect people to their smartphones. Drones will conduct forced medical tests. Medical ID apps in our phones will track where we can go and what we can do. There will be forced virus testing at highway checkpoints.
If you do your own research you will learn that the six-foot-distancing is not for virus infection prevention. It is because of the global elite’s surveillance strategies, for a distance between humans is required to detect individuals.

School indoctrination will increase until the children and youth no longer have thoughts and imaginations on their own. They will be empty human containers to be filled with mind-controlled thoughts and feelings, that can be used for anything, leading to a total destruction of the individual, family, and country. Orwell’s Big Brother scenario has arrived.

Fear is the virus – Love is the vaccine!
Remember the phrase from the sixties, “Suppose they gave a war and nobody came.”
What if we revive the courage and awareness of that era and say,“Imagine they gave a pandemic but nobody participated.”

Also, you may be familiar with the abbreviation F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real. This accronym has never been more true.

Many are ready to step out of the spiral of fear!
Our power ends where our fear begins.When we give into fear, we drop in frequency, which impacts our whole being and weakens our immune system.

According to the law of quantum physics the higher frequency always uplifts the lower frequency. It’s not the other way around. We must enlighten our brothers and sisters that it is time to let go of their fear and raise their vibration to a higher level of self-empowerment.

More people are becoming aware of the players and the game. There is great news that the pandemic created a huge potential for awakening. For many, life has changed radically. They are laid off from work or lost their jobs.

“We the People” have the opportunity to decide the “New Normal” of our world. We can create the world we want to live in. We have a chance to make a new beginning on all levels.
We can turn the situation around to our advantage. Lockdown and staying at home means you are no more somebody’s wage slave. We now have all the time that we always wished we had. You can relax, sleep longer in the morning, spend time with your children, make your home more comfortable, go outdoors, smell the roses, start a garden, practice your hobby, do what you always wanted but didn’t have the time and energy.

This can be experienced as a time of radical transition to a new experience of higher consciousness.
Hear this! We have a chance to end the school indoctrination of our children!
We can teach them about life, how to grow food, how to be compassionate, how to be the best person one can be, and to become an active member of the community.

Those of us who are awake can be anchors of stability to those around us who are confused and lack the courage of taking charge of their lives.
Due to the lack of money we have a chance to end consumerism and focus on what really counts in life. We can stop buying processed, lifeless foods that are loaded with additives from the petrol industry and lead to sickness.

We can grow gardens everywhere and live a healthier lifestyle and strengthen our immune system. We can let go of our addictions. We can take charge of our lives in so many ways.
We can utilize the Internet for online learning and connecting with others.
Don’t fall for the lies any longer. Wake up and join the army of truth seekers fighting on the front lines.
Open up your businesses, churches, and homes.

Remember: Obedience is not a virtue! In the 21st Century, in the Information Age, obedience represents slave mentality and subservience to our leaders and controllers who have not our best interest in mind.

Consider this: After World War II the Nuremberg Trials were seen as an important precedent for dealing with instances of genocide and other crimes of that magnitude. To say that somebody acted under the order of a superior and just followed orders, is not valid anymore. Humans are born with an innate sense of right and wrong, known as ‘conscience’ that is our guiding light of acting and interacting with our fellow humans.

In practical terms, if people like Governors or others in positions of high political power turn into self-serving tyrants who commit crimes of genocide, their underlings down to the local level cannot justify their compliance as “just following orders”. We must remind the enforcers, the government officials down to the local micromanaging level, that they are being paid by us, to serve “We the People”.

If these enforcers go into a state of willful ignorance, known as “cognitive dissonance”, meaning ignoring justice and ignoring what is right and wrong and act against the will of the people, they turn into enemies of the people. The people know who they are. They live next door, they work in city halls, police stations, as county clerks. These public servants often abuse their positions of power and control, when they want to feel superior to “We the People”, when they act as control freaks and minions.
In times like now we must remind our public servants who have forgotten that their purpose is to serve us, the communities, the greater good, that it is us who pay them.

Dear reader, our leaders and controllers, the global elite of psychopaths, in their meetings behind closed doors, must be “laughing their asses off” how easy it was to create a lockdown for an entire civilization, simply by bombarding the masses nonstop with the fear of a deadly virus.

The Global Elite are the virus! Wie must ask ourselves: How much tyranny will Americans accept?
This ends when we all say NO, when Enough is Enough!

