Karin’s Newsletter #13 – special edition, 12-17-14

Karin’s Newsletter #13 – special edition, 12-17-14

My crowdfunding experience continued…

Dear fellow travelers;
On November 25th I sent out my second newsletter, suggesting to the 60 people on my list that if each would chip in $10, the campaign at least would succeed.
No responses. So I realized I have no support. I deleted my email list.
My Pubslush campaign is still sitting there until January 2rd, 2015.

I thought I’ll give it one more try to see whether the result will be the same.
So here is my second crowdfunding attempt at indiegogo for my book “Potty Training for Indigo Children” – Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment, and Abundant Resources for the 21st Century.
It launched on December 3rd and goes until January 2nd.

Meanwhile I did more research in regards to crowdfunding. It says there exist globally about 500 crowdfunding websites. Indiegogo exists since 2008. I learned about crowdfunding two and a half years ago through the phenomenal story of a stranger taking the victim story of the school bus monitor Karen Klein to indiegogo and raising a fortune for her.

It says one factor for the many emerging crowdfunding sites is that government programs and government grants have been cut. So the people come up with creative ideas to empower each other and practice empathy and compassion.

Indiegogo is free to use for everybody. They do not approve one’s campaign page before going online. The templates work well, assistance is not necessary.

I also learned that there are crowdfunding sites about real estate and other business endeavors; they work with banks and debt creation. It tells that the bankers as the corporate predators want to infiltrate this new Internet activity of the people with their methods of energy harvesting, without the people suspecting anything.

As soon as I took my crowdfunding campaign at indiegogo online, the vultures were there. So far, over a dozen companies/individuals emailed me, offering assistance for success for a fee ranging from $5 to about $300. Also, I got a lot of spam in my email box for the last two weeks, indicating the selling of email address lists.
At Pubslush they have their own assistance service, plus each campaign must be approved before taken online by them. I paid $50 for the lowest assistance level because from what I read I was convinced that I’d raise $5,000.
However, because of Pubslush’s own assistance program the vultures stay away.

After I started my Pubslush campaign I realized that I am the one who has to do the fundraising, they just provide the platform and give tips of how to proceed. They charge about 7.5 % of the funds raised. So I sent out my two newsletters to my 60-people list, however, with no results. In following up with the instructions for rallying one’s campaign I wrote about ten personal letters to bloggers and newsletters (most of them had published some of my writings in the past). I asked whether they would support my crowdfunding campaign for this particular book about
Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp by publishing my series of crowdfunding newsletters. I even offered sharing the raised money. However, they either declined or did not respond.

It was a profound experience to realize that none of my ‘colleagues’ would do for me what a stranger spontaneously did for Karen Klein, the bus monitor. Of course if I were Esther Hicks or Wayne Dyer none of the people I approached would decline or ignore cooperation. It all still comes down to “What’s in it for me?”   Many want to make a living as a spiritual teacher and healer. Once people made a name for themselves they easily get caught up in competition. There are cliques with politics as usual. Consider, a person cannot spend unlimited hours on the Internet, reading thousands of newsletters, blogs, websites, social media. So there is competition behind the scenes for the spots for only a few hundred top players within the global Lightworker arena.  

To get to that level they apply the business methods of the old 3D world. In other words, it costs money to be allowed in someone special’s club or league or group. In this “industry” we follow spiritual celebrities just as in the mainstream media. People with popular blogs gain much power as influencers. Those who teach awakening at the same time harvest our energy through paid subscriptions, continuing the old ways. There is no Unity Conscious among those who consider themselves wayshowers and mapmakers and who claim to promote Unity Consciousness. There is no “nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together’.

So the rejection I received brought me to a point of greater clarity. Being a Lightworker of the first wave I realize how little attachment to the 3D world I have left. I have no ambition to spend six weeks 24/7 promoting my fundraising campaign and begging thousands of people for money. I learned that crowdfunding is not what I thought it is.

Well, it’s a good time to make a fresh start and be open to meet new people of like mind.
I decided to start a facebook page. I actually do have a facebook page but haven’t used it so far. I always ignored notifications of friends requests.
I hear bad things about facebook as a mass platform for censoring, spying, and controlling by the elite rulers. Some people say facebook is just a social game about collecting thumbnail pictures of people that one calls their ‘friends’.

I have a website, why do I need a facebook page?
I started my website with the new Millennium, on January 1st of 2000. which is an “antiquity” by now.

I also have a blog where I post my writings and other information.

I didn’t see a necessity to maintain a facebook page.

However, since I gave up my email list I’d like to try out facebook. I went there and saw that I have a lot of friends requests. I only need to click on them.
I’ll start by posting my three latest newsletters about crowdfunding and my ongoing campaign experience.
In a week I’m going to post another newsletter update, plus later my annual newsletter.
Until then…
Blessings, Karin Lacy