Feedback Letter to Subterranean RM

Feedback Letter to the Subterranean Resistance Movement

by KarinLLightworker

March 1, 2016

Re: Offering my Service as a Volunteer

Dear Subterranean Resistance Movement;

Hi, my name is Karin Lacy; I’m a self-proclaimed Lightworker for America. I’m presently located near Mount Shasta, Northern California.

I’ve been following Cobra’s blog as your “Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light and Official Communication Outlet for the Resistance Movement” since it started in March 2012.

I’m writing to offer you my service as a volunteer, in whatever means possible, from now on until the Event, and thereafter.

I am a Lightworker of the First Wave, I came in two years after World War II in East Germany, under the worst conditions.

It’s been a long and arduous journey of “making the world your oyster”. It is anything but easy living in this dense world and not being of this world. I’m afraid it will be getting even more difficult to function in the 3D world without getting sucked into the Matrix. Nevertheless, I am committed to stay here until my mission’s completion. I walk my talk as somebody who lives in the trenches, among my brothers and sisters of the surface population. The more I awaken, the crazier I appear, yet I can only be authentic.

Last year I moved to the town of Yreka, North of Mount Shasta, population 7,600. People are in deep slumber. It’s an area of male domination and control, determined by generations of cattle ranchers. There’s a striking imbalance of male/female energies, causing lots of dysfunction. 54% of the population are on welfare. People seem to exist in a daze at a low level of awareness.

When I move to a new city I’m always outgoing, I socialize and go to events. I must say I’ve never anywhere been more rejected than here in Yreka. Usually people are quite interested and curious to interact with me as a newcomer. It’s always nice. It gives me a chance to look into their eyes and I usually hand out my business card with my website address. When I see them again they avoid me or look to the other side, which always indicates that they checked out my website. People’s belief programming means EVERYTHING to them and since the info I present doesn’t fit in, they drop me – that nice old lady – like a hot potato. (grin)

Envisioning the Event

I always envision The Event affecting people similar to the way I experienced a “mini event” several years ago.

I usually feel an annual boost of energy in the week from Christmas to New Year. It’s my time of the year. However, several years back I received a – let’s say – ten times stronger infusion of what I perceived as Universal Christ Energy. It lasted for about ten days. I was high like a kite, I was grinning from ear to ear for ten days. I was walking on cotton, I could see particles dancing in the air all the time. I had too much energy to sleep, and I felt no hunger, but ate out of habit. I could regulate my energy level by just thinking of it. I got downloads and was very prolific in my writing.

To me this experience was a Divine gift. I tried to hold onto and prolong that blissful state of being, but this intention basically caused it eventually to diminish. Then a period of integration followed.

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When the wave from the Great Central Sun comes washing over us, engulfing us and infusing us all at once with a tsunami wave of Love energy, it may happen without any reason to worry about chaos and anarchy. People would suddenly be without fear, they would leave their killing tools under their beds and go in the streets to seek to meet others and dance; they would not feel hunger for many days, for the energy itself is sustenance. It would turn into an Awakening Fest, many times stronger than the wave of Love of the sixties triggering the Flower Power.

To live through The Event will be different for each person. After all, God wants to experience The Event in 7 billion individual human ways!

It all depends on how much resistance we each hold in our physical vessels. Those of the children who are still connected to their God Self may just bliss out and dwell in that state at its fullest, getting upgrade after upgrade, while integrating the wave energy into their bodies.

The wild animals and many of the pets will just be elevated and upgraded, since they usually have no resistance. But the domestic animals, such as in factory farms, kept under inhuman conditions, may just die and depart by the hundreds of millions.

I’m sure I’ll know in an instant what is happening and I’ll ride that once-in-a-lifetime super wave to my highest capability. I know it will feel heavenly being bathed in God’s Love! Aahh, so be it!

But what about the people in my town? From looking around I would say most people will have a difficult time encountering that monumental wave. Some might get disoriented and even black out. Others might get insane because their neural circuits break down, for they cannot hold such amounts of high-frequency energy of Divine Love. Those in pain and distress will not be able to act out in violence since they are disabled and under other people’s care.

Prepping and Elevating the Ground Crew

I love envisioning The Event and what is going to happen thereafter. In fact, that is what I do on a regular basis.