Dear reader; The subject matter of this virus is all-encompassing. I tried to sum it up in five pages. There is so much more that still would need to be said. If this article upsets you, remember “not to shoot the messenger”. Take what resonates and leave the rest. Again, do your own research. Question everything. Wake up!

In service, Karin Lacy, Lightworker

Sharing my experience with The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush

Sharing my experience with The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush


Hi, dear Ground Crew;

When the galactic pulse is going to hit you, washing over and through your body, affecting your every cell, do you believe your body can handle that impact? Or do you worry that you may faint and collapse or even die? When people talk about preparation they speak of having water, food, items and money in store for a possible break down of the system during and after any disaster or event.

What about prepping the body?

Humanity will experience the galactic pulse in 7.5 billion individual ways. The range of experience may be from immediate death due to overloading and short-circuiting your system – all the way to instantly upgrading your physical hologram and ascending in your lightbody to graduate from Earth.

As a ground crew member I am living consciously as a conduit or anchor for Source Energy; I always strive to be as clear as I can be, since I’m committed to serve as a portal in creating the New Earth reality. In this article I’d like to share how I increased my physical preparedness.

Sharing my experience with The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush

The greatest contribution to the whole we can make is our own self-healing.

Early on I followed Jesus’ advice of “Physician Heal Yourself”. At age 72 I haven’t seen a doctor in 35 years. Over the decades I accumulated a magic bag of self-healing tools to keep me healthy and vibrant.

One year ago I came across the book “The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush” by Andreas Moritz.

I instantly recognized what a precious gift had come my way! I studied Andreas’ website, I read the ebook, watched his youtube interviews, and watched many videos by people who shared their experience with the amazing liver and gallbladder cleanse.

Once I was familiar with the protocol and completely confident that this modality is for me, I gathered the ingredients and started my cleanse in early 2018.

I did a liver and gallbladder flush every three weeks. Altogether I needed 17 flushes. The first three flushes were rather difficult. I realized that I am not as robust as other people. I kept vomiting after the Epsom Salt intake and had to take a new run at it the next day. I felt no pain but unpleasant movement in my liver area. I was nauseous and felt emotionally out of balance. However, things got easier with each cleanse.

I did not expel any stones, instead large amounts of green sludge and gravel came out of my liver. I was shocked to see that my liver was so congested. I have been a vegetarian for most of my life and rarely ever drank alcohol. In fact, I haven’t had any alcohol in many decades.

According to Andreas Moritz, 98% of the population have clogged up livers and gallbladders to some degree or another due to living in conditions of heavy air, water and food pollution in our societies.

Andreas Moritz wrote his book “for all those who wish to take responsibility for their own health and who care about the health and wellbeing of their fellow human beings.”

Andreas writes on page 3 of the book:

“If you suffer any of the following symptoms, or similar conditions, you likely have numerous gallstones in your liver and gallbladder:

Low appetite – Diarrhea – Hernia – Dull pain on the right side – Hepatitis – Pancreatitis –

Duodenal ulcers – Depression – Prostate diseases – Menstrual and menopausal disorders –

Skin disorders – Loss of muscle tone – Pain at the top of a shoulder blade and/or between the shoulder blades – Tongue that is glossy or coated in white or yellow – Frozen shoulder –

Headaches and migraines – Sciatica – Knee problems – Chronic fatigue – MS – Excessive heat

and perspiration in the upper part of the body – Difficulty sleeping, insomnia – Hot and cold flashes –

Food cravings – Constipation – Flatulence – Difficulty breathing – Most infections – Heart disease

– Nausea and vomiting – Impotence – Urinary problems – Problems with vision – Liver spots, especially those on the back of the hands and facial area – Excessive weight – Dark color under the eyes – Scoliosis – Stiff neck – Tooth and gum problems – Numbness and paralysis of legs – Osteoporosis – Kidney diseases – Alzheimer’s disease – Very greasy hair and hair loss – Nightmares – Digestive disorders – Clay-colored stool – Hemorrhoids – Liver cirrhosis – High cholesterol – Brain disorders – A ‘bilious’ or angry personality – Other sexual problems – Hormonal imbalances – Puffy eyes – Dizziness and fainting spells – Strong shoulder and back pain – Gout – Asthma – Yellowness of the eyes and skin – Joint diseases – Obesity – Cancer – Cold extremities – Cuts or wounds that keep bleeding and don’t want to heal – Stiffness of joints and muscles.” (end of quotation)

About Andreas Moritz

Andreas Moritz was a Medical Intuitive, practitioner of Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Iridology, and other modalities. As a healthy person he suddenly died in 2012 at age 58. Andreas Moritz was very popular. He was outspoken about the practices of the healthcare system and people speculated about his sudden death…

Andreas developed his liver and gallbladder cleanse in response to his own many childhood illnesses. As a teenager he began studying his case and experimented with his diet. As a young adult he suffered through 40 gallbladder attacks that led him to research and testing liver cleansing methods and finally developing his “amazing liver and gallbladder flush”.

Andreas writes: “During my first real liver cleanse, I passed over 500 gallstones. My gallbladder attacks stopped from that very day. After 12 cleanses and 3,500 gallstones less, my liver was completely clean and, at last, my health was the way I always wanted it to be.

“The amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush” was written in 1998. It became very popular and got translated in many languages. There many millions of people all over the world integrating the liver and gallbladder flush in their lives. Andreas wrote 16 more books and gave 220 video and audio interviews.

Excerpts from the book

“Liver congestion and stagnation are among the most common health problems, yet conventional medicine makes no reference to them, nor does it have a way to diagnose these conditions. In other words, liver cleanse is an important chapter missing in the medical profession.”

Andreas says in his interviews that his patients were told by their doctors to remove the gallbladder for it is not needed. Yet after removing the gallbladder surgically the digestive system can never function properly again.

“Gallstones are a major cause of illness in the body. They impair the functioning of the most complex, versatile and influential organ of the body—the liver. Nobody has ever devised an artificial liver because it is so complex. Second only to the brain in complexity, the liver masterminds the most intricate processes of digestion and metabolism, thereby affecting the life and health of every cell in the body. By removing the obstacles that prevent the liver from doing its job properly and efficiently, the body can return to a state of continuous balance and vitality.”

“The failure to recognize the incidence of gallstone formation in the liver may very well be the most unfortunate oversight that has ever been made in the field of medicine, both orthodox and complementary. Relying so heavily on blood tests for diagnostic purposes, as conventional medicine does, may be a big disadvantage with regard to assessing liver health. Most people who have a physical complaint of sorts have perfectly normal liver enzyme levels in the blood, despite suffering liver congestion.”

“Age is no impediment for the body to be healthy. As long as your liver is alive, the liver cleanse can help you improve its functions and, thereby, increase the nutrient and energy supply to the cells of your body. The negative aspect of aging is just a progressive state of malnourishment and toxicity, both of which can be helped with a series of liver cleanses and adjustment of diet.”

“Clearing the liver and gallbladder from all accumulated stones helps to restore homeostasis, balance weight and set the precondition for the body to heal itself; it also is one of the best precautions one can take to protect against illness in the future. To have a clean liver is to have a new lease of life.”

“The liver cleanse has direct implications on how you feel about yourself and others. Anger arises when gallstones prevent proper bile flow. A bilious nature is one that keeps toxins trapped—toxins that the liver tries to eliminate via bile. Vice versa, anger can trigger gallstone formation. People who cleaned their liver don’t get angry anymore.”

“The liver cleanse is one of the most invaluable and effective methods to regain one’s health. There are no risks involved if all of the directions are followed to the letter. Please take the following instruction very seriously. There are many people who followed a liver flush recipe that they received from friends or through the Internet, and suffered unnecessary complications. They did not have complete knowledge of the procedure and the way it works, and believed that just expelling the stones from the liver and gallbladder is sufficient.”

Brief Description of the Liver and Gallbladder Flush

My intent with this article is to help spreading this simple self-healing method by sharing my own experience. May it inspire you to read the book and watch Andreas Moritz’s video interviews, plus youtube videos by people sharing their liver cleanse experience. Again, be advised that the liver and gallbladder flush is not to be taken lightly.


For the 5 – 6 preparation days you need daily about 1 teaspoon of food-grade malic acid powder.

(drink 32 oz of malic acid water or 32 oz of apple juice throughout the day, additionally to your food)

Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) – 4 tablespoons

Olive oil, best organic quality, 4 oz

2 juicy grapefruit for 6 oz of juice.