So what is going to happen in Yreka at The Event and in the days following? It is the county capital with the courthouse and many other state and governmental institutions and a large number of attorneys. The town is mainstream-dominated.

If the energy surge of The Event immediately knocks out the power system, the local officials and police will probably a couple hours later drive through the streets with megaphones and remind people to stay calm and in their houses until the power comes back.

What shall I do? There would be no wisdom in going to the city hall or police station in Yreka to introduce myself and tell them that I know what happened and why and that I can explain…

If I hand them out Cobra’s “Community Leaders Brief from Sept. 2013” they will perceive it as Gibberish, for it is vibrating at the solution level. Those who are locked in the Matrix System cannot perceive higher-vibrational information. Their patterned way of thinking prevents them from breaking out. These city leaders would tell me that they have everything under control and lead me politely to the door.

I would assume that the Resistance Movement’s first action would be to restore the global electricity systems. After all, they need the TVs to function to spread their messages and instructions.

So the local authorities would wait for directives from their higher ups. Some of these people will feel uplifted and would instinctively know that something unusual and amazing has happened. Others may be in great discomfort from the bombardment of the energies and want to hurry to the hospital emergency room.

Whether it’s day or night, if the power is still on, the people will immediately turn on their TVs.

The same broadcasters will give verbal First Aid. They will announce that something extraordinary has happened on Earth, something that some have known about for decades and expected to happen at this time. And then they will tell the stories – in small bite sizes, one at a time – of how we have been hijacked. They will ask people to remain calm and that an epoch of Love is now beginning to blossom on Earth, ensuring a better life for everybody. And so on… I am thinking out loud here.

People will remain glued to their TV screens. The whole re-education of the global population will probably start with exposing 9-11.

Being Affected by Archon Manipulation

No matter what the New Age gurus say, if you live under the radar you cannot expect to thrive. If you are awake and know what the whole money game is all about, you just cannot be part of it any longer.

It’s too abhorrent.

Many of us Lightworkers/Lightwarriors/GroundCrewMembers are being affected by Archons. We know we are given a hard time and many of us learned to live with it and to avoid their traps.

For example, for five years, ever since I became a retirement case at the Social Security Admin in Yreka, their SSI specialists put me in a category to my disadvantage, eliminated my food stamps, accused me of having made false reports, etc. For five years every month I have to send them my bank statement since my German retirement check fluctuates according to the value of the dollar and euro.

They want monthly proof for the rest of my life that I do not receive more than the allowed $880. This is more than just the Draconian bureaucratic apparatus in action! It is targeting individuals with the purpose to keep them in the mode of struggle for survival.

Another example: Earlier this year my ex-husband died and I applied for widow’s benefit. They approved me for $207 widow’s benefit and a back payment of $1,250, but then retracted their decision.

Without going into detail of this seven month long story, they blatantly stole the money, and I got nothing.

If I would take action against the theft I would be sucked into the Matrix System and have to go through legal actions and law suits for a long time to come. However, as soon as the government’s fraudulent legal system collapses I will come forward with my documentation of exposing these criminals, for I am certainly not their only victim.

Another example is the crime story of legacy hunting and hijacking committed by my ex-husband’s son Michael. For those of the Ground Crew Members who are also targeted by Archons I laid out in part 3 of my story, , how to prepare themselves by documenting their case of attack or abuse. When the tide turns and Natural Law Courts will be implemented, we will prosecute these criminals.

If we do so now it will be a trap. We will be pulled into the legal fraud system and may end up as the ones who go to prison.

Another Archon topic: For decades I can feel with my finger a physical implant in my rib cage, but only five years ago became I aware that it is an implant. I don’t know whether it is just for monitoring or for thwarting my awakening process.

Also, the fact that I have not been able over many years to find people of like-mind to start an eco village together and live self-sustainable as a support group, is Archon intervention. Together we would thrive; alone in our isolation and separation we exist at the level of struggle for survival.

My Suggestions

Since you of the Subterranean Resistance Movement know everything about us and we know nothing about you, we are in an awkward position. Even though we call ourselves the Ground Crew we are left out of the equation, so to speak.

I would like to submit some suggestions of how you could assist the Ground Crew.