I’m going to describe the protocol the way I applied it for my 17 liver and gallbladder flushes.

In preparation I drank for five days 32 oz malic acid water in order to soften the gallstones.

I added some apple juice to improve the taste of the sour water.

I ate my regular mostly vegan diet throughout the preparation days.

Day 5

I had my regular hot oatmeal breakfast.

Between breakfast and lunch I drank 2 glasses of malic acid water.

At 1 pm I had for lunch Basmati rice with broccoli as my last meal of the day. I ate Basmati rice with broccoli as recommended by Andreas as a ritual on day 5 throughout all of my liver cleanses.

At 3 pm, 4 pm, and 5 pm I gave myself a water enema.

I prepared 4 glasses of 6 oz water with 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salt each, well dissolved.

At 6 pm I drank one serving.

At 8 pm I drank the second serving.

At around 9 pm I went to the toilet several times to eliminate.

I prepared for the actual liver flush at 10 pm.

I set the alarm clock to 6 am. I propped up the pillows.

At 9:45 pm I put 4 oz of olive oil in a mason jar; I squeezed the 2 grapefruit.

I thoroughly shook the concoction of 4 oz olive oil and 6 oz of grapefruit juice.

At 10 pm I drank the mix while standing next to my bed. I immediately laid down, on my back, with propped up pillows, completely still for half an hour. (The liver is the most active during the time from 10 pm to 2 am.)

With the rambling in my belly I usually was not able to find much sleep during the liver flush night.

At 6 am I drank the third serving glass of Epsom Salt water.

At 8 am I drank the fourth serving.

At this time I started expelling green sludge and gravel from my liver. It usually took at least ten trips to the bathroom. I examined the sludge, it’s colors and texture, and made notes.

I always felt exhausted and weakened from the procedure and sleepless night and spent most of the day in bed, resting between the bathroom visits. I could sense how the liver flushes caused subtle changes in my bodily functions, even shifting my bio-rhythm, and also how it influenced my emotional state of being.

I drank some grapefruit juice later in the morning and at lunchtime had my regular oatmeal breakfast.

In the evening I gave myself two water enemas. More sludge and gravel got expelled.

The liver flushes became easier each time.

Andreas Moritz states that the liver flushes can cause tiny stones ending up as sand in the kidneys, therefore he advises to do after every four liver flushes a kidney cleanse with herbs, which I did.

As another important consideration, once you have started cleansing the liver, you must continue the liver flushes until no more stones come out. Leaving the liver half clean for a longer period of time can cause problems when the loosened toxic stones get deposited in the digestive tract.

Younger people may need only a few liver and gallbladder flushes to clean their system, depending on lifestyle and diet. Older people may need thirty or more liver cleanses over a period of two years to regain a healthy body.

According to Andreas Moritz, once the liver is free of stones, one should still carry out two more consecutive liver flushes to ensure the liver is squeaky clean. From then on it takes the liver six months to heal and rejuvenate itself.

The pharmaceutical/medical industrial complex

More and more people are waking up and realizing what is happening on Earth.

All areas of society such as banking, government, media, military, religion, etc. have been taken over by the negative global elite as our leaders and controllers. They are writing the global narrative. Their plan for humanity is the New World Order of total tyranny with a population deduction down to 500 million humans.

The masses have been conditioned to live within the parameters of the installed healthcare system. The pharmaceutical industry goes hand in hand with the corrupt government department that is overseeing the food production industry. They promote inhumane factory farming and GMO foods. The large food store chains swallowed the small food stores. They mostly sell lifeless processed food, fortified with chemical byproducts from the petrol industry. Right inside these huge food stores are the pharmacies, selling the pharmaceuticals that the TV commercials announce as treatments for the people’s ever increasing health and mental problems.

As a result the majority of people are in dire condition: toxified, obese, plagued with ailments and diseases, emotionally numb, functioning at the low third-dimensional level of existence or struggle for survival. In this deplorable condition the American mainstream population is easy to herd and control.

The healthcare industry is all about the almighty dollar. It is about mining the human body for money. The parasitic pharmaceutical/medical industrial complex is “infested with the greed virus”, making $3.5 Trillion profit a year. The medical doctors have become their slaves, as well as all others working in the healthcare system.

Over the last years, many holistic medical doctors and scientists have been assassinated by the ruling elite for blowing the whistle about the methods of weakening and reducing the population through vaccinations, pharmaceuticals, cancer treatments, surgeries, etc.

By now we know that whistleblowers are being “suicided” via secret weapons that make their death look like a heart attack, suicide, or car crash. Often their entire families are assassinated.

Sooner or later, all crimes of victimizing the population in the name of the healthcare system will be brought to light.


During each of my 17 liver flushes, as I was laying still on my back to let the olive oil concoction push the stones towards the two main bile ducts for elimination, in my thoughts I thanked Andreas Moritz for gifting humanity with this simple self-healing procedure.

Since I live below the poverty level and rarely can buy organic food, I’ve been doing my best to keep my physical vessel clean through regular fasting. I appreciate that the liver cleanse is so inexpensive and simple that it could be done by everyone. From now on I’ll be doing every six months a liver cleanse to keep my body free of toxins and capable of coping with existing in our rough and harsh world.

After cleansing my liver throughout the entire last year I am now vibrating at a higher frequency. It was well worth the effort. The liver flushes became easier each time.

Also, it was truly a visceral experience and I now feel well grounded. I am pure inside and out, my mind is clear and easy to focus. I’m ready to shift higher as my input into the collective.

The liver and gallbladder flush is the way of the future! Eventually, all people will awaken and regain their sense of responsibility for their precious physical vessel. Hospitals, clinics, and rest homes will provide the services to facilitate the amazing liver and gallbladder flush, thus making it accessible for everyone.

People are awakening to the truth that those who claim to care about us, are intentionally harming us.Once people have enough of being the victims of the system they will rise up and dismantle the Healthcare System.


Nearly a year after my last liver and gallbladder flush, in January of 2020, I did another liver/gallbladder cleanse. It was easy. I used only half a teaspoon of Epsom Salts per serving. I expelled about 3 tablespoons of green sludge, that obviously still were deposited deep inside my liver and had moved towards the main ducts and out of the liver.

In service, KarinLLightworker

Update August 14-2020

I did my 19th liver/gallbladder flush and am glad I came through with it. It was easy. My liver expelled more sludge and toxins than at my last flush eight months ago, in January. I accredit it to the fact that I cannot afford to buy organic food. For nearly two years I’ve been living as a fruitarian/raw vegan. It is the best decision I’ve ever made. As a result I feel healthy and vibrant, and my spiritual awareness level is higher; I feel balanced and stable.

I plan to write a detailed article about my diet choice. Even though I often share my fruitarian experience with others, I haven’t met anybody who would want to live on fruits and raw veggies and give up cooked food.

Update 10/11th of April 2021

I did my last liver/gallbladder cleanse eight months ago, on August 14. 2020.  From March of 2020 on we are having the so-called global pandemic of the “virus”.I just had my 20th liver/gallbladder cleanse.To my surprise I expelled about 6 oz of sludge from my liver. From now on I’m going to do a cleanse every six months as my way of further strengthening my immune system. I don’t intend to get vaccinated.

EFT Tapping – Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques

Physician Heal Yourself!

August 2008

Hi, my name is Karin Lacy. I just relocated from Humboldt County to Chico, California.
One of my goals as a Lightworker is to contribute to the spreading of EFT Tapping — Emotional Freedom Techniques (
In Humboldt County I offered to several friends to teach them EFT, bot nobody was ready. It has become popular there that people — in their quest for healing — go all the way to Brazil to see the famous healer John of God. They stay for two weeks and their healing journey costs them nearly $4000. I heard from different people that some patients are being cured, others find some relief, and some remain ill.

Well, it is still the old way of giving your power away by seeking help from the outside, going through much struggle and paying a lot of money for healing from somebody else.
But I won’t blame anybody who is not ready for EFT. For five years I had been wanting to learn this self-healing method of tapping selected meridian spots on the body.
At the beginning of this year I was finally ready to learn and apply EFT, and had immediate success. I tried it on everything.
I want to share one of my successes with you. One of my issues was that I indulged in too much dark chocolate. Admittedly, I am one of those who have come to planet Earth for the chocolate, but I had gotten into the human habit of overdoing things and craved daily chocolate. So I put “chocolate cravings” on my Tapping List and tapped on it for a one-minute round and checked it off.
Two days later it occurred to me that I hadn’t had any dark-chocolate since employing EFT Tapping. I will never forget this moment of surprise! I still eat chocolate, but as a treat, the compulsion is gone. I tapped it away. And should I stray towards chocolate addiction again I know what to do. (smile)

I think everybody who practices EFT has a similar story of instant success that helped to convince them what Tapping can do.