Ground Crew Batches

Perhaps you could provide us with “Ground Crew Batches”, like the police has for example, for that is what the programmed people understand. This way they could recognize us as designated and authorized “Ground Crew Members”.

You would need to give us the batches beforehand so that we have them available and can present them and introduce ourselves immediately after The Event at the city halls and police stations, etc.

Immediately after The Event when the TV moderators announce and explain the global situation they could issue a Call to the Ground Crew. They could declare that the people among the population who have Ground Crew Batches have been selected as genuine contact persons and given authority to serve as advisers, informants, counselors for all existing government officials, mayors, sheriffs, etc.

As you know we are without status in society, with the exception of our icons. You must elevate us in some ways, otherwise we will be ridiculed and scorned by the people as usual and given no chance to step forward.

My Letter to Landa China

In summer of 2015 I wrote my “Open Letter to Landa China”, requesting funds for expanding my work as a Lightworker for America. I also offered to serve as a distributor for the collateral accounts in my area of Northern California.

So I gave a picture of my personal situation and laid out what exactly I would do to make a difference in my local area. My letter was also intended to give Landa China feedback from a Ground Crew member.

However, an agent found that the letter is an attack on Landa China and that he will not publish it. So I rephrased a few sentences for I have no intent to attack anybody. He still perceived it as an attack and things took a negative turn and we separated.

I realized we are now living in this predicted time where telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act, even among Ground Crew Members. Honest and heartfelt feedback is misjudged as attack.

I learned from the experience that it suits me better to continue playing the hermit with the lantern than joining an insider group.

Landa China did not respond to my request letter for funding.

Dear Subterranean Resistance Movement; I would appreciate if you’d read my Landa China Letter and forward it to a group or organization which is distributing collateral funds. I put much dedication and Love in composing this letter, so to me, the letter is well worth recycling:

As I described in my Letter to Landa China the best way to elevate us as the Ground Crew is through providing us with money. If we suddenly had money at our disposal it would enable us to go forward with our projects which we ourselves would finance, and the people would start listening to us as successful society members.

The Hope Chest is Empty

Last autumn I contacted the Hope Chest of GoldenAgeOfGaia and asked whether they could help me with money for teeth repair. They had graciously helped me in the past. They responded that there is no money in the Hope Chest, and that due to the bad economy people are unable to donate.

Cobra informed us that several years ago the Resistance Movement confiscated the Cabal’s gold and money.

My suggestion is to utilize the Hope Chest as a large scale outlet for spreading money among the Ground Crew Members. To ease our survival with money is the most important assistance you could give us at this crucial time!

Applying for a Position as Overseer Assistant

I assume that you of the Subterranean Resistance Movement immediately after The Event emerge and take on Overseer positions among the surface population. I wonder how many Overseers you would position throughout the U.S.?

I would like to offer to become an Assistant for an Overseer, if that position is needed.

I can imagine that you would appreciate our assistance in your efforts for a fundamental re-orientation of the population that will go along with helping the masses in assimilating the painful truth. Many people will display the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

All those who consider themselves members of the Ground Crew are people who are ready to step into a position of educator, mediator, healer, or other needed leadership for the transition into the Golden Age. Without a doubt, many of us would want to serve as Overseer Assistants.


Dear Subterranean Resistance Movement; Cobra informed us that our Earth is the last planet in our solar system to be liberated. So if you have liberated many other planets the question comes up, did you develop and follow a standard procedure in interacting with the Ground Crew? How did you prepare and assist them? Tell us more.

I intended with this letter to give you feedback from a Ground Crew Member. I’m sure you read the weariness between my lines…

One last thing: In case our struggle on Earth goes on for years to come I couldn’t endure life as it is now for much longer. Even though I am committed to my Lightworker mission until its completion, it will be getting harder to maintain my nucleus within this density, without getting affected in the physical.

If there is a Subterranean female Agarthan who would like to switch with me and walk-in to take my skin suit – I would be ecstatic.

Thank you for your service to humanity and may you all be blessed!

Thank you, Cobra, for your service on behalf of all of us! Please convey my letter!

Thank you Ground Crew Members for your perseverance!

Victory of the Light! Karin Lacy