On my first day in Chico I hurt my back from lifting too much heavy stuff and was in great pain for a week. I tapped constantly, yet the condition of my back reached a state where my energies seemed jammed. EFT wasn’t doing anything. I had shifted into “overwhelm”and reached a situation where outside assistance from an EFT practitioner would have been the solution.

On the seventh day the back pain got even worse. I tried to walk to the nearby church for Sunday service to connect with those nice seniors I had met there, but I didn’t think I would be able to sit on a chair for long and decided to turn around to go back home and lay down.
A senior with a bible in his hand was watching me and asked if I need help. He offered to take me to the hospital emergency room in nearby Paradise. When I responded that I have no health insurance he said it is a Christian non-profit hospital and that they will treat me for free, so I gratefully agreed.

They x-rayed my back and gave me two painkiller injections. The entire emergency room process took two hours. The nice senior with the bible waited and took me back home to Chico. I felt such relief knowing that I didn’t have a serious back injury. I realized I was simply overwhelmed from the task of moving and resettling in a city where I had never been before and where I didn’t know anyone. I knew with persistent EFT Tapping I would re-align my back completely.

I feel confident that were I further along in my study and practice of EFT I would have experienced a smoother moving transition to Chico, without a “back-breaking” experience. I would have cleared out many of the issues that were surfacing and overwhelming me. As of today my back is fully realigned and I can’t wait to explore Chico by bicycle.

In retrospect I view my emergency room experience as an excursion into the health care system of the Old World of 3D. I live outside of society, without insurance or car and do not participate in the Old World game anymore. Although I don’t follow any religion, I’ve been practicing Jesus’ advice of “Physician Heal Yourself!”.

My emergency room experience was shocking and eye-opening. Once on the emergency table, instead of a doctor an intern with a clipboard came who told me that “they will help me to pay for all that.” With a pain intensity of ‘9’ on a scale from 0 to 10, I was prompted to sign and initial all his papers, although I was incapable of reading or comprehending them.

Meanwhile, four weeks later, I received a doctor and hospital bill over $3730. Had the intern told me that the treatment will cost me that much, I would have walked out of the emergency room, despite of the pain.

I think it is inhumane and abusive to take advantage of people’s situations of need for help by milking them in return for outrageous amounts of money and sucking them into their system. Nothing could be further from Jesus’ teaching of “Physician Heal Yourself!” The hospital is run as a business by self-serving executives using the banner of a Christian non-profit hospital to make people believe that they are acting and living in the spirit of Jesus.

I am thinking of all those people who were affected by the recent massive wildfires and had to be brought to the emergency rooms and hospitals with severe problems. Many of them, especially those entire families who experienced the trauma of losing their homes, are probably still under great stress and distress. Will all those without health insurance have to pay off hospital bills for years or decades to come?

I am telling this story because my $3730 emergency room bill makes me feel even more compelled to contribute to the spreading of EFT Tapping. To me, EFT is a major self-healing method of the future. It is so simple that Kindergarten children love learning it, yet so sophisticated that it is now evolving into one of the major quantum healing arts for the times ahead.

EFT is a tool for self-empowerment and empowering others. It will be of greatest benefit in transitioning through the difficult years of the Shift. As we experience dramatic Earth changes and the collapse of our social structures people may suddenly have to exist without anything they need. What will people do in response? How will they react?

Imagine if some people in the recent fire shelters would have known about EFT. Instead of spending their nights and days in fear, stress, worry, and physical pain, people could have utilized their time and tapped on all those physical and emotional issues and released many of them, on themselves and on others. They could have applied substitute tapping to calm down the children and animals. And by addressing and clearing these emotions each person would be shifting their reality into a much better place, where they not only feel better immediately, but also change the outcome of their future for the better.

By now EFT has already become a global movement of 250,000 people who practice and spread it as a “way of life”. Part of my mission is to help spread EFT as a tool for making the coming years a “joyous survival” for as many people as possible.

You can learn EFT on your own by downloading the free manual at
Or you can choose a teacher, especially if you have a health issue to address.